Bruce Smith pleads guilty to DUI

In May 2009, Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith was arrested for DUI.  He was convicted in a low-level court in July, and he appealed the decision.

While awaiting another trial, Smith opted to plead guilty.

After being pulled over on May 14, Smith failed a field sobriety test, and he refused to submit to a breath test.  He will pay a $1,000 fine and enroll in an alcohol safety program.  He also must stay out of trouble for a year.

It was Smith’s third DUI charge since 1997.  The first was dismissed, and the second resulted in an acquittal.

21 responses to “Bruce Smith pleads guilty to DUI

  1. some people just like to drive after a few… some of us are good at it… Bruce probably is, bout time one stuck on him though. Love getting outta trouble. Don’t sweat it Bruce; think about all the times they didn’t catch us!

  2. agreed leatherneck, and i never agree with you. as an alcoholic myself, its time bruce to admit you do not have any power over booze. its tuff brother….i fight everyday with it myself….being sober for a few years makes it all come into focus. do i miss drinking?….ah, some what….do i enjoy my life sober?….not even close, its sooooooooo much better!

  3. leatherneck-You can save the world bro…one athlete at a time! LOL What year did you get help? I know you are in recovery.

  4. dominik hasek wlda got a DWI back in 1998 but the bflo cops drove his ass home and tucked his ass in his bed.hey,but those were the old days,when cops were not jealous of athletes.

  5. Another athlete with a successful career that can not handle retirement.
    Yo! Another round!

  6. I used to see him out at Va Beach and wonder how much he had, if he had a chauffeur (sp?) or how long it would be before Johnny Law caught up with him. I never saw him hammered but I figured eventually it would happen(dui).

  7. “some people just like to drive after a few… some of us are good at it…”
    Naw, you ain’t a lowbrow, are ya?

  8. He should move back to Buffalo, where he is a GOD. Where the cops will let him have sex with their wives and daughters.

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