Bryant could follow Mann out of Tampa Bay

Mike Shanahan’s new staff in Washington won’t be entirely made up of his former Denver buddies. 

Jim Haslett, the defensive coordinator, has never worked with Shanahan.  And Bucs receivers coach Richard Mann, who will interview for a job with Washington Thursday according to the St. Petersburg Times, has a history with G.M. Bruce Allen, not the head coach.

The Bucs granted the interview earlier this week.

The news won’t make Antonio Bryant very happy.  Bryant said that Mann’s presence would be his biggest motivator to possibly return to Tampa Bay.

After getting franchised last year, Bryant will be very expensive to keep and could be one of the few intriguing names to actually make it to unrestricted free agency.

And wouldn’t you know: The Redskins could certainly use some receiving talent.

14 responses to “Bryant could follow Mann out of Tampa Bay

  1. Bryant isn’t that great. He’s an underacheiver, anyway. The Bucs also need to get rid of Michael Clayton. What a piece of nothing he turned into.

  2. “The Redskins could certainly use some receiving talent.”
    That don’t celebrate after every TD catch even when they’re losing. Idiots

  3. rosenthal, the skins have talent at WR and don’t have a need for an old wr who’s going to have 1 or 2 more really good years before, at best, only being able to work the slot. he’s 29 this year. depending on how well he takes care of himself he has at most 5 years left in the league. if he bails, his best bet, in no particular order would be the chiefs, texans, raiders, lions, browns, broncos, ravens, etc…teams that have a real need at wr for 2 years.

  4. Antonio Bryant will be a miami dolphin. Him and Parcells fixed their riff years ago. He’d be more of a #1 WR than anyone they have on their roster. This COULD bode well for Tedd “run to the sidelines” Ginn, and also Brian Hartline as a #2.

  5. Speaking of idiots….Chiefs have Dwayne Bowe…Texans have Andre Johnson…Raiders spent alot on Heyward Bey and have Javon Walker still w/ a 55 million dollar contract….Browns have nobody…Broncos have Brandon Marshall and the Ravens got nobody……… teams that need a stud WR are Browns and Ravens and Bryant most likely would play for the Ravens but not Browns

  6. He could’ve been good if he didnt have a big mouth and was still a cowboy. But since then you haven’t heard anything about him really. His stats this season were the same as roy williams

  7. this guy had some baggage ,but he seems to be maturing ,but is miami willing to pay this guy 7 million a year for three years with 10 million in guarantees

  8. Bryant had a bad rep, but he’s cleaned his image and he’s a very good receiver, don’t underestimate him

  9. @scrapdawg12
    How does Andre Johnson fit in that group? Are you calling him an idiot?
    Watch out kettle! Here comes scrapdawg!
    Your post makes no sense dude.

  10. He could’ve been good if he didnt have a big mouth and was still a cowboy. But since then you haven’t heard anything about him really. His stats this season were the same as roy williams
    Apparently you don’t pay attention. Last year he put up over 80 catches, over 1200 yards, and 7 TDs
    The guy is good and would have had a better season this year if he had better QBing

  11. With another season under that same LOSING HC I wouldn’t be surprised if all the players that are able to leave the Bucs did so at the 1st chance that they got. For that matter I wouldn’t be shocked if they struggled to get quality players to sign there!!!

  12. Bring him in Bengals, but draft Madry G. anyway, Bryant and Chad w/ Mardy in the slot and Caldwell as your 4th, I’m ok with that. Make it happen Mike…. Oh wait, what am I saying?

  13. The Skins don’t really need Bryant. He would not be an upgrade for them, especially if Thomas and Kelly continue to improve.

  14. The Dolphins are already angling for him and will also add Malcolm Floyd from the Chargers, keeping Devone Bess in the slot — and pwning the rest of the NFL in 2010. Ginn gets traded to Baltimore for a 3rd (suckers).

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