Cable, Davis meeting today and possibly tomorrow

After several days of uncertainty regarding when — or if — Raiders owner Al Davis would be meeting with twisting-in-the-wind head coach Tom Cable, Jerry McDonald of the Contra Costa Times reports that the two men will meet imminently.

They expect to meet today and possibly tomorrow,” Raiders senior executive John Herrera told McDonald.

Our friends at KNBR reported earlier in the day that Davis will be prepared to fire Cable unless Cable demonstrates that he can and will work with quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

It remains to be seen whether Cable genuinely is able to commit to the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft, especially since Cable suggested last month that quarterback play kept the team from contending in 2009.

Regardless of whether Cable will say what he needs to say in order to stay employed, Davis and company should make no final decisions on Cable without having a pretty good idea as to the quality of the replacement that would be available.  Most coaches who have options won’t want to take the job, so in the end the best move for the Raiders might be to love the one they’re with.

Cable, too, would be wise to engage in a similar analysis before deciding whether to kiss the ring or to invite the powers-that-be to kiss something else.

44 responses to “Cable, Davis meeting today and possibly tomorrow

  1. Yea, I know, nobody wants the job. They all prefer to work on TV.
    I just hope Gruden wants a real job again.

  2. If Cable’s smart, he’ll botch the interview and get himself fired. Working for the Raiders used to be a desirable job, now it’s the kiss of death.

  3. This is so stupid.
    I remember when I used to be a fan of the Raiders. Now, to be a fan of the Raiders, I have to be a fan of this organization.
    What happened to the good ol’ days when you could just like a team and not have to worry about how the team is run, what is the owner going to do with the coach, and the age old questions, who are we going to draft.
    I hate that this team is run this way. I hate that this team is a laughing stock because of the person who owns it.
    It’s just sad, it really is.

  4. Just admit that you fu#ed up Al, and cut your losses now. Get rid of that fat turd JaWalrus while you still have some fans left.

  5. Cable should just forget about it, if it means having to commit to Russell. He’ll land somewhere on his feet (NFL O-line coach, possible college headcoach).
    Al, just let go already.

  6. Tom Cable seems like the kinda guy who will tell Davis that it’s either him or Russell. I would think Gradkowski deserves the start over Russell anyway.

  7. Are you guys sure this time??? I love how it went from Cable will be fired to…….this. Anytime I need a good laugh, I come to this site!

  8. “Our friends at KNBR reported earlier in the day that Davis will be prepared to fire Cable unless Cable demonstrates that he can and will work with quarterback JaMarcus Russell.”
    More evidence as to why Owners should stick to the business side of things. There is no evidence, at all that would support sticking with Russell.

  9. “Our friends at KNBR reported earlier in the day that Davis will be prepared to fire Cable unless Cable demonstrates that he can and will work with quarterback JaMarcus Russell.”
    That’s the problem right there ….. it’s common knowledge that the words “work” and Jamarcus Russell” don’t fit in the same sentence.
    If that’s the criteria to be judged by, Cable’s screwed, but then, so is every other football coach in America.

  10. If Cable is currently dating anyone, she better get the hell out of the house tonight…………just in case his meeting with the old man goes sideways on him.

  11. It cant be that he wants Cable to stay with Russell. It cant be. No coach in their right mind would take the job if having to start Russell is part of the job. IF having Russell at QB is what Davis wants, it doesnt matter who he gets to be head coach – the team will still lose a lot of games. Russell stinks.

  12. I hope Cable takes a stand and does not cave.
    Al Davis can go find himself another puppet.
    Russell will bring down the team and whatever puppet coach plays him next year.
    Even Otto left the game with disgust after Russell went in the game and he sits next to AL.
    Next year Russell won’t have to worry about the boo birds cause it will be a very empty stadium..

  13. “Jamarkus is a great player. Get over it” Al Davis to Lane Kiffen
    Is there any doubt how senile and clueless Al Davis is?? He thinks JaLardASS is Elway. dhBUST is Randy Moss and M. Mitchell is J. Tatum. Guess next year the stiffs Davis drafts will be called Howie Long and Jim Otto.
    How much more proof does Davis need to see what a worthless lazy POS JaMeatLoaf is. This is all about Davis and his ego. Kiffen wanted no part of him. Davis would rather lose then admit he was wrong again.
    Speaking of busts. Someone should put a brown bag over the head of the Al Davis bronze bust in Canton.
    Suks to be us RaiderFan.

  14. Why doesn’t Al just save the money and officially appoint himself head coach. Everyone knows who calls the shots anyway.

  15. i love how this site and ESPN report news on the Raiders…they have no facts and just report speculation….dont you guys know by know your AL’s hand puppet…

  16. Cable, go into the meeting and tell the old fart, russell sucks. I aint playin him, F You!
    And Gloryhole…your hair is a wanna be version of
    Mel Kuiper Jr.s Dooo

  17. raiders177 says:
    January 14, 2010 5:46 PM
    I’ll take the job, I’ll do it.
    They usually dont let people with an I.Q. of 54 be a head coach in the NFL.

  18. I wonder if Al Davis thinks anything can be gained from firing a coach over and over again after 1 or 2 seasons? Man the NFL needs to do something that guy, he is just out of touch.

  19. Why doesn’t Cable take up with the Hamburglar for next year by having him be the bench warmer or passing Gatorade out to the true players who want to play? He could also pass some of those skittles he hides in his uniform up to Big Al in the sky box too

  20. The most important factor in finding a new HC or keeping Cable is making sure that Jamarcus Russell is the starting QB for the Raiders in 2010.
    Al Davis this is a must!!!
    1st round draft pick 2011

  21. Actually, I agree Al should appoint himself HC.
    He could call signals from the owner’s box waving a cane or use a motorized scooter on the sideline.
    How many here know that Al actually was the HC for one season back in the ’60s?
    He turned the team around and went something like 10-4, if memory serves.

  22. This is a circus ! Al is a clown , Herera is the elephant dung , Amy Trask wanting to litigate and JaJunk could not make change at the gate ! After 20 years I am going cold turkey and rooting for the Winers. The last few drops of silver and black blood are gone !

  23. All Tom Cable needs to do is offer JMac a donut for every pass completion he makes and he should have him ready to go. Mmmm Donuts!!!

  24. Davis could have fired Cable at any point during the season for benching Russell, or he could have just forced Cable to play him. And being willing to work with Russell isn’t the same as playing him. Al might be crazy, but he’s not stupid, and he had to notice how much better the team played when that lazy turd Russell was on the bench.
    JustDieBaby, I can’t fault you for your opinions on Davis, but there are some good players on that roster that you conveniently ignore in your tirades.

  25. I hope Al Davis does fire Cable……then Al Davis can coach the team…..maybe he’ll come to his sense like the guy did in the movie classic. It’s A Wonderful Life” and realize that he’s been an ***hole for the last 10 years and start crying on t.v and apologizing to ALL the great coaches that he ran out Oakland…..starting with Norv Turner!~ (who’s team is in the playoffs, AGAIN!)… more thing he should do, “Pay” Jarmarcus Russell to leave… will be money well-spent!

  26. KNBR owned in part by the SF Giants
    KNBR=Giants and Niner apologists
    No way no how the Raiders would tell them anything..

  27. Who knows what the mercurial Al Davis will do? From the little that I saw I thought that Tom Cable acted in the best interests of the Raiders. I’m not sure that the same can be said for Al Davis. He seems to hell bent on constructing a team like the one that beat the Redskins long ago.
    If Davis does fire Cable then my hope is that Davis hires Bruce Arians, the offensive coordinator for the Steelers. Then the Steelers will be forced to find another offensive coordinator.

  28. @tango After 20 years I am going cold turkey and rooting for the Winers. The last few drops of silver and black blood are gone !
    c-ya puke

  29. Heck, Warren Sapp was on Dan Patrick earlier and came out and said Cable wasn’t even qualified to be an offensive line coach! The guy needs to go.

  30. @tango…Times are tough..Suck it up…Whaa.
    Don’t be a B.S. fair weather fan like ampats.
    No other sports. No other teams.

  31. Tango is dead to me.
    We’re keeping Cable, I get the feeling, and the Al is happy to keep the mediots twisting in the wind. I like that.
    Give Cable a year without Jamarcus and see what happens.

  32. Stating the obvious here. It comes down to whether Cable will do Al’s bidding wrt Russell. Either he will accept this or he won’t. It’s clear that the coaches think Russell doesn’t have it and if they had autonomy they’d find another qb. Love or hate Big Al but he’s the one calling the shots over the direction of the team. Cable accepts that constraint or he doesn’t.
    I’m not really sure why Al will keep Cable on as it is. He hasn’t had success with Russell. I’m pretty sure another year isn’t going to change that. While the team may be behind Cable this doesn’t mean a thing if he can’t develop the qb he’s been yoked with. Seems that Al needs to make the call himself whether he’s all in on Russell. If he is he should be looking for another coach and not bumbling around with a half-assed compromise.

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