Fewell in limbo

Former Bills interim coach Perry Fewell was widely believed to be the heavy favorite for the Bears defensive coordinator job.  It was supposed to be his job if he wanted it.

He interviewed Monday, and there is still no word about what Fewell will do next.  He’s also the only man to have interviewed for the Giants defensive coordinator job.

A source close to Fewell tells the New York Daily News that the coach is “sorting through things.”  Fewell hasn’t been given an offer yet, but is reportedly likely to get one if he decides what job he prefers between Chicago and New York.

It’s possible Fewell is waiting to hear back from Buffalo, where he interviewed for the head coaching job.  The way that search is going, Fewell could be waiting a while just to hear that he didn’t get the job.  (Leslie Frazier is reportedly the leader in the clubhouse.)

Chicago and New York can only wait for so long for Fewell to get off the course.

11 responses to “Fewell in limbo

  1. I would think it would be wise to take the Giants job because if Lovie does not win next year his time will be over.

  2. Poor Perry. Do you take “a” job, or do you sit back to hear from the Bills about “the” job. It’s not a question of “Is it worth it in Buffalo?” it is a question of resume building and not making lateral movements. Been there, done that.

  3. He had the 19th best D not because lack of coaching abilities, beacuse of lack of skill on the D line, safties playing linebacker…shits messed up in Buffalo, Perry Fewwell did alot with a little.

  4. Whoever the Bears hire is just going to be a “yes” man to Lovie. This hiring situation is a joke. Da Bears have effed this thing up bad.

  5. He’s not getting the job in Buffalo. They wouldn’t have fired him (and all of the people he worked with) if they were going to hire him back. Buffalo is turning into a total disaster.

  6. I think you can make the case that both coaches are on the hot seat if 2010 is not significantly better. The perception is that Coughlin has a SB halo of immunity but after the collapses of the past 2 seasons, the complete embarrassment of a hire he made at DC, plus the fact that they are neither more disciplined or injury free then when he took over, his seat must be reaching a boiling point. Combine all that with the fact that he is in his 60’s and most likely a lame duck coach on this final contract, I think he is on shaky ground…and as a Giants fan- he should be.

  7. Anyone who thinks that Frazier is a better defensive coordinator than Fewell does not understand football and knows nothing about the Vikings and the Bills. On the surface it might appear that Frazier is better, because Minnesota finished #6 in fewest yards allowed per game, while Buffalo finished #19. Of course, this conveniently ignores the fact that the Vikings had a good offense and the Bills had a pathetic offense, which caused the Bills defense to be on the field for 1,086 plays, while the Vikings defense only had 940 plays. The only fair defensive comparison is fewest average yards allowed per play, for which Buffalo was 9th best in the NFL, while Minnesota was 14th. What is even more remarkable is that Buffalo’s defense outplayed Minnesota’s even though almost half of their defensive starters were lost to IR during the year. Clearly, Perry Fewell is a much better defensive coordinator than Frazier. In fact, Fewell is one of the best in the entire NFL.

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