Fewell still talking to two teams

Perry Fewell woke up planning to take the Giants defensive coordinator job, but the decision isn’t made just yet.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports Fewell is “evaluating” initial offers from the Bears and Giants.  Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger confirms that report and says Fewell is still talking to both teams.

Basically Fewell remains in limbo and January 14th will go down as a record-breaking day for Perry Fewell posts on PFT.  Come back later to be part of history.

9 responses to “Fewell still talking to two teams

  1. So basically he’s pitting the teams against each other, publicly, to drive up his price…

  2. PLug in some nobody for a year and bring Spags back once St Louis fires him after another terrible year.

  3. He knows if Chicago bombs that Lovie Smith will be gone next year so New York seems a better stop

  4. Doesn’t Sean Jensen cover the Vikings for the St. Paul Pioneer-Press? Since when does he work for the Chicago Sun-Times?

  5. Spags is taking Suh the DT fom Nebraska….St Louis wont be 1-15 in 2010 and he will get at least 3 years especially if he wins 6 to 7 games next year…..They will look at it as progress and you know what??? Thats accurate…..Spags has nothig to really work with he has a TON of rebuilding to do…..
    Long is there
    Jackson is there
    Who else do they have?????????

  6. Spags is taking Clausen, he will get fired, come back to NY and the Giants will win 3 superbowls in the next 5 years.

  7. Gnts are waiting till after the jets lose this weekend, so they can talk to their LB’s coach.

  8. To hell with Spags, he turned his back on the Giants to coach the Rams, when NY would have handed him the head coaching position on a silver platter if he would have just been patient another year or two for TC to be done. I couldn’t be happier to see how horribly he failed this year.
    (yeah… I know that 8-8 isn’t exactly considered successful, but it sure ain’t 1-15, either.)

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