Holmgren and Heckert's first job: Find a quarterback

D.Anderson.jpgAlright, we know.

The headline above is the type that inspires loving comments like: “Duh” and “Breaking: Water is wet” and “Mark McGwire did steroids.”  (My favorite, guaranteed on any post, no matter what it is: “Who cares?”)

We know that the Browns need a quarterback, and it’s obvious from Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert’s comments that they know it too.

“You can have the greatest running game in the world and play good
defense, but if you only throw six balls a game you are not going to
win,” Holmgren said in amazement over Cleveland’s late-season run.  “We’ve got to look at that.”

Heckert also stressed that he was from a pass-first system in Philadelphia and you need to throw in the NFL to win.  The men made it clear they are in the quarterback market.

Derek Anderson is due $9.45 million in 2010, including a $2 million bonus in March.  He’s not getting that money.  Brady Quinn is coming off a foot injury and Holmgren gave him a “lukewarm” review for last season.   Eric Mangini’s faith in Quinn was shaky, so his return as head coach may not help Quinn’s chances of being the starter.

Considering Heckert’s history with the Eagles, Philadelphia represents an obvious place to target a quarterback. 

With Anderson likely on the way out of town, the Browns really need two signal callers: A veteran to compete with Quinn and a young player to develop.

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  1. I’ve said this before, Donovan McNabb would be a prime QB to target for the Browns.
    Heckert knows better than anyone outside the Eagle’s organization how much Reid & Co. really want to keep Donovan. This would certainly make a huge splash for Browns Country.
    Vick is another, but unlikely option.
    And I have to believe Kolb is untouchable (maybe).

  2. Chad Pennington will probably be available. Cleveland should look at him, he can tutor Quinn. I wish he would go back to Miami as a backup, to continue mentoring Henne, but the word is he wants to start.

  3. The last time I checked, most NFL quarterbacks don’t call their own plays. I would be seriously looking at the OC as well as the quaretervack position.

  4. Targeting Philly is an interesting prospect. McNabb would look great in brown and orange but I just don’t see him wanting to go to Cleveland. And although I’m not really a fan of Michael Vick, he is a veteran and he’s probably one of the better ones that is potentially available.
    I can also see the Browns addressing QB in the middle rounds of the draft, but then where will this leave Mangini’s pride and joy, Brett Ratliff?
    Quinn definitely showed signs of improvement as the season progressed. Of course, he improved from “can’t play in the NFL” to “could be a decent backup.” He’s got a long way to go before he’s considered a “legitimate NFL starter.”
    Rosenthal, I would be interested in hearing what veteran QBs are possibilities to land in C-Town.

  5. And this leads me to believe the Browns will ship their First Round pick to Philadelphia for Donovan Mcnabb and cash considerations or their 3rd rounder for Mike Vick

  6. Mr. Heckert, I have a “Jeff George” holding on line two… again. Should I put him in your voice mail?

  7. Jeff Garcia. It’ll take at a couple years to get everything going, so bring in Jeff, pay him well to hold the team together while they look for their QB of the future, potentially make a novelty playoff run. Cut or trade Derek and Brady, it wasn’t meant to be.

  8. Holmgren could bring in Hasselbeck or Seneca Wallace. Each have just 1 year left on their contract so I’m sure the Seahawks are willing to trade them for the right price.

  9. remember the Eagles made it known Kolb was ranked higher than Quinn on their Draft Board.. So Irish Fans…. Brady will be leaving the building

  10. Perhaps when Holmgren called Parcells to get his opinion on Mangini, he also asked about Chad Pennington

  11. And the most viable option in Philly, nobody mentioned. Shaun Rogers + Philly 4th for Kevin Kolb.
    If I am Cleveland, I have 3 reasons:
    1) Rogers has no gap discipline and Rubin displayed a high level of play during their win streak while Rogers was out.
    2) I need a QB. A young one that is ready to play. Enter Kevin Kolb.
    3) Pick #12 anyone?
    If I am Philly:
    1) I have McNabb and Vick. I can afford to move Kolb so that I can address the Right side of my OL early and not worry about addressing the DL.
    2) Add Rogers to the middle of the Philly D and you might have a defense that is pretty ridiculously good.
    Heckert covets Kolb. Holmgren knows what Kolb has and can do. This is a ringing endorsement compared to Anderson, Quinn, or Vick. Trust me, Cleveland is taking Haden or McClain at #7….. Not giving up the #7 for McNabb.

  12. I don’t see why nobody sees the solution!!
    Tom Heckert was one of the men to “ok” the Vick test in Philly. If Vick really is a changed man, and he is doing and saying all the right things in the city, locker room and on the practice field – who knows. All the insiders in Philly really know how he looks while on that practice field going against their #1 D. If he looks like the fairly gifted QB that he was prior to his incarceration, I could see Holmgren giving him another shot – while drafting a QB to groom. He would most assuredly be better than Quinn (cause everyone knows DA is leaving town due to his $ situation). If not – he should bring out more in Quinn in a QB derby – I’m just sayin’…..
    We all know Holmgren and Dungy are two great Christian men. If Vick is now the person whom he, the Eagles and Tony Dungy – and all others portray him to be, give him a chance!! Try to get him in a deal similar to that in which the Patriot’s nabbed Randy Moss and see what he can do.
    Imagine the irony — Michael Vick as the “savior” of the “dawgpound”……. It COULD be a storybook ending….. Again, I’m just sayin’! 😉

  13. They should look at the QB position, because they gave both of those QBs so many weapons to throw to, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees should be so lucky.

  14. I doubt Vick will wind up in Cleveland. Mangini and Holmgren would prefer to have a pocket passer. Not a gimmick quarterback right now.

  15. The Browns should take a QB in the first round and then shuffle him in and out of the starting lineup while trading the top talent around him… oh wait that DIDN’T work out so well last time.

  16. Could one of you guys do a breakdown of how much money Anderson is entitled to due to that one freak pro bowl season?

  17. Quinn does not throw a good ball in the late season wind in Cleveland. You think Pennington coming off of shoulder surgery will be able to do the same. Probably not going to happen. Go with quinn draft a qb in the 2nd round and Haden in the 1st.

  18. Favre retires again, gets MN to release him after they draft a top quarterback – gets to miss training camp again – back with Holmgren and Mangini – plays until he is 50

  19. They should go after Marc Bulger. I’m sure the Rams would be willing to off load him, and he might do well with that style of offense.

  20. There are a lot of qb’s coming into the draft so it would seem that picking one of these up and getting a veteran who’s familiar with Holmgren’s scheme is the most likely outcome. Of the vets available Garcia is the one that stands out. He might be the sort of guy who could help develop someone like Tebow due to the similarities in mobility.

  21. Heckert understands the inner workings of the Eagles very well. He knows who would be available.
    McNabb should be the #1 target. It would lather up the Dawg Pound to a fever pitch.
    Nabbing Kolb would come at a hefty price. The Eagles have invested alot in him and see him as the future.
    Vick, I think, is an unlikely addition but it would be an opportunity for Vick to start so come to think of it, it may be THE opportunity Vick has wanted, which is to start and prove himself.

  22. “You can have the greatest running game in the world and play good defense, but if you only throw six balls a game you are not going to win,” Holmgren said
    yea, just ask the Ravens

  23. I could see either McNabb or Hasselbeck coming to Cleveland. I don’t think Philly will give up Kolb, he has too much upside to let go. A lot of people in Philly have grown tired of D-Mac and would love a change, while folks in Cleveland wish to this day that they would have drafted McNahb instead of Tim Couch.

  24. The only QB that makes sense for the Eagles to trade is Vick. Otherwise it would have to be a pretty sweet deal for the Eagles to trade Kolb. Personally if I’m Browns I dump both QBs someway whether that’s by a trade or outright cutting them. Anderson isn’t consistent and likes to be a gun slinger but doesn’t have Favre’s luck. Quinn shouldn’t have been drafted by the Browns at all unless it was 4th round or later. He was overhyped coming out of Notre Dame and throws ducks for passes.
    If they could get Kolb good for them but I think they’re better off drafting a QB in the 2nd round or later.

  25. I’d bet Quinn stays. Despite the fact that he hasn’t had a ringing endorsement, he has little trade value and will be relatively inexpensive considering he never hit those triggers in his contract. Anderson is gone obviously. I’d expect him to land in a backup role of some sort. Best guess is the Vikings, but that’s just me trying to play armchair GM.
    They’ll obviously bring in a starter or at a bare minimum, competition. I’d guess they won’t make a big “splash” signing. I also do agree with a previous poster that said McNabb probably would not want to come to Cleveland. At 33, I’m sure he’s not big on rebuilding projects. That being said, money always talks and has been know to change a few minds here and there.
    I like the Chad Pennington suggestion if he can get back to full strength. Then again, Mangini release him in favor of Brett Favre……..perhaps Favre will bring the tour to Cleveland after he has a fall out with Chilly. lol
    As far as Vick is concerned, you can take all the criminal stuff and put it aside, and the guy still isn’t a good QB. PERIOD. People have been enamored with him since the day he left college and he’s proven time and time and time again that he’s not an NFL QB. I swear Vick at QB is the Isiah Thomas of the NFL. (Well, if you exclude Jeff Davidson who seems to win the Isiah Thomas award yearly).

  26. Kolb would be a good choice, McNabb, maybe. He’s pretty hot and cold. I don’t see a QB in this draft that’s worth an early pick; the best ones are hurt, none are really standouts anyway, and it’s not a deep QB draft. If you can’t get a quality backup like Kolb, then go with BQ and fill in the other needs with the picks. You’ll have a chance to see how Brady does with 2nd year and more experienced recievers. If he still isn’t up to expectations, you’ll have a better chance at a decent QB and a better team around him. Sanchez, Flacco, Ryan, all O.K. because of good teams around them. The guy in Detroit; anyone remember his name?

  27. “They should go after Marc Bulger. I’m sure the Rams would be willing to off load him, and he might do well with that style of offense.”
    Bulger? Really? Sure, why wouldn’t the Browns want to pay $10 million a year to a guy that hasn’t been healthy, or played well, in over three years.

  28. I see McNabb going to Cleveland. Makes more sense then Pennington or Bulger or Vick, and theres no chance eagles give up Kolb. Browns fans are dreaming if they think they’re getting him.

  29. Id love Kolb Or Mcnaab…and id also LOVE a new OC as well…i DO NOT want Claussen whatsoever if they draft him in done

  30. Nothing kills a team like a QB controversy. Browns should pick Anderson or Quinn and go with it, the other guy needs to go. If they have no faith in either, then get rid of both and bring in the new guy.
    Same in Philly, Kolb played well, and eventually will want a starting job. They could get a lot for him, or make the switch and trade McNabb. This is a golden oportunity. The Browns should have traded Anderson after his ProBowl Season, they would be a much better football team now, even if Quinn was a bust because of the extra picks and extra salary room they would have.
    Then of course, Vick is an option for either team if they think he did well and/or will do well.

  31. I read the transcript of the Holmgren/Heckert press conference on ClevelandBrowns.com. And at no point in the entire presser did they “make it clear they were in the QB markert” as is printed in this article. In fact, they stressed they needed time to talk with Brady Quinn and review film on him. Very poor job of reporting. I do agree Anferson is a goner though

  32. “You can have the greatest running game in the world and play good defense, but if you only throw six balls a game you are not going to win,” Holmgren said in amazement over Cleveland’s late-season run.”
    I agree, in general, that it’s tough to win with next to no passing game, but it’s kind of funny he made this statement considering the Browns *did* win their last 4 games… So apparently, you *can* win throwing six balls a game, ha ha…

  33. Bring in Leftwhich. He can produce as well as Quinn or Anderson on the cheap and you draft a QB like Lefevour in 2nd or 3rd round and they play once Lefty gets hurt or in year two.

  34. First they should be looking a QB coach with success in teaching quarterbacks. Then Pennington would be a short term guy, maybe Michael Vick……but Quinn has the protential just needs the right coach and put the work in that he needs.

  35. texasthunder says:
    January 14, 2010 12:05 PM
    Trade Quinn to the Redskins for Campbell, and the Browns have their pocket passer.
    Some of you people have no understanding of football…. Shannahan already said they’re most likely going to start Campbell. Why would Redskins trade an OK QB for a complete bust? That’s like saying the browns shoud hire Tim Couch again and trade him to the Eagles for Donovan Mcnabb.
    I do think Heckert would love to have D-Mac in Cleveland, and though Mcnabb may not want to go there, (let’s admit, for good reason) I think having Holmgreen and Heckert there could persuade him more than anyone else. They can promise him to draft a promising wide receiver or pick one up in free agency. Browns have the cap for this.
    I’m from Philly and I’ve always been a fan of Donovan, he’s given us 11 great years. But, it is time for change. Kolb seems to have tremendous upside, and is a better fit to the west coast offense. So if we can get this years or next years first and fourth rounder from Cleveland, I say Eagles pull the trigger and do it.

  36. Dont the Browns play a 3-4? What good would Rogers do? Plus the eagles like smaller, quickler DT’s so that is completely a dumb trade.

  37. All you guys asking for Penington are a joke. The guy couldn’t throw the ball 10 yards downfield in Miami, how well do you think he will do throwing in the wicked late season AFCN stadiums, yours included.
    But then again, you are the CLOWNS, and know fuk all about winning teams.

  38. Seeryer says:
    January 14, 2010 12:05 PM
    Bring in Leftwhich. He can produce as well as Quinn or Anderson on the cheap and you draft a QB like Lefevour in 2nd or 3rd round and they play once Lefty gets hurt or in year two.
    I really like the idea of drafting LeFevour as a 3rd rd. pick…..I think the guy is going to be really good in the NFL.

  39. They need to get rid of Quinn as well. No better than Anderson. Draft a QB and bring in a vet to start. I know this will disappoint the Quinn worshipers, but he isn’t any good.

  40. jibfest says:
    January 14, 2010 12:34 PM
    Dont the Browns play a 3-4? What good would Rogers do? Plus the eagles like smaller, quickler DT’s so that is completely a dumb trade.
    Yes the Browns play a 3-4, but you’re an idiot.
    Rogers came from detroit, who ran a 4-3.
    Rogers is better at the 4-3, knows it better, plays it better, etc.
    Rogers as a NT in a 3-4 was never a grand idea.
    Once again, posters on here should really be less retarded and know SOMETHING before they post.

  41. manginius should have any offensive capabilities stripped from him like they did to jim zorn .. get an oc to take over that area .. thats job #1 .. then install a Qb who can just ‘manage’ a game and not try to do too much .. its a proccess of elimination from that standpoint .. look at the type you ‘don’t’ want – that guy that thinks hes fran tarkenton or terry bradshaw – and eliminate them .. then look at the guy who just plugs along like a roger staubach and bob griese did .. first identify the type you dont want – of which anderson and quinn would be included .. bring back charlie frye and let him work under holmgren – he has more experience now and could be a valuable backup if not a starter ..

  42. Vick is not an NFL QB. If he was, teams would be lining up to get him. Get it? If he comes to Cleveland, I will be done.

  43. @texasthunder…
    There is your link and here is a quote..
    Shanahan on Jason Campbell: “I’m looking forward to working with him. I love the way Jason handles himself. . . . I’m looking forward to watching every play he’s had in his career. Hopefully his best years are ahead.”
    That seems like he plans on keeping him around to me… Once you grow up you’ll understand how football works a little better and that it’s hard for someone to trade a crap quarterback for someone decent. But hey it’s not your fault, buddy. People learn slower in Texas.
    Do you really think Charlie Frye is the answer to all of clevelands problems? Didn’t they try that before? doesn’t he stink big time?

  44. all vick haters…chill. based on mcnabb not completing a single pass until the middle of the second quarter and vick completing one of one for 40 some yards and a touchdown, vick will be our veteran experience and kolb will be the developing starter.
    we have a qb we hate but can play somewhere else, where one of our former guys is running the show. they have a giant dtackle they dont like but would be welcome here. any giant defensive star would be.

  45. First concerning Garcia, Pennington or Bulger – all of them have had recent injury problems and all of them are experiencing a substantial decline in arm strength. While they all had good seasons in their heyday, at this point in their career they would be a marginal (if at all) on field upgrade over Quinn.
    I agree with what most here are saying – Kolb isn’t going to be traded – the Eagles brass view him as the future. The team as a strong young receiving core (DeSean Jackson 23 y/o, Jeremy Maclin 21 y/o and Jason Avante 26 y/o); a young pro-bowl TE (Brent Celek 24 y/o) and a rookie, potential stud, running back (LeSean McCoy 21 y/o) – so why would they go through next season with a lame-duck 34 y/o QB – when they have a 25 y/o QB in Kolb – who they view as their QB of the future. With Kolb, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, and Celek the Eagles have their starting offensive skilled players for the next decade.
    But I think the Philly brass will be looking for a #1 + #3/4 for McNabb, the Eagles have a history of over-value their players (see Lito Sheppard and/or Reggie Brown). Also I think Holmgren and Heckert recognize that the Brown’s are more than a QB away from being a true playoff contender. This is going to be a rebuilding project, not a tweaking project . . . and I think both men are of the mind that you build through the draft and tweak through Free Agency/Trades. Especially since the FA market will all but dry up if a new collective bargaining agreement isn’t agreed to – players will need 6 years of experience (previously 5) to become a non-restricted FA – also teams will get 2 Franchise tags per season instead of 1.
    So in my opinion, due to the Holmgren/Reid and Heckert/Eagles connections a QB trade is likely . . . but Holmgren and Heckert will take a most bang for your buck approach. Given the state of the Browns offensive line and the lack of any proven receiving weapons, I think Vick is actually a very strong possability. He can still make plays with his legs when either the protection breaks down and/or no one is open . . . so he presents the Browns with an ideal QB weapon, given the current state of their offense. Also he will cost much less by way of draft picks (young talent for the rebuilding process) then McNabb. And finally he is 29 y/o, just the right age to bridge a gap between now and a 2010 draft pick being groomed to take over. Whereas, McNabb at 33 y/o needs to go to a team that is ready to win now and only needs a QB . . . I would think post-Farve Vikings (Reid/Chilly connection) or post-Warner Cardinals (McNabb lives in Arizona during the off-season). Remember – McNabb only has 1 year left on his contract . . . so any team giving up substantial draft pick consideration will make the trade contigent on getting a long term deal in place . . . so D-Mac will have a big say in where he is traded.

  46. Michael Vick really fits into Holmgrens’ and Manginis’ ideal character for their players. Yeah that’s close!
    As far as quarterback no one can really be evaluated until they have a decent receiving core, right now they have a very low level of WR quality with a few guys looking like they may develop. Quinn may have possibilites now that a running game is developing if they can add some better receivers. Doesn’t look to me like DA has what it takes to run a west coast offense if that’s their goal.

  47. Vick will be in the UFL next year.
    Eagles ran 2-3 plays for him all year, apparently that was all he was able to learn.
    Stick a pitchfork in him and hook it up to jumper cables, he is done in the NFL.

  48. Vick? The Browns are looking for a mentor and I’m pretty sure Vick isn’t the mentor they are looking for.
    Instead of bringing in an experienced QB that can play and be a mentor, I hear Rich Gannon is interested in such positions.

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