Pees stepped down

The final result is the same, but former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees wasn’t fired Thursday. Speaking to Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England, Pees says he is walking away.

“I just chose not to return.  My contract is up and I’ve chosen to pursue other opportunities.”

Pees was disappointed his departure was framed as a firing.  The team hasn’t commented publicly on the matter.

It’s unclear if Pees’ opportunities will include coaching or not.  The 60-year-old had health issues recently.

Names being thrown out as possible replacements for Pees include linebackers coach Matt Patricia, defensive line coach Pepper Johnson, and Al Groh, who just interviewed with Miami.  Groh worked in New England under Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick in Cleveland.

We’d say that a Bill vs. Bill showdown could be coming for Groh, but Belichick is usually more inclined to promote a younger staffer from within.

UPDATE: Pees released a statement through the team. “My contract with the New England Patriots will expire in a couple of weeks and
I have informed Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick that I will not seek to renew it. 

“I enjoyed my time in New England, but feel this is the right time to pursue
other opportunities. I had the privilege of working with some great coaches and
great players over the past six seasons and leave the Patriots with some
wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. In addition to the players and
coaching staff, I want to thank the Kraft family, the media and the fans for all
of their support.”

UPDATE II: Pees had prostate cancer and surgery last summer. And the Providence Journal stands by its report that Pees was fired: Dean is a classy guy. But I’m told he didn’t have a choice.”

22 responses to “Pees stepped down

  1. “Pees was disappointed his departure was framed as a firing. The team hasn’t commented publicly on the matter.”
    Interesting juxtaposition.

  2. Well, his Defense certainly ‘stepped down’ too.
    You can’t outgun that horrendous effort.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new spokesperson for Depend® Undergarments!

  4. “I’d like to introduce you to the new defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, Pepper Johnson”

  5. Yeah, I just got out of the hospital after a heart problem, so I think I’ll walk away from my health benefits. I think this was clearly a leave or be fired situation.

  6. Pees said:
    “I enjoyed my time in New England, but feel this is the right time to pursue other opportunities.
    Other opportunities = Broncos or Chiefs

  7. Thank God.
    This guy had a tough job rebuilding this year, but ot’s clear he’s not a rebuilding type. Whether he truly “resigned” or was a good soldier who fell on the sword, the way is now clear for a serious defensive mind who can shape this unit and work with Bill Belichick’s defensive insight.
    Hmmmm, what’s Tedy Bruschi doing these days?

  8. N.E. fans are assholes – Belicheat allows multiple defensive stalwarts leave by various ways, doesn’t restock the defensive side of the ball and all of the Patsie’s fans blame the DC. Folks, blame Belicheesy he has fianl personnel say! Look at the ONE who makes those decisions!!!!!!!!

  9. Looks like yet ANOTHER rat is jumping off of the sinking Patriots ship. LMFAO!!!!
    Is this particular incident aptly named, “The Boston Pees Tardy”?

  10. Pees is hoping to find another job but the fact is that his health is a concern.
    All of you bashing Pees are either blind or just going along with the bashing for the hell of it. Pees did an outstanding job as the D.C. during the past six seasons.
    The current defense is having to forge its own identity after losing five HIGHLY important players during the past offseason; and pointing the finger of blame at Pees is the wrong reaction. The defense is rebuilding.
    Thanks for your commitment Dean and all the best in regards to your health.

  11. To Greg B.:
    To rjgreen:
    Do the world a favor and get off the planet – you are wasting oxygen.

  12. Pees said:
    “I enjoyed my time in New England, but feel this is the right time to pursue other opportunities.
    Other opportunities = “Paper or Plastic?”
    ..right time = “I was getting sh!tcanned anyway”
    Pees did NOT do a good job as defensive coordinator. He couldn’t get his guys to get any big stop going back to 2006. I won’t include his 2005 season as he was getting going and BB deemed Duane Starks as a worthy replacement for Ty Law. You can’t count how many defensive meltdowns this team experienced in his tenure and the defense became stale an unimaginative.
    I do agree though that BB has done a subpar job finding defensive players through FA or the draft…
    As far as Pees’ health goes…i wish him the best!

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