Pereira defends facemask non-call

The final play of Sunday’s wild-card game between the Packers and the Cardinals featured what appeared to be both a facemask and a roughing the passer penalty that escaped the scrutiny of the officials.

On his weekly “Official Review” segment on NFL Network’s Total Access, V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira said that no flag should have been thrown.

Though we typically applaud Pereira for his candor when acknowledging officiating errors, we can’t help but wonder after listening to his explanation whether we’re talking about the same play.

Rule 12, Section 2, Article 5 of the NFL official rules states that “[n]o player shall twist,
turn, or pull the facemask of an opponent in any direction.” 

The video shows that Cardinals defensive back Mike Adams pulled the facemask of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Pereira, however, said there was no tugging or pulling.

(Watch the video and post your own thoughts below.)

There’s another issue with the play that Pereira doesn’t address.  Rule 12, Section 2, Article 13(3) plainly states that defenders may not
“use hands, arms, or other parts of the body to hit
the passer in the head, neck, or face.”

So while the contact between Adams’ hand and Rodgers’ facemask possibly might have avoided scrutiny (somehow) under Rule 12, Section 2, Article 5 if Rodgers were running with the ball, there’s no way around Rule 12, Section 2, Article 13(3) when the guy wearing the helmet in question is a passer.

Thus, regardless of whether Adams pulled Rodgers’ facemask (he did), Adams struck Rodgers in the face.

Either way, then, a flag should have been thrown.  And a flag might have been thrown if referee Scott Green weren’t obsessed at the time with the niceties of the tuck rule, which wasn’t an issue on the play because the ball never struck the ground.

It’s another reason, as Rich Eisen recommends, to get rid of the tuck rule. 

103 responses to “Pereira defends facemask non-call

  1. I will admit I am a Packer fan, but how in gods name can you defend that call? That baffles me, he clearly tugged on his facemask and it was also contact to the quarterbacks head. I am over our loss last week, it was manily due to bad defense, but I just want to see these ref’s have consequences for there missed calls. I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with there idiocy like we had to.

  2. Problem is that the ball was right near his facemask…so how can you penalize someone for going for the ball when it is right next to the facemask? If this were to be called, then all a QB would have to do to avoid a fumble is to hold the ball rigth next to his facemask so that nobody can touch it. They sacker clearly hit the facemask, but it was during the same motion as hitting the ball…during the follow-through, so therefore, it should not be called.

  3. Haha. There are pictures floating around right now of the guy clearly pulling A-Rodg’s face mask down…..unless Aaron wears his helmet down over his eyes, I dont know how Pereira doesnt see this. Even though it may have been a deciding factor in how we lost the game, it is not why we lost the game. The D looked awful.

  4. Green was watching the ball (as he should be).
    Is this really that confusing?
    This is what happens when lawyers get involved.

  5. Does anyone think if this was Brady the face mask would not have been called. All we fans ask for is consistency in the refereeing.

  6. I would also like to add that Pereira rivals Nick Naylor from “Thank you for Smoking”. He can twist anything in attempt to make it sound right.

  7. What I haven’t seen anyone bring up, is that Adams #1) hits the ball, causing a fumble #2) grabs the facemask. Since Rodgers no longer has the ball, he’s not the QB, and therefore there is no roughing the passer. I’m not so sure about facemasking during a loose ball, but either way, wouldn’t the Cardinals still get the ball?

  8. Rodgers, like most QBs, typically doesn’t wear his helmet so low that the crown covers his eyes. He likes to have his facemask in front of his face (hence the name). This helps him see better (it’s an old NFL QB trick). So how did it end up in that position if Adams didn’t pull on it?
    Lame explanation, Pereira.

  9. Florio: IT HAPPENED AFTER THE BALL WAS KNOCKED LOOSE !! It doesn’t matter if he is QB. It’s anybody’s ball and he is just another player, not QB anymore. Get over it and stop writing about this game. It’s over !! Jesus christ !

  10. I watched the video and have some thoughts. That game is history,the better team won the Defenseless Bowl. It’s simple…Favre wasn’t there to save the Packers. Rodgers is not clutch with the game on the line like Favre…never will be. He panicks,like a girl. The belt dance says it all…

  11. Perhaps since the ball was knocked free first and the hand on the face mask was completely incidental, the refs used common sense and let the play go on.

  12. Only major facemask should be called, it wasn’t a major facemask. It was roughing the passer however.

  13. What about the fact that the ball was loose before the hands to the face? At worst, it should have been 15 yards from the spot of the foul. But the Cardinals deserved the ball.

  14. It is time for this guy to leave—what many have seen as honesty is all in the past. He is nothing but a company man all the way.

  15. Official Review started out decently enough as a way to explain some calls that people didn’t understand… but now its just about NFL PR and spin.
    There have been some pretty blantatly bad calls on that show and the only entertaining part is watching Pereira try to weasle his way out of it.

  16. I think it was a good non-call. Rodgers was hit in the head as part of the follow through of hitting the ball. There’s already a precedent for this, sort of. If in the process of blocking a kick, you run into the kicker, a roughing/running into the kicker penalty is not called.
    Quarterbacks could just run around holding the ball over their heads hoping that defenders will go for the ball and inadvertently hit them in the helmet.

  17. there you go again, Florio. you just won’t accept it. keep on crying. you’ve put more research into this facemask call than all your posts i’ve ever read, combined.

  18. Pereira is only trying to cover up the fact that a teams’ entire season was flushed away based on one missed call by an official. Of course he is going to try and deny the fact that there was a missed call. The Packers are one of the leagues most popular teams, and has one of the largest fan bases. This is the B.S. that wouldn’t happen to QB’s like Tom Brady. Let’ts not forget that Pereira said in the same interview that the “Tuck Rule” wouldn’t have applied on the same play. This was a carbon copy of the Pats v. Raiders play that the rule is based on.

  19. I don’t understand why other fans of the NFL aren’t bothered by this ruling as well. The Cardinals won the game fair and square, but would you really want this officiating crew calling a playoff game when your team is in the playoffs? I didn’t think so.

  20. Favre is clutch in the postseason?? Maybe in the mid-90’s? If I remember he tossed up a couple of balloon balls in 2007 Giants OT championship game, 2002 Eagles OT playoff game.

  21. Jesus Christ, as a Packer fan I say quit your crying and get over it. Florio is making Packer fans look like what they accuse viking fans of being. Whiney crybabies. All year Florio has Pereira’s nutts resting on his chin because he comes out and faces the music. This week Pereira blows because his view will not create the hits that Florio wants for his website. If you are that desrerate for hits just add another story with Favre’s name in the headline. After all…..he IS the NFL.

  22. Face it, this is just part of a master plan by the officials to help the Stealers****** win yet another tainted, fraudulent Super Bowl. After all, close calls & bad calls never just happen. It’s all part of the NFL’s grand pro-Stealers****** conspiracy.

  23. Not surprising. I would love to ask him why that is not a penalty but the graze of the facemask by Haloti Ngata in the first Pats-Ravens gave was roughing the passer. If what occured in the Cardinals game was not a penalty, there is no way the Ngata play should have been one.
    Bottom line, if they threw the flag, there would have been absolutely no outrage. It was clearly a facemask penalty and should have been called as such. Trying to defend the non-call is ridiculous. Just say they missed it and move on. And for the record, I am someone that would like to see the refs call a lot fewer penalties, not more. But that penalty had to be called.

  24. To the F-tards that say “he lost the ball he is no longer the QB” : Then how do you explain any roughing the passer penalties after a pass or handoff?
    If AR had held onto the ball, would the facemask/roughing have been called? I think that is the real question.

  25. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. Pereira is a corporate hack. I am not a Packer’s fan, but what I saw on national television was a face mask plain and simple. I am tired of being told what I saw is not what I saw. All these rules and regulations are ruining the game of football. The games are being decided by the refs and not by the play on the field. All common sense has been lost. The league has lost all integrity. It thinks that by implementing more rules and more regulations it’s improving the integrity, but it is doing just the opposite. People have eyes to see. Anyone normal person watching the game and the numerous replays can see it was a face mask.
    P.S. – If the Raiders had committed the face mask you can bet that the refs would have called it on them. If they didn’t, then someone upstairs in the booth would have called it. Pereira would of then explained why it was a face mask and that the refs made the right call.

  26. You people are ridiculous.
    After the fumble – Doesn’t matter.
    Non-call – it wasn’t. It was a non-seen.
    Pereira’s lame justification – Is just that…, lame. Both a facemask and a blow to the head occured.
    But the simple fact is… you can’t blame the refereee for focusing his eyes on the ball! It was falling out of Rodgers hands and being kicked by his foot! Of course the referee is going to be looking at that.
    Pereira should have said “it should have been called if seen, but it was understandable why the officials were looking elsewhere at that exact moment.”
    End of story.

  27. What a ridiculous spin job by the NFL. They also are not discussing the blatant helmet to helmet shot Rodgers took on he previous play from Bertrand Berry. At a minimum .. where is the fine for the infraction? Ken Hamlin was tagged for 12.5k in the Dallas game for a helmet shot, but nothing for Berry. Give me a break !!

  28. If the facemask happened after the fumble wouldn’t it still have been Arizona ball, and Arizona did recover and take it into the endzone for a touchdown on the same play.
    If it had been in regulation then wouldn’t the Cards been charged with a 15 yd penalty on the kickoff?
    The facemask occurred after the fumble, so how is that different then if after the play was over a cardinal went and sucker-punched Rodgers in celebration? The cardinals would then be charged 15 yds on the kickoff if it were in regulation.
    Can someone explain how it would have changed the outcome if the TD return happened during the same play.
    Or would GB retained possession?

  29. 1) Possession of the ball had not been retained by the Cardinals at the time of the penalty, so it would not have been Cardinal ball had the penalty been correctly called.
    2) What about the missed helmet to helmet on Rodgers two plays earlier? Would have negated the holding penalty and Packers would have had 2nd and 10 rather than 2nd and 20. Not saying it would have changed the outcome of the game, but it certainly could have.
    3) I really hope fans of the teams calling names at us Packer fans for being rightfully pissed about these two calls get equally screwed. Would make for some nice karma.
    4) Go Dallas.

  30. It wouldn’t be an NFL Playoff game without questionable/missed calls… The refs are just attention ho’s thats alll

  31. It’s a difficult call to make. If the QB had the ball in his hand during the facemask and/or the blow to the head then its an obvious facemask/roughing the passer penalty.
    But the ball is clearly out of his hand before Rodgers was hit on his head and his facemask grabbed.
    If you run into a kicker after the ball is gone you get a penalty, but if you hit the ball prior to hitting the kicker its not.
    The real question is whether you can call a face mask or blow to the head to a QB after they fumble the ball. Especially when it was an inadvertent grab.

  32. Ravensfankiller and Allied Biscuit, it doesn’t matter if it happened after the fumble. You can’t grab a players face mask period.

  33. i wanted arizona to win so bad! BUT Perreira is so full of –it he makes baghdad bob look like the most truthful person in the history of the world.

  34. The funny thing is the worst player on the field on Sunday makes the biggest play & even when he does he gets away with messing that up too. He’s a terrible little cornerback who will allow at the very least 1 td on Saturday.

  35. TechnoHawk has it right.
    In the case of a blocked punt you can kill the kicker…in this case the ball was loose.
    I was at the game…Pack Fans…you guys were an Awesome group! Rodgers could have ended the game on the long pass that was missed…it was close. To cry about this call being the ‘reason the Pack lost’ is ignorant.
    1st off the ball was already loose…had a penalty been called. The Cards would have taken over at the 30 yard line. Sure Rackers could have missed again, but your D hadn’t stopped Warner all day. He would have had another 30 yard or less field goal.
    That was the craziest I’ve ever seen the home stadium after a game. People were yelling all the way out to the parking lot. At the parking lot you could hear the people coming out of the stadium and it was LOUD. Cars were parked for over an hour with horns going off and people yelling and having a great time.
    I’m glad the season goes on…sorry Pack…better you than me.
    Bring On the Saints!!!

  36. zbon1234…when questioning someone’s intelligence it is best to properly spell words regardless of your content…”their” not “there”…
    The fact of the matter is the official was watching the ball at that point and not the QB. The ball should have been his point of focus especially if the ball technically hadn’t be intercepted because of the tuck rule that would have come into question. I agree there needs to be some accountability for officials. I don’t think Pereira will never find fault in his officials’ performances.

  37. elks84 – All that is in the past. Just like Favre crushed all of his stats this year from the past. He is on a the best team of his life…Sunday starts his new playoff statistics. 4tds 0 picks victory

  38. After seeing that play, the next time on NFL replay where they showed the game, look how many times an offensive lineman or defensive lineman hits the facemask of his opponent, in the same manner of Rogers, lots of those were missed.
    PFT- home of the drama queen.

  39. I thought any time a player’s hand came in contact with the face-mask it was a penalty wether or not he pulled it. The play right before the last should also have been called roughing the passer when the defender led with his head into Rodgers face. I’m not a packers fan so no one can say I’m being biased but they got screwed. The Cards got away with allot, offensive pass interference a couple of times. I know the Pack got away with a couple of calls but not as many i don’t think. Well i will say if the Pack would have taken care of the ball that play would never have happened. The Cards didn’t win the game the Pack lost it. Better luck next year Pack. Hopefully the Saints will take care of them for ya.

  40. The ball was knocked loose BEFORE the hands went near the face. So anyone around the ball is PRIME TARGET to get the crap knocked outta them.

  41. huge surprise! pereira defends the refs and says they did NOTHING wrong. this guy is a weasel. i’ll be glad to see him leave.
    i agree with napgamer if it were brady it WOULD have been called. peyton too for that matter.

  42. Pereira has become just plain awful in his defense of blown and terrible calls. I don’t know if a flag on that play would have been applied after the TD on the kickoff in which case it wouldn’t have mattered since the game was over, but if it would have given Green Bay another play it was a huge fu*k up.
    Pereira and the part time officials must go.

  43. I’m obviously a packer fan and I’m tired of the story. Don’t blame the refs for the loss but the refs sucked throughout the game. Honestly, Fitzgerald raping Woodson pissed me off more than the non call on the facemask. Rodgers clearly does not yet have the benefits afforded to some of the “elite” qbs in the league.

  44. Hand on facemask equals yellow hanky. There is no grey area, and therefore, a blown call.
    I am not a Pakcers fan, but I think they got hosed on this call. And Pereira did his usual defense act (which he’s paid to do).
    Would he be defending the call if a flag was thrown? Of course not.
    That has got to be so irritating to Packers fans.

  45. Bad calls happen. Deal with it. I feel bad for Green Bay. But, they put themselves in that situation and deserved to lose that particular game.
    Even my Steelers and Big Ben had a field day shredding that overrated defense. The Pack deserved to go as far as they went this season(as did the Steelers). Better luck next year. But, for now, stop the complaining.

  46. I think – as strange as it sounds – that sometimes these calls or non-calls actually make the NFL more exciting.

  47. To anyone trying to justify the penalty because the ball was out of his hands, how about the penalty on Jenkins who gets called for the same thing after the bell left Warner’s hands not to mention the fact that Jenkins arm was pushed into Warner’s face by the lineman who was holding him.
    You cannot call a ticky-tack call on one side and ignore two blatant calls on the other side when the game is one the line.
    I guarantee and would be willing to bet my house on it that if penalties, or in this case non-penalties were reviewable, both the hit to the head two plays before and the last play would have been 15 yard penalties against the Cardinals. I am not saying that I agree with the rule, but how they have been called and interpreted all year, there is no way they would not have called them.

  48. IMHO a lot of this confusion was induced when the tried to “simplify” the face-masking by taking away the incidental one. What results to a degree is the hesitancy to call it unless it’s more blatant.
    It wasn’t as BIG a game, but the SAME thing happened at the end of the Vikings-Chicago Monday night game.
    When Adrian Peterson had the ball stripped from him he was CLEARLY face-masked just BEFORE the strip.
    If it were called, it would have been another 15 yards tacked onto the already long gain, instead of Chicago ball.
    Same thing here. Unless they ripped his head off, no way the referees are going to make a game changing call like that which could have handed the game to the Packers.
    Now, if the potential to call a 5 yarder (with no automatic first down) were an option, that’s a completely different discussion.

  49. bornman3 says:
    January 14, 2010 11:13 AM
    Hand on facemask equals yellow hanky. There is no grey area, and therefore, a blown call.
    Absolutley, 100% false. There is a grey area. The NFL rulebook uses the example of a player being tackled, and the tackling player has a hand on the facemask but the head is not twisted or pulled, with correct call being a non-call. Prior to 2007, what you stated was true. But it is not true any longer.

  50. Pervy you comment on every Packers story and bring them up in every comment you leave because you are absolutely obsessed with them.
    Favre’s best teams went 13-3 not 12-4. They had arguably the greatest defensive lineman in history on them. They won all their postseason games by at least 2 td’s. They finished 1st in points scored, 1st in fewest points allowed, and 1st in special teams. Minnesota didn’t finish 1st in any of these categories. When the Packers went into the postseason they were the clear favorites & had homefield advantage throughout. And the Packers were playing at the end of the dynasty era before free agency watered down the NFL. The Packers beat a dominant 49ers team filled with future HOF in both 96 & 97 on the way to the super bowl.
    If the Vikings are so dominant & unbelievable – why are so many people picking against them in a divisional round game at home???

  51. i’m not a Packers or Cardinals fan but i kind of agree with Pereira, it was very borderline, and you have to remember at live speed it’s even harder to see if there was any tugging on the facemask, there certainly wasn’t any twisting.
    good non-call, sorry Packers fans, i know how much it sucks to lose on a play like that. the reality is, as Rodgers best summed up, they had their chance to win it two plays earlier

  52. Bottom line, they got the the Call wrong, 15 yd penalty and Packers ball is what it should have been. Everyone knows it. The game is over and this changes nothing yes, but they did get it wrong and this should influence allowing it to be challengable. Why not changes the rules or allowances of Challenges, just allow that type of penalty to be challenged. It wouldnt slow the game down becuase you still only allow 2 challenges…and if you challenged and got it wrong you lose the challenge, just like normal.

  53. The worst thing about this website are the dumbasses who think they know what they are talking about! This is a little long, so don’t read it if you don’t want (I’m also too lazy to check for spelling and grammar mistakes…so..too bad).
    I’m a Packers fan! I’m a Brett Favre fan and I’m a football fan. I don’t know the complete complex of the rule, It sucks that he was hit in the facemask and no call was made, that’s football…if they hadn’t let up 45 other points, it wouldn’t have been an issue! It sucks, but nothing you can do..
    TechnoHawk, you think a quarterback getting paid millions of dollars to play football is going to run around with the ball at his facemask just in hopes someone hits his facemask? …….you are an idiot!
    Mr. Krinkle there is no major and minor facemasking…only face-masking, keep up with the changing rules of the NFL
    Endzoneview, it doesn’t matter that it was accidental, I don’t know too many guys who go offside on purpose…every penalty I got was an accident while I was trying to do the right thing
    Real Pervy Harvin…..Brett Favre has been my favorite player since I started watching the NFL on a regular basis…but Rodgers has thrown for over 4000 yards in his first two years starting…no one else has ever done that, and he’s only started 2 years with the youngest team in the NFL…. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU KNOW THAT HE ISN’T EVER GONNA BE AS GOOD AS FAVRE, who I must admit, has probably chocked more than most other great players
    You guys don’t know everything about football, stop pretending you do… I’ve played/coached/trained football (players) for almost 20 years and I don’t know everything….but you tools who talk out of your asses are complete idiots
    Florio, you’re sites awesome, you present the rumours/news as you hear them usually before I see it anywhere else….your followers, on the most part, are dumbasses (sorry to all of you who this doesn’t include! But you know who you are because you’ll be the one who wasn’t offended by this! )

  54. My purple tinted glasses still watched the hated mold and gold get screwed on that call. Losing the way they did is not right. My Green Bay buddies tears just didn’t taste as sweet. They were still pretty delicious though.
    Who was the last GB QB to win a playoff game not named Favre? I’m not trying to be a Richard, I just don’t remember THAT far back.

  55. Parker
    I didn’t say it wasn’t a facemask. it was. read my post again. i just called Florio out on his bias. my point was Florio is going to post about this until the nfl decides to magically say that the packers got a bad call and will play the saints this week instead of the cardinals. that’s what florio wants.

  56. I’m a Packer fan – but the faskmask – while technically should have been called since possesion had not changed – was not an integral part of the play. No advantage was gained. I’d rather see the refs just let the players play. The cheap head-shot on Rodgers 2 plays before are reserved for elite status veteran QBs. In a year or two ARog will get that call. The 2 blatant OPIs on Fitzgerald are calls that many refs simply won’t make in the playoffs. Chucky has to stand his ground on those and fight back. The missed Jolly interception, the after whistle shove on Finley, the cheap roughing penalty on Jenkins and the late head shot to Havner are all judgement calls that could go either way. Refs are like the elements. You don’t complain about them you – you rise up and overcome them.
    The play that kills me is the overthrow to Jennings on the 1st OT play. He hits that baby he’s got 5 TDs 500 yards and is an instant legend and the Favre lovers are all pissing their purple panties.

  57. CP21 says: You guys don’t know everything about football, stop pretending you do… I’ve played/coached/trained football (players) for almost 20 years and I don’t know everything….but you tools who talk out of your asses are complete idiots
    LOL You must be new eh guy? I’m happy you played ball,many of us probably did. The fact that you are the local HS coach who wears the nut crushing shorts and a whistle around your neck all day doesn’t mean you know shit. This site has it all…facts ,fiction and opinion. If I choose to make Rodgers predictions,don’t get your ass in a bunch! Now go flirt with Ethel the lunch lady, you know she a sucker for da coach!

  58. If you watch all three face mask plays…the other two were clearly grabing the fask mask and pulling the head down or sideways. On Rodgers the ball came out and Rodgers is the one who moved his head slightly downward to look for the ball as Adams fingers only hit is facemask. So I agree with Mike…no penalty should have been called.

  59. Yes Pervy for some reason you’re jealous of the Packers? Why I have no idea, you had a better team the past 2 seasons. You bring the Packers up more than any non-Packers fan on this site. Every Packers article there you are. You get your jollies off getting a rise out of people. What’s hiarious is that 2 years ago you were probably trashing Favre every day, giggling as he made crucial mistakes in the playoffs. Now you love him more than Deanna.

  60. Florio just can’t accept the match he dreamed of for 2 months just won’t happen. He wanted a Vikes-Pack game more than anything. and he won’t get it. look at his old power rankings from the week the pack beat the cowboys. he’s been barking up that tree since mid-november. and has not stopped!

  61. Wow – lot of Queen fans lurking around – where were you a year ago ??
    I’m interested in seeing how Favre does vs. Cowboys. I think the main reason the Pack soured on Brett was his 10 year run of poor playoff performance. It’s not really a secret that Favre’s work ethic wasn’t all that great and he didn’t like OTAs, practice or watching film. He just wanted to show up on Sunday and play. His 2 games against the Pack were the most excited/animated I’d seen him in years. Many great players dream up phony insults/sleights (see M Jordan) to motivate themselves and BF is no different.

  62. Why can’t the NFL just simply admit that their game official missed the call and we’ll all move on from there? This is nothing but political spin doctoring from Pereira, and it makes the league look really stupid.
    You may not like Ed Hochuli, but at least he had the guts to admit when he blew a call.

  63. I’m not sure if this explanation changes the ruling; however, it appears to me that Adams strikes the ball into Rogers face causing the helmet to move down over his eyes and forces Rogers to fumble, on Adams’ follow through his hand lands on the mask, at that point is Rogers still considered the passer as it is now a free ball, fumble? If not then that would exclude the Rule 12, Section 2, Article 13(3) , as he is no longer the passer. When the play continues and Adams doesn’t let go, that is another matter, it deserved at least illegal hands to the face, but missing that is a more judgmental call then facemasking. Also at that time it could be argued that the “illegal hands to face” penalty occurs after possession had changed, so it would still be Cardinals ball, correct? This facemask “non-call” isn’t any different than the Hunter Hillenmeyer facemask on Adrian Peterson that would have potentially given the Vikings the number 1 seed. I think Periera is right, the official followed his training and followed the ball, got the “interception” correct.

  64. So let me get this right…….If the dude dose not have the ball its ok to pull on his face mask? Damn! Why don’t offensive line coaches around the league train their players to just pull the face mask of a defensive player to keep him from sacking the QB? Oh yeah that would be called a face mask, illegal hands to the face at the very least.

  65. jamesz23 says:
    January 14, 2010 12:06 PM
    Yes Pervy for some reason you’re jealous of the Packers?
    Why? As you said,we have been better. My brothers and sisters live in WI. My Viking fan brother says its unbearable living around the Packer homers being a Viking fan. Face it,it is an intense rivalry. That is why I pick on you Packers…nothing personal chip. I like to drink in your Mississippi River Valley cheap bars from Hager to Cassville. Nothing like cheap beer,pickled pork hocks and smack with Pack fans!

  66. In minnesota when there are calls that cost us the game a fan hits the ref in the head with a jack danials bottle. ..or that’s what history shows.

  67. Florio….your missing it here. If you look at the replay. The refs eyes are not looking at the facemask. They are looking at the fumble, which happened at the same time. Put yourself in his shoes. If you see a fumble, your responsibility is to mark where the fumble occured and determine which team recovered the fumble. When the player fumbled the ref was doing what he was supposed to do, which is to mark the place where it occured. That is why he was not looking up at the facemask or the illegal contact to the helmut. Plain and simple….the ref could not have seen the penalty, because he wasn’t looking up….he was looking down.

  68. Missing calls is part of the game. Can you imagine the size of the balls the guy would have to have to make that call at that time? But the Packers should have won under any circumstance, they had plenty of chances. As a Packer fan I feel good about next year. After the Vikings lose to Dallas, their expectations for next year will be lost in a Favre-driven quandry and their claim-to-fame will be their two wins over the Packers. When that happens ,we can all give them a thumb-to-the-nose wave and say “good for you.” Their off-season headaches will leave their fans scratching their heads.

  69. It’s all good Harvin…..but not all Packers fans live in Wisconsin, I live in CA. So yes there is a lot of love for Rodgers here & a lot of Favre hate for what he has done to the 49ers over the years. I like both guys – I just think through your purple glasses you give Favre more credit than Steve Marriuci and rip on Rodgers more than a scorned ex.

  70. Think of what the ref has to deal with on that final play:
    1. Does he call a facemask?? He has to see a “tug or pull”.
    2. Does he call roughing ?? – technically defined as any contact w/ Rodger’s head- but only prior to any possesion change.
    3.The possesion call is also dependant on who is in possesion when the faskmask occurs. The ball goes from Rodger’s to defender’s hands in about 1.5 seconds.
    4.Does Rodger’s intentionally kick the ball (I’m thinking probably so) Does that stop the play and Packers retain possesion (??)
    5. If the ball hits the ground the “tuck rule” is now in efffect. The fumble becomes a pass and Packers get the ball back.
    This is all happening w/ Rodger’s back to the ref as 3 defenders surround him – plus he’s looking for holding. Not to mention his arthritic hip and bad prostate. Like MM said: If you’re depending on this guy to save your season, you’re waitin’ to lose…

  71. I would like to know how many of you saw the facemask in real time? I will admit that i did not, it looked to me that Rodgers was looking down at the ball when it came out. From the view we had on tv, and the speed that it happened the very first reaction was to see the ball come out and follow it. Second would be to see the replay and call foul. The refs don’t have the luxury we fans have. And i don’t want to here the BS about ,Oh the refs can’t miss that call in that situation it to important to the outcome of the game. I f this play happened in the first quarter we would have heard nothing about it. This was the the exact opposite of the botched first down call in the first Browns Steelers game when they had all the time in the world to suck off the rooney’s and give the steelers a first down when in fact it was inches short.

  72. For all those equating this to a blocked punt…yes, you can make contact with the punter if you block the punt…but if you somehow block the punt then GRAB THE PUNTER’S FACEMASK, BEFORE POSSESSION, AND IT’S FLAGGED…it’s the punting team’s ball, 15 yard penalty, first down.
    It’s pretty much the same thing here…with the ball loose, Adams had every right to destroy Rodgers…but NOT GRAB HIS FACEMASK. Since no one had possession when the facemask happened, the Pack would keep the ball, 15 yards, first down.
    Think about a tipped ball that gets into the secondary…say while it’s in the air, DCR grabs and tugs Jennings in an effort to get the ball, and in the process, the Cards pick the pass off. What would you say then, the INT stands, 15 yards from the spot of the facemask??? NO, 1st down Packers…SAME THING.
    Anyone who thinks it would be Cardinals ball, 15 yards from the spot…you’re just plain wrong, period.

  73. hahaha yeah Harvin, fair reply….no short shorts and no whistle haha but well handled
    Hope your wrong about Rodgers, just sayin’ that guy looks legit!
    As far as the vikings…I actually hope they win, Hope Favre gets one more championship (he deserves it), hopefully then he can retire and the vikings will be left with an aging o-line, jokes at QB and one of the greatest backs I’ve ever seen (who unfortunately can’t hang on to the ball)….and maybe even questions at receiver altho Harvin and Rice are looking pretty legit too (hopefully that’s just Favre’s doing hahaha)
    Opinions are cool, throwing around “facts” that aren’t right is what I meant (except calling you out for the rodgers prediction, thats my bias, but with years starting, and age of the team…I still think/hope you’re wrong)

  74. LOL Listen,I think Rodgers is good. I don’t worship Favre either. Just like to get Pack fans riled up. If this was all stiff analysis and boring takes on here,I wouldn’t have time. Florio himself knows that.I am a very serious Viking homer though! LOL

  75. As a GB fan I don’t blame the officials for the loss, as our defense was attrocious. That said, a 15-yard first-down penalty should have been called, and the game would have been different…

  76. Didn’t the NFL get rid of the incidental facemask penalty several years ago and make all facemask penalties 15 yards whether they meant to pull it or not? So therefore it doesn’t matter if he meant to do it while tackling Rodgers, its an automatic 15 yard penalty.
    With that said the Packers still made plenty of mistakes and this non-call was by no means the sole reason they lost. But, it still should’ve been called.

  77. Mike Pereira’s commental on NFLN’s TA has continued to worsen over time. At first it was a refreshing and enlightening experience on TA but as Eisen has lost some integrity by failing to properly-press Pereira (his response to Pereira was BARELY ADEQUATE) Pereira has lost total integrity – but this was many, many weeks ago, folks. The man’s a coward.

  78. Iplayedthegame…”The play that kills me is the overthrow to Jennings on the 1st OT play. He hits that baby he’s got 5 TDs 500 yards and is an instant legend and the Favre lovers are all pissing their purple panties.”
    “And if the king had tits….he’d be queen”…Favre would have hit that throw! So far, that’s the difference between the two. I’m a huge Packer fan….I’m just not a huge crybaby.

  79. The question is what happens when the NFL levies a 7,500 $ fine on Berry for the helmet-to-helmet shot on ARog. Does Pereira issue a statment explaining why that call wasn’t made? Or does the NFL issue a written apology? After all the blubbering the NFL has made about head injuries do they just sweep it under the rug?
    My second question is why this play is not reviewed. Why have instant replay if you won’t use it during game-changing-season ending-epic game situations?
    PS. I’ve been waiting 10+ years for an NFL apology for the botched Jerry Rice fumble call in the ’98 wildcard vs. 49ers.

  80. Pereira’s right. Rodgers head wasn’t getting tugged downward by the facemask (it’s the only direction his head moved) — he was focused on the ball and lowering it, himself, to watch the ball.

  81. Ok Packer fans..and I am one. The “facemask’ did not have an effect on the result of the play. If we need a after the fact cheap penalty to keep a drive alive we are pathetic. The ball was coming out whether Arod eventually gets facemasked after the fact or not.

  82. The Rodgers so called face mask penalty was not a penalty. Now I’d like to ask Perreria why the two potential penalty calls against Fitzgerald were not called when he ran over Charles Woodson and score the two TD’s Fitzgerald got. That’s the real question to have answered.

  83. Incidental contact with the facemask is no longer a penalty. That rule changed two years ago. People don’t realize this and that is what is throwing them off.
    Adams made only incidental contact. In any case, the contact was made after the fumble.

  84. Myballshurt says
    “And if the king had tits….he’d be queen”…Favre would have hit that throw! So far, that’s the difference between the two. I’m a huge Packer fan….I’m just not a huge crybaby.”
    Most Queen fans I’ve met (at least the men) have big tits – so you got me there!
    Nobody believes you are a huge Packer fan, you obviously ARE a crybaby and your obsession w/ a middle-aged man you’ve never met who kicked your ass for 16 years is really kind of pathetic. Time for you and Pervy to get a girl -or a job(then your balls might not hurt so bad !!)
    good day sir !!

  85. CP21 – How refreshing! a guy that can laugh instead of getting all red faced!
    Favre is proven to be great.Rodgers looks like he is on the way. Its funny,Pack and Vikings fans argue about the 2.Pack are happy to have the young guy with a future and we are happy to have the gunslinger,a major upgrade,but coming to careers end soon.(maybe?lol)
    Sort of reminds me of another topic we argue.Woodson and Revis. Woodson is like Favre and Revis is Rodgers. Don’t tell me Pack fans you wouldn’t trade Woody for Revis anyday.Lot of future ahead of Revis. LOL But you will all say keep Woodson I bet? This all just what if talk…don’t get stupid at me!

  86. As a Packers fan, I don’t blame the refs for this loss. He had our chances, including the chance to NOT turn the ball over in the red zone twice in our first three plays from scrimmage.
    HOWEVER, this is just the latest example of the officials determining the outcome of a game. What started in the Superbowl between the Seahawks and the Steelers has snowballed.
    I honestly thought the Pack was safe from this sort of thing, because a Rodgers vs Favre playoffs game would be huge for the NFL. But let’s be real. Larry Fitgerald wrestles Charles Woodson to the ground to get open on TWO TDs. No call on either one. Then this call. Very suspect. And I’d call it the same way just as I did when the refs blatantly handed to games in a row to the Broncos that time.
    Still, we had our chances.

  87. pacstud says:
    Green was watching the ball (as he should be).
    Is this really that confusing?
    This is what happens when lawyers get involved.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lawyers (Florio?) love talking and all that BS spewing out of their mouths make them feel superior to everyone else when in reality they have the common sense of a horse fly. Trying to stir it up, that’s all they do.

  88. hahaha Yah Harvin, Actually just yesterday I was telling a friend I wish Woodson was like 10 years younger (which, would be about Revis’ age) so ya I wouldn’t mind having Revis! …. hopefully like Favre, Woodson can play until he’s 40 at a high level…unfortunately unlike Favre…Woodson needs to run!
    Ah well, until he can’t play anymore, Im happy with the D player of the year! Altho if Revis would have won it, I wouldn’t have complained, it would have been well deserved, that’s for sure! Too bad Nnamdi is stuck in Oakland…..He’d sure be a nice replacement once Woodson retires

  89. @myballshurt
    Yeah, Favre may have hit that ball that Aaron missed. Very good possibility. Today!!
    During his 2nd year as a starter, maybe not. Give Aaron another year or so. After, he;s hit a lot of those this year. Probably playoff adrenaline.
    Pack is very lucky to get Rodgers after having Favre so many years. Pretty rare thing. Montana/Youngish type stuff.

  90. footballrulz… I agree wholeheartedly. My only problem with that is that I know Aaron is only in his second year as a starter, but he has been in the league for 5 years. Once he learns to put some air under the ball (he missed open deep receivers a few times) and get rid of the ball he’ll be great. I hope he does which is why I said “so far”. My only other concern is that he doesn’t seem to feel the pressure when it is coming from his “blind” side. Some QB’s seem to have “eyes in the back of their head”. He doesn’t have that YET. Hopefully, playing time will help.

  91. I am a Packers fan , and when you spot the ANY team 17 points its going to be tough to win, BUT they say there was no “tugging or pulling” is it true that INCIDENTAL face masks are to be let go right away, by the time he had let go Rodgers was on the ground. That’s not even taking into the fact of the hands to the head portion. I do feel cheated as I believe any other fan would be if it was thier team. Aaron Rodgers will take a page out of Ochocinco’s book and change his last name to Brady or Manning. That way he can get atleast a couple of those calls.

  92. Vikings fan here…I understand Packer Fan frustration.
    That being said, I think fans of every team have had to deal with what they would see as bad/blown calls from the refs. And I also think there are a few teams who have at the very least the appearence of getting the benefit of questionable calls/non-calls…Cowboys, 49ers, Giants and Pittsburg come to mind. Not saying anything about their fans…even if true it is not their fault.
    Florio has over-played this topic…no question. He needs to move on…Packer fans (although it has to be hard) can only move on themselves.
    Last thing I wanted to say, I used to HATE the Cowboys ‘ fans…but after several different blog sites I have visited, I think there are many, many who are classy and respectful of other respectful fans (like many, many of my fellow Vikings fans). Will be a great game this weekend!

  93. @DoluthFan,
    “Last thing I wanted to say, I used to HATE the Cowboys ‘ fans…but after several different blog sites I have visited, I think there are many, many who are classy and respectful of other respectful fans (like many, many of my fellow Vikings fans). Will be a great game this weekend!”
    What a joke!
    The next respectful Vikings fan I meet, will be the first respectful Vikings fan I meet…

  94. @DoluthFan,
    “Last thing I wanted to say, I used to HATE the Cowboys ‘ fans…but after several different blog sites I have visited, I think there are many, many who are classy and respectful of other respectful fans (like many, many of my fellow Vikings fans). Will be a great game this weekend!”
    What a joke!
    The next respectful Vikings fan I meet, will be the first respectful Vikings fan I meet…
    That being said, your season ends this weekend.
    Cowboys in a blow out!!!

  95. Supersuckers says:
    Ok Packer fans..and I am one. The “facemask’ did not have an effect on the result of the play. If we need a after the fact cheap penalty to keep a drive alive we are pathetic. The ball was coming out whether Arod eventually gets facemasked after the fact or not.
    As painful as it is, I’m forced to agree with you.
    Bad calls and non-calls happen all the time. Far worse ones have happened in the playoffs, and especially in one recent Super Bowl.
    Blaming the refs for the loss, after how our defense played, is weak at best. Be grateful we have Rodgers, he was the only reason we were in the game.
    At any rate, the game is over. The season’s over. It’s time to let it go.

  96. The fact is a bad call can cost a team the game! The NFL wants to penalize a player for a late hit or for a unneccessary hit or verbal comment. What happens to the officials who miss a call that cost a team a game? not only a regular season game but a Playoff game? a chance of Super Bowl?? NOTHING!! All an official has to do is admit that they screwed up and it’s ‘awww it’s ok’! IT MATTERS! Yeah the game is over ..why?? Because some lazy a$$ official missed a game ending call! Was it really that hard to see the Facemask?? Was it really hard to see the late hit on Rodgers?? NO! Why??? Its homefield Advantage!! It doesnt matter how either team played it’s an officials job to make the right calls! But how many times do they screw up and cost a team a win! TOO many times and NOTHING happens to them! It’s really sad and I think that Goodell ought to open his eyes and face the real problems in the NFL or get out! I am a Packers fan but I also thought the Steelers Super Bowl win last year was a joke due to the same problems! How many holds were there that weren’t called??? Officials mistakes! WAKE UP GOODELL! Get rid of your blind offiicials and have games called fairly!

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