Report: Fewell planning to accept Giants offer

P_Fewell.jpgPerry Fewell won’t be in limbo much longer.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the former Bills interim coach plans to accept the defensive coordinator job with the Giants.  Nothing is official yet.

The Giants haven’t heard the final word from Fewell, but were “informed they can expect to land their man.”

Multiple beat writers covering the Giants contacted the team and Fewell’s agent Thursday with no response.  It’s possible the Bears will make a last ditch effort to get Fewell, who was the favorite to land the defensive coordinator job in Chicago.

The lack of job security on Lovie Smith’s staff could be scaring coaching candidates away.

10 responses to “Report: Fewell planning to accept Giants offer

  1. Who the hell would go to Chicago ? Play under Lovie Smith, aka The Lost One ? Don’t forget Angelo, the worst GM in the NFL…Good luck in NY Perry, you made the better choice.

  2. He’d also have more to work with in NY. If/when they land Fewell, their D just got better.

  3. “The lack of job security on Lovie Smith’s staff could be scaring coaching candidates away.”
    That is a ridiculous statement. Tom Coughlin is no more secure in his job then Lovie is in his. In fact I would argue given the collapes by the Giants the last two years, Coughlin is in more danger of getting canned.

  4. The Bears fail again. This franchise is joke right now, they can’t do anything right. Lovie needs to get out, go to UT, Bears need to rebuild.

  5. This is a great move by Big Blue. He will help to improve the defense immediately. Not a re-tread. Succesful guy that has done well with lesser talent.

  6. what would have been really interesting would have been if the Giants missed out on Fewell. they would have been left standing with their you-know-what in their hands.
    oh well, i like the hire and can’t wait to see what Perry does to revitalize the Giants D. i hope Jerry Reese gives him some better tools in the linebacking corps.

  7. Phillips and Angelo have gotten just what they asked for.
    No one wants to board this sinking ship and they can look in the mirror to find the answer why.
    This is supposed to be Lovie’s job to pick his own coordinators and this situation has now become the laughing stock of the NFL.
    It is not to late to admit that Lovie has already blown his last chance with his bumbling of getting someone to run both the offense and defense so why wait till the end of the 2010 season?
    Do it Jerry!
    Hold a press conference and tell us that Lovie was on thin ice and he has fallen through.
    Offer Bill Cowher what ever he wants and make a trade to get back your 2nd round pick.
    Admit that in hindsight Lovie should have been out with Turner and now the mistake has been corrected.
    It cannot get any more embarrassing than it is now.
    Maybe Lovie will do the Bears a favor and bail for the Tennessee job.
    What am I talking about?
    Has Lovie ever done the right thing since coming to town?
    After being a Bears fans for over 40 years I cannot remember a time when they seemed more confused, more inept and more clueless as they do right now.

  8. As I said before, bring in Cowher as a consultant to hire the coordinators and let him take over after 2010.

  9. As a Bears fan I hope this is true! Why would we want another one of Lovies pals, and a guy that worked in Buffalo?

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