When it comes to charting Cowher's career, don't bet against Bettis

Rosenthal posted earlier tonight the eye-opening comments from former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis regarding his belief that former Steelers coach Bill Cowher is waiting for the Giants job to come open.

And Bettis has a high degree of credibility in these matters.  He was one of the first to proclaim with any degree of fact that 2006 would be Cowher’s last season with the Steelers.

I really think this is the last year for Coach Cowher in Pittsburgh,” Bettis said at halftime of an NBC preseason game between the Redskins and the Bengals in August 2006.  “I talked to him after the season was over and I really think he was really a different coach, a different guy.”

This time, Bettis sounds even more certain.

“He would have definitely gotten the [Giants] job and if [Tom] Coughlin doesn’t get that team back in the right direction next year I think they’ll pull the plug,” Bettis told Chris Russo of Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio.

We still think there’s a chance the plug gets pulled this year, if the Jets end up closing out Giants Stadium by hosting the AFC title game.

28 responses to “When it comes to charting Cowher's career, don't bet against Bettis

  1. Ahhh
    The chin what a great idea
    Gotta love it a hard nose coach to keep the brats in line
    A dream come true

  2. While the Jets making it to a home AFC Championship game to close out the Stadium would admittedly be an embarrassing cap to an embarrassing sequence of events for the G-Men this final season of Giants Stadium, do you really think the Giants would let what the JETS do dictate their own internal decisions? I would hope not and I most certainly think the Maras are smarter than that.

  3. There is a family connection between Steelers owner the Rooneys and Giants owner the Maras. Actress Kate Mara who was in “Shooter” and “We are Marshall”, FOX’s TV series “24” plus many others is the grand-daughter of Art Rooney and also grand-daughter of Wellington Mara.

  4. God, these rumors and the press jumps all over them. Bettis does not know crap and I think this makes Cowher look bad.

  5. to the naysayers, maybe, just maybe Cowher and Bettis are friends or maybe just maybe they have mutual aquaintances. One thing is for sure and that is that bettis knows more people in the NFL than any of us posters!!!

  6. Oooohhh…the NY media! We must all bow down and worship their mighty power! You’ve got to be kidding me…right?

  7. Wow, Mike. As I’m posting, you’ve drawn three comments. Who knew Larry, Moe, and Curly were still alive?
    Careful, Vox. Bettis was a man trying to protect his livelihood–and he kept producing. Given some of the stunts you’ve pulled on PFT, you shouldn’t throw around that epithet.
    gopher … just how do you know Bettis doesn’t know crap? He was the one guy who accurately called Cowher’s retirement plans. How is this making Bill look bad? He’s refusing to talk to any team that has a coach in place, so he’s not undermining Coughlin’s position. I’ve been posting for weeks that Cowher would want the Giants job. The Maras are smart football people–they don’t need to hear this rumor to know Cowher’s a good fit and would seriously consider the Giants. Coughlin was on the hot seat before Bettis opened his mouth.
    Edgar … Nah, Curly’s too big an idiot for me to bother.

  8. It would be interesting that Cowher would be coaching another team but basically still be working for the same family thanks to Chris Mara’s marriage to Kathleen Rooney.

  9. WellDisciplinedVC says: “Oooohhh…the NY media! We must all bow down and worship their mighty power! You’ve got to be kidding me…right?”
    Actually, they are a huge collection of hacks that never played sports their entire lives and are barely literate. That said, they are also perpetually annoying and you need a very thick skin to tolerate it day in and day out. Think of being on camping trip where you’re being bitten by mosquitoes all day and night. Not lethal, but extremely irritating. Got to either be able to laugh about it, mock them to their faces in a witty way that comes across as funny, or get paid boatloads of money to compensate for the grief. Since Cowher can’t/won’t do the first two, I’m guessing he’s counting on the last option.

  10. Cowher’s become media savvy from his CBS gig, I think the NY media will like him and the players will bust their asses and he’ll build a TRUE giants defense that’s just scary.
    BIG BLUE VS GANG GREEN in the SB baby!

  11. This sucs. Giants of the 00s were Coughlin’s era Very annoying that I have to wait a year or so for my official unofficial savoir big chinned coach.
    At least the jets got their shit right

  12. Its obvious NOBODY knows where he’s going. His name has been mentioned for EVERY NFL HC opening. Who really cares.. we’ll find out when we find out. I know one thing, I dont want my team facing him any time soon, thats all I care about.

  13. Chower (purposely misspelled) is THE most overrated NFL coach around.
    He continually takes credit for the “zone blitz” (developed in the NFL by Jim Mora, actually in the USFL) even though his DCs (ALL came from Mora’s Saints staff) were the ones who developed it.
    He continually takes credit for the 3-4 even though it was around for 20 yrs before he became head coach and a number of NFL teams were running it long before he became an NFL coach.
    He takes credit for being a “great” coach even though he lost, what, 4 AFC championship games AT HOME!
    He benefited from the Rooney’s manipulating the system by getting expansion teams (Jax, the new Clev) into their division thereby ensuring a number of regular season wins and a playoff berth (they even tried hard to get expansion Houston into the AFC NORTH – how is that for blatent).
    And they manipulated the division to keep some of the worst teams in the NFL (Cleve, Cincy) in the AFC North and worked to keep out a better team (at the time – Buf).
    He had a number of seasons that would have gotten him fired from every team in the NFL, except the tightwad Stillers.
    He is overrated and I can’t wait for him to coach again so that I can see his team win 4 games a year until he is fired.

  14. Wow, tv …. perfect moniker for you because I can’t figure out if your post was a sitcom or a horror show. You make no sense whatsoever.
    But I do give you credit because ONLY YOU could see through the Rooneys’ scheming all these years. I mean, every other NFL owner who rubbed shoulders with the Steelers owners found them to be remarkable, intelligent, likeable men who truly cared for the NFL. Many of those owners have patterned their franchises after the way the Steelers are run. But you … you, tv, have it all figured out. You saw through the Rooneys’ B.S.
    Wow, buddy, you are a true genius.

  15. “# WellDisciplinedVC says: January 14, 2010 8:24 PM
    Oooohhh…the NY media! We must all bow down and worship their mighty power! You’ve got to be kidding me…right?”
    Yes, actually, you should. It is where you win a Super Bowl and get only 1 year leeway. How would that work in other towns?

  16. Hey, tv – BALONEY! Neither you nor anyone else ever heard Cowher ‘take’ credit for the zone blitz, 3-4 defense or any other system or technique. What we’ve all heard, is Cowher GETTING (not taking) earned and deserved credit for putting together teams and coaching staffs who who execute those things about as well as they’ve ever been done.

  17. TV
    You are absolutely right about Cowher. Unless he goes to the perfect situation, he will fail miserably. The Steelers were already playing the 3-4 when he became coach. The early drafts with Tom Donahoe, which Cowher probably had little input into along with the stability provided by the Rooneys are why he was successful.
    Bettis is a moron. He is right up there with Emmitt as the worst analyst ever. How can someone play the game that long, yet offer so little insight as an analyst. Not to mention his Mr. Nice guy act to the fan base, while he was one of the most self serving, self consumed athletes to ever play in Pittsburgh. Any other team would have cut him years earlier.

  18. Why would Cowher give up the “DREAM JOB” move south with his wife, so he can what, coach the Giants? Need a wish that makes sense Giant fans. Because Cowher was so young when he retired we forget how many years he was a head coach. How many days he went to work in early morning hours and didn’t return home until the lights were all ready out and everyone was asleep in the evening. Has Cowher said to anyone that he wants to coach again? Funny how we all just guess and wish about what other people are going to do with their lives…

  19. @tv …
    So it’s “Make up a story” day?
    Dick LeBeau is acknowledged as the developer of the zone blitz. LeBeau has never coached for Jim Mora and I’ve never heard anyone mention Mora’s name in connection with the zone blitz–nor have I ever heard Cowher take credit for it.
    We all know the 3/4 has been around for decades. Most teams were running it in the 70s when the Steelers under Noll were running the 4/3.
    I’ve never heard Bill Cowher say he’s a great coach. Others credit him with being a great coach. While Cowher was coaching the Steelers, they had the best record of any team in the NFL. He became only the second coach to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first six seasons, the youngest to lead his team to a Super Bowl. When he left, he was one of only six coaches in history to lead his team to at least seven division titles.
    In his 15 years, the Steelers made the playoffs 10 times, earned 8 division titles, made the AFC championship 6 times, the Super Bowl twice, and won the Super Bowl. Not many coaches have a record to match that.
    As for the division makeup …
    Jacksonville was shoved into the AFC Central because at the time it was the only AFC division with four teams. All other AFC divisions had five. There was no place else to put the Jags.
    When the league was restructured, the NFL took great care to ensure its historic rivalries were preserved. That’s why Dallas is still in a division with New York, Philly, and Washington though there’s no geographic proximity. That’s why Buffalo is still in a division with Miami. And that’s why Pittsburgh is in a division with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Though Cleveland sucks now, it was once a proud franchise that won eight NFL championships. The Pittsburgh/Cleveland rivalry goes back generations. To separate those teams would be a football travesty. And the Pittsburgh/Baltimore rivalry has become one of the toughest in the NFL.
    You’d know all of this if you were a day over 15, had more than a thimbleful’s knowledge of professional football, or bothered to do six seconds of research before posting your diatribes.
    In summary, you are an idiot.

  20. Deb. The zone blitz was well established in NO (actually in the USFL) under Jim Mora with Dom Capers (Chowers first DC) when LeBeau was a coach in Cincy. Chower tabbed Capers from Mora’s staff.
    Look it up dumbass!
    Then that tradition continued with other DCs that came from Mora’s staff (aka Haslett, and another who I can’t recall at the moment). Gee, why do you think that kept happening?
    As to Chower taking credit for the zone blitz – I heard him do it just a couple of weeks ago on air. He has done it repeatedly over the years in both print and on air. And LeBeau wasn’t the developer of it either – see above. That either Chower or LeBeau is acknowledged as the “developer” of this is flat wrong and something that only a Steeler fan with their head firmly implanted in their a#$ would claim.
    Relative to the Rooney’s – no they didn’t manipulate anything. Note that they were NFL (pre NFC) laughingstocks until they went to the newly formed AFC after the NFL/AFL merger. Why? Less competition. Once in the newly formed AFC (Cleveland also made that jump) amazingly, they became a “good” team. Yes, this coincided with good drafts and Noll, but that damn sure helped.
    They did it again in expansion time – using their clout to ensure that new teams got in their division. The Rooney’s fought hard to get the expansion Houston Texans into their division – the AFC NORTH. Again, look it up – the Pitts Post should have plenty of archive articles on this from that time period.
    If Chower turns around another team, I’ll gladly eat my words. Until then, either prove me wrong (all of what I’ve said is easy to look up) or shut up!

  21. @tv …
    Since I’m not a dumbass–or a moron who thinks everyone else should shut up because he’s in love with the sound of his own voice–I did the research. As I said, LeBeau is widely acknowledged as the developer of the zone blitz,
    and I’ve never heard Cowher take credit for it. Why would he? LeBeau developed those defenses as defensive coordinator of the Bengals under Sam Wyche.
    BUT apparently few sportswriters today acknowledge that Mora’s USFL Philadelphia Stars were running some zone-blitz style packages in the mid-80s when Dom Capers was on the defensive staff.
    So on that one point I stand corrected.
    When Cowher came to Pittsburgh in 91, he hired Capers as DC and LeBeau as defensive backs coach. Together they developed the high-flying Blitzburgh packages that gained so much attention because they had the likes of Rod Woodson and Carnell Lake to execute them.
    I’ve never thought of Cowher as a great coach in the Noll sense. But his record as a winning coach speaks for itself–and it is also easy to look up.
    The Steelers’ record of not winning a playoff game for 40 years is well known–and continued after the merge. The Colts and the Browns also made the move to the AFC. Were they conspiring, too? If so, it didn’t work out well for the Browns. They were a powerhouse before the move and haven’t won a championship since. The Steelers didn’t begin winning until Dan took over running the team and hired Noll, who built the team of the 70s through the draft. Your lunatic conspiracy theory just doesn’t work.
    The material I provided on why the Jags were in our division and why the Browns are now is much more readily available than the USFL material I checked. Look it up. As for the Texans, I didn’t bother. But if Dan suggested they go into our division, perhaps it was because of our once great rivalry with the Houston Oilers.
    Though you did provide one interesting detail about the USFL, most of your post was just nonsensical rants about the Rooneys from a guy who doesn’t like the Steelers. No much to brag about.

  22. @Deb
    As usual good work. Don’t let that Mora fact impress you too much. He is overstating how much Mora used the zone blitz. Its like saying that Bill Walsh didn’t invent the west coast offense because someone else ran a slant pattern once before him.
    You are crazy. I really hope you are a fan of the Mora family.

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