Cowboys lose Grantham to Georgia

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare to face the Vikings on Sunday, they’re forced to change a flat tire on a moving car.

Cowboys defensive line coach Todd Grantham has bolted for Georgia, where he’ll become the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator.

Todd Archer of the Dallas Morning News reports that the hole on the staff will be filled by Paul Pasqualoni, who last worked for the Cowboys as linebackers coach during the tenure of the Tuna.  Pasqualoni most recently served as defensive coordinator with the Dolphins; he was fired earlier this week.

The departure of Grantham for a college team, while surprising on the surface, should not be a complete shock.  Changes to the pension plans have caused some NFL assistants to eyeball NCAA opportunities, and the prospect of pay cuts by up to 50 percent if there’s a work stoppage in 2011 makes the pro game, for now, less attractive than in the past.

14 responses to “Cowboys lose Grantham to Georgia

  1. Unless your school is in the middle of a scandal that will put an astrick on everything it’s accomplished this decade. Then the pro game looks like a good deal….

  2. Grantham will remain on the staff until the Cowboys season is over (Super Bowl). Pasqualoni will be on the Cowboys staff immediately and working with Grantham in order to make an easy transition.

  3. Thats ok,Dallas is terrible anyway much like the Packers. Its over for them on Sunday,Vikes will crush everyone in their way,mark it…….

  4. Wade Phillips has been calling all the defensive plays lately anyways right?
    I don’t know how bad this will really hurt.

  5. Okay, Pervy. Once your beloved Purple Pukes actually win something you can talk. Until then shut up. Every NFL fan knows as soon as the age and poor coaching on your team (CHildress would have been gone already if he didn’t have his lips sewed to Favre’s johnson) catch up, you will fall off the bandwagon and be begging LA to take another of your pathetic franchises. One and done, mark it… Same as last year. Classic playoff meltdown. Sound familiar?

  6. RealPervyHarvin: what a dream your rollin’ there. Your Vikes have serious issues in the Offensive line and it’s gonna be a long day for both teams and your Vikings are still a year or two away from any further advances on the Lombardi trophy. But keep smokin that action, it’ll keep you numb for the game !!

  7. @ realpervyharvin
    Let me provide a brief education, something I have learnd via experience. Don’t run your mouth before something has happened. You will look like a gigantic fool should the Vikes lose.

  8. Meanwhile the 0-3gles are paying the rats to stay on their already sunken lowbrow dinghy. Well the ones that aren’t stupid anyway, they already lost their GM hahaha

  9. “Thats ok,Dallas is terrible anyway much like the Packers. Its over for them on Sunday,Vikes will crush everyone in their way,mark it…….”
    They will crush everyone in their way? Really? Kind of like they did to Chicago and Carolina?

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