Cutler meeting with offensive coordinator candidates

J.Cutler.jpgWith Pete Carroll involved in G.M. interviews, it’s fair to wonder if he’s the one voice that matters in Seattle.

A similar dynamic may be playing out in Chicago, but the voice belongs to a player.

Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo confirmed that Jay Cutler is a key part of the interview process as the Bears search for an offensive coordinator.

“We’ve involved Jay, and we’d like to have him meet with [all] the
candidates,” Angelo said. “He understands the whole process, and he
knows we want him involved. This is not the first time we’ve involved a
player. This isn’t new to us.”

Cutler flew in town to meet with Ken Zampese and is expected to offer his thoughts on other candidates.  Cutler was reportedly disappointed the team couldn’t snare his old coach Jeremy Bates.

We’ve got mixed feelings here.  The ability to work with Cutler and play to his strengths is one of the biggest components of the Bears job.

But if Cutler truly has sway in who gets the gig, it sounds like the inmates are running the asylum.

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  1. With what they gave to get Cutler I think they want to make sure they exhaust every effort to make him work out.

  2. Are you kidding me? Cutler who is less then a 500 percent winning QB is getting input on his offensive coordinator. A guy gets or doesn’t get a job based on Cutler? It is the system not the QB that was successful in Denver. Chicago gets what they deserve!!

  3. This is just sick and stupid. So the brat whinner wins MORE credibility and a league record in picks earns him this right?
    He needs to work for his bosses, not hire them.
    With each Cutler report, my opinion of the current Bears regime plummets. Now I actually feel BAD for Chicago fans.

  4. Maybe the McCaskeys will involve Cutler in the process in 2011 to find a new GM and HC, after franchise QB Cutler leads the Bears to another 7-9 finish?

  5. This isn’t such a bad thing. It didn’t say Lovie Smith WASN’T involved… just said Jay Cutler WAS involved.
    The Bears gave up an arm and a leg to get him – now they NEED to find someone who can coach him up to reach his full potential. Bringing in different people and letting Jay get to know him forst makes sense.

  6. Only the desperate coaches will want to work with Mr. Double Chinned Jerk Faced Pouty Boy. Hello Mr. Martz!!

  7. I’ve heard of QB’s calling there own plays, but dam hiring you own coordinator? If it goes bad next year all the coaches can point the finger at Cutler’s hiring.

  8. so what is wrong with them making sure he and the new guy are on the same page?rather have this than ron turner know somebody who took away everything he did good in denver until the last 2 games.this way there are no surprises or excuses,cutler will know what to expect.

  9. On a related note, the Bears are now a serious front-runner for dumbest organization in the NFL.
    By the way, the Bears season has been over for a few weeks, has Cutler lifted his head yet or is he still looking directly at the ground?
    Born leader!

  10. No, Cutler isn’t the decision maker here, but he will have input, and rightfully so. In order to put him in position to be successful, he must be in the right scheme. I think that will make all the difference for him and will turn his career around next season. There were other factors involved in Chicago. A guy doesn’t become JaMarcus Russell in one season, after being an elite QB elsewhere. In considering an OC, however, I would consider a guy who could step into the HC position when Lovie is fired next season.

  11. *Heard throughout the Rockies

  12. I can’t believe the Bears gave up a high draft pick to the Bucs to obtain the services of Gaines Adams. What the *ell were you guys thinking?

  13. When Troy Aikman was just starting the Cowboys Jimmy Johnson made sure that Aikman was involved in finding a new offensive coordinator.
    Aikman help they decided on Norv Turner and they won two Super Bowls together.
    Did that make Aikman a bitch too?
    Anyone who believes that the QB is just an errand boy and it does not matter if he has a good understanding between him and the offensive coordinator is a complete idiot and does not understand shit about football.
    Stop acting like a bunch of 11 year-old girls who did not get their picture taken with the Backstreet Boys at the mall already.

  14. “Are you kidding me? Cutler who is less then a 500 percent winning QB is getting input on his offensive coordinator. A guy gets or doesn’t get a job based on Cutler? It is the system not the QB that was successful in Denver. Chicago gets what they deserve!!”
    I don’t think any quarterback has won 500% of his games.

  15. i like this idea. so much is said about why qbs are the most important position, why not hire a guy who proves he can work with your talent, instead of a guy who can impress the suits. like a commentor said earlier, it doesnt say lovie smith ISNT meeting with candidates, only that culter is part of the group.
    anyway, this is outside the box thinking, and usually that is commended by analysts, but i guess it doesnt count unless manning and brady are the ones being named

  16. Yeah, he has to make sure he have a cool name to call him…KZAMP, JBATE..Hell, maybe he can reunite with BMARSH and TSHEF.
    Cutler is such a tool. He needs to grow up, learn how to throw to the guys in the black shirts, and learn how to look the media in the eye and speak like a guy who went to freakin’ Vanderbilt.

  17. Yee gods what a disaster. You’re right Gregg, inmates running the asylum and it will not end well.
    So when Cutler has 20+ picks and the Bears don’t make the playoffs again next year, who will they fire ? Will it be the OC or Cutler ?
    ROFL poor Bears fans, I do feel sorry for you.

  18. Wow, there sure are a lot of Cutler haters considering the talent the guy has. There are very few QBs that will have success in any system. He did great in Denver with a good system for him, once he sought out private doctors to discover the obvious symptoms of diabetes he had meant that he had diabetes (Denver medical staff has been accused by many players of being really bad, but this one takes the cake!). Kyle Orton lookd good in the system in Denver. I say again, Kyle Orton. Could it be that Kyle Orton sucked in Chicago and then suddenly figured things out in Denver? More likely, the Chicago system wasn’t suited for him and Denvers was. Enter Cutler, and now you want to blame him for all the problems? Give him a break and let him show what he can do in a system designed for him.
    Bravo to Chicago for realizing that success will come from the ability of the OC and QB to work together. I feel badly for Forte, though…

  19. “A guy gets or doesn’t get a job based on Cutler? It is the system not the QB that was successful in Denver.”
    Your interpretations skills are sorely lacking. That’s not what Angelo said; what don’t you understand about “being involved in the process?” Doesn’t mean he alone is deciding on who’s hired. The worst thing the Bears could do is hire a guy that doesn’t excentuate his strengths.

  20. Come on Florio you are smarter than that. Cutler is the most important Bear asset (for better or worse) and there needs to have some kind of chemistry between him and the OC. It is a no-brainer that any team would do.
    Btw, as a longtime Bear fan I have not seen a guy make better throws since….

  21. Good. No excuses. Now get out of the f__kin news Chicago Bears because we have another whole year to look forward to press releases just like this one after next season…
    Bye Bye Lovie.

  22. Most of you are just haters. The Bears played in the SB just three years ago, and people on here are saying they’re the dumbest organization in the league. Seriously? You’re beyond ignorant and retarded to say something so rediculously stupid.

  23. if it was the system that made cutler in denver wouldn’t be smart of the bears to run something like that also?sure the broncos did not make playoffs but didn’t they score like 38 points a game?but I guess it was cutler’s fault the d could not stop anybody right?I look at his last 2 games and can only say what in what if that idiot turner had let him roll out all season and what if they had let aroshmando play earler?wonder how many viqueen fans will be on here slamming the bears and cutler when the lord farve era ends?then you will have the same team and coach you wanted to run out of town.I will be just like you guys were when the bears were winning and say it’s only cause the division sucks!

  24. you sheeple are such whiners
    they are stuck with the guy.. better off finding someone he can work with.. and can’t argue about if it doesn’t work

  25. And people think the Bills are a poorly run franchise. Nothing like letting your coach know who is in charge. Can everyone get this over with and send Lovie to Tenn. and get Cowher in here to kick Cutler in the ass?

  26. i agree with the above statements that they need to find someone suited for cutler (since they invested sooooo much for the guy)….but shouldn’t the GM/President/Coach know enough about football at this point to figure that out for themselves without cutler’s input? (not trying to be a sarcastic jerk, that’s a genuine question to bears fans)
    this has the potential to end very well, or dreadfully for the bears (and anywhere in between)
    in all, i’m not really trying to make a point for or against this, i’m just confused as to why bears personnel can’t figure this out for themselves

  27. You idiots obviously dont know anything about football.
    This isn’t the first time a team’s QB has had input in something like this, and it won’t be the last.

  28. jd says:
    January 15, 2010 11:27 AM
    Sorry Jay, you can’t pretend to be Favre until you play like Favre.
    He did throw 26 INTs last season.

  29. Here’s what I think is funny about most the idiots posting above…..Jay Cutler is willing to involve himself in the interview process in order to try and ensure that the candidate is suitable to maximize the talents of the most important player on offense……..uhhhhhmmmmm……what’s the problem again? Sounds to me like Jay Cutler is going above and beyond his job description to do what he can to ensure that a suitable candidate is hired. A whiny bitch/complainer/tool would wait until the team hired a OC and them….well….complain about it.

  30. “league record in picks earns him this right?”
    Um, no. Where do you people get your facts from? He’s not choosing the OC, just sitting in on the meeting.

  31. Cutler is the most secure person in the entire organization. Angelo and Lovie’s jobs depend on Cutler’s success. They are lame ducks and will be kissing his ass all offseason and all of next year, too.

  32. As a Bronco fan, I was livid when the Cutler saga went down and I hated McD for it. However, as the season rolled on, I noticed that Cutler was doing the same things he did in Denver….he’d face some adversity and he would completely go in the tubes and start throwing picks all over the place. I started thinking McD was right to trade him. I still think Mcdaniels has made some quality mistakes but trading Cutler may not be one of them. Orton is a total sham but at least he’s a team player. Time will tell if Jay ever becomes more than a Jeff George copy.

  33. Giantsdefenserules: “The Bears gave up an arm and a leg to get him – now they NEED to find someone who can coach him up to reach his full potential.”
    This punk is already playing at his full potential!
    This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard a franchise do since the Vikings traded their future to the Cowboys for Herschel Walker!

  34. No worries, he’s just here to check out each coordinator’s haircut to see if their barbers use a better bowl.

  35. First the Bears give up way too much to get him, then they give him a new contract that was completely undeserved, and now they’re letting him have input as to the coaching staff. And the funniest thing is, Bears fans still don’t have a problem with this.
    It’s stuff like this that makes Cuntler think he can get away with throwing hissy-fits and yelling at his coaches and players. He thinks the coaches work for him instead of vice-versa, and it’s starting to look like in Chicago, he’s right. Sad to see the Bears turning into a pathetic excuse for an organization.

  36. # jd says: January 15, 2010 11:27 AM
    Sorry Jay, you can’t pretend to be Favre until you play like Favre.
    Well, he’s got the INT thing nailed.

  37. What’s wrong is it clearly shows his arrogance. He has done exactly nothing tin the NFL to act like he should be involved in the process. Right now he needs to shut up and figure out how to NOT throw 26 ints. This is exactly what i didn;t like about him. He is a ME guy not a TEAM guy.

  38. If the baby is going to cry about the milk, I guess it makes sense for the baby to meet the baby-sitter 1st.
    Cutler does not strike me as one of those QBs who would say:
    “Lookit! We can’t run Z8 42 out on a 3rd & 4 when their line has been getting pressure all day. If the backers don’t blitz….and we know they maybe only do it a 4th of the time…..if they drop them in coverage it only gives me 1 option on the right side going deep, which is always doubled by the safety! I think we should run a cross out of stacks left, which gives me the out for the 1st down or the slant up the seam. On the other side…a basic hook will be open if they blitz and if they don’t, we can run a delayed swing out of the backfield. We’ll have at least 3 chances at getting to the sticks!”
    Cutler looks like one of those jerks who would just freak-out in battle & say:
    “We need to git er done!”
    “Just gotta git something to them sticks!”
    “Put the biscuit in the basket!”
    “What’s up with these play calls?”
    “No seriously, REALLY?”

  39. you broco fans need to get over never said anything bad about him before he was traded but since you started out 6-0 without him he is garbage?by the way how did that start turn out for you?he played 2 years with diabetes your doctors were to stupid to figure out he for him not winning there, again I gotta ask how is it his fault if your team scores over 30 points a game and you can’t win?he sucked in chicago this year because of ron turner and his system.he will be fine if they ever get somebody who lets him play to his strengths like he showed against the viqueens&lions when idiot let him roll out the last 2 games.

  40. The idea of the Bears’ bringing together their very own Medea (Cutler), who had power, intelligence & talent on the good side, & rage, petulance, & tunnel vision on the bad side, with their OC candidates, is interesting.
    The team may be presenting Cutler with the appealing notion that he will not only be able to meet with the candidates, but actually have a say in who is hired, OR it may be more a matter of letting the candidates themselves see, meet, & appraise the main guy they’d have to work with.
    If that’s the case, the coaches can sit back and see if Cutler has learned anything at all about working with people, what his priorities are in terms of His Needs vs. Team Needs, how incisive the candidates’ views of the QB are, the degree of skill they have or don’t have in communicating with him, seeing good & bad in him, valuing his potential and weighing the cost of indulging him when he needs to be clamped down on, or setting him free at the right time so he can reach his full potential.
    It can be a good thing for Cutler and for the Bears to actually give Cutler the opportunity to provide input, and I think it is, given all the problems he’s had to deal with, both those emanating from who he is, and from outside himself, i.e., who the Bears are – but he CANNOT be given an actual vote – equal in weight to those of the coaches – on who comes in. Not only is he not experienced enough to justify that, but he hasn’t had enough consistent success to justify it. Brett Favre and Peyton Manning would undoubtedly want “input” in this situation, but I think both would eschew an actual flull-fledged vote, and that is as it should be.
    But it would be a huge mistake to give Cutler the impression that he is CHOOSING the OC, or any other coach. That power must remain – and be seen and understood to remain – with the Guys In Real Charge, i.e., the coaching staff.
    The Bears – I’m a Pack fan (forever) and Vikings fan for-as-long-as-Favre-is-there) – are in desperate need of a strong head coach & I don’t see the whey-faced Lovie as the answer. They need somebody (like Holmgren would have been, or Cowher, who has not only long-term coaching experience & significant W/L success, but experience in dealing with the headstrong, I-know-everything QB, and the skill to ignite passion and belief in the team & in the city again.
    Can’t wait for the Bears to come back (not to mention the Pack to come all the way back!), because a football season is lousy when the level of competition isn’t good – the more teams there are that are scary good, the greater the competition, and the greater achievement for the One Team that takes it all home.

  41. He will be in Chic.ago for just one year since the Bears will miss the playoffs again and Lovie can blame Cutler for his choice of OC. The Bears new coach will then bring in his own team

  42. “league record in picks earns him this right?”
    Apparently picks don’t mean what I think they do. See, I thought picks meant interceptions, and Cutler holds absolutely no league records in interceptions.

  43. So they want to involve Jay, what’s the big deal. They want his opinion but it’s not like he is going to make the final decision. It also speaks volumes as to how much they respect him and also shows how much he cares and is committed to making the Bears team better. Why must everything he does be put under a microscope and condemned? Some of you guys are like bullies picking on the easy target. Good for you.

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