Cutler's involvement in offensive coordinator interviews makes sense

It’s rare that the PFT scribes disagree with each other, and it’s even more rare that we do so in print.

But I’m compelled to add my two cents on the notion that Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is involved in the interviews of offensive coordinator candidates.

Rosenthal suggested that the move indicates that the inmates are running the asylum.  Though there’s a danger of that dynamic unfolding, the reality is that Cutler already holds all the power in Chicago.  If he fails next season, everyone gets fired.  So everything the team does in the offseason must be done with an eye toward making Cutler better.

Given that Cutler and the offensive coordinator will have a close working relationship and in light of Cutler’s reputation for being prone to fits of moodiness and/or pouting, it makes sense to ensure that an acceptable dynamic exists between the two men.

As one league source explained it, the process of having the quarterback meet with offensive coordinator candidates is “nothing new.”  The source points out that Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman met with Norv Turner before Turner was hired in 1991 to run the Dallas offense.

“You have to find out if there is any chemistry between the two people,” the source said.  “Other teams have done the same over the years.  It’s the smart thing to do.”

We (I) agree, in large part because it would be stupid to risk alienating the delicate genius whose ability to throw a football accurately will go a long way toward determining the ability of the head coach and the G.M. and the rest of the staff to remain employed into 2011.

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  1. I see what happened, rosenthal didn’t bash it enough so florio had to add to it. Shame on rosenthal for actually reporting facts. Your employer has no room for actual facts on this site.

  2. Had to get your two cents in, huh?
    Maybe you should read Rosenthal’s article. He said he has “mixed” feelings about it and stated exactly what you re-gurgitate here.
    What’s the matter Florio? Afraid Rosenthal is gaining more credibility than you?
    Too late.

  3. Yesterday on NFL network when asked his opinion of QB Peyton Manning, Ravens Trevor Price said, “not to disparage anyone, but to me Peyton Manning is the real coach of that team.”
    Maybe it’s the same now in Chicago?

  4. Man, it is really good to have Florio back making sense again. What a relief! This is a great point. Cutler should be involved. The Bears need to hire someone who has good chemistry with Cutler.

  5. Is Jim Zorn a bad option here? I know he wasn’t much as a HC, but he was the QB coach in Seattle under Holmgren. And I do believe Hasselbeck had some of his best seasons when Zorn was his position coach.

  6. The practice has been commonplace in well run businesses for years to have subordinates meet during the interview process with potential new hires. Nothing new here.

  7. eh, there is nothing like being interviewed by your (potential) employees when interviewing for a job at any level.
    Management should know who they want without Cutlers involvement.
    Oh and its not like Cutler will refrain from throwing his hissy fits down the road if he doesnt like what the OC does regardless if he interviews the person, signs off on his hire, etc.

  8. “The source points out that Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman met with Norv Turner before Turner was hired in 1991 to run the Dallas offense.”
    Now there is a recent example and very relevant to this case. You know Aikman and Cutler are so similiar.
    “…it would be stupid to risk alienating the delicate genius…” Yea- that’s one way of looking at things, he’s a “genius”. Of course giving him more imput might just make his head as large as Florio’s.

  9. Peter King told me that the Bears were going to be in the Super Bowl since they got Jay Cutler. What happened?

  10. I see so I guess every other team that added a new OC this year consulted their QB but Chicago was the only one people chose to publish articles about.

  11. Ummmmm, wha….?
    “it makes sense to ensure that an acceptable dynamic exists between the two men.”
    It is called being a PROFESSIONAL. It shouldn’t matter what kind of “dynamic” there is.
    DO. YOUR. JOB.

  12. Hmm maybe next time they hire a new supervisor here at work i should be able to interview him first.

  13. I got no problem wiht Cutler or any other starting QB being involved in decision making, yet if this was Brett Favre doing this, the entire sports media world would’ve turned upside down, with fire and brimstone everywhere, fans would’ve been calling for heads and it would’ve been complete anarchy.
    Brett Favre doesn’t want to be benched at halftime (like 31 other starting QB’s), and everyone calls him a diva. Brett Favre voices that he would like Jim Bates to be interviewed for HC in 2006, and he’s an egomaniac.
    Yet when ever anyone else things a lot worse, no one cares. Brett can voice any opinion he wants, and until he demands to be included in decisions or meetings (which he’s NEVER done), than you all need to shut the F up.

  14. It doesn’t matter if Cutler is ahppy with the OC NOW, What matters is how he’ll respond to him after he get’s his butt chewed out. I think his response will be the same no matter who it is yelling at him so why give him any input? Let’s not compare Cutler to Troy Aikman either.

  15. ok zombie what was aikmans record and career like before turner came along?he could not beat out steve walsh so they had to trade him so aikman could start.dp it’s not like he was all pro from the get go.I think cutler would have a similar career to if he had the weapons aikman had

  16. “. . . it’s even more rare that we do so in print.”
    More rare? C’mon Florio, you’re supposed to be the most best at this!

  17. I hope the Bears sign Mike Tice to be OC. Jay Cutler will then be the Supergon Wynn of Chicago!

  18. to see Florio write a post like this regarding Jay Cutler makes me think I have awakened today in an alternate universe
    I think it makes good sense to let your franchise QB have some input into this…last year was a disastor waiting to happen with the expectations so high coupled with a lack of skill players,a terrible offensive line, a bad offensive scheme & a poor defense
    watched the Bengals & Cardinal games & it must have seemed to Cutler he was still in Denver minus the O-line…that defense was bad…combined halftime scores were 62-7…quite a few of those picks came because he was trying to make plays in a lost cause
    by the time the San Franciso game rolled around it seemed to me that despite all the talk of Cutler’s arrogance his problem was he lost all his confidence…you could predict he was going to throw a pick on the last drive
    people point to the losing record in Denver…thats BS…look at the record in games they allowed less than 24 points for a better indication
    he is at a crossroads right now…I thought of the Jeff George comparison during the 2008 game with Miami when I saw him lose his cool on the sidelines & he may well turn out to be a Jeff George coach killer
    but I am betting the Minnesota game was the starting point for him turning it around

  19. This seems like a reasonably smart thing for any team to do to be honest, regardless of how much of a pansy their QB is.

  20. Ok, a lot of people are idiots. I love to rip on Cutler, and maybe that’s the only reason this gets so much response, but there’s a good reason the Bears are looking mainly at QB coaches for the new OC. They’re trying to make the most out of Cutler.
    Professionalism has nothing to do with it, they just want a coach that is going to help Cutler get better. It’s like bringing your wife jewelry shopping… you’re buying it for her anyhow, might as get her input. Especially since Lovie and Angelo are about as clueless about offense as most men are about that sort of thing.
    And as for you, Bob S.
    Bob S. says:
    January 15, 2010 1:43 PM
    Yesterday on NFL network when asked his opinion of QB Peyton Manning, Ravens Trevor Price said, “not to disparage anyone, but to me Peyton Manning is the real coach of that team.”
    Maybe it’s the same now in Chicago?
    Get real. I think that’s been true of Peyton for years because he’s a natural leader and has such a great football mind he teaches the offense to be better, in between plays and live on the line of scrimmage. The comment was about the impact his ability and knowledge has on the rest of his team, not about the authority given to him. Although I’m sure he’d be consulted about hiring a new OC, like every established QB in the league.
    I can’t believe I took time out of my day to chime in on this. I hate you, Florio

  21. Favre is a B***h, dragging the packers through his inability to make up his mind. Then wondering why the Packers don’t want him back, AFTER they drafted two QB’s. Great player, total and udder media-whore.

  22. NFCN fans rejoice in unison. Bears fans are happy because they think Cutler will finally have a chance to succeed, and Lions, Packers, and Vikings fans are happy because they know that this will only end in disaster.

  23. One of these days people will stop making excuses for Cutler.
    Guess what?
    He had a great line in Denver as well as a running game and great receivers. Average defense sure but he still kept killing drives with his stupid mistakes.
    So what was his excuse in Denver?
    Million dollar arm with a ten cent head.

  24. The difference between Nutless & Aikman is night & day. Aikman is a class act & Nutless is anything but that. I hope the bears pick the coordinator of his choice. If his decision making is anything like that of his on the field choices then it will be a win/win situation for the NFC North & whoever is on the bears schedule.
    I remember reading an article at JSO how Cutler was now the best QB in the North & WOW how wrong that was. The bears screwed the pooch with that trade & now they have to look forward to A Rodge showing them what a real QB looks like.

  25. wow, losin’ alot of respect for a proud & mighty franchise. they cater to Cutler’s every whim…kinda ridiculous.

  26. This is just a post-modern tactic of “giving a voice” to someone who is going to be working with the new coordinator. It’s design to make the employee buy-in to whatever decision is made. It has the semblance of giving up control, but real control is still maintained.
    It can help establish rapport and potentially get the QB really motivated to work harder, but Cutler won’t have the final say.
    It can only go South on the Bears if the guy on the bottom of their list is on the top of Cutler’s. In that scenario, if Cutler started running his mouth to the media……football gossipers will begin frothing at the mouth. Then, Rosenthal will have to wipe Florio’s chin.

  27. I see a huge problem if they pick anyone besides “Baby Jay”‘s first choice.
    So ya, it IS up to him. What a God-awful mess.

  28. You do know that Olin Kreutz was involved in interviewing Mike Tice, right? This is what the Bears do. It’s not the most intelligent thing I’ve ever seen, but it is what it is. So is Kreutz a coach killer, too? Or are the majority of you over-reaching due to your hatred of Cutler and showing your selves to be mouth breathing morons?

  29. Hmm comparing Aikman to Cutler is like comparing Emmitt to Heath Sherman. All Cutler does is lose ball games. 24-29 as a starter.

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