Kurt Schottenheimer interviews for Niners special teams gig

Marty Schottenheimer isn’t looking for a job in the NFL.  His son, Brian, isn’t looking for one, either.

Marty’s brother, Kurt, is.

According to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Kurt Schottenheimer met with 49ers coach Mike Singletary regarding the vacant special teams coordinator position.

The 49ers are looking for a replacement for Al Everest, whose contract was not renewed. 

Schottenheimer has worked as defensive coordinator for several teams, including the Chiefs, Lions, and Redskins. 

But it was Marty’s desire to hire Kurt for the position of defensive coordinator in San Diego that helped provoke Marty’s termination in February 2007, after a 14-2 regular season and a one-and-done adventure in the postseason.

Apparently, nepotism is frowned upon within the Chargers organization.  (It’s unknown which of the four members of the Spanos family adopted that specific policy.)

9 responses to “Kurt Schottenheimer interviews for Niners special teams gig

  1. i can tell u i have seen people use influence to get their kids hired, assigned to plum positions, and promoted far behind their abilities. and then continue to screw up.
    dont laugh, yer paying for it.

  2. Mike, how about adding a thread that isn’t “latest news and rumors” and is instead “analysis and research”. Think about how interesting the appeal of combining entertainment and edification. I know it is a novel concept but it would attract a very interesting readership, an probably a few insiders.

  3. Florio, I do enjoy your sarcasm when it is targeted at “the powers that be”:
    (Apparently, nepotism is frowned upon within the Chargers organization. (It’s unknown which of the four members of the Spanos family adopted that specific policy.)

  4. Of course when Florio Jr. takes over PROFOOTBASEBALLANDSOCCER.COM in 2033, nah, that won’t be nepotism that would be because he’s so well qualified, rriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  5. D Coordinator for the Chiefs, Lions and Redskins…? I am guessing none of those units are remembered for being #1 right? How do you go from interviewing the most desirable guy available, to a guy who isn’t even known for coaching special teams??? I thought John York was out of the picture…

  6. don’t be an idiot florio
    you know in any family business, the family members all work in it because they care more about the product than the employees
    you also know that hiring family members as employees is dangerous because when you’ve got to fire one of them, the other one usually leaves because it hurt their feelings

  7. honestly, when people try to bring up the nepotism angle because of family ownership, it always makes me think they’re retarded shallow thinkers

  8. You forgot to mention, in addition to serving as coordinator for some of the worst defenses of the Superbowl era, this guy was the Packers secondary coach up until last year. 4th and 26th, anyone? There’s also a reason he hasn’t held a job since. Singletary should be smarter than this.

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