Rob Ryan would like to coach the Raiders

Is the NFL ready for another Ryan as head coach? 

Rob Ryan hopes so, and he made it clear that he hopes to be considered for the Raiders job if Tom Cable is let go.

“Hell, yeah, I’d have interest,” Ryan told USA Today.  “I haven’t talked to Mr. Davis because he has a coach. Let’s see what happens.”

The Browns defensive coordinator doesn’t lack for confidence.  No surprise there.

“I will be a head coach in this league, and I will be damn successful, too. . . . There
are a lot of good coaches out there, but there are only so many Ryans.”

The words are a small surprise because Ryan seemed eager to leave Oakland a year ago.  But he reportedly didn’t burn any bridges and even had kind words for JaMarcus Russell a few weeks back.

He must really want that job.

59 responses to “Rob Ryan would like to coach the Raiders

  1. Dear god, not Ryan. Cable, Fassel, Green, Trestman, Leach, Mariucci…ANYBODY but Ryan. He can barely coach defense let alone a whole team.

  2. I honestly cannot think of a better person to coach the Raiders. This should be a no-brainer for Al…

  3. Please NO! He sucks as a D coordinator anyways. What the Raiders need is for dear ‘ol Al to pass away. That and nothing else will suffice.
    WAR Raider Nation is crumbled.
    WAR I have had to endure a quarter century of losing.
    WAR 3 winning seasons in the last 15
    WAR we are worse than the Lions!

  4. Holy crap PFT, how did you write this and NOT take a jab at Mangini???? your slipping… oh wait just realized Florio didnt write it…. never mind.

  5. ” There are a lot of good coaches out there, but there are only so many Ryans.”
    All you can eat places the world over are thankful for that.

  6. Dysfunction team.
    Idiot owner.
    So, why not a moron applying for the coaching position that is already staffed?
    Good grief.

  7. Geez, what a sellout. Is there not a code for coaches about pursuing jobs while a coach is still in place?!

  8. Like it really matters who is coaching…As long as Al is in the suites upstairs, he’ll be running this franchise into the ground (and as long as they have Jamarcus Russell, they’ll stay there).

  9. Didn’t do a very good job with the Raiders, or the Browns. If he surrounds himself with talented coaches that would be a big help to starting his head coaching career. Where are those coaches? You either like the Ryan family or you don’t, but you know they have football in their blood and will give their all…

  10. well saying that he couldnt even coach defense for the Raiders isnt fair….you cant make chicken salad out of chicken shit which is what he had for players on the Raiders defense. He also didnt have much to work with in terms of players on the Browns defense this year.
    I think Rob Ryan would be a very good choice for the head coach of any team. He is a very passionate guy and will give his all to do the best to coach the Raiders to their former glory. What do the Raiders have to lose? I think the only mistake Ryan has made is giving any praise to that waste of fat and skin that is Jamarcus Russell

  11. I question any coach who boasts how good he is or will be. Cable did the same thing a few weeks ago, saying he was a da@n good coach. No, you are not. And no Rob Ryan is not. Ii have never heard a good coach claim to be one.

  12. Al Davis and a spawn of Buddy…match made in hell. What will the Vegas odds be of who throws the first punch?

  13. Many Coordinators arent successful Head Coaches.
    Hes Sucks as a coordinator! Maybe a good Head Coach? I say no! Helluva nice guy though. Good Luck Brownies.

  14. Whoever the Raiders hire is irrelevant for one reason. Al Davis is hell bent on having Jamarcus Russell as his starting QB, and will not hire a head coach who won’t start him. And as long as Russell is behind center, God himself could coach the Raiders and they wouldn’t win.

  15. Well, maybe he would work out if he weren’t such a shy, wallflower type.
    Doesn’t seem like the “Ryan mentality” thrown into the Raider’s constant, who’s-in-charge power struggles would be like tossing a can of gas on a fire?
    Personally, I’d love to see it. There’s nothing like a big explosion now and again to heighten interest and entertainment.

  16. The “Tony Dungy Rule” must be fully exhausted first. A skinny coach must be interviewed and fully vetted before Davis hires another FAT coach.

  17. Rob Ryan is not a bad coach. Raiders problem under Ryan was run defense and guess what? without Ryan Raiders problem is still run defense, I think it has something to with Al Davis never drafting d-linemen, Davis drafts DBs every year. Rob Ryan could have a bright future in the NFL as a head coach, he should stay away from Oakland.

  18. “if we take him back Al Davis needs to be taken to the back and shot”
    If he hasn’t done enough to deserve that already, why would anyone bother now?

  19. You sucked with that guy because he’s a 3-4 guy and Undead Al forced him to play the 4-3.
    That being said, being a Browns fan I’d be ticked if he left. He’s a great DC and would love to see him with some actual talent.

  20. Um, if Al had wanted him he had him under contract for years. His choices were Cable and Ryan, and he chose Cable. I don’t think Ryan’s record in Cleveland has impressed Al.
    Unless of course Al’s alzheimers has set in and just forgets that Rob worked for him, or he thinks it’s Buddy Ryan.

  21. Rob Ryans defense ranked in the bottom 5 each year he was in Oakland except the 2006 campaign which got skewed because the offense was so inept all teams would do was run the ball and not have to worry about gaining anything because the offense wouldn’t put them back in the game anyway.

  22. The LAST thing the league needs is another Ryan opening up his pie hole (literally) and making an ass of himself on a weekly basis. Although…

  23. dogma1 says: January 15, 2010 11:11 AM
    Rob Ryan is not a bad coach. Raiders problem under Ryan was run defense and guess what? without Ryan Raiders problem is still run defense, I think it has something to with Al Davis never drafting d-linemen, Davis drafts DBs every year. Rob Ryan could have a bright future in the NFL as a head coach, he should stay away from Oakland.
    The problem with the run defense isn’t the D-line, dogma1.
    It’s the MLB, Morrison, who over runs his gaps and can’t get off blocks.
    It’s not often a RB breaks through the line but when he does, it usually goes for big yardage.

  24. Would rather see Ryan in Buffalo. Why work for a guy who is too senile to know when to turn the reigns over to someone who is cotenant.

  25. The comments from Raiders fans are priceless- “He was a bad DC in Oakland and even worse in Cleveland”.
    Problem is, it’s not true. he took a Browns defense that was beyond horrible last year and made them a lot better this year. The were good at the beginning of the year, regressed in the middle, and then finished the year strong. Cleveland was still near the bottom in D statistics, but a lot of that was thanks to that stretch in the middle of the season where they gave up a shitload of yards and points. Over the last 4 games, the D was very solid.
    Ryan began the task of fixing Cleveland’s D with a who’s who of NOBODY players. So if he was so awful in Oakland, it must be because the players there were even worse than “nobodies” and couldn’t execute to save their own lives.
    Funny how all the Raider fans are bitching about him when the Cleveland fans seem to not want him to go anywhere. Meanwhile, they couldn’t wait for doofuses like Mel Tucker and Todd Grantham to get out of town.
    Raider fans are just pissed because Ryan seems like he’s started to learn the ropes *after* leaving Oakland. Too bad.

  26. Rob would be perfect. Then sign Buddy as a PR man, the three Ryan’s will take time opening mouths and inserting feet. Hell Kevin Gilbride could be Rob’s O’Coordinator.

  27. just curious where are all the people that say no one wants this job?
    there are only 32 such jobs in the world. there will always be wanting and willing to take this job no matter how much al davis interferes or sucks.

  28. I think schlicht should be the Raider’s next head coach. He obviously possesses the keen intellect needed for the job.

  29. Serious Question
    Only football guys need respond (no trolls)
    Why did Ryan do so poorly with a talented Raiders defense
    And, apparently so well with a Brown’s defense that had very little talent?
    The Brown’s fans, who are knowledgeable, are very happy with the job Ryan did. The players actually gave him a gatorade bath after a win. He was singled out for the win over the steelroids that knocked them out of the playoffs.
    So, what gives?

  30. I have been a die hard fan of the Raiders since I was a kid. But there is no way I can continue to support him if they hire this clown and keep Russell.

  31. @olskool711:
    I wouldn’t exactly say Ryan “did well” with the Browns defense.
    Looking at the season as a whole, they were at or near the very bottom in total D, rushing, and passing – and that’s AFTER their 4-game winning streak to end the season.
    The defense was actually at its worst when all of the Opening Day starters were actually in the lineup! The team was shredded by just about everyone they played in the first 12 games, with a few exceptions.
    The TEAM got hot at the end of the year, but the defense didn’t really do anything special. Granted, they DID have a great game vs. Pittsburgh, but they got shredded by KC and Oakland (Charlie Frye had 300+ passing yards!)
    I think Ryan can and will be a good D coordinator, but let’s not go and annoint him as one of the greatest defensive minds to ever coach in the NFL just yet.

  32. @olskool711:
    i’m a browns fan and i’ll give you my 2cents on this.
    i like ryan cuz he is a no BS kinda guy but more importantly he did a decent job with our D this year. the browns have a hand full of good defensive guys but as a whole we arent good. BUT this year with Ryan as the DC we played some spirited D in a lot of games. we dont have the talent to compete defensely as of yet so having what we have playing spirited football is a start and i think that has a lot to do with Ryan as a DC.
    yea that might change but at the moment i like Ryan as our DC and hope he stays.

  33. @ olskool711
    How can you say that he had a good year when the Browns defense ranked 31st in the league in YPG??? You call yourself a football guy??
    The Raiders have basically the same roster on defense from last year. Last year the Raiders with Ryan were ranked 28 this year without him 26. Raiders do have alot of young talent and speed but the Dline lacks in Depth and that results in lapses in the run d.
    Any real Raider fan knows that Al Davis only Hires Offensive Specialists as head coaches. So Ryan is out of the Question. Period!

  34. Are you kidding Ryan ? You ran dead Al’s defense that sucked and you never stood up to that clown and made any changes. Stay in Cleveland and trade for JaJunk ! PLEASE !!

  35. @trickbunny
    Do Cleveland fans even bother to look at stats??? You guys are more dillusional then Raider fans.. The Browns Defense last year was ranked 26th OVERALL without Ryan.. This year with Ryan you guys are 31st IN THE LEAGUE.. How is this an improvement??? It doesnt matter if the coach has slumber parties with the players and their all best friends.. This is a results based league.. The result is Ryan sucked in Oak ( should have been fired 2 years ago) and he sucks in Cleveland (shouldve never been hired)… Wake up Cleveland

  36. I don’t think Ryan would be that bad as a HC, the Raiders didn’t let the media talk to Ryan for the longest time, I wouldn’t exactly say he was a wallflower, I believe the Raiders didn’t want Ryan to say something the Raiders would have to answer to. Although the Browns didn’t have a stellar season, I blame their offense, there defense kept them in a lot of ball games. I remember several low scoring games. Did everyone expect his brother Rex to take the Jets to the playoffs in his first year with a rookie QB? And as far as why Rob isn’t in NY with Rex they already have a stellar defense. Now with that said I am not ready after only 1 year and Jamarcus Russell at QB for the most of the year to fire Cable. Cable kept things under control even with off the field distractions. The Raiders also could’ve and I don’t like to use could’ve in analysis, brought DHB along slower, but than again they did have a new WR’s coach after not renewing James Loftons contract. Lal the new WR coach had never worked in this capacity ever before. Lofton had done such a great job with Chaz Shillens who had trouble catching the ball as well this is why Shillens wasn’t drafted until the 7th round. I think the Raiders should be looking to replace its WR coach first and foremost to help DHB, maybe even bring Lofton back. Our ST’s coach was also replaced with another young first time coach. We went from a formidable return game to one of the worst. Give Cable another shot, fix the position coaches, and start Gradkowski or draft a more polished QB. Another change should be the playcaller, I think Cable could use someone else to call the plays and let him focus more on the offensive line and HC position. This would help Cable tremendously and he has already conceited he would be willing to relinquish the play calling duties. Keep on hating all you want this team is a lot closer than you think.

  37. I guess since Eric Mancheesi has been retained we need our fix of daily rumors and gossip about Rob Ryan?
    The defense in Cleveland played better towards the end of the second half of the 2009 season. It would be interesting to see what Rob Ryan could do with a defense with some talent and depth on it. He did decent with a bunch of no-names when the regular stiffs were on injured reserve. Of course this improvement came against mediocre teams. I hope he stays just because he has some fire in his belly.

  38. “The problem with the run defense isn’t the D-line, dogma1.
    It’s the MLB, Morrison, who over runs his gaps and can’t get off blocks.
    It’s not often a RB breaks through the line but when he does, it usually goes for big yardage.”
    Part of your statement shows a lack of understanding of the basics of the 4-3 defensive alignment.
    Morrison is a part of the problem, but not the whole of the problem.
    In the 4-3, there are 2 DE on the ends, 1 3-tech DT and 1 0-tech DT in the middle.
    Currently, the Raider feature: 2 DE’s on the ends and 2 3-tech DT’s in the middle.
    With a lineup like that, you’re not going to be able to stop the run on a consistent basis even with Ray Lewis himself at MLB.
    In fact, it was Ray who threatened to bolt from the Ravens if they didn’t draft Ngata, a 0 tech DT.

  39. mikeyd1963: The truth is si simple and nowhere near as complicated as you think.
    The fact is that the Raiders D-line stops almost all running plays dead. The stats are skewed because one or twice in a game, a back will break through to the next level, and Morrison is nowhere to be found.
    If the safety misses, the back is gone, and that’s the way it was all year long.
    Anybody who has watched the Raiders play this year knows this. Those who haven’t watched don’t.
    Real simple.

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