Some think Capers was caught napping during wild-card game

Several readers have pointed out to us a video clip from Sunday’s wild-card game between the Packers and the Cardinals that seems to suggest that Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers dozed off late in the third quarter.

Click here for more, with narration from the dude who taped it.

The Packers weren’t on defense at the time the incident occurred.  Still, it would be nice to think that key assistant coaches will remain, you know, conscious for the three hours or so of a playoff game.

In Capers’ defense, maybe Jerry Jones drank all of the Pepsi Max.

UPDATEHere’s another view of the situation, which seems to indicate that Capers’ eyes were open.  Which seems to indicate that he wasn’t asleep.  Unless he sleeps with his eyes open.

76 responses to “Some think Capers was caught napping during wild-card game

  1. It must be the refs fault that he was napping.The Packers were the most over ratted team in all of football,beating not one team that was either good or not missing at least one of their star players,the packers are a joke,they are the laughing stalk of the NFL.Thank god I have seen the light.

  2. WOW. I thought you were being metaphoric. I don’t even know where to begin to describe how completely ridiculous it is that he was literally sleeping. Wow.

  3. Capers was just doing his impression of Grampa Simpson to promote FOX’s broadcast of “The Simpsons” later on that night. The President’s a Demmicrat.

  4. He may as well have slept through the whole game – his whole bleepin defense did!

  5. Florio, is it possible you lack the analytical skills of a random youtube commenter? Say it ain’t so!
    As someone pointed out, it appears he and the guy next to him were looking down at the same screen, and then he had a hiccup or something. His whole body shook — not really a forward-and-back head jerk of a sleeping person.

  6. Florio you do realize that the D coordinator need to pay just as much attention while the D is off the field, right? Film study and adjustments…

  7. C’mon Florio, you’re better than this. It is obvious that he is looking at the paper in front of him and he just flinched. What’s next, you gonna claim that Capers has turrets?

  8. I can’t tell whether Capers nodded off for a second, but I can tell his defense isn’t on the field … and the dude posting this is an A-1 jackass.
    Wonder if this idiot would like some moron taping every split second of his work day and posting it on YouTube. I’m sure he never once nods off, lets his mind (however small) wander, or takes money from his employer while he’s posting stuff online. Nahhh. Who’d do a thing like that?

  9. As the biggest Packers fan in the world I need to tell my homies, GIVE IT UP.
    Capers is The Man as DC. Yeah, our defense got lit up by some HoF QBs. That’s what HoF QBs do. They light up alot of teams.
    We gave up 51 points, yes. Including two red zone turnovers in the first THREE offensive plays. Against the best red zone team in the league.
    Not to mention three gift TDs by the officials. And I’m not blaming the refs either. Do I think the officiating in the NFL is questionable since the Seahawks were robbed of the Superbowl? Yes, but even with all that, the Packers still could have won, just based on execution. Hit some of those deep passes to Jennings. Don’t turn the ball over twice in the first three plays in the red zone.
    Yes, the Packers got beat. But they shouldn’t hang their heads because of this game. They played well and never got down, despite a ton of adversity. They battled and came back and almost won. COULD still have won. They stayed up during the game and should still stay up. Don’t second guess yourselves.
    We win that game AND the Steelers game 99 times out of a 100.

  10. I remember the post game show guys were laughing at him for that. He was definitely sleeping. Classic.

  11. nerd:
    Holy Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Batman! By your logic, all 32 teams would be Super Bowl contenders the day before the big game. Give it up and accept the loss. It was a fantasticly entertaining game, and I was rooting the Packers, but they just didn’t play well enough to win. When’s the draft?

  12. Is Bob Nelson serious?!!!! Do you actually watch the NFL?? GB is a top 10 team and will be for years to come not mention has been for the last 15yrs with the exception of last year. I can’t believe they let people post opinions like that. I thought the people that posted here actually watched football. I hate a lot of teams, I hate half of them cause they’re good. You don’t hate crappy teams, why would you-they suck. Your team always beats them. I hate the teams that beat my team. GB is the laughing stalk of the NFL?? REALLY, cause I was positive it was the Redskins or the Rams or the Bucs? Huh, maybe I’M NOT WATCHING THE NFL

  13. @nerd …
    The Seahawks were robbed of a Super Bowl. Why don’t you go back and watch that Super Bowl again, jackass. Then tell me how they were robbed. No, you just repeat what everyone else repeats with no factual basis whatsoever.
    Oh nooooo, you’re not blaming the refs. You’re just … blaming the refs, not only for your loss to the Cards but for your loss to the Steelers. Well, baby, I was rooting for the Pack in that game. But after reading this nauseating bit of WHINING cloaked in condescending self-righteousness … that loss couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fan.
    Grow up, little boy, and try to take your losses like a man. And if you can’t, at least own up to your whining instead of trying to tell your fellow fans how you’re toughing it out and they should, too. I have to go gag now.

  14. I know this site is bush league, but really? You’re having some blind moron give you a half ass non-story to post. Half ass is giving that fool credit too.
    This story is exactly why everyone should take what you post with a grain of salt. I’ve come to learn that usually the only credible things you post are ripped from other publications & posted here in different words a day late.

  15. Could any idiot really believe that he was sleeping? Of course not. Not even if Dom was following on his laptop could he actually fall asleep during a game.
    Florio, I guess what they have been saying about you is true.

  16. Hey nerd,
    “Not to mention three gift TDs by the officials. And I’m not blaming the refs either. ”
    You should run for public office, you are pretty good at talking out both sides of your mouth.

  17. In a way I hope the packers do get farther into the playoffs one year. It will be hilarious to see the national media dig deep into what goes on, on that team.
    When they get to the interview where Rodgers goes on and on about his “special relationship” with his live in boyfriend I’ll be rolling on the floor.
    Packer fans you will be outed!

  18. Umm, the “wake-up jerk” is the big tell that gives it all away. Nothing else does that and you can’t fake it.
    I can’t believe an NFL Coordinator actually FELL ASLEPP SURING A PLAYOFF GAME!
    For those who are saying that Florio is fishing for a story, think about this for a minute. The most important game of Dom Capers’ season, and he’s dozing off in the coaches booth??????
    Yeah, if I put a camera on you at work every hour, I’d probably catch you yawning, at best, not sleeping, and during the three most important hours of your YEAR, not your week????
    This is incredible. Even if the defense weren’t on the field, he’s stil got a hell of a lot to scheme for for when the Cards got the ball back.
    How does this guy have a freaking job today?????
    “Um, sorry to keep you up coach, but the fella’s want to know if we should run a cover 2 on the first play of the next possession …….. if you’ve got a minute.”

  19. First Mike Sherman, and now Capers. There seems to be a problem with Fudgepacker coaches staying awake. Maybe they just know their teams suck?

  20. he wasn’t sleeping, it was a hiccup…i recorded this when it happened and kept playing it over and over because it was funny, but he wasn’t sleeping

  21. bjob nelson – if you really must – please promise me that while you’re posting, you’re also working on that GED. people may take your grunts and rants with a touch more seriously. as it stands, you really are a “laughing stalk.” it kills me, i can’t stop laughing…picturing a “laughing stalk now….

  22. Hey JaredAllen69,
    I think that you and Percy_Harvin should give each other a 69.
    Keep your mouth closed you clown!
    You wish the purple had the history GB does you Douche.

  23. I saw this live, and I thought… there’s no way… I must have been seeing things.
    Watching it again, though, I’m not sure there is another explanation. Maybe he was really cold and had the shivers.

  24. No love for Packer fans here, but this is some of the smarmiest reporting I’ve seen on this site.
    Only a complete fool would believe Capers was napping. I saw this in real time and there was no doubt that he was wholly pissed at the ineffectiveness of his defense. Including the vaunted “psycho” package.
    I have entered the PFT vortex.

  25. Wow PerryMason… you’ve got some issues. When’s the next clan gathering?
    On topic, I think he jerked his body when he saw the shot of him come up on the TV Monitor in the booth. There is a few second delay on that, and he probably was startled.

  26. TO REITERATE: The officials were worse than either defensive squad.
    But that ain’t why we lost. Neither the universe nor the NFL is a safe or fair place. Sometimes you gotta beat the other team AND the Mafia.
    We didn’t do that. COULD have, but didn’t.
    But don’t blame it on Capers. Yeah, the D got lit up, but Kurt Warner is pretty damn good. I wouldn’t change ANYTHING our D did.
    I would change plenty the offense did. And didn’t do.
    Get it? Got it? Good, I knew you would.

  27. This was timely about a week ago. Florio sold out, and his content has gone to total crap.

  28. The Pro Football Inquirer breaks another huge story. W00 HoOO!!!
    Tune in tomorrow to hear Florio consider the possibility that Brett Farve’s arm fell off at the end of last year and has been replaced by the arm of an alien. An alien who hates cheese.

  29. Bob Nelson if you read this, I read your post that was the 6th post on this article. You sir are retarded and should have any access to a computer taken away. You should join up with Pervy_Harvin and get on a bus and drive off a cliff. I’m not even a Packers fan, but seriously? Nothing you said made any sense. Stop posting and just leave. Hell I’m drunk right now, and I can at least put something semi-intelligent on here. Oh and douchebag use your words and spell it out… Its Laughing Stock dumbass. Jesus you’re stupid

  30. Wow. It almost looks like a 60+ year-old man that worked himself to the bone finally crashed, color me surprised. Non story.

  31. After watching this about 15 times I came to the same conclusion as DownSouth49er
    It was a hiccup.
    If you watch, the two are staring down at a piece, of paper, most likely a picture from the previous drive, he hiccups, somewhat startled, and then get’s pissed at what he saw on the paper, which obviously the way the game played out, wasn’t anything good.
    Watch it thinking it was a hiccup just once, and I think you’ll agree. If you go in believing he fell asleep, I can see why you’d think that was the case, I did, until I keep replaying it.
    And this is coming from a Vikings fan.

  32. He was pissed. It was right after the Cardinals had driven down and scored. He obviously wasn’t napping.

  33. Farves sweet Hair says:
    January 15, 2010 11:50 PM
    Hey JaredAllen69,
    I think that you and Percy_Harvin should give each other a 69.
    Keep your mouth closed you clown!
    You wish the purple had the history GB does you Douche.
    Lose a game, fall back on “history.”

  34. Pervy is a hermaphodite and I can’t wait till his boyfriend blows another playoff game. (no pun intended.)

  35. Im just glad to see the man Pack out. No matter what happens with Favre and his “choking” which has been said to “be happening at any minute” all season but hasnt, they still got further than the packers.

  36. anything for HITS, aye Florio!
    I have a video of fat-ass Reid doing your mom during a game too if you want to post that. Its titled “Reid doing the Icky shuffle during the Superbowl”

  37. Wow! This is unreal.
    The comments are almost as amazing as the video itself. So many dbags think this is nothing and that Florio is bagging on their team. Geez the guy was dozing during a PLAYOFF game! You’d think he’d be preparing for the next set of downs to actually maybe, just maybe, stop the other team. So glad the Cards won.

  38. He probably got all of five hours of sleep that week preparing for the Cardinals. People fall asleep driving a car (a little more dangerous I would say), so it’s not impossible that his body just wanted to shut down for a little while. My point is, so what!

  39. Nobody just “flinches” like that and with the paper he was “reviewing” wasn’t quite that far toward him for him to be able to be look at it. He was sleeping. Damn you Don Capers, stay away you idiot!
    The entire defensive staff has to “coach” when the defense is off the field. Making adjustments, explaining what happened to the players, what should be done going forward, etc..
    People that are making fun of Florio or other posters are really clueless and should just except the fact that they are part of the lower half.
    Bad calls both ways, players are to blame. For those of you who think the refs are to blame, how about that first Horse Collar tackle call, that was only a finger in a jersey, let to the first Packer TD.
    Bottom line, every player did or did not do things to change the outcome of the game. I am a Packer fan, but I am not blaming the refs. I do blame them for a lot of things, but not that game.

  40. Hey Nerd, how can you win the Steeler and Cardinal game 99 times out of 100 when you lost those two? Can’t we add in Wisconsin either? At what point did the score get to high for you to count in the game,6? I love it!

  41. Thank you Brian Stewart, for being so petty and insecure and whiney that Sleepy Capers declined an employment offer as a defensive consultant from the Cowboys because he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in your job as soon-to-be-fired Cowboys defensive coordinator. We ended up with a better DC anyway. You ended up with the 0-3gles, coaching a supposedly elite defensive secondary that could not get the job done against elite offenses, starting with the moment that you took the job. I’m sure that they thought that they’d be gaining incredible insight on the Cowboys’ defensive strategies, but all it did was help them go 0-3 in glorious fashion against the Cowboys.

  42. “My point is, so what!”
    So enjoy the offseason because the Packers D couldn’t stop the Cardinals from scoring 50+!

  43. Wow! It’s amazing how cruel some fans could be. You want to rearrange each other’s faces, curse at each other, etc. How many of you actually played a sport besides a video game? The level of overall smack talk is ridiculous. Guess what? you are NOT a member of the team you root for. Players do NOT act the way you do. Yes, there are rivalries and fierce ON FIELD battles but when the game is over the game is over. Get a life!

  44. “you are NOT a member of the team you root for. Players do NOT act the way you do.”
    Somebody alert Peezy Porter and the cavalcade of big-mouth trash talkers in the NFL.

  45. You idiots commenting are so pathetic. I hate the Packers and it’s completely untrue that he was sleeping at all. Try watching the other video where you can clearly see him blinking.

  46. @nerd …
    Yes, you’re a big boy. You’re not blaming anyone for your losses … except the refs and now THE MAFIA?!?
    Omigosh, you are hilarious. Yeah, we get it, got it. You should quit whining while you’re behind.

  47. Dom is a Mount Union College guy (10 D3 titles in 16 years). According to head coach Larry Kehres (22 losses in 24 seasons as head coach and Capers roommate at Mount Union) you had to sleep with your eyes open or their Coach Ken Wable would be after ’em.
    Let me repeat 22 losses….24 years as head coach. 289 wins 22 losses 3 ties.

  48. @Cornerdenizen …
    Oh, my friend, we are on opposite sides on this one–and I’m actually agreeing with Vox.
    Doral4720 is a pompous ass. He’s like the guy who pays the cover to go into a strip club only to feign surprise that women are taking off their clothes.
    It’s a smack-talking site. We all have lives, thanks very much. We come here to talk football and vent. And yes, I am a member of my team. I’m a fan. The team exists to serve me. If not for me, the team would not exist. Those men do not go out to play to empty stadiums and beam themselves into empty living rooms. That makes my role very special.
    If he can’t handle the smack, he should find a new playground.

  49. You wish the purple had the history GB does you Douche.
    Exactly. It’s not hard to pick out replies from the Bi-Queens fans. Jealousy can be a harsh mistress after all.
    As far as whining goes, you’ll hear plenty from the Purple Pansies when the Cowgirls steamroll them into the ground tomorrow afternoon. Of course, it will be hard for them to blame the refs when they lose as a result of Favre throwing one of his infamous picks at the most crucial moment of the game.
    Minnesota: Land of 1000 Lakes and Zero Lombardi Trophies

  50. “Minnesota: Land of 1000 Lakes and Zero Lombardi Trophies ”
    Even if the biqueens did win one. It’s named after a GB coach!!! Gotta love that. LOL

  51. “Im just glad to see the man Pack out. No matter what happens with Favre and his “choking” which has been said to “be happening at any minute” all season but hasnt, they still got further than the packers.”
    Dude you are a moron. If the Vikings lose, then they didn’t get further than the Packers because both teams were one and done in the playoffs.

  52. Look at the coach to his right. They are both looking down at a polaroid of a formation and then Capers reacts angrily to some sort of missed assignment. He’s not asleep.

  53. Hey pervy that taste in your mouth is brent. Jared was with him right before you two got together.

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