Bad game could be Tomlinson's last in San Diego

Heading into today’s game against the Jets, there was widespread belief that it could be the last in San Diego for Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

If it was, the record will reflect that Tomlinson had a pretty bad showing, running for just 24 yards on 12 carries, in his final game with the team.

Tomlinson has said he has no plans to retire, so perhaps he’s not done just yet. But considering that he’ll turn 31 this off-season and is coming off career lows in yards (730) and yards per carry (3.3), he might have a hard time finding a team that wants him.

It’s almost impossible to believe that the Chargers would pay Tomlinson the $5 million he’s owed in 2010 under his current contract. So the Chargers could soon be in the uncomfortable position of cutting one of the best and most popular players in franchise history.

60 responses to “Bad game could be Tomlinson's last in San Diego

  1. Hmm. Turning 31, coming off his worst season in yards and yards per carry. I’m guessing that he will sign a $75 million contract to play in Oakland next year.

  2. L.T. is done is San Diego. It pains me to say that because he’s been so great for so long. But it’s just time… I really can’t picture him wearing another team’s gear. But then again, we didn’t expect Favre to don Jets green and Vikes’ purple n gold…

  3. I love the man but he just cant seem to get more then a 3 yard run. Will always be my all time favorite.

  4. Should have traded him when you had the chance…but they let Turner go instead…shame shame shame

  5. The Chargers can’t be feeling too uncomfortable about it. They almost cut him last year, and if they don’t do it this year they’re idiots. He needs to wave to his momma on his way out the door.

  6. I don’t mind Jets signing him in free agents season… as veteran pay only, and he would roatate with Thomas Jones, Greene, Washington, then LT be there for 3rd down.. he does have a good hands.. and he need a better O-Linemen to block.. SD ain’t got 1.

  7. L.T. should go play for the NY giants, he is a perfect fit, he is a good run-pass RB, and he would form a nice tandem with jacobs.

  8. There average longevity as a running back in the NFL is 3 years. Not long to make a living for a life time.

  9. Chargers have a franchise QB, arguably the best in the game. They’re fine. Especially with a RB, one that can get 4 yards a carry. Cromatie needs to go, he was the worst factor in the game.

  10. LaDanian Tomlinson will probably end up in New England next season. As will Brandon Marshall.

  11. LT is going the way of the Dodo.
    AKA the way of Edge, Shawn Alexander….
    And yet, some fanbase will be superhyped when he’s signed “OMG WE GOT LT!!!!”, then they’ll learn how he can’t run anymore. Honestly I can’t even remember the last time LT busted a big run
    Even if his career is done – the man is a legend, a HOFer, one of the Top 5 RB’s of all time, and short of not getting the ring he had one of the greatest NFL careers ever.

  12. If they do release LT I hope they won’t be relying on Sproles to be the starter. He has had about 100 shots to take the starting job from LT and couldn’t do it.
    After what happened today, I bet they are kicking themselves for not taking Shonn Greene when they had the chance.

  13. The Packers could use him. But first they have to fire the entire front office. Put Pat Richter in charge and let him have at it. GB will be in the SB next year.

  14. Hey, maybe the Patriots would give him a chance. Nahhhhh…….LT not good enough…..disregard.

  15. The Chargers have always drafted great on offense, but every year, the kicker and defense folds..They should draft Defense the first 3 rounds, sign a veteran WR and keep Norv..

  16. this guy never did one thing to help his team in a big game. he had plenty of chances but never stepped up.

  17. @Boner.
    Top 5…… All time? Naaaa.
    Good.. Not great…..Meh.
    Great players don’t boo on the field.

  18. @humbolt 420
    I could see LT in New England for sure. I think Marshall will end up in Kansas City. Its a Scott Pioli type move.

  19. Top 5 all time, no way. Payton, Barry, Brown, Dickerson, Smith, Campbell, Allen, Dorsett, Simpson, and Riggins are definitely better than LT. Throw Sayers and Bo in there too based on potential w/o injuries and they would be there too ahead of LT.
    It’s easy to say he’s a great in the here and now, but is perspective his career definitely isn’t above those backs. I hate Emmit Smith because he played behind a dominant O line, but I remember times where he played with bad injuries. LT hasn’t been known for playing through pain, especially when he suits up and sits on the sideline while his team is losing (2008 playoffs).

  20. 11 game win streak….done
    Phillip Rivers face after game…..
    L.T. 12 carries….24 yards
    Having to hear Charger fan after Raider game…PRICELESS

  21. All this discussion about where LT might end up and this nonsense slipped by without comment??? :
    Treezs says:
    January 17, 2010 9:30 PM
    Chargers have a franchise QB, arguably the best in the game. They’re fine.
    Arguably the best in WHAT game?? The game today? That had BETTER be what you were talking about because there’s no way on God’s green earth you could possibly mean the NFL!

  22. No way Belichick bring in LT after his crybaby-sandy vag ‘maybe it comes from their head coach’ comment a couple years ago. Thankfully LT goes out without a ring…

  23. Laughable that Kaeding made the Pro Bowl and All Pro teams over Janikowski. Kaeding had as many misses today as Janikowski had all season.
    Sing it with me:
    San Di-e-go Su-per Choke-ers.
    And it’s still Raiders 3, Chargers 0.

  24. LT is one of the greatest backs of all time. I believe he could continue to play in a diminished on a number of teams.(if he so chooses)

  25. It is sad seeing LT play now. The guy is terrible now. The blocking is there, but he just can’t hit the hole anymore. He is done.

  26. Keeping the “little pouter” instead of Michael Turner probably cost that very good team a super bowl of two. They would certainly have been hard to beat with Turner.
    Is the person that made the decision to keep Tomlinson still there???

  27. I am just curious as to if Chargers fans, think they can’t win the big game. I respect the Chargers, but it seems they are in the playoffs every year and fall short, you got the 07 Pats on the way to the SB, the Steelers last season, this year the Jets. Any opinions?

  28. Forget the pathetic season and the pathetic final (choke!) playoff game he lefts us with as his legacy, dude leaves us with one of the LAMEST dance videos of all friggin’ time!!!!!!
    Shed no tears for this won-nothing-big, whiny cry-baby a$$, smack-talkin’ can’t back nuthin’ up, soup-eating momma hugging, pu$$y aSS, won’t-take-off-his-helmet, Darth Vadar face shield wearing, no class douchebag.
    The entire city of san Diego can look at LaDainian (there’s STILL only one REAL “LT”) Tomlinson and say unanimously:
    “Thanks for nothing, LaDainian!”
    Look down at your hands, Tomlinson …… notice anything missing?

  29. I could see it now….rd 1 we nab Dan Williams. rd 2 we get toby gerhart.
    It’s just sad that I’m already talking about the draft. SD came out flat, and again undisciplined. It’s like the playoffs is a completely different team. They choke. First time under Norv I’ve seen this from them but it happened way too many times in the past. I just wish it had ended differently for LT. Maybe drafting a starter, maybe Oher, instead of English would have been a MUCH better move. English rode the pine and Oher is a futuer star. We had the chance to commit to the OL and we failed and later payed with an embarrassing loss to the Jets. Not that the Jets suck, but we honestly should have won that game by 3 scores if we played Charger football.

  30. All this talk of L.T. And NO ONE calls out Norval for his PATHETIC game plan???
    Flip Rivers hasn’t wonjack shiz EVER, and he couldn’t hold Favre, Brees or Manning’s jock, sorry you overrated choke artists! The only Franchise that should be attached to his name is that of Circuit City or Tower Records= DONE.
    Turns out, Raider fans can find something to enjoy about the post season other than the potential news of Al Davis’ Commitment to Assisted Living!

  31. Ha ha ha ha ha! San Diego still without a title and will soon be without the Fake LT! He was pouting again and hiding behind his black shield…again. What a loser! Norv is gone after the Pro Bowl!

  32. Tomlinson will end up with one of the lousy teams from last season who to bring in top tier free agents and will have to over pay for his services. I could LT doing his new dance in possibly Seattle or perhaps Detroit.

  33. LT will never be a Patriot. Come on people! Don’t you remember any of his “classy” comments?

  34. 3 yards? are you serious?
    he was lucky to get 1 or 2 yards on about every run he attempted then fall to the ground on first contact with any jet player!
    fans booed him! tv announcer was stunned why they were boo the useless bum which is what he’s been for years protecting himself from any possible “new” injury.
    the joke was yesterday? why was this bum even on the field for all that time and why did rivers purposely ruib driuves feeding him the ball for the 1 ort 2 yard gain?
    too many of these LAST GAME OF THE DAY/NIGHT only game everyone is watching AND BETTING and the CINCH team the far superior team PURPOSELY from the word go is in the tank trying to lose!
    and thats exactly what turner, rivers, tomlinson, gates, kaedling, all those penalties, wasted timeouts right from first quarter, the bonehead late hits and still only lose by a fg?
    definately the best fix job of the season!

  35. I’m still trying to figure out why LT was playing yesterday instead of Sproles….

  36. otis taylor
    why tomlinson instead of sproles?
    Note- just one of the 20 plus things chargers were INSTRUCTED to do to make sure they lose this game!

  37. Yea, he is done as a superstar, players just wear down overtime, he is good, not great as we expect. Most likely he will become an overpriced free agent like the RB from Seattle who is still sitting, and may never play again. Unless he takees a huge pay cut.

  38. STEVON
    “he’s good”
    1 or 2 yards a carry then FALL DOWN IN A HEAP!
    He’s been finished for years, Why was he even playing yesterday IF THE CHARGERS WERE TRYING to win?
    because they were NOT

  39. I’m a huge fan of LT and he was the all time best of the last decade. However, RBs (especially those franchise backs who carry the ball 30 times a game) age in dog years and it’s time to put this one down. If he wants to go out with dignity, then he needs to retire. If he wants to continue to hang on, then he’ll be playing in another uniform. Someone will bite, and the new team’s fans will be excited. But just like Edge, and Emmit, they’ll be dissappointed in the end. Both he and Westbrook need to do the right thing and retire with honor.

  40. as a lifelong chargers fan, yesterday was so painful.
    unfortunately LT is done, he is good for turning a 1st and 10 into a 2nd and 9. not sure sproles is the answer either. either we draft a new RB or get a good backup from another team that has a few (panthers?, jets?)
    ultimately, 13-3 is meaningless if you go 0-1 in the playoffs.
    5 of the last 6 years in the playoffs, and 1 afc championship game (lost)
    need to rebuild this team with a better defensive and offensive line. wouldn’t have to blame kaeding for missing if we could play offense better….

  41. I still can’t believe this team hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl with Rivers and Tomlinson.
    I still don’t believe what I saw yesterday. Assuming nothing is fixed, you just can’t predict anything in this league anymore.

  42. 8man says:
    I still can’t believe this team hasn’t made it to the Super Bowl with Rivers and Tomlinson.

    say what? Tomlinson checked out A COUPLE OF SEASONS AGO. He is totally useless and has been for years!
    Except for his extremely lame and unfunny video that he came out with last week.

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