Eagles owe McNabb $6.2 million in May

The 2009 contract restructuring without an extension (i.e., “financial apology“) that the Eagles gave to quarterback Donovan McNabb includes an additional payment that comes at a curious point of the offseason.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Eagles owe McNabb a $6.2 million roster bonus as of May 5, 2010 — and that comes after the draft.  The timing gives the Eagles an extended opportunity to trade McNabb before having to “pay the man.”

Though Schefter reports the date wasn’t selected intentionally, there are no accidents when it comes to the timing of big-money payments like this.  Agents routinely push for the money to come due as early as possible in the offseason, which forces the team to make a decision quickly as to whether the player is in the plans for the coming season — and which gets the player onto the free-agent market while the big money is still flowing, if his current team decides to move on.

With 2010 set to unfold sans salary cap, McNabb’s agent would have been committing malpractice if he didn’t notice the proposed date of May 5 — and if he didn’t press for something earlier.

So we suspect there was a discussion about the date of the payment, that the Eagles decided not to move the due date to March, and that McNabb’s camp received something in exchange for agreeing to the later date.  (It’s also possible that the Eagles initially wanted to pay the money in July or August, and that May was the compromise date.)

Either way, we will continue to believe that McNabb is available to be traded, unless and until his contract is extended beyond 2010.
Possible targets, in our view, include the Vikings, Cardinals, Broncos, Seahawks, and Browns.

32 responses to “Eagles owe McNabb $6.2 million in May

  1. He could be the Vikings QB next year – he has had great success against the Packers in his career.

  2. I read something – on PFT I believe – that McNabb wasn’t the biggest fan of Childress. Ideal situation is that he gets traded to the Vikes then Favre comes back. Classic.

  3. The Vikings would be a good landing point, if Brett Favre retires. Brad Childress comes off the Andy Reid coaching tree, and runs a branch of the same brand of West Coast offense. They also are loaded at RB, WR, and defense and would be an instant contender. Denver has some building blocks, but would be a new offense. Seattle and the Browns are not close to being contenders.

  4. He could be the Vikings QB next year – he has had great success against the Packers in his career.
    It would be keeping in the vikings tradition of not being able to develop their own decent, young qb and relying on other teams over-the-hill castoffs (see Cunningham, Jeff George, Moon, Favre, Frerrotte)

  5. Why is no one talking about McNabb to San Francisco………………don’t they have 2 1st round picks????

  6. If he’s not an Eagle next year he surely won’t end up on a crap Team like the Browns or Seagulls. McNabb has money, he wants to win so the only Teams that would make sense would be in Minnesota or Arizona if Warner and Favre retire.

  7. Mac-5, come to St. Louis! You would finally get the appreciation you deserve. (Kurt Warner and Isaac Bruce still get standing ovations here, even though they play for division rivals now.) We need a QB, Spags spent most of his career in Philly, and we run the West Coast offense. A perfect fit, I would think.

  8. yeah, no…no, no, yeah, no…yeah, no….
    (see; South Park, Margaritaville)
    reids said mcnabbs staying and, if i know reid, if he says something, odds are its not even close to completely true. the way mcnabb has been throwing and the way he has been annoying all sorts of eagles fans (with said throwing), odds also say hes done here.
    i hate mcnabb, have for some time. he cant make accurate, zipline passes like on a short slant. 9/10 times the receiver has to make an adjustment or catch it behind him. you can say it was because of the offensive line but, if memory serves, thats why mcnabbs considered good. he can avoid pocket pressure like the best of them. right? the one thing hes good at is putting the ball way downfield for jackson to go get and, in the last 3 weeks, hes failed at even that. overthrew an easy touchdown to jackson twice. so what does that give us in the pros column? always smiling. nice.

  9. has to be a team running the West Coast offense
    do the Broncos or Cardinals run that kind of an offense :S

  10. He lives here in AZ. If warner retires, trade boldin for mcnabb. Tell me mcnabb (or any qb) wouldn’t want to throw to fitz, breaston, doucet, and have beanine wells and hightower as weapons also.

  11. Hrmm, McNabb to teh Browns…..he would make a great back up for Quinn, even a great mentor of sorts. Ima fire off a text to mah boy Holmgren and see if we cant make this happen.

  12. The last thing the eagles need is a high price receiver right now(that was so last year). The eagles are going to load up on picks this year and i expect some movement up in the first round by them.

  13. One team I did not see among the teams you mentioned [in your view] was SF as a possible destination for McNabb. They are only one two teams that have multiple 1st round draft picks. They already have a RB, TE, WR weapons. QB is their biggest need. They could offer their lowest 1st rounder [16th/17th] for McNabb & still have their other 1st rounder to continue to build.
    Am I off-base?

  14. Why not a 1st for him? If that idiot Jerry Jones would give up a 1st,3rd and5th for Roy Williams

  15. Well maybe Mcnabb’s agent realizes although the big money usually stops flowing by May that this year would be different. Their is no salary cap so every team would still have the ability to sign him if they wanted. Also hes a proven franchise quarterback so even tho big deals arent usaully done that late teams would make an exception for him.
    If the Eagles try to trade him this off-season it wont matter if it happens in march or July if another team wants him they will get him no matter what the date it is. I think his agent realizes that.
    The money might stop flowing for every other position but when it comes to a Quarterback the facet is always open.

  16. McNabb is successful in spite of the west coast offense. Timing and accuracy are not his strong suits. If I’m McNabb I would want to go to a team that isn’t running the WCO. Not that he has a choice, if traded you play or you don’t get paid and McNabb is known to be cheap.
    The Eagles won’t get a 1st round pick for him, they may swap McNabb and their 1st for a top 10 pick.

  17. GumboFilledEaglesDrunk says:
    Pay the man!
    Fan_Of_ Four says:
    McNabb has money, he wants to win
    All he lacks is the talent to do that.
    McNabb is an over-hyped, over-paid, middle of the pack QB who will NEVER “get it done”.
    Pay the man? For WHAT?!!! No way is he going to be around to collect that paycheck, he’s NOT WORTH that kind of money. What the hell has he done to deserve it?
    Where is he going to end up? Two words:

  18. I don’t know what most of you are talking about when you state that McNabb might only be worth a second round pick. Recent major qb trades that have occurred in the past few years.
    Jay Cutler to Chicago from Denver
    Bears Receive
    Jay Cutler
    Denvers 5th round pick (2009)
    Broncos Receive
    Kyle Orton
    Chicago’s 1st round pick (#18 2009)
    Chicago’s 3rd round pick (#84 2009)
    Chicago’s 1st round pick 2010
    Matt Cassell traded to KC Chiefs from NE Patriots
    KC Chiefs receive
    Matt Cassel
    Mike Vrabael
    NE Patriots receive
    2nd round pick (34th pick)
    Brett Favre to NY Jets from Green Bay
    GB Receives
    NY Jets 3rd round pick
    Ny Jets Receive
    Brett Favre
    Matt Schaub to Houston from Atlanta
    Houston Receives
    Matt Schaub
    Atlanta’s first round pick (#10)
    Atlanta Receives
    Houston’s first round pick (#8)
    Houston’s 2nd round pick
    Houston’s 2nd round pick (2008)
    Daunte Culpepper to Miami Dolphins from Minnesota Vikings
    Miami Dolphins receive
    Daunte Culpepper
    Minnesota Vikings receive
    Miami’s 2nd round pick (48th or 51st)
    I feel that McNabb’s value is somewhere between Matt Cassel’s and Matt Schaub’s. Either a 2nd round pick and a decent player to fill a need or swapping firsts in 2010, moving up plus additional picks in the future since we have a decent amount of first day picks in 2010 with a 1st, two 2nds, two 3rds. Despite our inability to win the big game we are always continuing to keep the future in sight as well.
    Something has to happen and soon and I know Reid is to smart to let either one of McNabb or Kolb hit free agency and not trade him when he can get some value. Though, I believe since the cba is up we would control Kolb through restricted free agency for two more years at the most. Personally, I say trade McNabb and collect more picks to build or trade to improve the team. Another solid DE would be nice, or now that Jamal Jackson is out for quite sometime maybe an OL who can rotate in at Center and allow Jackson to fully recuperate instead of feeling rushed, maybe some linebackers. We have a while to think about it…welcome aboard Cowboys fans. Mehehe

  19. I crack up when people say McNabb isn’t worth a #1 pick.
    First not all #1 picks are created equally . . . sure you can’t expect the #1, #5, #6 or #7 overall pick from St. Louis, KC, Seattle or Cleveland . . . but if Warner and/or Farve retire then you are talking about the #26 or #30 (at best) overall pick from Arizona or Minny . . . those slots are closer to St. Louis’ 2nd rounder than to their 1st rounder. So the team you are trading with makes all the difference . . . if it is a team that only needs a proven QB to have a real shot at the SB then it will be a 1st round draft pick, with probably a 4th rounder or a quality player that fits a need for Philly.
    That brings me to my second point, no way McNabb goes to any team that isn’t a contender. Sure he is under contract and would have to play next season for any team that trades for him. But if he was traded to a team like St. Louis or KC he would just play out the season and become an unrestricted FA . . . thereby cashing in on a big contract after getting his $6M bonus plus base pay next year. The team that traded for him would end up with only one season for whatever compensation they surrendered. Therefore a contract extension being worked out prior to completing the trade would clearly be a condition of any deal.
    Third the Eagles own Kolb for at least 3 more years (assuming the CBA expires). He is entering the 4th year of his rookie contract next year, the 5th year he would be a restricted FA under the current CBA, and if the CBA expires then he would be a restricted FA in his 6th season as well. Kolb is substantially cheaper than McNabb and the Philly brass always performs an analytical cost/benefit analysis on every player on the roster (see Brian Dawkins for a perfect example). So when push comes to shove I can’t see them extending McNabb on a 10M+/yr contract when they can get Kolb substantially cheaper, whom they more than likely view as either a laterial move or possibly an upgrade.
    Finally, the Eagles have another QB on the roster with only one year remaining, of course that is Vick. I would look for the bottom ranked teams with high draft picks to possibly acquire Vick, for something in the neighborhood of a 3rd round pick. These teams will probably draft a rookie QB, and will need a short term solution at QB, for an offense that might not have a lot of weapons. What better fit then a QB (who is only 29 y/o) who can turn a broken play into a 30 yard gain . . . IMO the only reason the Eagles signed him last year was to trade him this year.
    Look for the Eagles to move McNabb for a late 1st round pick + either a 4th or a 5th rd pick (or a 3rd rounder next year); move Vick for an early 3rd rounder; move Kolb into the start line-up and sign a veteran journey man QB. That would give Philly 2 1st round; 2 2nd round; 3 3rd round and 2 4th round picks in a draft that is getting deeper in talent every day, as more underclassman declare this year to avoid a possible rookie salary cap next year. I would think 7 first day picks would allow Philly to address all their needs and surround Kolb with a solid team on both Offense and Defense . . . which by the way McNabb never had the pleasure of during his tenure with the Eagles.

  20. T.O. likely won’t be in Buffalo next year … bring McNabb back to NY … great watching him at Syracuse … would be great to watch with the Bills !!!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing McNabb/T.O. part II … but doubt it highly!

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