Favre kickstarts retirement talk

Brett Favre almost made it through the week without addressing whether this could be his final game.  Almost. 

“If you win, you go on. If you lose, you’re done — and for me — that could very well be my last game,”
Favre told ESPN’s Ed Werder.

Favre reportedly feels fresh after getting five days off during the team’s bye week and doesn’t expect a shootout against a peaking Cowboys defense.

The Vikings can only hope to avoid the least enjoyable part of the Brett Favre Experience — the offseason — for at least another week. 

50 responses to “Favre kickstarts retirement talk

  1. He enjoys this too much. I’m going to be so glad when he gets his career ending injury and is forced to retire.

  2. Vikings Super Bowl win = justification in everything they’ve done regarding BertFarve.
    No Super Bowl win = BertFarve experiment is a complete bust, could set the franchise back 5 years or more.
    Either way, the Vikes will do exactly as Bert tells them to.
    Enjoy the BertFarve Annual Retirement Festival (BARF).

  3. Got to give Brett credit – he didn’t start the retirement tour until the playoffs. I guess he decided to “make it all about me” during the season when he told his coach to shove it so he didn’t need the retirement talk until that story died down.
    If I knew for sure that Brett Farve would retire if he won the superbowl this year – I would be cheering for the Minnesota Vikings to win it all this year. I suspect however if he did win it all then he’d need to come back another year to do it again.

  4. He is not retiring.Ill tell you why.I went to high school with his wife Deana. She likes when hes not around,if u know what i mean.

  5. How can the Vikes NOT winning the SB mean bringing in Farve was a Bust????? Come on man! Like he has brought absolutely nothing to this team? The players that will be there after he is gone have gained nothing from a season or two of having one of the greatest QB’s of all time on the field with them?????? There’s nothing that they can carry forward with them for years to come????
    LMFAO…..uh huh……right.

  6. I think theres a bigger chance of him returning if he loses. For every win this season becomes harder to top, and the presure becomes greater.
    I don’t think he’s coming back, but I think the chances are reduced with every win.

  7. I don’t wish injury on people but I’m almost praying Ware puts this chump out of the league with an injury today.
    Anything to get him out of the league and end this annual ego trip he has.
    If you want to retire then retire and shut the hell up, if you want to keep playing then suit up & shut up.
    Either way SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

  8. “No Super Bowl win = BertFarve experiment is a complete bust, could set the franchise back 5 years or more.”
    We disagree!
    – Signed the New York Jets

  9. Why can’t the media wati to ask that questions when the season is finally over. Curt Warner seemed a little ticked in his comment about his always being asked.

  10. All you “make it about me” people are just haters. In case you didn’t know, the man is 45 years old, playing in the NFL. Is it not a legitimate statement, that this could be his last game? He’s saying he’s going to play like there’s not tomorrow, meaning, there’s no building to next year’s team, it’s about winning now.

  11. Maybe the Boys can break a bone or two to help the old fart on his way
    He still can not get over the NFC Championship game when he got his dick handed to him

  12. Fan of Football, now it’s time for you and people like you to cue in with your over-the-top defense of him.

  13. The dumbest things I’ve read this year is the “if the Vikings don’t win the Superbowl, the Favre experiment was a bust”.
    Just stupid.

  14. Latest Viking playoff failure comes today.
    The Vikings tried to buy a superbowl by signing Favre only to become one and done again.

  15. You can’t believe a thing brett fraud says. He just wants to be the center of attention all the time.

  16. You Favre bashers are the same guys who are fat,over the hill and irrelevant to most of the world if not all of it. Keep on hating jealous douches….just because he still matters.

  17. If Brent Gump win the Super Bowl it still doesn’t change a thing: he’s the NFL’s chief con man, capable of saying anything and doing anything.
    The off-season retirement fiasco couldn’t happen to a better bunch of Vikings. Have fun Purple gang. Packers fans have a good, young QB whose a nice guy and Brent can stay in the Land of 10,000 losses.
    “My Momma says, retirement is like a box of chocolates…you never know which team will pay you 12 million dollars and be gullible”.

  18. You Favre lovers are the same guys who are fat,over the hill and irrelevant to most of the world if not all of it. Keep on loving, douches….just because he still matters to a team that has never won a Super Bowl.

  19. All you Favre haters don’t be pissed cause he either dismantled your team on the field, or left you crying in your cheese curds when he swept the sorry ass Packers this season (not to mention in YOUR house)…bringing Favre in has elevated Sidney Rice and Shanco’s play to a level Jackson or Sage could never do. You just wish you could play at a high level when your 40 years old instead of sitting at home entertaining your womans friends during a spirited game of Gin Rummy.

  20. I just hope he doesn’t try to retire as a Packer. The guy divorced himself with this annual whine fest. Vikings fans may think they’ve got it made with this guy. If they finally win the Superbowl, it will all be forgotten by February when the diva fest begins. This guy will literally try to ruin your team. He’s going to draw this thing out one way or the other.
    If you lose today, it will be all the more unbearable to be a part of the BartFarve retirement festival. Beware what you ask for. You’re stuck with Chilly and BF for quite a while. Ziggy Wilf made sure of that.

  21. I love how Favre makes one off handed comment that he “could” retire at the end of the season in a long interview and the haters go crazy. The media has created this frenzy. Junior Seau came out of retirement 4 times, but you don’t hear anything about that.

  22. What’s funny is how, after years of poking fun at us GB fans for this same exact crap, hypocritical Vikings fans now jump to his defense.
    Cracks me up. Here’s hoping today is Minny-Ha-Ha’s last game of the season and Brett Fraud’s (Love it, shadowman1433!) last game of his career.

  23. “if the Vikings don’t win the Superbowl, the Favre experiment was a bust”.
    totally agree – but I would have put it this way…. “9 pro-bowlers and no super bowl win = EPIC FAIL”

  24. Why is it Super Bowl or complete failure for the Vikings, but it isn’t for 30 other teams? Sage or TJack weren’t going to led the Vikings to a Super Bowl. They won’t be set back 5 years. The Jets made the playoffs the season after Favre left and there is more talent on this team.

  25. I’m not sticking up for Favre, but the people making a big deal about him retiring are the media. They ask him about it, they continuously report on it, and will always do so. You guys enable it, because you follow it, and read and comment on every article there is about it.
    Radioboy, I don’t know how nice the guy is, I seem to remember him pouting on the sidelines a lot when Brett was playing, but as much as I hate to say it, the kid has talent.

  26. I like Favre. But he’s going into a divisional playoff. Couldn’t he have kept the speculation about it being his last game to himself? Just this once?
    @Al_Davis_Needs_a_Dirtnap …
    So you’ve found out that a woman is happier when her husband isn’t hanging around all the time (wink wink). This is your big scoop?

  27. PFT LOVES any retirement mention at all. Then they run it over and over to try and make it legitamate news. They ran the same stories about warner just before game time yesterday, and now they’re doing it with favre just before kickoff too. The timing is obvious.
    Nothing relevant to anyone retiring has any place in the news until AFTER the season is over. You see, that’s when it actually becomes news. Yes this also includes Ed Reed.

  28. Yeah, geez, you know — all you Packers fans are right. Favre has played so poorly this year….what a mistake. We definitely would have been better with T-Jack this year — no doubt.

  29. I think it was pretty common knowledge that if Brett gets a ring he’s done.
    As a Viking fan I hope we do win the Superbowl for two reasons . One obvious reason, and the other reason, Brett will be gone.

  30. The Jets made the playoffs the season after Favre left and there is more talent on this team.
    And with Farve they didnt make the playoffs.

  31. I can hardly watch this game because I am too worried about if Favre will be under center for the Lions-Vikings game in September. Please report every minute detail because no other outlet ever pays attention to the important issue of whether Favre is retiring or not.

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