Gaines Adams dead at 26

We have some tragic news to pass along before this Sunday of football begins.

Bears defensive end Gaines Adams has died at the age of 26, according to the Greenville News in South Carolina.  NBC4 in Greenville confirms the report.

Greenwood County Coroner James T. Coursey said Adams was declared dead at 9AM after he was taken to an emergency room Sunday morning.

Adams was born in Greenwood, South Carolina and played his college football at Clemson.  He was drafted fourth overall by the Bucs in 2007, then traded to the Bears last year.

Coursey said Adams appeared to be in perfect health and there will be an an investigation by the Greenwood Sheriff’s Office and the Greenwood County Coroner’s Office.  An autopsy will be performed Sunday; the cause of death is unclear.

We send our best wishes and condolences to Adams’ family.

UPDATE: We’re told that the cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.

78 responses to “Gaines Adams dead at 26

  1. WOW. It’s no longer a football issue when it comes to life and death and but Bears gave up a higher pick for him too.
    RIP Gaines Adam

  2. Wow. Horrible news. My condolences to the family.
    Jerry Angelo took a gamble with a 2nd round pick on Adams because he didn’t want to pay through the nose for a DE in free agency next season. Now he’ll be paying through the nose for a DE, and the Bears are down a 2nd round pick… Horrible news for the Bears too.

  3. Everyone needs to stop talking about what terrible news this is for the Bears because they wasted a draft pick on him. That’s an unbelievably cruel thing to say. A persons life is worth more than the pick.

  4. and before this they said the Bucs got the good end of the trade.
    That’s sad, he was a nice kid. I have to wonder what happened. A damn shame.

  5. RIP Adams. It goes to show you, you never know when your time card is going to clock out. 26 is too young thats for sure.

  6. Rest in peace Mr. Adams and condolences to the his family and to the Chicago Bears,Buccaneers, and Clemson communities…

  7. @Boog
    You might want to wait till the guy’s been dead more than 30 seconds before you start looking at what it cost the Bears as opposed to the family and friends and the human factor involved.
    Pretty cold discussing that while the body is still warm.

  8. RIP. Gaines, I must say I was really looking forward into watching you transform into a really good player under rod marinelli. RIP.

  9. well lets see the autopsy report. i take it from those snippets of articles that there was no gunplay or car wreck.
    perhaps he had a heart defect. it happens.
    perhaps he imbibed something that didnt agree with him. that also happens.
    perhaps both. which also happens.

  10. Wow Seemed like a genuinely good guy. RIP Gaines.
    I don’t buy for a second that this was a heart attack. Something fishy is up.

  11. Seems like there’s more to this story that hasn’t come out yet. I could be wrong. Either way,it is indeed tragic. And I completely agree in that it’s ignorant to talk about what the Bears lost. Lets think about what Gaines Adams’ family lost. Way more valuable than any pick. RIP Gaines Adams,another one taken way too early

  12. Awful news; just more stacked on top of the uniformly awful news coming out of the Caribbean.

  13. damn.. RIP Gaines, I was hoping you’d show all the nay sayers about you being a bust.. so sad

  14. Agh! So sad. His life had just barely begun. May God keep his soul and give his family the strength to get past this awful turn of events.
    Cherish everyday, gang. It’s trite to say, but it is true. You just never know…

  15. Heart attack at 26 ? Don’t these guys ever get physicals ? Probably an enlarged heart. Just like that high school hoops player. Could be something else also, a shame.

  16. From a Bengals fan who had so many Bears fans thoughts and prayers when one of ours’ 15 Slim passed, the same goes for you, R.I.P. Gaines…

  17. What a tragedy. Although Gaines had moved on to Chicago, I was hoping for him to prove the naysayers wrong also.

  18. Bengals fan here……
    Thoughts and Prayers for his friends and family and too all the Bears fans out there. Rally around the team and root for Da Bears in honor of Gaines. Way too young to go!!!!

  19. Bengals Fan here…
    Thoughts and Prayers go oout to his friends and family and to all the Bears fans out there. Rally around the team and support the team in honor of Da Bears. Gone way too soon!!!

  20. My first college football game was Clemson at Wake Forest back in 2006 and the best memory I had of that game was Gaines blocking a kick and returning it for a TD. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
    R.I.P. Gaines

  21. Wow, I’m very sorry for the Adams family.
    This is just sad, but life has different paths for us… just enjoy the days you have and don’t take them for granted.

  22. As it was said, it’s tragic when someone talks about the draft pick that was spent to bring in Gaines.
    Better yet, think back on the life that Jesus spent for ALL of us and I pray that Gaines had given his life to HIM before being taken away. THAT would be a tragic loss if he hadn’t.
    My prayers go out to Gaines’ family and their tragic loss.
    Hebrews 12: 1-3

  23. ever since he was drafted, I’ve always wanted to see him succeed in the NFL. prayers to the family…GO BUCS!

  24. I knew Gaines would be a major bust when the Bucs drafted him but I didn’t think he would go out like this. I wonder if there was any issues with substance abuse, he was always so aloof and seemingly undedicated, not to mention not very intelligent. Not meant to be a mean-spirited slam but one has to wonder… of course with his body type I wonder if he had Flo Hyman’s disease like Hank Gathers… he might have had an enlarged heart. Whatever it is, I hope he didn’t do it to himself. RIP Gaines.

  25. RIP Gaines and condolences to his family and friends. Such a tragic loss at such a young age. Preliminary reports are the cause of death is that the young man passed away due to a heart attack caused by an enlarged heart.
    I’m not trying to sound in the least bit callous when I say this, but if this can happen to a young, world class athlete, it behooves everyone here to get to your Dr.’s office and schedule that yearly physical. It completely blows my mind to think that with all the physical testing that NFL teams do on their players that this heart problem had never been diagnosed prior to this heart wrenching situation.

  26. all the senseless draft picks and being a bust talk aside prayers and thoughts go out to the adams family and friends… he may not have been a great DE but at least from what ive heard he made up for it by being an even better person

  27. Yikes! So sad to hear of this. For a guy who had all the talent in the world it’s a shame we will never be able to see his true potential. Hopefully the Bucs can compensate the Bears some how some way. He seemed like a great guy and I’m sorry I never got the pleasure of meeting him. Take care Gaines.

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