Braylon's dad baffled by son's drops

Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards has been roundly criticized for dropping passes this season. Including by his own father.

“People wouldn’t be harping on him dropping passes,” Braylon’s father Stan Edwards told the Star-Ledger, “if he wasn’t dropping passes.”

Stan coached Braylon in youth football and says he’s frustrated that his boy, who has the athletic talent to make highlight-reel catches, can’t catch the easy passes consistently. And Stan says he doesn’t know what the solution is.

“Wish I knew,” he said. “It’s mind-boggling. He’ll make catches that nobody else in the game will make. It’s not making a difficult catch. He’ll make a borderline impossible catch! And then he’ll drop one on a simple route.”

All things considered, Stan says, those fans who are criticizing his son have a fair point.
“Am I worried about him getting a reputation for dropping the football?” Stan said. “No. Because let’s be honest — he’s earned it.”

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  1. Everyone knows he makes amazing catches. What he also does, though, is drop HEARTBREAKING passes. It seems every time he has one of his wide-open-deep drops it is a crucial time of the game. He can raise his team up, but he can never carry them on his shoulders. He can also just crush a team during a game.

  2. At least his father is a man and admits his son’s mistakes…now go ask his D-bag son what he thinks….”ITS ALL THE FANS FAULT” ….”THEY DON’T LIKE ME CUZ I’M FROM MICHIGAN”….”BOO HOO”

  3. Studies show that excessive smoking of marijuana over an extended period of time causes receivers to drop a lot of passes they would normally be able to catch.

  4. Jose Reyes says:
    January 18, 2010 1:08 PM
    Maybe if he didn’t have a a-hole for a dad he wouldn’t be so mind screwed.

  5. Way to go Stan. He needs to hear the truth. Who better to hear it from than his Dad. Jose maybe you can give him a hug every time he drops a pass.

  6. Way to go Stan. He needs to hear the truth. Who better to hear it from than his Dad. Maybe Jose can give him a hug after his next drop.

  7. I do not think Braylon will be taking his dad out golfing for fathers day. It’s bad if the fans turn on you, but this is his Father.
    Note to the NFL GM’s:
    Pay attention to the kids who come from old man Edwards youth football team and do not draft them if you have the chance.

  8. or, maybe if he didn’t drop passes so consistently, his dad and everyone else wouldn’t criticize him.

  9. Sounds like somebody has been hanging out with Rex and his brutal honesty, but if it somehow helps Braylon hang on to balls, tell it like it is.

  10. Receivers are supposed to catch the ball. He’s paid to catch the ball. If he can’t do that than he doesn’t belong in the NFL.

  11. Some of you prefer that your fathers lie to you about what failures you’ve become. I guess that makes it easier for you to face them when you come out of the basement to microwave some mac ‘n cheese.

  12. Wow, with a father like that it’s no wonder Braylon is struggling.
    Dad, you need to take a cue from Rex Ryan and BELIEVE in your son!!

  13. Wow- as much as I do not like Braylon Edwards, PFT ran this EXACT story about a week ago and now are running it again. I mean, *exact* same story, nearly word for word.
    I’m a Browns fan who watched some winnable games slip away when Braylon dropped passes on crucial 3rd downs, or TDs, or siginifcant gains… I watched him nearly single-handedly destroy the career of a QB who was on fire the year before. I thought he was a dick when he tried to blame *his* problems on the people of Cleveland hating him because he went to Michigan- and all his other sorry excuses… I was glad that, in both Jets playoff victories, Braylon contributed pretty much ZERO and I’d even venture to say they won *despite* him.
    I *like it* when Edwards drops the ball.
    That all said, you guys (PFT) are obviously just being a bunch of total dicks on a slow news day because YOU RAN THIS STORY DAYS AGO. There’s no update, nothing new, in the article. It’s just a rehash of the story last week about how Edwards drops passes and what his dad has to say about it.
    Folks, if you needed any more proof that this site is less about reporting straight news or rumors- and more about vendettas, favoritism, and agenda pushing, here you go.

  14. Mozart’s father Leopold was a pain in the @$$, too. Never stopped my boy Wolfgang from being the world’s greatest writer of music(maybe, tied with Beethoven).

  15. Lookin like a fool with his pants on the ground.
    Hey at least he can see the grey goose reach his mouth! Good hand/eye coordination with the liquor just not the ball.

  16. st.michael says:
    January 18, 2010 1:21 PM
    Braylon sucks, the Jets are in way over their heads.
    Yes, Braylon does suck. But as far as the Jets’ being in “way over their heads”, they’ve beat two teams in the playoffs who both had better records and were considered favorites to win those playoff games…
    …so how does that qualify the Jets as being in over their heads?
    Oh, I got it. You just type what you want to believe, not what you’re actually seeing.

  17. Who cares what his dad thinks.
    Get behind your son & stay out of the media man.
    Good grief.

  18. boltschick says:
    January 18, 2010 1:31 PM
    Dad, you need to take a cue from Rex Ryan and BELIEVE in your son!!
    Apparently, Rex Ryan’s belief in Braylon Edwards isn’t helping Braylon Edwards very much 😉

  19. Good dad for being honest and not sugar-coating the deficiencies his son has.
    YET more importantly, a complete moronic douche bag for doing it in a public forum. The Star Ledger, Stan?? Really????
    Bet you make your young players cry and feel like crap, also, Stan-The-Man.
    NOW I feel sorry for Braylon.

  20. bolts…he believes in his son…he believes his son can’t catch a cold in winter…but he can catch the flu in August.

  21. Doesn’t Stan know that Braylon only gets flack from Ohio State fans..
    …it has nothing to do with his brick hands.

  22. I am an unabashed charter member of the Stan Edwards fan club. I like this guy. His son blows catch after catch on the big stage and his dad has the nuts to call them as he sees them? I love this guy.

  23. Duck Fallas:
    Well said.
    I can’t believe there are morons here questioning the father. I suppose it would be better if his dad was blaming someone or something else.

  24. Braylon given good genetics to catch a ball, that’s on his Dad!
    Braylon dropping balls, not his Dad’s fault, now it’s Braylon’s fault!
    Braylon dropping balls and getting million of dollars to continue to run around and drop big balls, not Braylon’s fault, now it’s on the JESTS!!

  25. How is he not believing in his son? The old saying is: “Seeing is believing”. Stan sees his kid drop balls more than a rabbi. Therefore, he believes in his sons ability to drop easy passes.
    Plainly and simply, for those who think Stan is an asshole, enjoy raising your kid to be a pussy who does no wrong. Stan is doing what a parent should do. Point out to your kid what he is doing wrong and offer a solution.

  26. Thanks for the info but I read this news about 4 times last week…old news ain’t news
    that said…braylon played ok this week…nothing spectacular but a few catches when we needed them. It’s clear Cotchery is the #1 on that offense but having Braylon around makes things much easier for #89 and #81

  27. If you ask Braylon why he drops passes he will say the everyone does. If you ask him to bash the Browns or Rich Rodriguez he will oblige you.
    What he will not do, is put in the extra time to fix his deficiencies. He is a bum, plain and simple.

  28. LOL at the entitled wimps that abound on this thread. His father is just being honest about his assessment.
    Too many American children are coddled and lied to so their poor wittle feelings aren’t hurt.
    Hopefully Braylon can grow up. He has the physical skills but unfortunately seems to be emotionally fragile.

  29. Catches and Fumbles are the coaches fault.
    benching dudes is not how you teach them to stop dropping balls or fumbling, Coaching them is the only way.
    Tiki Barber was a major problem on fumbles until the coach directly advised him and kept on him and corrected his technique.
    A coaches job is to find flaws and fix them.

  30. DaDawg26, what we’re trying to say is NOT IN THE MEDIA!!! One-on-one conversation over coffee or over a meal is one thing, but in the freaking Star-Ledger??? You tell the media you have faith in the fruit of your loins, and you tell him he has stone hands in private. Stan called his son out.

  31. “Braylon sucks, the Jets are in way over their heads. ”
    They said the same thing with the 2000 Ravens.

  32. Who has the best hands out of this group? Braylon Edwards, Roy Williams or T.O.??? LOL

  33. Braylon’s dad should have made his comments to his son in private, not in the press. If the guy is aleady (1) playing badly, and (2) being targeted in the press FOR playing badly, then (3) he ought to at least be able to count on his dad being in his corner.

  34. Those criticizing the father, wtf is up with you guys. The guy is being objective and knows his son drops balls that he shouldn’t. It’s a breath of fresh air to not have a father make excuses as
    Besides, Edwards is still getting paid all that cash regardless.

  35. Braylon Edwards is one of the most overrated WRs in the league. He has like, what, one 1,000 yard season since being drafted in 2005?

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