Dansby just one of many Cardinals in limbo

The offseason is here for the Arizona Cardinals, and there are few teams which face more contractual questions over the next few months.

Linebacker Karlos Dansby is one of the more likely Cardinals to leave.  Arizona would owe him nearly $12 million if they wanted to place the franchise tag on him for the third straight year.

Dansby told the Arizona Republic that leaving the Cardinals would be “very tough” but there haven’t been any contract talks “whatsoever.” 

“If I have to leave, that’s the way the game goes,” Dansby said.  “I’ve seen a lot of
people come, a lot of people go. I’ve been around for a while. That’s
how this business goes.”

The lack of a collective bargaining agreement will make player movement more difficult, so a young, talented player like Dansby could strike it rich if he makes it to the open market. 

The Cardinals must choose priorities: Dansby’s teammates Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett both want extensions.

“I just want what I deserve,” Dockett said.  “I’m not asking for favors. I’m
not asking – this is what I want. I want what I deserve. I want what
the top guys got. The numbers don’t lie. And obviously I’m in an
organization that may see it different. But at the end of the day, if
it’s not here, it’s going to be somewhere else.”

Expect a lot of similar talk coming from Arizona throughout the offseason.

26 responses to “Dansby just one of many Cardinals in limbo

  1. Hey Darnell…..why not honor your contract then sign a new deal with the Cardinals or new team for “what you deserve”. Obviously you thought you were a top guy when you signed your original contract right?

  2. Dansby and Dockett are essential to keeping that Cardinals D competitive…if they let either of them go, they would be fools, i mean Matt Linehart makes more then Dockett

  3. my mistake, Matt doesn’t make more then Dockett, i just had a Florio moment, and spoke out before i knew the facts…it won’t happen again

  4. Dansby has proven himself to be a phenominal LB and deserves a long term deal. My issue with Docket is the same that I have with all of these guys complaining about wanting more money than their current contract permits. Will they give the money back should their play decline? No. So why in the hell should they get more for their play improving? How about you play out your contract, play well, prove you are worth more and then at that point you go into the talks with leverage and get a big deal.

  5. San Francisco will then take Arizona’s place every year in the playoffs until the Rams revive their franchise. Then it will be St.Louis’ time.

  6. Patriots could use linebackers.
    And a left cornerback.
    And another 2 receivers.
    A left side of the line that doesn’t suck when it matters most.
    Fans that don’t call security if you call Merriweather a F’ing pussy. (I will never get over that)

  7. Dansby and Dockett can come on down to the Steel City. We’ve got a spot at LB just for you.
    I would hope a player would want a chance to win the SB vs. getting paid. Oh wait…Albert Haynesworth threw that out the window.

  8. NFL players essentially do give back money to their teams when their play declines… when they get cut.
    It’s alright for these guys to look for a little job security when they can do it. It’s becoming increasingly uncommon for any player to actually see the last year of their deal… they’re either extended or cut.
    Compared to the miss the NBA turned itself into with guaranteed contacts, I’m fine with the way the NFL contracts are working, on both sides.

  9. Dansby. That name sounds familiar. Isn’t he the guy who beat the Packers after their inexperienced hack of a QB missed a wide open receiver then drop kicked the ball into his awaiting arms? Gee, that seems so long ago already.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Where are all the Packers fans on here now? Still crying about the officiating while watching your former hero defeat the Cowboys with their PANTS ON THE GROUND????!!!!
    HAHAHAHA losers!

  10. Darnell Dockett is home right now wearing little red suspenders and sweeping sand out of his driveway.

  11. The Arizona Cardinals’ front office needs to check themselves. How are Dansby, Boldin and Dockett ready for free agency? Boldin will play for a different team next year due to the recent production of Early Doucet but that team has nobody on it that can replace Dansby and Dockett. They clearly got lucky with Warner when they signed him a few years ago. Their handling of players’ contracts is laughable.

  12. The Giants HAVE TO GET HIM OR GET ROLANDO McCLAIN! If they understand they need to win now they should just sign Dansby or if they value there draft picks and they really like Rolando which I do, I think they should trade up with Jacksonville if hes there and get him in front of Denver and Miami and it gives Jax the chance to get Tebow at a better value at 15 instead of 10. not that Tebow should be the 15th pick but we know that Jax is going to get him. Go Giants make it happen we need Dansby for the new Giant-2 (Tampa-2)!

  13. Some of you amazing! Yeah I’m sure if you were a top 3 defensive tackle in the NFL you would sit on your ass and make millions less than you deserve over the next two years. What a freaking joke! So Dockett is supposed to be a good little soldier knowing at any moment he could blow out a knee or worse and his career is over…so what if he gave up millions he was a stand up guy and played out his contract. You guys live in fantasy land. It’s one thing if the guy wasn’t producing but he is as good as any DT in the league and big time players deserve to make big time money. Is there any loyalty among the teams when they cut a player who is under contract and the player doesn’t get paid his salary? So then you expect a player who is an all pro to do the “right thing” and honor a contract where he is grossly underpaid. WHAT A JOKE!!


  15. @ eagle
    It isnt our fault he had poor representation and signed a contract that doesnt pay him what he feel he deserves. Again I ask, should organizations be able to take money away from players if they fail to produce? Your argument is out of emotion, not logic nor common sense.

  16. I wonder if it would it make sense to allow the franchise tag to be placed on players only 2 years in a row (1 team) or 3 years in a row (between 2 teams).
    How the teams handle the franchise tag can sometimes be a little frustrating for players.

  17. Dockett talks trash and thats it. His defense gave up 46 to Green Bay and 45 to New Orleans, yeah pay the man.

  18. As a Skins fan I would love to have Dansby. If we are planning on switching to the 3-4 defense we need more linebackers.

  19. its very easy to understand that it comes down to a particular teams equation. what they feel a certain player adds to the franchise vs cost effectiveness. i get that. i know i am being naive saying this but wouldn`t be refreshing to hear one guy, ONE GUY, say that “you know, i`m pretty happy where im at, my life has been sweet so far, like the town, like the fans, maybe staying here for a few bucks less (i know….a few bucks less is a joke) say 4 mil v 5 mil? i stand with the players in their stand against the owners but jesus fxxking christ does it ALWAYS come down to dollars and cents? the world is insane.

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