Jets say they played Colts' starters even

The Jets beat the Colts by 14 points when the teams played in December, but as they prepare for their AFC Championship Game rematch, the Colts are favored by seven. The reason, of course, is that the Colts pulled Peyton Manning midway through the third quarter in the teams’ previous meeting.

But the Jets think they deserve credit for, if not for beating a Curtis Painter-led Colts team, at least playing competitively with the Colts while Manning and the other top players were on the field.

We were holding our own,” Jets linebacker Bart Scott said of the Jets’ performance against the Manning-led Colts.

Manning played well against the Jets, completing 14 of 21 passes for 192 yards with no interceptions, and the Colts led 15-10 when Painter took the field for the first time. But other players on the Jets agreed with Scott today in saying the game could have gone either way if Manning had stayed in.

“I think it was about 50-50,” Jets defensive end Shaun Ellis said. “It was going back-and-forth.”

Ultimately, the Jets sound most excited about getting the opportunity to prove themselves against a Colts team that’s playing hard for four quarters.

“Everyone said Peyton didn’t play the whole game,” offensive tackle Damien Woody said. “But it was a competitive game, and now there are no excuses. Nothing can be said because everybody will have their top guns out there playing.”

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  1. What I’ll say is that the control the Colts seemed to have at the point that Manning and everyone went out wasn’t all THAT different from the control that the Chargers had before the Revis INT when everything started to turn.
    So, while the Colts looked better at the time, there was still plenty of football to be played.

  2. just cause they played “even” (were still losing) when the colts had the starters in doesn’t mean the colts were really trying that hard…they had absolutely nothing to play for since they knew that they were coming out of the game so i highly doubt they were giving it their all

  3. If the Jets knocking out the Bengals who seemed to lay down for them, and then possibly knocking out Indy, maybe that will wake team’s up to the detrimental effects resting their starters can have on the playoff races.

  4. The Jets are right, they could have won that game and now they can thank Caldwell for his genius move of taking out his starters by pulling off one of the greatest upsets in modern sports history. And of course the irony will be in full effect.

  5. Damien Woody hit the nail on the head. No excuses. The best team will win. Rex Ryan – shockingly – made a great point too in saying that neither team needs any motivation this week. There is no bulletin board material. Going to the Super Bowl is motivation enough for both teams.

  6. The Jets were right in that game, I don’t care what people want to say. It was 15-10, the Colts had the ball deep in their own territory, and Painter came in. The Colts had looked really good early, but the Jets were starting to figure out how to run the ball and move it a little towards the end. Sounds a lot like this week’s Chargers game!

  7. The Jets wave will come crashing down when reality sets in after the game on Sunday when the Colts plow the J-E-T-S!!!!
    But for now we will see PFT flood this site and all the other media outlets with Farve and Jets propaganda… crushed all the talking heads will be when the Saints/Colts go to MIA!!!!

  8. I guess the only thing that really matters is how they play the Colts starters on Sunday. My fear is they will play them too well; my hope is they will play them like they did in week 16.

  9. Cinderella gets smoked this weekend. Colts will be out to prove a point. Nice run though J-E-T-S.
    See ya next year!

  10. I would agree that the Jets played the Colts “pretty much” even while Peyton was in the game.
    No one knows how the game would have played out if Peyton had stayed in, so there’s nothing wrong with the above assessment.
    Nice try Florio… keep searching for some of that “bulletin board” material!

  11. Hell yeah they will Damien…should be a hell of a game. The Colts might regret allowing the Jets to beat them in Week 16 because the Jets might take them down now, or the Colts might have just eased their chances of making it to the Super Bowl since they don’t have to face San Diego…

  12. 15-10 with a KO return for a score… could have easily been 15-3 if not worse.. JETS are such a boring team, I hope they don’t win… I’d rather see COLTS vs. Saints or Vikings..

  13. Damien Woody should just come out and guarentee a Jets victory.
    I will guarentee it.
    Jets 27
    Colts 21
    While I am at it I will guarentee a Vikings victory.
    Vikings 34
    Saints 31
    Let the rip fest begin.

  14. The reality is that it was 15-3 if you consider the Jets only TD vs Colts starters was a KICKOFF.
    In fact, if you consider a miss PAT by Vinataeri (now appropriately benched)…..its 16-3 starters vs. starters.
    Jets are gonna get SMOKED.

  15. I don’t like this match-up for the Colts. Their rushing D was ranked even worse than the Chargers.
    Statistically, this Jets D is very similar to the 2000 Ravens D.
    They are playing with nothing to lose and a chip on their shoulder.
    If the Colts lose, it will be the most disappointing loss in franchise history. That’s a lot of pressure.

  16. If, by saying “we were holding our own” they meant they were losing then yes, they were holding their own.

  17. I see Bart Scott is still talking endless BS in New York. And when the Jets lose this weekend he’ll be full of excuses like he was everytime he lost as a Raven. Maybe he’ll even put a bounty on Manning for next year too. LOL.

  18. And when the game is over that is what he will be holding his own
    While the colts hold the AFC trophy

  19. nobody thought that the cards had a chance in hell of making it out of the WC weekend last year, and they made a run to the superbowl, damn near winning the thing.
    The principle that seems to be forgotten in all of this is “Any given sunday” The jets have the coaching and talent to beat the colts, they have the motivation.
    obviously the colts have the talent and coaching (in the same person) to beat the jets as well. its is games like this that have the potential to be great. SD and IND would have been just fine too, but the mistake the chargers made was looking ahead too far. I don’t think the colts will make the same mistake, especially since winning the superbowl is whats going to be needed to make the fans and the team happy.

  20. If this game is 15-10 in the third quarter again, the Jets will win
    Jets 24 – Colts 17
    Jets-Saints rematch in Miami, and this time no noisy fans to disrupt the game, and our kid is not playing his third pro game

  21. This just in…Jets players may be overconfident braggarts…OR NOT? Who can say? Let’s as Rex Ryan…

  22. Freeney played only on pass downs. I think Mathis didn’t play. Also Session, Bullitt, Powers, Charlie J missed it.

  23. What these Jets aren’t realizing is that all Peyton needs is one chance with the ball to completely embarass you on a single play. Doesn’t matter if there is a whole half left, 1 quarter or 5 minutes, the guy always seems to find a way…

  24. DocBG all we need to do is look at the Giants the year before, nobody gave them a chance to get to the Super Bowl, never mind beating a undefeated Patriots team
    It was defense gainst passing fancy teams, defense prevailed as it usually does.
    Otherwise the Colts with manning would have won numerous Super Bowls

  25. Colts tell the Jets “Hope you had fun for the first two playoff games. Glad we could help. But sorry, now you have to go home and let the adults play.”

  26. Jets will get smoked this weekend. Colts won’t make the same mistakes the Chargers did. You can’t be one dimensional with just a running game because the Indy D will shut it down and braylon without hands is NOT a threat. Manning has historically has done better in the second half after picking up and adjusting to the tempo of the game. The party will be over next week. The Indy CBs are healthy and Sanchez can’t take it to the air with the game on the line. They must rely on the Def and against 60 minutes of Peyton, it is just too much for the “JEST.”

  27. As a Pats fan I am rooting for the Jets because:
    A) the Colts deserve to lose for that joke they pulled in week 16, especially to the team that beat them, and
    B) the Jets continuing to win will hopefully open up those stonefist Krafts into spending some money in free agency

  28. The game may have been close when playing the people that started the game, but those won’t be the same people that will start the next game.
    For the Colts:
    Melvin Bullitt – Starting Strong Safety – Did Not Play
    Jerraud Powers – Starting Cornerback – Did Not Play
    Clint Session – Starting Linebacker – Did Not Play
    Robert Mathis – Starting Defensive End – Did Not Play
    Keyunta Dawson – Backup Defensive End – Did Not Play
    Charlie Johnson – Starting Left Tackle – Did Not Play
    Pierre Garcon – Starting Wide Receiver – Did Not Play
    Matt Stover – Kicker – Did Not Play
    D. Willy – 3rd string QB – Did Not Play
    So that’s 4 starters and a backup on defense that didn’t play, and 2 starters on offense that didn’t play.
    For the Jets:
    K. O’Connell – QB (not on depth chart) – Did Not Play
    E. Ainge – 3rd string QB – Did Not Play
    C. Washington – 3rd string RB – Did Not Play
    M. Slauson – Backup Guard – Did Not Play
    R. Pitoitua – Backup Defensive End – Did Not Play
    M. Murrell – Backup Linebacker – Did Not Play
    H. Green – Backup Nose Tackle – Did Not Play
    So that’s 2 backup QBs, a 3rd string RB, a backup guard, and 3 backup defensive players that didn’t play.
    If they think losing 15 to 10 is “even” when 6 starters didn’t even play in the game, then Rex must really have them believing his crap.

  29. This will be a game. I think everyone is giving the Colts too much credit going in. This is the kind of game that they have blown year in and year out. I am a Patriots fan, so my loyalty is with rooting against both of these teams. That being said, the Jets have the best O-line in the league, and an outstanding Pass Defense. Thats at least enough to not let them get “smoked”

  30. The Jets defense is a thing of beauty.
    The Colts offence is a thing of beauty.
    One will win the battle…logic says the Colts.
    Jets have been defying logic though.
    In the end I feel you have to go with Manning.
    Hope I’m wrong though.

  31. The Jets ought to keep their mouths shut. They’re not invincible by any means and if they’re forced to rely on Sanchez, they’re finished.

  32. lezmaka
    very convenient to call Leon (Not C.) third string, and have you forgotten a little guy called Jenkins
    We will win regardless
    Go JETS!!!!

    COLTS 34 JETS 17

  34. Colts fans are having to defend their team to win this game, WOW! they are already worried, as they should be.
    Hey if my team was 14-2, I would be confident, but these are the “win-regular-season-loose-in-the-playoffs Colts”
    great QB for what a decade, How Many SB? ONE, Your team is one dimensional to say the least, Jets will make you even more so

  35. Another year, and the Chargers already home, the Colts soon to join, go Football, real hard nosed Football, the princesses from Indy will regret not playing the J.E.T.S. Jets Jets Jets for 4 quarters in week 16

  36. Do the math:
    15-10 does not equal 50-50
    15-10 equals 60-40
    in a game that meant nothing to the Colts.

  37. The Jets played them saw what they had and now the defense will be 2x better.
    The Jets can’t beat the Colts and the Giants will never make it to the Super Bowl to stomp out the Patriots.

  38. There is no logical reason that the Colts lose to the Jets
    They are a better team
    They have rested
    They didn’t even play them to beat them in the reg season
    The Colts have experience
    They have a hall of famer at QB
    They are FAR FAR better
    and, the score will be 17-14 Jets

  39. The Colts don’t overlook ANYONE. We may, but Peyton won’t.
    The Colts don’t look ahead… EVER. They prepare for the next game.
    The Colts are the most focused, best prepared, smartest team in the NFL.
    The Colts don’t make stupid mistakes.
    The Colts don’t give up dumb penalties.
    The Colts don’t lose their temper.
    The Colts will come to play.
    The Jets know this too.
    The Jets know that they will likely have to play balls out and the Colts will have to step on their dicks in order for them to win.
    The Jets won’t admit it… but they know it.

  40. What these fools fail to realize is that the Colts WEREN’T playing with all their starters throughout the game. Garcon was out, numerous defensive players were out, their OL wasn’t at full strength, and the game meant a whole lot less to the Colts than the Jets and still the Jets offense only managed to score 3 points.
    This game will be over early. 31-13 Colts. Keep talking Jets and it may be 35-3.

  41. I say it again, Why are you Colt fans so defensive? Are your panties beginning to smell, because you are all crapping in them

  42. 15-10 when Manning comes out. Couple things probably happen differently.
    If you remember, the Jets punted from the Colts 40ish and pinned Painter deep (the play before the fumble/TD). They probably go for that if Manning is behind center.
    Also, at 15-10, all it takes, as Theismann likes to say, is “1 blown coverage or 1 guy falling down.”
    That’s what makes me laugh. It was a 1 score game! Sure, it appeared as though the Colts were in control but it was a 1 score game. ANYONE can win in a 1 score game.
    The Jets are now playing better on offense. The Jets also get the privilege of watching the Colts/Ravens on TAPE (Ravens play a similar D) and see what worked and did not work. Of course, the Colts get the advantage of playing a similar team a week later, get the advantage of a longer rest, and playing on turf in ad ome.

  43. Why this is even being discussed is ridiculous. Also not mentioned, is the Colts are the best at playing under pressure. How many come from behind wins?
    Jets fans, be worried, very worried.

  44. @luciano11
    I just went by the Game Book which said “RB 32 C.Washington” was not active, and the depth chart which has “C. Washington” listed third. “C. Washington” is Chauncey Washington.
    I was talking about players that didn’t play in the first game and will play in this game. Leon Washington and Kris Jenkins are on injured reserve and won’t be coming back for this game.

  45. Gotta love how Rex Ryan and all the big talkers who play for him always make themselves out to be the victims who get no respect. Please. All NY teams get excessive coverage and are always getting recognition whether they deserve it or not. The whole country always has to hear about how great NY is and what is going on with them whether they care or not (nobody outside of NY cares about NY by the way).
    Colts, please send Rex home so he can pout and cure his sadness with another box of donuts.

  46. The Jet/Colts game is the consolation prize game this year, just as the NFC game was last year.
    Whomever wins the Saints/Vikings game will be your SB winner………….
    Although, I would like to see Vikings/Colts so we can see the Colts get dismantled in the big game.

  47. IndyRay, the Colts may be the best in the REGULAR season but the playoffs is an entirely different story………sorry

  48. That’s right — no excuses. I don’t see the Colts excusing their loss, nor busting the Jets by saying they didn’t “really” beat them. It’s the Jets who seem to have an inferiority complex and are over-compensating here.
    Let’s just leave the game on the field. If the Jets win, then they’re the better team, and hopefully the Colts won’t use their stupid end-of-season strategy as an excuse if they lose.

  49. Colts got a gift last week. Ravens are good at giving gifts……….any competant team would have taken advantage of Manning’s (customary)2 picks.
    Manning’s penchant towards interceptions this year will be the end of the Colts.

  50. You hoosiers really crack me up!
    Don’t you get it??????
    “On any given Sunday”
    Besides, this Cinderella dosen’t spread on the second date !

  51. A few things i noticed watching the first game.
    Reggie Wayne gave Revis more trouble than I think I’ve seen anyone give him all year.
    Peyton started to pick them apart, and the Jets blitz was not getting there on time.
    I’m pretty sure that the Colts left their defensive starters in longer than their offensive, but I’m not certain. Either way, the one player who has the most to gain, familiarity wise, from a rematch is Mark Sanchez.
    Hopefully it’s a good one.

  52. Dream on Jets fans, dream on. Yes their defense is good and their offense isn’t bad, but they got a little lucky with the Chargers. They won’t against the Colts. And I’m neither a Colts fan nor a Jets hater, just a realist.

  53. I AM VERY TIRED of stating these facts:
    The Jets were 9-7. They were to lose to the Bengals. The J E T S WON that game. Sooooooooo sorry to say!
    The Jets BEAT the Bengals. They then had to play the San Diego Team. They were to lose to the Chargers. The J E T S WON that game. Soooooooo sorry to say !
    Now, the Jets are to play the COLTS. They are supposed to get trounced by the Colts. 41 years ago, a Jet quarterback bragged that the JETS would beat the COLTS. They played against a QB named JOHNNY UNITAS (nevermind this kid…Peyton whatshisname?)
    THE J E T S Beat the COLTS then – the J E T S Shut down UNITAS — they did it THEN ….and they Will do it AGAIN !
    Jets: 21, Colts: 17.
    Vikings: 31, Saints: 10.
    SUPERBOWL: J E T S : 10, FAVRE: 3.
    And that’s the way it will be in 2010 !

  54. …and luciano11…I wanna see you on here eating crow when your Jets get smoked you cocky arrogant putz.

  55. I hope the Colts pummel the arrogance out of that fat POS Rex Ryan and his “my kind of football players” attitude. I hope Peyton does what Rivers and Palmer couldn’t, and runs the score up so high that their tempers flare on national TV, and everybody knows they’re just another bunch of punks put together by some Waffle House-frequenting Irish thug masquerading as the head coach of a New York City NFL team. Nothing would make me happier than to see than pig LOSE THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP to an African-American head coach. The apple never falls far from the tree, and daddy was the biggest bigot in the NFL since George Preston Marshall.

  56. DEFENSE will shut the Colts DOWN! The JET Defense is the BEST DEFENSE in the NFL (Which includes the Colts, Vikings and Saints). The J E T DEFENSE will PREVAIL.

  57. You couldn’t just knock them out in week 16. Nooooooo. You had to lay down, & put Doogie Howser in at QB. NOW look…!

  58. luciano11- the colts might lose in the playoffs a lot but at least they are always there unlike the jets.
    golongboyee- the “gift” the colts got last week beat up on your patriots. What would that have made the patriots if they played the colts? A peewee football team?

  59. Well, as much as I am a lifelong Giants fan, and in general have a deep antipathy to the Jets, I’d still rather see a local team win. Yeah, we Giants fans regard the Jets fans as A-holes, and vice-versa, but we are still from the same root-stock. Some of us just developed differently. Since the boys in blue ain’t playing anymore, I gotta root for the locals. Frighteningly, the Jets remind me of the Jints in their quest for their last Super Bowl. They seem to have the fire in their belly, and the blood lust in their hearts. If they go all the way and win, I, for one, will not begrudge them their honor. We are, after all, neighbors.

  60. Neither team needs bulletin-board material to get prepped for this game, but it is rather telling as to who actually belongs here.
    I like Rex Ryan a lot, and I think the Jets have a lot of promise to them.
    But not now. I expect a slow, tight start, and by the end of the 3rd quarter the Colts will have put this well out of reach – and I expect they will keep their feet on the Jet’s neck for the entire 4th quarter.
    If the Jets do pull of an upset here, it will be epic and they will deserve much kudos. There is, however, a reason that the Colts are favored, and the Jets need to remember that the only reason they aren’t playing golf right now is by the good graces of Curtis Painter.

  61. offacough – don’t hold your breath ! It seems everyone is trying to hype for the Colts. They are ONLY a pro-football team….same as the Jets ! These games bring out the worst in human beings. A couple of para. back, someone is playing the race card. In another blog….someone is hitting on New Yorkers…..I guess the rest of the world is right (or wrong) !. The STATS show the road ! A GREAT DEFENSE becomes an offense ! Something the Jets have been doing post season….. I think this is the “blooming” of a dynasty !
    Go and order some Chinese food – hot and sour soup –
    forget the beer….. the SOUP and the game are enough!

  62. If the Colts play this game like they did the last one, even with their starters, they could be in trouble. If the Jets can keep it close like they did against the Chargers, they don’t have to rely on Sanchez to carry the team. If the Colts get a big lead early, it will be a blow out.
    You really have to wonder about the timing of when the Colts decided to pull their starters in their last meeting. Although the Colts appeared to be in control at the time, the score was only 15-10. Did the Colts management pull the starters to prevent the team from doubting itself if it would have lost with them? By pulling the starters, at least they had the excuse that they didn’t want the game that badly. If they really wanted to rest the players, why did they play at all?

  63. I have yet to hear the Colts talk about the previous meeting between the 2 teams. All I hear in the media is the jets talking about how they played them “evenly.”
    Sounds like it’s the jets who are trying to motivate themselves, not the other way around like some are alluding to…
    I think it’ll be a good game, but the Colts will win. They Colts “let” them get into the playoffs, and now they will politely escort them OUT of the playoffs.

  64. I dont know if actually Bart scott saw the game. The Colts were in complete control that whole game. Manning actually missed on 4 passes not because of the Jets defense because guys were wide open. Reggie Wayne had BEATEN REVIS for a huge gain and it was a tad overthrown. The Jets offense WAS ANEMIC. Their only touchdown before Manning was pulled was a kickoff return. Only to then see the Colts drive down the field EASILY when they had to score.
    Look the Jets are a great story. Bart Scott must of really thought they were shutting down a Manning led offense having an off day on pace to throw over 300 yards against his defense. The Ravens are a better version of what the Jets do period. The Ravens have better playmakers on defense and the Colts SHUT IT DOWN up 20-3 in the 4th. The Jets have a system that attacks the quarterback. But all of the GREAT QUARTERBACKS beat a 46 defense once they see it. Great QB’s relish it because of the big play potential. Montana, Marino, Manning, have eaten this defense alive….What the hell makes everyone think this will be different? What makes everyone think that Sanchez is going to have any success over the Colts Defense?

  65. Green, I agree……..the Colts ARE just a team and an over-rated one at that. They have had everything go their way for the most part……..if they make it to the SB against the Vikes, they will get killed.

  66. Jay16…….you need to stop drinking the kool-aid and wake up.
    The reason the Colts beat the Ravens is
    1)Ravens kill themselves
    2)Their passing offensive is pathetic.
    No team can win if they constantly making huge mistakes……the Ravens are a poorly coached team and Cam Cameron is a fool.
    Bottom-line, the Ravens beat themselves. a GOOD team would have taken advantage of manning’s 2 picks.

  67. Also, I love Manning’s sit-down during the Ravens game……….he is the biggest pussy. Maybe the NFL (since he is their poster-child) will change the rules and make it two hand touch! LOL

  68. I have no time to waste on losers, I have to game plan for the AFC Championship game, then the Super Bowl.
    Are you guy’s hanging out with Channing from the Dolphins, tell him I said wussup…….
    You fellas can be our Cheerleaders……. we have a few extra skirts for you………

  69. I have no time to waste on losers, I have to game plan for the AFC Championship game, then the Super Bowl.
    Are you guy’s hanging out with Channing from the Dolphins, tell him I said wussup…….
    You fellas can be our Cheerleaders……. we have a few extra skirts for you………

  70. PigSkin09…
    It doesn’t matter if you a “boring” team, it matters that you’re winning. I don’t find them boring at all, they just play great defense which means team don’t score on them…maybe you find that boring…but it’s a winning formula

  71. Seems it has to be said again: The JETS are RATED #1 in the NFL in DEFENSE. They play a 3 -8 ….not a 4 -6. Get with da program! 3 men stop the rush, and chase the QB……..8 in the secondary stop da pass! Is someone saying JOHNNY UNITAS wasn’t a GREAT QB ??? Unitas could not SCORE against a team that eats QBs. UNITAS vs Manning ?? This kid Peyton is going to be SWALLOWED alive! Final score: JETS 7 – Colts 3. JETS DEFENSE is quite healthy. The JETS offensive line ….. another WINNING Formula. Sanchez ain’t needed! Cry not….cry later…. I will be having Hot & Sour Soup and fried Dumplings ….NO BEER….COKE O. It’s da best ! ….NO BEER …..VIETNAM VET HERE….. BEER is for dorks and children……J E T S JETS JETS JETS !

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