Jones meets with team, no Phillips announcement yet

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported Monday morning that Wade Phillips will be back in Dallas.

It’s worth noting that, for now, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has stayed mum publicly.  Jones met with the team Monday and didn’t address Phillips’ status directly.  But he gave the impression the coach will return.

“It sounds like [Phillips will be back],” safety Gerald Sensabaugh said to the Dallas Morning News after the meeting. “I’d be
shocked if he wasn’t. He did a great job coaching this year. You could
just see that we were a different football team from the beginning of
the season to the end.”

Phillips also addressed the team. The delay in a public announcement could be for a variety of reasons.  The most likely one is that Jones is working on new contract terms for Phillips.

21 responses to “Jones meets with team, no Phillips announcement yet

  1. If Jerry Jones farts, will you guys report on it please? I mean I think everything else is covered since it has already been reported Wade will be back.

  2. Gerald Sensabaugh? isnt that the same jack ass that said i would be shocked if the Vikings beat us the way we are playing…what a douche stick to things you know like getting absolutely burned by Sid the kid Rice! when we all want a opinion on how not to cover someone we will give you a call Gerald…in the mean time enjoy that ass kicking the Vikes put on ya with all the other dellusional fans from Dallas…..

  3. Damn, The Douche Meets The Bag….. Never been a CowGurl fan nor ever will be, and I’m a Native Texan born on Galveston Isle.
    ThankYou Dallas CowSquirrels on making yourselves the Laughing Stock of the NFC. Bum’s Son is just that (a Looser), Jason Garret (a FOOKEN JOKE), Tony HOMO Romo (Couldn’t Hold Roger S’sss Jock if it was placed in his hands ( but between his lips is a spot) and I’m sure he would Suck it like a NIPPLE)

  4. Ed Werner also report that while he was making this report Brett Favre just threw another TD pass , word is Keith Brookings is on his way to Bristol to find an audience

  5. I almost feel sorry for the cowboy fans. At least the redskins sucked so bad that the owner had to rethink his approach to the game. And al Davis is too senile to know any better. Jones has just enough success to think he is doing good for his team, when he is running it into the ground.
    I almost feel sorry for the fans. Then I realized there were only two and the rest are bandwagon fans who couldn’t tell you the name of then coach if you gave them “Wade” and “Phillips”.
    So to all you bandwagon fans who are no where to be seen today. I say “hahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahah”

  6. Just a matter of time before Jerry gets a hat and whistle and stands on the sidelines all four quarters … instead of just the fourth quarter.
    Man loves the camera.
    The only other owner who makes these ‘announcements’ so soon after the season….? Dan Snyder.
    Must be another Roy Williams deal out there Mr. GM / Owner / Wanne be Coach.
    Four teams that are left… all have owners who know their place. Out of the limelight.

  7. Headlines Dallas Morning News
    Roy Williams has taken a new poition with the Cowgirls Leather faces driver

  8. Wade Phillips is the outhouse leader to be the Bills next head coach …. for the second time.

  9. whatdiga says:
    January 18, 2010 7:01 PM
    ……Jones has just enough success to think he is doing good for his team, when he is running it into the ground…..
    Like only three SuperBowl Rings
    slipkid says:
    January 18, 2010 7:21 PM
    gerald sendsomeballs obviously didnt keep playing like he had been playing
    Why u referring to a guy sending you SOMEballs????
    schooney says:
    January 18, 2010 7:44 PM
    Headlines Dallas Morning News
    ….Roy Williams has taken a new poition with the Cowgirls Leather faces driver……

  10. Vox priorities this offseason:
    1. Update myspace page status to “lonely” after Cowboys loss
    2. Play Magic cards with other people in Austin
    3. Work on comic book collection
    4. Not have any interaction with females
    5. Grow hair into an even longer ponytail
    6. Continue to not have any athletic activity
    7. Stop mean neighbor kids from giving him wedgies
    8. Again, not have any interaction with females (girls love guys who play Magic cards)
    9. Buy a new pair of black Doc Martin shoes
    10. Cowboys = EPIC FAIL

  11. Hey Sensabaugh,
    you first think about yourself. you signed a one year contract which doesnt guarantee whether you would be in the star uniform next year. You first worry about yourselves, dont give comments on others job especially your boss’s.
    You are a turd and got arrested twice for gun possession.

  12. I love all the haters. We are definitely news and I think alot of the haters are scared as we are headed in the right direction. A couple of strong draft picks and maybe a free agent or two and we are competing next season for the NFC Championship no question.
    People are scared of talented teams and have no other recourse but to lash out. I love it. NFC East Champs 2 of last 3 years and a playoff victory. Toughest division outside those woeful 4skins. Next year SB baby.

  13. to “boysroll”
    hee, hm, hee hee hee, ah hmm, heeeeeeee heeeeee
    heeeee heeee ha!
    Thanks man, I needed a good uncontrollable giggle.

  14. Hey Jerry Jones, The little owner that acts gay on the side lines. On the side line, what the f— is he doing down there. Patting his player on the ass?? Dallas really sucks, and if it weren’t Jimmy Johnson there would be no sb rings for those cowboys. It was Jimmy that put that team together. Cowboys haven’t been the same since he left. So Jones,might as well wear your panty hose and skirt on the sidelines from now on. You could show who you really are.

  15. There’s NOTHING more to say.
    Vikings did a job on Dallas, Jerry Jones continues to work in his own world, and the true fans can only go along for the ride.
    It sucks. No excuses.

  16. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Like only three SuperBowl Rings
    sorry but, Jimmy Johnson earned those rings. Web set up the team so well that Barry Switzer was able to take them
    to a superbowl 2 years after he was fired.
    Jerry is the reason they have only 1 playoff win since that last superbowl. THAT is what he bring to the table.
    Enjoy being one and done till he realizes it.

  17. boysroll? the only rolling you do is WITH boys you homo…keep dreaming about the future when you just got your butt worked more then clay aiken on a friday night….

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