Mason says he's 60-40 to retire

D.Mason.jpgPutting percentages on your possible retirement is the thing to do in Baltimore these days.

“I think I’m going to tell you when Ed Reed tells you all,” Derrick Mason said Monday.  “Ed Reed is
50-50 right now. So, I’m more like 60-40. Nothing’s definite but death
and taxes. We’ll see how it goes the next couple of weeks.”

Mason’s comments came during an odd media session  that started with Mason saying he was “done” and then admitting he was conflicted.

Mason has topped 1,000 yards for three straight seasons, leading Baltimore each time.  He’s headed for unrestricted free agency, while Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams will be restricted free agents if there is no new collective bargaining agreement.

Translation: The Ravens need a lot of of new receivers.

22 responses to “Mason says he's 60-40 to retire

  1. The Ravens need Mason at least one more year to mentor NEW receivers. Clayhands and D Williams must go. The Ravens must get a receiver that can stretch the field AND catch the ball!

  2. Derrick Mason is a very good receiver, whether he stays another year really doesn’t mean anything offensively cuz Flacco needs alot of help, and the team needs other weapons. i’d say go after Antonio Bryant, and Brandon Marshall

  3. Retirement talk in the NFL is very boring. Most guys retire and then unretire. Mason did it. This diva in Minnesota everyone hates did it.
    Not compelling news at all!

  4. I’d like to see Mason back, but if his retirement forces the Ravens to address the WR position, then so be it.

  5. Completely agree with Hooj……Love Mason, but the WR position is a hugggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeee need….this is the first year I’m hoping Ozzie drifts away from his “taking the best player left, regardless of position” and trades up for a WR……if not….please target Marshall….

  6. I love D Mase. True warrior. But I think we might be better off without him. Remove Flacco’s security blanket and teach the man to move through progressiong QUICKLY and spread the ball around.
    Marshall is a cancer. No thanks.
    We are restricted in FA due to finishing in the top 8, but it doesn’t apply to RFAs…so I would make an offer to Vincent Jackson that can’t be beat. I t6hink Miles Austin could be another RFA target. Draft a wideout in 1st round. Re-sign Kelly Washington, and hope J. Harper or M. Smith develop.
    This team needs one top flight DE, one blocking TE and one CB. We need 2 -3 WRs but can’t neglect our other needs.

  7. Warner’s response should be the new MO:
    -I don’t want to say anything after an emotional game
    -I will make my decision by X-date
    That’ll give the frothing media jackals what they need to justify their expenses, while giving the team and its rubes assurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. has anyone seen that governor of yours rolling around with the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS flag on his ride yet? nice bet fellas. maybe your scoreboard operators and PA announcer can take a note from that flag. 8 straight ladies…
    thanks for comin’ out

  9. I hope that Ozzie sticks with the “taking the best player” strategy. It has served the Ravens well. Let’s pick-up a few receivers through free agency or trade – the draft presents far too many risky propositions in the receiver category for my stomach.
    Trade 2 through 4, if necessary, and get a good receiver. Re-sign Mason and him he will flourish when he isn’t number one.

  10. @PUBooby…Your team has 1 player…granted that player is IMO the best to ever play QB in the history of the NFL, but if Peyton were to go down (which I do not want to see) Indy would go right in the toilet…you know that…
    I have to admit, I am rooting for Peyton now, only because I do not want to see blowhard Rex in the Superbowl!
    !MSWRavens..Great post! I think that is a perfect summation!

  11. If both Mason and Reed retire, I can see the Ravens jumping up the board on draft day for Berry. The defense needs that spark.
    Flacco needs a reliable option though, they have to address the receiver position or else Ray Rice will continue to be the one man show in Baltimore. Teams where their best playmakers are their tight ends and running backs can’t make it in this league anymore. See: Chiefs and Buccaneers.

  12. @ravenmaniac
    yes, we would suck without Peyton Manning. good thing we have Peyton Manning.
    thanks for the support, though.
    see you in Miami

  13. As a Ravens fan, I hope he reitres because it would force Flacco to actually find other targets to throw to and maybe Newsome would draft a receiver this year.

  14. My gut feeling is Mason gets re-signed for one more year but as a limited role as a #2. Then I think Baltimore should dump Clayton and even though DWill shows signs, he is not worth taking up a roster spot. Kelley Washington must be brought back. He will be 31 but he’s still a good player. If he started full time this season, he coulda caught at least 50 to 60 passes. That said, he should be the #3. Then it gets interesting. Do you draft a player like Benn or Tate in the late first since Bryant won’t be there, or do you put an offer on a guy like Malcolm Floyd (Marshall is an excellent player but he is most likely going to be suspended, Jackson is definately going back to San Diego and no way Austin leaves Dallas). There is also the possibility of signing Antonio Bryant or Terrell Owens. It is possible, but I just don’t think Baltimore will want to get another old grizzly WR. Antonio Bryant is a real good WR, but even if we did sign him, is he what we need? That’s why I think the Ravens will definately take a WR because they’ll need another one when Mason officially goes too. I say Golden Tate. He is such a reliable WR who makes plays and might be there at pick 25. He produced and is so tough to bring down, love the way he plays. Also Baltimore needs a defensive lineman who can rush the passer and stuff the run. There are actually a lot of those players in this year’s draft. We’ll have to see.

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