Pat Kirwan says he's not pursuing job with Seahawks

Pat Kirwan says he’s not going to follow his buddy Pete Carroll to Seattle.

The moment Carroll landed the job with the Seahawks, Kirwan’s name came up as a possible G.M. candidate.  Kirwan never emerged as a possibility for the top personnel job, but he was expected to interview for potential employment as an assistant to the head coach.

Speaking on his Sirius XM show Monday, via the Seattle Times, Kirwan said he won’t be pursuing a job with the franchise. 

It’s unclear why Kirwin is staying in the media and we’ll keep our speculation unsaid for a change.  Florio gets back soon anyhow.

10 responses to “Pat Kirwan says he's not pursuing job with Seahawks

  1. Has anyone watched the crap that comes out of his mouth? He has zero credibility. I said this, but now I believe this. I wouldn’t trust him in a .99 cent store.

  2. PK is a smart guy. He sees that there is already a day 1 power struggle going on in the front office and wants no part of it. These situations only get worse.

  3. Kirwan can stay in his sit on your ass nice and easy gig that pays him very well, or he can jump into the NFL grinder for probably not a whole lot more money than he’s currently making but with a bucketload of additional stress and travel.

  4. It must have been my threat to cancel my Sirius sub that did it… and:
    A) How does one exactly accomplish: “Speaking on his Sirius XM show Monday, via the Seattle Times,” WHICH ONE WAS IT DUDE?? The radio or the paper?
    B) MasterShake: I wasn’t aware you could actually watch crap come out of a guys mouth on radio. I think it’s more realistic to say I’m watching crap come out of your mouth on the internet though… PK rules. Where in the world does the guy lose credibility?

  5. what kirwan actually was that he said he thought about it, talked w/ his family, and decided to stay at sirius….sure pat. give up the chance to make over $150,000 or stay on with a financially shaky [though amazingly entertaining and creative] company where he makes TOPS $50,000. right pat, like you had a choice.

  6. Kirwan has more than just the Sirius gig. He also works for CBS, NFL Network, and writes for All of those combined probably pay a good sum, especially considering the lack of stress and limited hours (compared to an NFL front office job).
    He’s also an East Coast guy. He’s got kids at college/marriage age.
    I don’t blame him a bit for not jumping back into the meat grinder of the NFL personnel business.
    Good for him, and good for us Sirius listeners!

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