Report: Gailey expected to be next Bills head coach

We have a new leader in the clubhouse for the Bills head coaching position.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Chan Gailey is expected to meet with the Bills for a second time Monday.  Barring a breakdown in talks, he should be named the coach in the next 24 to 48 hours.

It’s a stunning turn, because Gailey’s name has not been mentioned previously for the job.  His meeting with the Bills last week occurred secretly.

Gailey, 58, would not be a particularly splashy pick for the Bills.  But he would fit G.M. Buddy Nix’s profile; he’s an offensive coach with head coaching experience.

Gailey ran the Cowboys in the late ’90s and has offensive coordinator stints in Pittsburgh, Miami, and last with Kansas City.  He also was the head coach at Georgia Tech from 2002 through 2007, and he is known for a run-first approach.

We can’t help but wonder if Gailey’s name came up when the Bills pursued Bill Cowher.  When Cowher stepped down in Pittsburgh, he recommended Gailey to be his successor.

64 responses to “Report: Gailey expected to be next Bills head coach

  1. Glutton for punishment… getting kicked from the Chiefs with his “Arrowspread” offense and now being hired by the Bills?
    It’s out of the frying pan into the fire…
    I will say that he got the most out of Tyler Thigpen though, so maybe he can motivate whoever will be throwing balls to Evans next year.

  2. So, they are so set on hiring an offensive guy that they are willing to pass on a clearly superior coach in Leslie Frazier? Wow. Sucks to be you, Bills fan.

  3. I feel for Buffalo fans. This team has an uphill climb with Belichik, Ryan and Parcells (Sparano doesn’t count) in the division. And the best you can do is Chan Gailey? If you want an offensive-minded coach who hails from the state of Georgia, go with Dan Reeves. At least he’s taken 2 franchises to the Super Bowl.
    Better yet, pop in the tape of the beat-down the Vikes put on Dallas. Are you THAT turned off by Leslie Frasier? Do you not like the fact that he is …….that he has a girl’s first name????? Get a grip!

  4. Excellent hire. There are really very few offensive minded coaches with the experience and ability to take on this type of challenge.
    I was also think of Darrell Bevell, but Gailey is a solid hire. Cowher recommended him for the Steelers gig.
    Sometimes the best hires in the NFL go against the grain. Don’t go after the media pick or the conventional wisdom pick. Gailey knows football and has a great football mind.

  5. Yay! Because the 5 other jobs he’s had he’s been greatly successful at. Why all the retreads? Are they the only ones that would take this job?

  6. This is hysterical. Why did we bother to fire Dick Jauron, if we were going to turn around and hire Dick Jauron Jr. Mind you, he couldnt win with cowboys with the triplets or couldnt hang on to a Offensive Coordinator position with the Chiefs. No wonder, the rest of the league consider us the laughing stock….Great Hire! I am glad I gave up my season tickets.

  7. So that’s why Cowher met with Octo Ralph! He was pushing Gailey, who, some say, he recommended over Wiz and Grimm.

  8. And fans of the Fins, Jets, and Cheatriots know that their team must only beat out 2 others for the division.

  9. Hope Chan Gailey is the man – he’ll put a whoppin’ on that not so dynamic duo in Kaycee – egoli and hailme – the next time they play.
    In fact, lowly BUF already whupped up on the not so KC masterpeices they, and also lost to CLEV & OAK too, but enough beating of the dead football body KC.
    The only reason Chan was let go in KC is that he was a better coach than hailme & the deux rookies coach & gm couldn’t ‘handle the truth’, to quote Nicholsan.
    16 games total lost in 2009 affirms said.

  10. wow! all that excitement for this. Chan Gailey couldnt coach his way out of a closet. We got Dick Jauron II, but lost a great ST coord and Def coord…great job…BUFFALO!

  11. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!.
    wtf! just another pathetic move for a pathelic franchise. I hate being a bills fan

  12. …and let’s not forget his two year stint in the World League of American Football as head coach of the Birmingham Fire!

  13. CHAN GAILEY???? WTF! The Bills are on par with Oakland at this point. What a joke of a hire.

  14. WOW!!! dont care about race or the bills but this would definately be a slap in the face of proponnents of both the bills and affermative action!

  15. I don’t understand this..I get that the Bills want to hire an offensive-minded coach, but who’s to say that they wouldn’t be able to hire Gailey as their offensive coordinator under Leslie Frazier? This is just an offensive version of Dickhead Jauron.

  16. Great news for the AFC East!
    Blitzkreig, you must be blitzkrieiged for your post.
    Must suck to be a Bills fan if this is true.

  17. As a Cowboys fan, I can’t help but laugh at the Bills if they do hire him and feel extremely sorry for the fans if they have to endure his reign. He didn’t have to hire the entire coaching staff in Dallas and you have to wonder if he’ll make the right choices now that he has the power to select his own guys. I’m a firm believer that the biggest impact that a head coach can make is in his choices for his assistants because they’re the ones that will be interacting with the players on a daily basis and a solid staff can make life so much easier on the head coach. If he’s worried about one of his guys bucking for his job, you have to wonder if he’s the right guy for the job, in the first place.

  18. As long as Ralph Wilson keeps making these dumb Coach hire’s a la Dick Jouron. He wont live t ee the Bills win Suprbowl.

  19. my drunk inside guy in the bills front office said to me last year at xmas that chan gailey was the guy obd wanted after bill cower. look….it seems crazy to me but what the fxxk do i know about pro football.this situation reminds me of something frank sinatra said years ago to one of his handlers “i could sing blah, blah, doobie doobie doo” and they would love it”. i guess cowers word is that powerful. but seriously bills fans….chan gailey?….i am confused….i am sad.

  20. i will say one thing about western ny. i waited all hunting season for a good shot and i got my fat nine point… far as afterwards the pickens at the local shithole were not all bad. i scored a very pretty fat chick that smelled sweet , knew how to please and was a great time. so buffalo fans, life does go on! ps-carrie, i have your ankle socks, sniff, sniff, sniff.

  21. This hire makes me wanna Shout, kick my heels up and Shout, throw my hands in the Shout……heyyyyyyyyyyyy, (heyyyyyyyyyyy), heyyyyyyyyyyy, (heyyyyyyyyyyyy)……Let’s go Buffalo (Let’s go Buffalo)…….Let’s go Buffalo (Let’s go Buffalo).
    I forgot Buffalo Bills were still in the NFL. I do remember them in the early 90s though w/ the K-Gun and Co.

  22. Just another recycled coach who has failed before and will fail again. Give someone new a chance…except for Leslie Frazier. That would make Tony “the racist” Dungy wayyy too happy.

  23. Dear Bills fans,
    Be prepared to watch your coach snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Be prepared to lose each and every year to your rival, each time in a new and exciting way. Hopefully we don’t have to pay him anymore.
    Georgia Tech fans

  24. Buffalo is exponentially lowering its standards. Shanahan, Cowher, Leslie Frazier, and then Chan Gailey. Wasn’t he unemployed for a while?

  25. Oh No We Suck Again…I mean still!!!
    Chan Gailey…Are you freaking kidding me?? I wish they’d move already and get it overwith. This is excruciating.

  26. bills fans should be excited by this; he knows how to work w/ QBs. he designed an offense specifically for Tyler Thigpen in KC, which culminated in Thigpen playing pretty well and leading a high-scoring offense [although TT only won one game, but that is partly bc KC had no talent]. if hired, he will successfully diagnose strengths and tailor gameplans to Fitzpatrick’s/Edward’s/QB to be name’s strong suits. but he will need a very strong supporting coaching staff.

  27. Hear me out. It might not be as bad as it sounds fellow Buffalo fans. The top guys aren’t coming to Buffalo (Cowher, Gruden, Billick, Schottenheimer Sr). They’re not coming, move on. That leaves us with coordinators or unproven coaches to choose from. Ralph didn’t even interview a GM outside of the organization because he looked at the list and he “didn’t know any of them”. With their track record he’s not going to hire another coordinator for head coach again. Take a look at Gailey’s Record… Steelers ’94-’97 Made the playoffs all 4 years 1 Superbowl. Cowboys HC ’98-’99 Made the playoffs both years. Dolphins ’00-’01 Made the playoffs both years. Georgia Tech ’02-’07 Went to a Bowl all 6 years. World League ’91-92 Made the playoffs both years. He has been to the playoffs in every season as a Head Coach or Corrdinator except his first year in KC and it was a mess when he arrived. Even if that’s as good as he can do, right now in Buffalo making the Playoffs sounds pretty damn good.

  28. This would be an Al Davis-like hire . . . as in I can’t get anybody better so I need to settle on a re-tread. He’s not even a re-tread . . . he’s a worn re-tread. I wouldn’t even want the guy as an OC.

  29. This has to be the worst hire in recent memory. It trumps the re-hire of Art Shell by a megaton. Gaileys been fired from every job hes ever had. Billick was interested, as well as Frazier. WTF!
    They should rescind the Hall of Fame bust from Ralph Wilson for putting his fans through decades of misery. The Cowher/Shanahan interest was all a sham to tell the fans they tried. Ralph was going to be cheap from the get go, its all he knows. Bills fans have been screwed yet again. This is just awful news.
    Absolutely awful hire. Bills fans should boycott home games in protest.

  30. “Hope Chan Gailey is the man – he’ll put a whoppin’ on that not so dynamic duo in Kaycee – egoli and hailme – the next time they play.
    In fact, lowly BUF already whupped up on the not so KC masterpeices they, and also lost to CLEV & OAK too, but enough beating of the dead football body KC.
    The only reason Chan was let go in KC is that he was a better coach than hailme & the deux rookies coach & gm couldn’t ‘handle the truth’, to quote Nicholsan.
    16 games total lost in 2009 affirms said.”
    ummmm… what was that?

  31. Birmingham Stallions was the USFL team Gailey was with, not the Fire……… Oh, and the kicker for the Stallions was some guy name Scott Norwood!

  32. not one bills fan sh0uld buy a ticket, ralph U created the crap image the bills have bc ur cheap. So nobody wants to come here player coach-hc/sp, gm, water boy, all bc of YOU. and fans are fed up. Now this travesty of a coaching choice but what do u expect. RALPH, When u r gone i’ll buy a ticket if the bills move so be it for now, if thats what it takes its better then what u call an effort its obvious u need to move on.

  33. why not call billick,the bills are a big joke.this is funny if he becomes the coach.they should just move now,i know i am not going to anymore games.

  34. absolutely disgusting….i am a life long bills fan who hopes the bills just move to l.a so i can start being a colts fan or something…

  35. You know after reading that pathetic post I dare any Browns fan to complain about Lerner as an owner. The Bills have great fans and deserve to have a competitive team through the hiring of a solid coach. I am very sorry about the direction that Wilson appears to be taking the team after this hire. And the immorality of PFT trying to link coaches like Cowher and Shannahan to the Bills in order to give the appearance that they’re trying to stay competitive when in fact the franchise just called the Irsays looking for a loaner moving vanliner.

  36. Hey Edgy, thanks for feeling sorry for us Bills fans. I must sat though I feel “almost” as sorry for your “always overated” football team in Dallas. You will never win a superbowl with Phillips. He stunk when he was in Buffalo and is not doing much better in Dallas with a team that has a lot of talent. Congrats for getting to the playoffs though.

  37. I guess the Bills are much like the Raiders and Redskins. At least the Redskins can name a relative name to their job. The Raiders are just plain crazy. Buffalo is just a step above the Raiders.

  38. I guess any good will built up by Wilson with last year’s HOF induction has been blown away with the current season and the threat of moving the games to Toronto. Just a shame that a once proud franchise has had to endure, similar to what the Redskins have had to over the last decade which mediocrity and losing.
    I am sure that Wilson tried to lure other coaches, but because Wilson is known for not even signing the guys that they develop let alone bringing in big name players, it has hurt the franchise reputation. Now no one wants to be the head coach of the Bills except for people who have failed previously.

  39. Hey Edgy, thanks for feeling sorry for us Bills fans. I must sat though I feel “almost” as sorry for your “always overated” football team in Dallas. You will never win a superbowl with Phillips. He stunk when he was in Buffalo and is not doing much better in Dallas with a team that has a lot of talent. Congrats for getting to the playoffs though.
    Why do these f-ing idiots even blog if they have no clue wtf their talking about…Correct me if im wrong Wade Phillips was the last coach to take the bills to the playoffs… He has more wins over the last three season than all but three teams in the NFL.. I would take Phillips back any day.

  40. Chan Gailey is a fine coach. He has an appreciation of the balanced offensive approach. It will be interesting to see who he brings along as his assistants. The Bills have a talented team. I wish the Bills much success. Except when they play the Steelers this season, of course!

  41. Bills Fans…
    Deepest sympathies here from a lifelong Falcons fan who knows what it’s like to go through decades of no real hope. Chan is not the answer. He’s a nice enough man but he’s not going to bring winning football to western New York.

  42. Wow, Chan Gailey!!! That makes me feel better after my beloved Cowboys lost yesterday. The Bills ownership must have a death wish or something to get Chan Gailey. If T.O. stays another year, he and Chan will get along fine! LOL

  43. Most people especially the NY media thought Rex Ryan was going to be a bust.
    I have no doubt in my mind, Nix will hire the guy HE can work with. Since none of us have to work with the HC I say let Nix prove himself as a GM.
    I DO like Gailey’s track record. It’s not flashy, he didn’t survive in college football, no surprise, it’s a different animal. He succeeded as a coordinator and in Dallas. JJ is tough to work with, I am happy he doesn’t own the Bills.
    Let it all pan out.
    Come on Bills fans!!! We’re going to let a coach stop us from loving our team!?!?!

  44. I really get the sense that there are some people who don’t know much about football and form their opinions about who a quality head coach would be based on media “hot lists.”
    There is no reason at all to think Leslie Frazier would be a better coach than Chan Gailey. What is this based on? I get that Frazier is a coordinator of a good defense, but Gailey has been a good coordinator, too.
    And why is it Frazier, and not Darrell Bevell that they talk about? There is no schematic reason or any specific information on Frazier that makes some like him. They hear his name in the news because he gets interviewed 25 times due to the Rooney Rule and they think he is great.

  45. Chan Gailey? Dude got canned from an ACC school. Is Buffalo really this bad of a job? I mean, they have 2 good RBs; 1 great WR (Lee Evans, not TO). A pretty good defense. They do need help on the OL and at QB. The Rams would consider themselves lucky to have their problems.

  46. I have never been more embarassed to be a Bills fan. At the moment I am seriously ashamed to say that I am a Bills fan and from WNY since we so closely associate our identity in this community with our football team.
    Names like Shanahan, Cowher, Gruden, Harbaugh, and Shotenheimer all surfaced at some point during this process and now it looks like it is going to be Chan Gailey. I could have lived with someone like Billick, Frazier, Grimm, or Rivera, but not this. I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach with this news. What a joke this organization has become. I can’t wait for the day when new ownership takes over, even if it means the team leaving, at least that would end my suffering. I used to have such respect for Mr. Wilson, but it is quite clear that he has lost touch. It is very sad and very embarassing. As loyal fans of this organization, we deserve better.

  47. What do you Bills’ fans expect?
    There are only so many $$ in the bucket to pay players, coaches, and personnel. Your bucket isn’t getting any bigger.
    When you live in the poor part of town (low ranking NFL franchise), you are going to eat at the soup kitchen. As the saying goes in real estate: Location, Location, Location……
    Move your team to Los Angeles and you could get a high profile coach.
    Be proud of what your franchise accomplished in the ’90’s and expect them to have a decent season when they have the favorable (#8 ) schedule every 5 or 1o years. The run that Buffalo had in the 90’s isn’t happening again.
    Same rules apply in baseball. Every once in a while, Toronto or Tampa may have a good year but the big boys (Yankees/Red Sox), year in and year out, are the teams to beat.

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