Turner still expected to get contract extension

NorvTurner.jpgMarty Schottenheimer was fired for an upset loss in the divisional round of the playoffs, but Norv Turner will not suffer the same fate.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed Monday Turner is in no danger of losing his job, as expected.  Turner finished third in Coach of the Year voting.

There have been reports all year that Turner is set to get a contract extension this offseason. Bill Williamson writes that a deal should be completed soon.  Turner had one year left on his contract.

Chargers fans may feel conflicted about Turner staying, but his work calling plays and developing Philip Rivers has been excellent.  The playoff loss was hard to fathom, especially for San Diego’s leaders, but it doesn’t totally erase a successful season.

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  1. Yeah turner doesn’t deserve to be fired, just like Marty didn’t deserve to be fired. Then again who knows what the Chargers are going to do, that Marty move was just weired as hell

  2. Turner didn’t shank 3 field goal attempts. Stupid call on the onside kick, but he deserves to stay. This coming from a Cheesehead.

  3. Marty Schottenheimer is fired after they go 14-2 and choke. Norv Turner goes 13-3 and chokes and gets a extension. Makes perfect sense.

  4. What he needs to do is hire an offensive coordinator with some sense. All those weapons, and you only score 14 points at home? Inexcusable.

  5. Maybe with that extension money he gets he can hire the plastic surgeon who worked on Jerry Jones’s face to fix his pock marks.

  6. Norv’s longevity as a head coach is only surpassed by Lane Kiffin’s ability to continue to get head coaching jobs.

  7. but turner was responsible for tomlinson getting his hands on the ball for 15 plays yesterday gaining a total 0of 24 yards or 1.5 yards per touch putting chargers in 2nd or 3rd and long on just about everyone of those plays in a game they lost by 3 points.
    for turner its just a well paying job
    for the sucker fans you pay his salary. you have the right to not pay it by not renewing or buying seats.

  8. Maybe AJ thinks this wasn’t a coaching problem it was a player problem. Or maybe AJ realizes that it’s a fools game to keep rebuilding a coaching staff that’s competitive in the hopes you’ll get more playoff success. Hey whatever floats your boat. A choke is still a choke.
    As an aside I called this at the start of the season. Their div was so weak that there was a good chance they’d lock it up, get overconfident, never have to really push themselves and find themselves wanting when grit mattered most. And that’s exactly what happened.

  9. Exactly what slipkid said.
    Norv goes:
    11-5, 2-1 & loses road AFC title game
    8-8, 1-1 & loses road divisional game
    13-3, 0-1 & loses home divisional game.
    Next step is to miss the playoffs altogether. It only makes too much sense to extend this guy. Great OC, mediocre HC.

  10. hey charger fans if you want to get rid of norv just have him hire his brother as o.c. rivers will go from all pro to a lousy qb in no time. as a bonus you will get to see some of the worst play calling in the history of football.serves the chargers right after what they did to marty,yea he was the reason they could not win alright.spanos fired the wrong guy.

  11. First of all, I’m a Steeler fan.
    Norv Turner is NOT a head coach. He may be adequate for the regular season, but that team was not prepared yesterday, and the Chargers were the hottest team in the league (playing very well in recent weeks on top of the winning streak). I can’t remember how many 2nd and 10s there were yesterday but EVERY one resulted in a 0-2 yd gain for LT. It put the Bolts in 3rd and long EVERY time. The playcalling never placed the Jets off balance. This was the year the Chargers should have won it. They have incredible talent on both sides of the ball w/ exceptional cover guys, excellent o-line, good not great running game and fantastic QB…the defense did their part (one first down in first 25 minutes of play)….the offense? phew….
    The AFC participant in the Super Bowl should be limited to one of 5 teams every year….Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Chargers and Ravens……Now we get to watch an unwatchable AFC Championship game when Indy rolls the Jets…..At least there’s the Super Bowl.

  12. I can see the arguments concerning the toughness of the team. Its the same issue the Cowboys have. Difference is SD has a small RB and a RB in Decline. Dallas has a RB where everyone loves to talk about his toughness.
    (yeah off topic already there – Except both teams got beat this weekend).
    But also see the Jets last play. They called a play to win the game. We are going to run it, you know we will run it, You know who will will hand the ball to. So Stop us!
    But most of the other comments are dubious. I mean the Jets do actually have a good defense and running game. They are not the Lions.
    The game is different if the kicker makes kicks. Both teams approach the 4th quarter differently if 1 or 2 of those kicks go through.
    The Chargers did get a chance to pad on wins in the weak division. Its also tough to have 13plus game winning streaks. Remember the illusive perfect season? Why were people so sold that this team was not due for a struggle? Instead its called a choke job?

  13. Where’s all the prick fans that said how many quality teams they beat? Won 11 in a row? Lost the big one though. LA chargers coming to a less than sold out stadium near you (or not near) in Los Angeles.
    I used to be a “sorta” fan of the Chargers until that dildo Chris Berman started talking shit years ago. Be careful which those you surround yourself with. Like the security at your stadium. JETS, jets, jets, jets…………..

  14. This will be a costly mistake. First of all lets take a look at the management of the Chargers who seem to be keeping the team down. We need to clean house. How do you have a team with that much talent and not get 1 Super bowl appearance in the past 5 years? Is is insane. With that much talent and unable to win when it counts – you blame the management of the team – period!
    We should trade some of the veteran players, LT, Shawn Merriman and consider Phillip Rivers. Sure he has great stats but he has not proven that he can take a ball club of this caliber to the big game. He just got beat by a Rookie QB at HOME! Well maybe it was the coaching – NOT!
    Sure I sound angry, I have been a Charger Fan since the early 80’s and am tired of loosing and bad management. It’s time we put together a dynasty and that will start with changing the management, head coach and maybe asking the owner to sell the team to someone who gives a &$ap about the San Diego Chargers. If he does care, he will not resign Norv Turner and he would fire the GM, SVP, etc. In fact, I can not even believe they still have their jobs.

  15. Charger fans have every rite to be angry. As a long suffering Vikings fan, I know how it feels. However, firing a coach that has gone 32 and 16 in 48 regular season games makes little sense. It made no sense to fire Marty after the 14 and 2 season in 2006. The Vikings fired Dennis Green after he guided the Vikes to 8 playoff appearences in a ten year period. The Vikings would then go through a stretch where they made the playoffs once in 7 seven years. What am I saying in all this nonsense? Charger fans, enjoy the fact that you have had playoff football five of the past six years in San Diego.

  16. Ummm, I not the biggest Turner fan, but the kicker cost them the game.
    A kicker who cant make field goal in playoff games is worthless.
    I dont care if he doesnt miss the entire regular season, dude cant cut it in the NFL and should be released.
    Al Del Greco thinks that Kaeding is a choke artist.

  17. Thank God Norv is staying. Nolan is gone from the Broncos, and the Chiefs, keep getting guys from Belladick…..Gotta love it.

  18. @dave
    I know they technically won the division in 2008, but winning a division at 8-8 (5-1) is more of an indictment on your division than a feather in your cap.

  19. Norv coached well this season…
    You have to question the personnel moves more harshly than the coaching performance when you look at San Diego…

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