Vincent Jackson was arrested again before playoff game

On Sunday, we posted an item regarding the status of Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson’s legal entanglement from the days preceding the team’s 2008 division-round loss to the Steelers.

And, as luck would have it, Jackson encountered another legal entanglement in the hours preceding the team’s 2009 division-round loss to the Jets.

According to, Jackson was pulled over by a San Diego police officer on Sunday. 

A department spokesman said the officer stopped Jackson because his music was too loud.

The officer cited Jackson for having expired vehicle tags and driving with a suspended license, a misdemeanor under California law.  Jackson was handcuffed “for a short period of time,” but the officer opted not to take Jackson to jail.

Still, Jackson’s car was impounded, and he hitched a ride to the game with quarterback Philip Rivers.

Jackson’s DUI charges from January 2008 are still pending.

UPDATE:  As a reader points out, Jackson’s sentence apparently was banishment to Revis Island.  I wish I’d thought of that one.

71 responses to “Vincent Jackson was arrested again before playoff game

  1. just like high school: the football player jocks get let off the hook by the coppers. weak sauce.

  2. What I don’t understand is these guys make millions of $$$$ a year and STILL can’t take care of expired vehicle tags and a suspended license????
    I would have took his SORRY ass to jail

  3. You would think if you have expired vehicle tags and are driving with a suspended license, you might want to be less noticeable.

  4. another diva whos people are not taking care of things
    How damn loud does the radio have to be to get pulled over?

  5. I don’t understand why NFL players have such a hard time driving or holding on to their license or even registering their damn vehicles. They’re millionaires for crying out loud!
    I think the NFL should require an IQ test before being allowing them to sign a contract.

  6. There’s a big difference between cited and arrested. Perhapes your headline should read, “Jackson in trouble with law (again) before playoff game”

  7. Lost a lot of respect for Jackson when he made an amazing catch, then decided to kick the challenge flag. Chargers aren’t cursed in the playoffs, they’re immature.

  8. Wow, sounds like he wasn’t arrested at all.
    You might want to fix the title because it is blatantly false.

  9. lol, cop didn’t send Vincent to jail because he didn’t want to spoil the playoff game.. However, we all know now that SD lost anyway… Oh well, shulda had stay in jail, to save his embarrassment rather than kicking that red challenge flag, that Rex Ryan threw… Pathetic unsportsmanlike he is..

  10. Now throw in the kicking of the challenge flag, and you clearly have a guy in need of an attitude adjustment.

  11. Such a misleading headline, Florio. Way to run this guys name through the mud just so you can get more hits. I dont even like the Chargers

  12. This is just stupid in so many ways. I guess crime and other moving violations like drunk driving aren’t a problem in S.D. if these cops had the time to pull a guy over for loud music.
    How many people who drove by while they had him handcuffed were talking on their cell phone or worse yet, texting while driving ?
    Now he deserves to have the book thrown at him for driving without a license and expired tags but pulling him over for loud music ?
    C’mon man !

  13. why do pro athletes consistenly have expired licenses and registration. its something a child does

  14. The Chargers are rapidly replacing the Bengals as the leagues flagship team of idiots.

  15. banishment to revis island? didn’t the guy have over 100 yards? yes, that sounds flashy, but would have been quality if he had like 11 yards, rather than 111.
    hate the chargers, but he was a fantasy guy of mine. like most coaches, i stick with my players.

  16. If he insists on still driving with a suspended license you would think that he would at lease drive around like an old lady. 5 mph below the speed limit, turn signals at every turn, seatbelt on at all times, etc.
    But instead he has expired tags and is blasting his music to create all kinds of attention to himself. This guy is a moron.

  17. While I would agree that getting pulled over for loud music is a bit lame (and I lived in SD for 5 years and have seen that happen on more than one occasion), it seems to me that Jackson was just experiencing Karma biting him in the ass for breaking the law.
    Lesson: when driving a vehicle with both expired tags and a suspended license, it’s probably best not to blast your music so loud that it attracts the attention of the police!?

  18. “Wow. You couldn’t make this stuff up.”
    Well, if you’re Florio, you could make up a headline that sounds dramatic, but didn’t really happen.
    Florio, you should think about learning something about the law.

  19. “I think the NFL should require an IQ test before being allowing them to sign a contract”
    Then half the SEC wouldn’t get into the league.
    But seriously how STUPID so you have to be to drive around with your stereo turned up loud when you know you don’t have a drivers license.
    I mean retards are smarter. Just another SD Charger that thinks his shit doesn’t stink what is it about that team so full of cry babies, whiners and shit talkers that cannot back it up.

  20. the chargers are the cowboys of the AFC. Win in the reg season but cant win when it counts!

  21. “@ Dapack, um put in hand cuffs is arrested.”
    Um no smart guy its not, its called being put in handcuffs. Being arrested is when your are taken to the station.

  22. what! this is really funny….to say this man is a dumbass would be the understatement of the year. i mean what a fxxkin axxhole. dude, you just might, just might want to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. rivers should have fxxking screamed at this idiot for being so unprofessional. i hope he did yell at this retard. how you guys like that sxxt taco charger fans?

  23. Just got pulled over the other day for expired tags myself and had no idea. Cop also let me go and told me to get it fixed which I did. And while my license was not expired, it happens. When’s the last time you’ve checked your license? State should’ve sent me a reminder for expired tags but somehow they didn’t. And remember these guys live in other places most of the time so his notice could’ve been in Colorado somewhere in a stack of mail. Let’s not forget these guys work extreme hours and travel a lot, so give him a break. And cops… don’t get me started. I have nothing against law enforcement. my brother is a state trooper and he’d be the first to tell you if they want to pull you over they’ll find a reason. Let’s not forget the law enforcement in San Diego has been known to target players. Remember Steve Foley? While he was guilty, cop was out of his jurisdiction and didn’t bother to call appropriate authorities.

  24. “turn signals at every turn, seatbelt on at all times, etc.”
    if this is driving like grandman i wonder how you drive.

  25. These guys are college graduates….send an idiot to college, what do you get….and educated idiot.

  26. These guys never learn they are just out of control you would think with all that money they would enroll in school.

  27. “troll_aikman8 says:
    January 18, 2010 7:47 PM
    B-But the sport announcer said he had a 4.2 GPA!
    I’m sure it was in some BS major.”
    In high school he gradutated 4 out of 400 in his class.
    he is obviously very bright, but just doesnt have any common sence.
    and florio, holy shit man, i would think you could do some research.
    didnt he have 111 yards and what should have been called a touchdown?

  28. **Jackson’s DUI charges from January 2008 are still pending**
    Still pending??? That happen over two years ago..whats the delay?

  29. Did he have the windows open? I HATE when people drive and play music too loud with the windows open.
    If they closed them they could turn it down.
    They think it looks cool. But all they are really saying is Look at me! Look at me!
    And this kid is suppose to be smart? Wow.

  30. @ Toad
    “I wish he would have loaned his car and license to Kaeding…”
    LOL, that’s classic, but would the officer have let him go too…hmmmmmm

  31. look….when i was young, before my kids were born, i moved ALOT of product. but i had the sense to keep a low profile. this is just stupidity. we all know the man is out to get us. you just can`t be dumb. end of story.

  32. @ whiteboy
    Actually you wrong… in SoCal the jails are so full at any given time that depending upon the infraction, the cops will arrest a suspect, write he or she up, and then release them on their own recognizance.
    @ boltfanfromwv
    “State should’ve sent me a reminder for expired tags but somehow they didn’t.”
    Ah, you’re wrong! It’s called a registration renewal… they send you a sticker that displays the year (i.e. 2010) to put on your tags once a year… every (legal) car owner receives them annually. So go make up another story to compensate for your teams embarrassing loss yesterday

  33. @ boltfanfromwv,
    He wasn’t driving with an expired license. It was a SUSPENDED license. Meaning he did something to have his driving privaleges taken away from him by the department of transportation. Yet he still drives, and blasts music to bring attention to himself.
    Don’t make excuses for this clown.

  34. VJ,
    What is the matter? Are you subconsciously trying to sabotage your success? You haven’t made it yet, remember? You only make $625K/yr. I thought you had a business mind. Do you think teams will want to give you your payday with these childish antics that hurt the team?
    2 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in consecutive divisional playoff games?
    Arrests before each divisional playoff game?
    I think you should see a professional to understand why you’re doing this to yourself. I love you and I’m a huge fan but you need help.

  35. Didn’t mean to strike a nerve… my bad. You’re right suspended license and not expired license. Big difference and my fault. But I did not receive a renewal notice in the mail this year is all I’m saying. The state is supposed to send them out and I didn’t get one.

  36. Yeah! Send someone to jail for misdemeanors! Thats the logic that makes our penal system hemorage cash.
    Maybe this story will get some people off L.T’s back?

  37. As a retired Deputy in San Diego, I can tell you that he wasn’t arrested just because he was cuffed and in the back seat… That is not unusual. Although driving in CA with a suspended license is a misdemenor, with jail overcrowding there is no way he was going to go to jail for this. The normal procedure is to impound the car and release the person on a citation with a promise to appear… He got a ticket.
    As for the game itself… this was not the Chargers that played the previous 11 games. They made stupid mistakes, had a crappy game plan and didn’t look like they wanted to win at all… Just like some of the previous playoff games. They did it with Marty, they did it with Norv. I blame this loss on the entire team all the way to the top.

  38. Was he arrested for Contributing To Another Pathetic San Diego Postseason Performance?
    If it’s not a crime it should be. And it’s too bad too, because unlike Oakland and Minnesota, the Chargers don’t have dickhead fans…..their players on the other hand…..

  39. SixburghSteelers says:
    January 18, 2010 9:14 PM
    @ Toad
    “I wish he would have loaned his car and license to Kaeding…”
    LOL, that’s classic, but would the officer have let him go too…hmmmmmm
    I heard the cop tried to pull Kaeding over but Kaeding swerved off too far to the left.
    As for VJ’s 111 yards, Revis wasn’t on him the whole game. I think Rivers throwing at Revis netted something like 4 yards total.

  40. I love hearing Bronco and Raider fans Talking trash, where the hell where your teams the last 2 weeks?
    13-3 Season, compared to Broncos 8-8 and the Raiders impressive 5-11. So bring the Trash, it’s all you apparently have.

  41. Let me guess … it was the same cop who arrested the Jets fan at the game.
    Probably. I lived down there for a short time, they dont play “hood games” near LaJolla and some of those nice residences. If the music is too loud, you will get pulled over.
    L.A., different story…but its about manners and 5-0 will pull you over, as you to step out of the car, check your i.d., all kinds of stuff. For multi-million dollar athletes, some of whom with WHITE girl friends, its embarrassing as hell, but a reality.

  42. Come to think of it, Foley got arrested for DUI and so did Shaun Phillips in 2006….you gotta fly under the radar down there.
    People drink and drive….fact. I mean, they go to parties, have fun and drive when you have loud music or ARE PROFILED you are going to be stopped, period.
    And not just black athletes, Barret Robbins (Raider center back in the day) was attempted to be put into custody – and he absolutely beat down 3 cops in a bathroom in Miami, so you have to understand, NFL players have to watch their tempers….

  43. Hey florio, do you have an audio tape of the phone call where Jackson called Rivers and asked him for a ride? That would be amusing

  44. Ive unknowingly driven on a suspended license (No notice was given to me to return my DL for 30 days after an unrelated violation, had to go to court to get the driving on a suspended license thrown out). I was neither handcuffed, nor arrested. And I certainly didnt have to a playoff football game to play in the immediate future. Not making exucses for this guy, but its not the first time someone didnt get taken to jail for it. Just calm down, folks.

  45. What is with this team?? Head-butting the Jets lineman, kicking a penalty flag, hitting a wide receiver’s head into the ground AFTER the tackle and the whistle, yelling at and not letting another one up after the tackle and whistle…
    and that’s just what the cameras caught Sunday afternoon. They had a great season and act like chumps in their one-and-done playoff game???
    Classy, SD. Real classy.
    Jackson just scratches the surface. This team is a bunch of losers that had their crayons taken away. Grow the F up.

  46. dt123 says:
    Yea he went to revis island….orrrr he had 7 catches for 111 yards
    Did yo get to see the game, dt123? Darelle Revis covered each of SD’s receivers at some point in the game. Ryan had him switching off throughout all 4 quarters, switching it up, keeping them on their toes. And each of them were shut down when he was covering them. Revis Island didn’t fail in this game. Sorry.

  47. I can understand the suspended License, that may be becuase of the DUI. But the expired tags… c’mon cuz….. get it together!

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