Bill Sheridan lands in Miami

Bill Sheridan did a fine job in four seasons as linebackers coach with the Giants — good enough to inherit the defensive coordinator position once Steve Spagnuolo became head coach of the Rams.

As defensive coordinator with the Giants, Sheridan did well enough to get fired after only one year.

So now he’ll get another crack at being a linebackers coach, with the Dolphins.  Specifically, he’ll coach the team’s inside linebackers.

The Dolphins announced the move this morning.

The Giants used a 4-3 front for all of Sheridan’s time there.  Miami employs a 3-4 attack.

14 responses to “Bill Sheridan lands in Miami

  1. Giants were definitely known for their rock-solid linebacker play and development with Sheridan. Great hire, IMO.

  2. norv turner brings his chargers to game sunday totally out of sync uses a worthless tomlinson on 15 plays for 24 yards total, gets rewarded with new deal.
    marvin lewis’ team falls apart at end of year he gets to stay.
    sheridan turned the giants defense from a pretty decent one to one of the worst in the league in just one year , coughlin wants to keep him but owners force his firing, so out of nowhere here comes parcells to reward sheridan for his total lack of achievement in pro coaching.
    note- even in his only prior pro coaching experience that of giants D-C the weakest part of the Giants defense was at the linebacker level.
    this BIG league sure rewards coaching incompetance of their own!

  3. What does this mean for Mike Nolan? Supposedly this is the position that he was close to an agreement on. Has Shanny signed a DC in Washington yet? Could be a fit…

  4. dang, what a punishment – land in south beach Miami as a linebackers coach!?
    Hey Tuna, do you need an assistant to your assistant clerk! lol!!!!!!!!

  5. The Giants had great linebackers when he was there. Unless you think Porter needs some coaching up I don’t see this as a splash. Will Mike Nolan be a phin soon?

  6. “The Giants had great linebackers when he was there.”
    ORLY? Name them. Pierce doesn’t count because he was good when the Giants took him away from the Redskins.
    Sheridan stinks. Just awful.

  7. wwwmattcom says:
    The Giants had great linebackers when he was there.

    giants had pierce and no one else all those years and linebacker was the WEAKEST part of the giants defense under sheridan as linebackers coach
    besides he never coached in a 3-4 defense in the nfl

  8. What I am surprised about with the Giants is all this talk about possibly removing Coughlin. The Giants are only two years removed from the Super Bowl and they want to get rid of a coach who has been successful? Doesn’t make sense to me. Before Coughlin won the Super Bowl, I didn’t think that he would be that great of a coach. Since he was won in NY, I think that he is a much better coach than I realized. He is one of the better coaches out there.
    As far as the coordinator goes, Sheridan, I have no idea that they wouldn’t be as good as they have been in the past. That being said, with Antonio Pierce being injured and older, that position needed to be upgraded. I think the backlash on Sheridan was that there was so much money spent in the off season and the Giants missed the playoffs that cause Sheridan to lose this job. Overall, I don’t think that the Giants were that bad. Sure they didn’t make the playoffs and were .500, but they still had some successes. If anything the Giants offense was a let down too. They couldn’t score points against the Broncos and they couldn’t have consistency at the RB position with Jacobs. It wasn’t just a defensive problem, but the offensive coordinator’s job should have been opened up too.

  9. BoB S- perfectly said.
    worst part of Giants D has been linebackers past few years. Half the blame is on Reese for questionable personell decisions at that position, other half is Sheridan’s inability to coach or progress them in any way.

  10. I think this is a bad hire. He’s a guy with very little positives on his track record. Our linebacking corps is downright crappy. We need a good LB coach to come in and fix things, not a bad one.
    Sheridan was using a 4-3 in New York and now we expect him to “fix things” by adjusting to a 3-4 here with crappier linebackers?
    Ugh. Hopefully Nolan keeps him in check.

  11. You kidding me this guy got a job
    I would not let him take out my trash
    He took one of the best D in the NFL and turned them in to shit in one year
    I am getting tired of hearing about the O Eli had a great year yeah we had some running back issues but they are both getting healthy for our next Trophy

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