Carriker fine with Rams drafting Suh

The Rams selected Nebraska defensive tackle Adam Carriker in the first round of the 2007 draft.  They’re now in position to take another defensive tackle from Nebraska, and that’s fine with Carriker.

Yeah, bring in [Ndamukong] Suh,” Carriker recently said, per the Associated Press.  “I mean, why not?  If they
feel he’s the best player.  Whoever they bring in, they know what
they’re doing.”

But “they” haven’t really known what they’re doing lately, given a 1-15 record in 2009, a 2-14 mark in 2008, and a 3-13 record in 2007.

At that pace, 0-16 is right around the corner.

Though Suh widely is regarded (at least for now) as the top player on the draft board, the Rams need plenty of help at other positions — including quarterback.  So they could hold an auction for the Suh pick, trade down several spots, take Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen, pay less money (unless a rookie wage scale is imposed), and land some extra choices.

Or, as Chris Mortensen of ESPN pointed out over the weekend, they could swing a deal for Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who most likely will be traded within the first five days of the 2010 league year, when he’s due to receive a $1.5 million roster bonus.  That would make quarterback less of a priority in round one, allowing the Rams to land Suh.

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  1. I’m obviously not a GM, but I’m pretty sure that rebuilding your team begins in the trenches. Take the best talent available on either side of the line – right now it looks like Suh but you never know until draft day.
    What the hell is Jimmy Clausen supposed to do with that squad? Go back to square 1 and draft the best linemen you can find…

  2. I agree with SirSuperSouthern. But I’d also like to have a mid-late 1st round O-Lineman, and then an early 2nd round D-Lineman, and a mid-late 2nd O-Lineman.
    Trade the first pick for a 1st and a 2nd from a team like the Chiefs that could REALLY use Suh and take their #5 and #37 picks.

  3. This QB class is weak. They might as well wait until round 2 if they can’t trade down from the #1 spot. And SSS is right, you build a team from the line on both sides, they should be happy with Suh.

  4. So why aren’t you guys hammering Steve Spagnuolo like you are Raheem Morris? The Bucs at least showed flashes of competence and with another two defensive stands could have beaten the Dolphins and the Falcons (first game). The Rams flat-out stunk all year.

  5. It is practically impossible to trade out of the first picks. The salaries are just too high.
    Suh might be an exception because he really is a sure thing – but you’d never get anything close to value for the pick
    As a fan of a team who has not done this and continues to stink as a result – the Rams should take the best player available

  6. How many $30-50 mill rookie contracts can this team keep paying…This current system is swallowing up cap space preventing them from evening out the roster. Trade down and get extra quality players in a deep deep draft.

  7. The Rams drafting D-linemen in the first round has been working out only slightly better then Matt Millen’s Lions drafting receivers in the first round. But if it makes you feel better Rams fans, apparently Bill Pollian has this same problem.

  8. The thing is the Rams have tried building in the Trenches. 3 d-line and an 0-line draft pick in the 1st round the last 4 years, and none have really turned out to be any good. If you have a chance to get a franchise QB you have to take one. Keep passing on them and you will never get one.

  9. Brandon Marshall to the Rams for the 1st overall pick straight up! Then the QB the Rams select will have a premium target to throw to.

  10. The Rams could potentially pit the Lions against the Bucs to see which team might give up more to trade up to draft Suh.

  11. @dasboat
    Because the Bucs were one win against the Raiders from making the playoffs last year. The Rams were 2-14.

  12. he should be fine with it. they could switch to 4-3/move carriker to leonard littles spot and have one of the best young pass rush units ever, they could rotate…
    im sure theres other things to do and, knowing steve spags, hes gonna find something genius to do with them

  13. What can the Rams do? Well there’s an aggressive owner in Denver who has two first round picks this season and may very well have another if Brandon Marshall can fetch a first rounder. Will the Bears give up first round picks for the next two years for Marshall? Stay tuned! haha

  14. Jimmy Clausen yes, Sam Bradford why risk a high pick on such a risky player!
    Look at the offense he ran, his durability issues and the strength of his arm!!!!!?????
    Please Cleveland, do not draft Sam Bradford!

  15. In Breaking News……..
    The Rams are trying to land Roman Gabriel with the 1st pick in the 2010 draft.
    “We really like this guy. His upside seems to match our that of our coaching staff.”

  16. Is Carriker considered a solid player or a bust? I haven’t been able to watch him very much.
    If he’s good, I’d love for the Rams to trade him to my favorite team (which has 11 draft picks).

  17. Yeah the Rams should trade for a troubled QB who’s slightly more accurate a passer than Rush Limbaugh. And they’d get the Vick karma too.

  18. @ The Coop – well it depends how you look at it, his upside is tremendous – good size (6’6″ 300lbs.) He would translate into a DE in the 3-4
    Came from a defensive program, he needs solid coaching and a city that can appreciate him, Cleveland is a good fit – but do you sacrifice one of the 11 picks – no way, do you swap a player or to – yes way!
    I would say Anderson (QB) and an additional player, but no way does the Browns need to compromise any picks for him.
    I think Anderson would thrive on a NFC roster, like the Rams. We will see in due time.

  19. “Yeah, bring in [Ndamukong] Suh,” Carriker recently said, per the Associated Press. “I mean, why not? If they feel he’s the best player. Whoever they bring in, they know what they’re doing.”
    Really? The Rams front office knows what they’re doing? News to me. I’d hate to see how bad they’d be if they were clueless.

  20. I thought Carriker was going to be cut last year except he had the shoulder injury and his contract was guaranteed anyway? Perosnally, I like the idea of Suh and Carriker plugging up the middle and hopefully cauding some problems for oppsoing offenses. As far as quarterback, you can wait to the second round this year. There are a lot of quarterbacks, but none that can save this franchise. You look at who the Rams have passed over in ther last couple of drafts and I’d feel worse about passing on those guys than anyone in this draft.

  21. Be Fair. The coaching staff for the Rams right now wasnt the ones making the mistakes. Yes last year the team was horrible but it has nothign to do with the coaching they just had below average players on that team.
    I think Spags did a good job in the draft last year and made a hell of a trade during the season. Brandon Gibson is going to be a star in this league. To bad the Eagles had so many injuries at lb or they would still have him on the team.
    If they give Spags enough time to build that team up over the next few years we will see a totally different Rams team. I have faith in Spagnoulo he is a hell of a coach and the Eagles and Giants are going to be sorry for letting him go. Even though it was the best thing for Spags.

  22. Just in dreamland here- The rams can trade down to number 18 where Pittsburgh is. Im sure there would be a good QB pick on the board still. Plus they would have more picks too. Then Pitt could draft Suh to help their aging D-line! Man that would be sweet!

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