Chan Gailey promises Bills will win consistently

New Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey vowed at his introductory press conference today that he will make the Bills consistent winners.

“I understand the challenge that’s ahead of us, the challenge to get the Buffalo Bills back to a winning franchise on a consistent basis,” Gailey said. “That is the plan.”

The Gailey hiring came as a major surprise, and Bills General Manager
Buddy Nix indicated that he knew the hiring would be controversial. Nix
gave a rambling introduction to Gailey in which he admonished the media
that “with all due respect, I don’t care” about any criticism the
hiring of Gailey might bring.

Gailey said he understands what it takes to win, and that he’ll emphasize basic blocking and tackling more than anything else.

“I think you have to be fundamentally sound,” Gailey said. “You have to teach fundamentals.”

49 responses to “Chan Gailey promises Bills will win consistently

  1. So can Bills fans expect a string of consistent 4-12 seasons? That would be winning consistently.

  2. “Gailey said he understands what it takes to win, and that he’ll emphasize basic blocking and tackling more than anything else.”
    Seriously you have to teach this team how to block and tackle more than anything else? WOW!! I love this train wreck already.
    Go Dolphins!!!!!

  3. Welcome to the AFC East, Chan…now go fetch me some coffee and donuts.

  4. He didn’t promise anything, he said the plan is to get back to a winning franchise on a consistent basis. That’s the plan for any coach on any team. Jesh you guys are like the TMZ of pro football reporting.

  5. Just sign some O and D linemen, and everything will be fine. Stop investing in TO and Marshawn types…

  6. Teach fundamentals?? This is professional football Gailey!
    How about (a) get an offensive line (and then don’t give them away) (b) get a QB (c) Move to Toronto and be done with it.

  7. “I think you have to be fundamentally sound,” Gailey said. “You have to teach fundamentals.”
    “Gentlemen, this is a football…”
    Go get ’em Chan!

  8. THis is why Buffalo is losing.. has lost recently and will stay a minor unimportant franchise.. Essentially the front office said that we have no other ideas but to bring in a poor retread who keeps gettin gigs because he has friends in the business.. Aside from Affirmative Action.. this hurts young white coaches too.. what about Ryan.. Kubiak.. Harbough.. Smith in atlanta.. Why? Was Frazier that bad.. did you even talk to Heimedinger?? Yeah .. whatever i understand the football intelligentsia will protect their own.. Chan’s a good football man etc etc.. Heck you coulda kept Jauron and got the same doggone thing??
    Losers.. I wouldn’t spend 15 minutes watching next season.. Does the old man knowthat with the package you can ignore the local product??

  9. Something about that news conference made me actually believe him. The bills need a little confidence after that depressing decade of ineptitude.

  10. In related news, after hearing Gailey’s presser in Buffalo this afternoon, vegas opened the over/under line for the Bills win total next year at 5 games.

  11. Gailey at GT: Never defeated the school’s biggest rival, never won the ACC, never went to a BCS bowl, never won more than 9 games, never finished in the top 25.
    I think Fewell would have been a better HC honestly. Poor Bills.

  12. The Bills always think they know something everyone else doesn’t. Somewhere, somehow Ralph picked up a big time chip on his shoulder and he has been trying to outsmart the rest of the league ever since. They draft guys way too early, passing on much more ready and widely praised players (e.g. Aaron Maybin over Brian Orakpo) and they hire coaches outside the mainstream like Chan Gailey, heck, they didn’t even interview (willing) mainstream guys like Brian Billick. Ralph has turned into a 13 year old girl who does the opposite of what her parents ask just because they ask it.
    And to Mr. Nix, you may not care what we think but we Bills fans care. We care about the Bills a lot. I hope you’re right about this one, I really do, because if you’re wrong I’ll be buying LA Bills gear in 3-5 years.

  13. “I understand the challenge that’s ahead of us, the challenge to get the Buffalo Bills back to a winning franchise on a consistent basis,” Gailey said. “That is the plan.”
    A plan is a promise?

  14. I registered just so I could call you an idiot. How in the hell do you turn that quote into saying he promised they will consistently.
    The ironic part is he even had a part of his conference where he said he won’t promise anything. You sir, are an idiot.

  15. I just watched the presser and I beat Jay Glazer to the punch…Its not chan gailey idiots…its Tim Stack!! Way to dodge the questions buddy. Bills suck but Ill be there in sept!

  16. Retread and failure. Very poor choice. Franchise in serious trouble and this hire accelerates the downturn.

  17. How exciting…
    I feel for you Bills fan. I’m a Chiefs fan, and you must feel the same way I did when we hired Gunther Cunningham (or Herm Edwards) as Head Coach. There was no way we were going to win with him–the only suspense was whether it would take 2 years or 3 years for them to fire him.

  18. Chan Gailey promises Bills will win consistently.
    Did he manage to keep a straight face when he delivered said message?

  19. But, Gailey is an easy-going, laid back non- disciplinarian, who the Cowboys players walked all over. Teams in decline require a wake up call to get the players attention. You can’t follow Jauron with another laissez faire kind of guy. I am surprised Billick didn’t get it since he was already in the process of assembling a staff. Then they go out and get this guy. Billick seemed much less likely to be one and done than this guy. I have always liked the Bills, but their recent organizational moves are befuddling and will ensure that having to stomach losing seasons to come is going to be part of the Buffalo diet for many more years to come.

  20. but the best part of this presser was the fact that Buddy Nix threw Oakland under the bus when a reporter asked why he thought Buffalo was an unattractive coaching destination, Buddy’s response – “Every coaching vacancy is attractive, even Oakland gets calls”
    Buddy Nix – Awesome. We’ll see about his decision to hire Chan

  21. By “win consistently” does he mean finish under .500? Because if that’s what he meant I have no doubt he can pull that off.

  22. This hire is why the Rooney rule was instituted. So hacks who get recycled every few years would get thrown into the trash heap of history becasue owners would be exposed to new football minds. Seriously, Chan Gailey? Was the criteria for the job to have been fired from the NFL and College and to not have had success since you were a coordinator 15 years ago? Seriously, how come men like Chan Gailey keep getting opportunities but Perry Fewell can’t get the job. What a friggin joke. It should not be about race and it should be about the best man for the job. There is no way Chan Gailey is the best guy for that job. No friggin way. I wonder if Romeo Crennell will get another head job? Me thinks no for some reason but I guaran damn tee ya that sorry ass Eric Mangina will get a job when his time in CLE is up. Of course though, it is not about race, just about qualifications. MY ARSE!!!!!

  23. “Gailey said he understands what it takes to win, and that he’ll emphasize basic blocking and tackling more than anything else.”
    he understandes it so well that the Chiefs decided they no longer needed him before the season even started.
    another joke move from the Bills. Pretty soon people are gonna be talking about Ralph like they do Al Davis….you know the team has no chance to turn it around until Davis/Wilson are no longer involved in running their teams.

  24. This team is a joke and has been for the last decade. CG was fired by KC before the ’09 season and here he is tabbed as the hc of a dysfunctional franchise. Spend some money for cryin out loud! If you’re not going to, or can’t, then sell the team.

  25. Well that’s great, but Tom Modrak (scouting) and John Guy (pro personnel) will certainly have something to say about that. They have been doing their best over the last 10 years to make sure the Bills consistently look like a laughing stock on the field.
    Good luck Chan, but you’re doomed here.

  26. is track record is making Bills fan believe….oh wait a minute…bad track record.. oh well.. the Eagles will trade Vick ..

  27. More mediocrity out of 1 Bills Drive. I can’t wait to endure another season with no hope of the playoffs. Why do I bother anymore?
    Also, did I hear GM Buddy Nix say during the press conference that he wasn’t exactly excited about looking for a new head coach? Then why did you accept the job Nix? Hmmm, will you be excited when the draft or free agency rolls around? Doesn’t seem like it. Wow, I can’t wait for the 2010 NFL season. Go Sabres!

  28. Mr. Florio, when you get the chance can you look into potential hires for the rest of the Bills’ staff? Thanks.

  29. Is this supposed to inspire Bills players in the ultra competitive AFC East? The Bills effort seemed to raise under Fewell and there were some bright spots with him at the helm.
    Now, the young, talented, legitimate starting QB-less team has to rally around a unproven borderline retread in a division featuring resurgent Miami and NYJ teams. Not to mention, although showing some chinks in the armor, he will have to face the best coach in the NFL. Also, thanks to Willis McGahee’s glowing endorsement of the city a few years back, free agents are not anxious to head to Canada, um, I mean, Western NY to play football.
    The Bills can look forward to the cellar for quite a few more years.

  30. Is it bad that i’m looking forward to 2013 already, when we are looking for another coach and picking 2nd in the draft?

  31. Instead of promoting Wendy Nix to GM, the Bills should have promoted Colleen Dominguez. She’s much hotter.

  32. Chan Gailey is a Hick!!!! Never could recruit a quarterback worth a lick at Tech because he comes off as dumb. Quarterbacks think he is dumb….because he is. Too bad the NFL is a quarterback’s game.
    In his interview with Nix, Chan reflected, “You gotta hand the ball to the runnin’ back without fumblin’.”
    Nix responded, “Gailey is an offensive Genius! We finally have a coach that can get us back to winning.”

  33. This move only makes sense if indeed Jones does exercise Wade Phillips option for 2010 and therefore the Bills can’t bring him back.

  34. What do you Bills’ fans expect?
    There are only so many $$ in the bucket to pay players, coaches, and personnel. Your bucket isn’t getting any bigger.
    When you live in the poor part of town (low ranking NFL franchise), you are going to eat at the soup kitchen. As the saying goes in real estate: Location, Location, Location……
    Move your team to Los Angeles and you could get a high profile coach.
    Be proud of what your franchise accomplished in the ’90’s and expect them to have a decent season when they have the favorable (#8 ) schedule every 5 or 1o years. The run that Buffalo had in the 90’s isn’t happening again.
    Same rules apply in baseball. Every once in a while, Toronto or Tampa may have a good year but the big boys (Yankees/Red Sox), year in and year out, are the teams to beat.

  35. i love how everyone regurgitates information post after post after post… is “retread” the new “it” word to replace “schism”??
    c’mon people, it’s the bills, you know there won’t be a quick fix to ANY problem unless ralph is willing to throw money at players in free agency, yet i have reserved optimism for this team every year and this offseason will be no different
    frazier was the best option?? maybe, but they want an offensive mind running the team. And i don’t care how good of a coach you are, if your defense has the williams wall, jared allen, winfield etc etc…. well i believe that your GM should get some credit too
    not that i’m expecting anything major, but if this team turns it around in the near future, i guarantee there could be comparisons to coaches that struggled in their first stint as HC but faired better the second time around

  36. I,m from the Buffalo area and have followed the team for years. This decision gets an “OH Shit, NO!!
    This is so typical of Buffalo. They can’t attract a top coaching talent because it’s Buffalo and the team is heading elsewhere when Ralph dies. So they take what they can get. What they got is a guy who has proven he’s not good enough to be a head coach in the NFL. If you can’t attract Shanahan or Cowher, why not take a chance on an unproven, maybe he’ll turn into a great one. You know Gailey won’t

  37. Excellent hire by the Bills… wish we still had Chan in KC. Alas, we’re stuck with a gm wannabe in egoli and a duffer who deludes himself via believing that he’s a coach, hailme.
    16 losses their resume in 2009 affirms egoli & hailme as castoffs that favor forgot…

  38. Gailey has a very interesting strategy coming in. Most coaches would shoot for losing 8 or more games consistently but Chan is actually setting a goal on winning.
    That sounds crazy enough it just might work.

  39. Wow… just like in Dallas, when he had something to work with?
    This should be…interestingly PAINFUL

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