Deuce McAllister retiring from NFL

Duece_Bush.jpgDeuce McAllister’s return to the Saints roster will be a brief.

With the team needing his roster spot, McAllister is set to announce his retirement from the NFL Tuesday afternoon, according to the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

“I was pretty well content and ready to retire before all this came up,” McAllister said Tuesday.  Saints coach Sean Payton mentioned this week McAllister was 28 pounds over his playing weight, so he was never a candidate to actually suit up.

McAllister led the Saints on to the field before the team’s divisional round win in a moment that Saints fans enjoyed nearly as much as the game itself.

“It was definitely a special night. To be part of that and to be received
by Saints fans the way I was is something I will always remember and be
able to replay for the rest of my life,” McAllister said.

McAllister will again serve as an honorary captain Sunday, which was supposed to be his role all along.  Robert Meachem was shaken up against the Cardinals, so the team is expected to sign a wide receiver.

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  1. Going to be a great game on Sunday and I want the Vikes to pull off a big win. But I will pull for the Saints in the Superbowl if my squad comes up short.

  2. not a Deuce question, but what are the details surrounding a teams ability to sign a WR this late in the season?
    Could they sign Marvin Harrison (or any free agent)?
    Or only practice squad players?
    Are other teams restricted such that they cannot cut any of their players until the off-season?

  3. As a Saints fan I am sorry to hear this. Deuce was great for Louisiana and will always be one of the greatest Saints ever. Who Dat!!

  4. they can sign anyone at this point, but chances are it will be a WR that has been with the team during training camp or early in the season…it’s probably the guy from Michigan that played opposite of Manningham…can’t remember his name???

    I had not even heard Devery was hurt yet. But I am assuming we would just sign Adrian Arrington off of the practice squad if we are going to sign anyone.
    It would be stupid to bring anyone in that is not familiar with the team. (unless its Andre Johnson or something)

  6. So will Deuce still get an NFC Championship ring when they win on Sunday given that he was part of the team…albeit briefly?

  7. Also for the record, Jim Henderson of WWL reports that meachems MRI, as well as shockey’s, came back negative today, and both will play on sunday.

  8. The Superbowl winning team is given up to like 150 rings to pass out as they see fit(Not 100% sure on the amount). Just like the Colts gave Edge a ring after he went to the Cardinals in F.A.. If Benson wanted to give me a ring , he could. I hope Mr. Benson is a member of the PFT planet and reads this post!!!!

  9. I hope the best for Deuce in his life outside of football. Deuce was doing admirable things for the city of New Orleans before Katrina and only stepped up his efforts after the disaster.
    From everything I’ve heard and seen, his team mates love him, Saints fans love him, and Louisianians love him. Just not a lot of people with bad things to say about a guy who played a sport filled with less-than-stellar characters.
    Black and Gold Nation will miss you, Dulymus!!

  10. If for no other reason… I’d love to see the saints go down, just so we can stop hearing that god awful rally cry… Who dat? Who deez foos.
    It’s like putting an inside joke on your license plate. Go ahead pat yourself on the back for your own cleverness, no one else gets it anyways.

  11. Pesky,
    I’m sure that they most definitely COULD sign a Free-Agent Wide Receiver like Harrison, but typically this late in the season they will sign a practice squad member to save money and also because it’s someone who knows and has been operating in that offense’s system.
    Although, I’m obviously no expert, that’s my take.

  12. @ scomibord – I cannot lie, that would be the coolest gift a fan could ever receive, whether it was by the opportunity to purchase one or if some raffled one off.
    But as a Cleveland Brown fan, if they ever made it to a super bowl and won one – lord knows I would have to get one of those rings, HAVE TO!

  13. He sure doesn’t look like he’s 28 pounds heavier.
    On another note, Goodell in an effort to weild his almighty power, is looking to get McAllister suspended in his next line of work for his Star Caps involvement.

  14. I liked that the Saints “tried” to give Deuce the honor of leading the team out on the field. However, I feel it was ruined by Bush sprinting out ahead of him. If you watch the video, Deuce emerges from the tunnel, crowd cheers, then Bush sprints past him waving the black bat. All the other players stay behind Deuce as he jogs onto the field, except the class-less Bush. Way to ruin the moment Reggie.

  15. I think that’s a picture of Reggie Bush. What’s he doing celebrating #26’s retirement?

  16. Deuce should have retired 2 years ago, all he did was steal touchdowns from the other guys cuz the coach is an idiot.

  17. Bones22, it’s “God damned,” not “god damn,” so in addition to taking the lord’s name in vain, you are illiterate yourself.

  18. Fire Ted
    I am a high school English teacher, I know how to speak. How about you take who dat and shove it up your ass?

  19. Hey, Bones, you just wrote a run-on sentence. You should have used a semi-colon instead of a comma. Most Saints fans spotted that at once.

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