Isaac Bruce is interested in coaching Rams receivers

Isaac Bruce hasn’t announced his retirement yet, no matter what Nate Clements tweeted.

Bruce did confirm on the radio Tuesday, however, that an announcement should be coming soon, and there is no doubt he’s through with playing in the NFL.

His next move could be a bit of a surprise.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes that Bruce is interested in talking about the vacant Rams’ wide receivers coach job.  It’s unclear if the interest is mutual.

Bruce has a lot of knowledge to share and the move would be a popular one in St. Louis. Bruce’s desire to coach took us aback considering his enigmatic and soft-spoken reputation.

His teammate Jason Hill was once asked this year what influence Bruce had on him.

“He never really talked to me,” Hill said.

12 responses to “Isaac Bruce is interested in coaching Rams receivers

  1. say this is not true.
    I thought he was still on the active roster…. maybe player/coach?
    he should play 4ever – just like Favre

  2. I’ve read on numerous occasions that no one ran more crisp, precise routes than Isaac Bruce. Maybe he would be a great WR coach if he is not too soft spoken.

  3. “Bruce’s desire to coach took us aback considering his enigmatic and soft-spoken reputation.”
    Have you seen Wade Phillips? He looks like he is daydreaming about chocolate cakes and ribs during every game he has ever coached. I like Bruce and he will likely gain respect of his receivers and move up fast in the coaching ranks and be a head coach sooner or later. He deserves it.

  4. If I was Issac Bruce I would be talking to Crabtree, Davis and Morgan.. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure Jason Hill isn’t/wasn’t a top priority..

  5. Maybe if he shouts, “Jesus!” he’ll get the job.
    Chapnasty2’s Wade Phillips comments are deadly accurate and hilarious.

  6. I hope he does go to the Rams and help lift that team in what has to be the worst division in football. And to think the Whiners wanted him to coach their WRs.
    Come on, why would he want to coach in SF when they screwed him over this year.

  7. Bruce is soft-spoken, almost in the Marvin Harrison mold (but without murdering people).
    I know he’s got skills & knowledge, but can he properly convey his message & coach without having that seemingly-necessary “alpha” personality?
    I hope he can & does, because I love the guy. He went to my high school even. 🙂
    Good luck to you Isaac!

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