Report: Nolan left Denver after Dolphins sought permission to interview him

The sudden departure of defensive coordinator Mike Nolan from the Broncos raised plenty of eyebrows around the league.

Why would Nolan want out of Denver?  And why would Broncos coach Josh McDaniels let him go?

Steve Wyche of has some answers.  But, as is often the case in matters of this nature, the answers only give rise to more questions.

Per Wyche, the Dolphins submitted to the Broncos a written request to interview Nolan.  McDaniels then asked Nolan whether he prefers to be with the Broncos or the Dolphins, and Nolan chose the Dolphins.

So McDaniels and the Broncos let him walk.

But how exactly did Nolan know that he’d get the job in Miami?  And why in the hell would the Dolphins submit a request to interview Denver’s defensive coordinator for the very same job in Miami?

Usually, such requests are made when the position would entail a promotion, like when McDaniels allowed offensive line coach Rick Dennison to leave Denver to become the offensive coordinator of the Texans, or when McDaniels eventually decided to allow running backs coach Bobby Turner to augment his position with the title of associate head coach in D.C.

So we’re supposed to believe that the Dolphins took a shot in the dark in the hopes the Broncos would allow Nolan to make a lateral move to a team with which Denver potentially competes every year for wild-card positioning and/or home-field advantage, and Nolan took a leap of faith that by walking from the Broncos he’d have an equivalent job in Miami.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Dolphins contacted Nolan to work out a tentative deal, if Miami could persuade the Broncos to let Nolan walk.  Of course, that would be tampering, but the Broncos apparently didn’t have the desire to claim that the Dolphins had unauthorized contact with Nolan.

Even if that’s precisely what occurred.

32 responses to “Report: Nolan left Denver after Dolphins sought permission to interview him

  1. Quite the investigative work there Mikey. Heard a guy that lives in Hawaii is looking for a side-kick. He goes by the name of Magnum, and he’s a P.I.

  2. He let Nolan go just to F with Brandon Marshall’s head – he’ll be the only one who wants out but can’t get cut loose.

  3. Sounds like another McDaniels BS job to me… float rumors that it wasn’t the head coach’s fault when it was clearly his unwillingness to let Nolan do his job and flirting with Dean Pees that led to Nolan’s departure. Similar to the Cutler situation when McDaniels claimed to have only listened to trade offers rather than actively trying to acquire Cassel.
    McDaniels is a disgrace to the coaching profession and the NFL. A classic overachiever that’s now bit off way more than he can chew.

  4. first of all, going from Denver to Miami is a promotion. You are going to a team with a future from a team going down the toilet. Second, Pees is in the equation too. Maybe McDaniels wanted Pees so he let Nolan go.

  5. It look likes Nolan viewed McDaniels as a less than capable Captain – Sparano’s ship more seaworthy. Asst coaches have such tenuous positions – I think this reflects on Nolan’s assessment of how long McDaniel’s Marshall-less ship can stay afloat.

  6. Or Maybe…. the weather sucks in Denver and Miami is well…. Awesome? Let’s see, women wearing sweaters and jackets or women wearing bikinis and baby tees.

  7. Maybe McDaniels was trying to sell his team’s collapse to the ownership by blaming Nolan but only did so behind closed doors?

  8. please stop with the tampering overanalysis. It’s called the real world. People talk to each other.

  9. File this one right beside the “all teams are doing contact work in the offseason – in direct violation of clause whatever of the CBA agreement”…. in the “no one gives a sh!t file”. lol

  10. Perhaps McDaniels didn’t want an ex-head coach doing a good job on his staff to increase the pressure to win……would make it easier to can him.

  11. I believe he quoted the infamous “Chappel Show” when he was heard saying:
    “I’m Mike Nolan and I’m rich bi-atch!”

  12. I always read the story before I read who posted the story.
    I can always tell when it’s a Florio posting.
    There is a lot of “Sherlock Holmes” or at least “Sherlock Holmes Wannabe” in Florio.
    I bet Florio even wears a deerstalker hat while whacking out on the keyboard.

  13. Not really that complicated. Nolan may not have been happy for any number of reasons (wouldn’t be the first guy who didn’t get along with McDaniels), but wasn’t going to quit until he had another job lined up (with a longer contract). When the Miami situation presented itself, he bailed…………..and McDaniels gets to bring in a guy he’s more comfortable with in Pees.
    Sounds like a win-win.

  14. Mr. F you do like your conspiracies. But I’m sure the real answer is simply that people knew there apparently was friction in Denver. From some of your own quotes from sources time to time, this is obviously a leage that doesn’t mind talking about one another.
    Miami just let a guy go, knew of friction elsewhere, and asked since it just makes sense to do so. Nolan can coach 3-4 and Miami is 3-4. They don’t need to go to Nolan first to create some silly coup. The fact that it was a quick and easy split in Denver tells you that.
    In fact Miami should be given credit for following the protocol.

  15. Rumor has it that Denver already was planning to part ways with Nolan and if thats true than maybe just maybe the Dolphins got wind of it and place the request in writing. I mean after all what idiot would deliberately leave evidence even if it would be circumstantial evidence when planning to do something illegal?

  16. Why does everything have to be so sinister, Florio? Conspiracy theorists kill me, LOL.
    Couldn’t the simple answer be that Mike’s former boss Al Groh just happened to interview for the position this week.
    And isn’t it plausible that Al and Mike still communicate?
    And under this very plausible scenario, wouldn’t Al have an idea of what Mike would be interested in?
    By the same token in just talking with the Miami trifecta, wouldn’t Al have an idea of what they are looking for?
    Would it be so difficult to comprehend Groh telling both Parcells and Nolan that they would be a fit?
    Basically a very similar situation just happened in Buffalo with Bill Cowher offering up his recommendation of Chan Gailey…after interviewing with the Bills for the same position.

  17. Given the Parcells – Belichick – McD link don’t you think it’s a possibility that when the Pees situation went around the grapevine Tuna put 2 and 2 together and made the call? And it’s only tampering if one side doesn’t like it remember. Feel free to childishly amuse yourself with that thought.

  18. The Patriots submitted a request, as did another mystery team. It wasn’t like the Dolphins were the only one… seems like the writing was on the wall for teams to be sending requests.

  19. This is just retarded. Nothing but accusatory speculation on your part. You have a couple facts that may or may not be somehow related, and you fit them together to come up with the most scandalous result just to be provocative. You’re not Sherlock Holmes, so leave the deductive reasoning to people who actually have some intelligence.

  20. Miami’s gain is Denver’s loss. Unfortuneately they play the Steelers this year.

  21. Mc D is the biggest wrecking ball ever. Hey Bowlen get your ass in gear and get that idiot out of there. The only reason why we won games this year was because of mike nolan. I hate you Mc D and I hope you get snowed in for the rest of your life. Go back to new england and eat some chowder. you kook

  22. would someone please request to interview McDaniels so he can get out of Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Who, here is acting with the greatest arrogance?
    Hoodie2 can’t claim to know more than anyone in the room. No playoffs/two top players AND coaches gone or going/8-8…=drama, not a program on the rise.
    Good luck with that, McKid. You got two years, tops.

  24. Give us a break Mike…you love to banter about these conspiracy theories like a) it’s some kind of secret and b) anyone, the players, coaches, FO staffs or even fans really care one way or the other…
    Could it be that Nolan and the McDaniels-child just didn’t get along ?? Could it be that McDaniels actually alienated one or some of his staff (like that would be a shock !!) ?? Could it be that the Fins simply took a shot in the dark as to getting him ?? Could it be that the Broncs or the coach-child talked with the Fins, when their job came open and said, hey…Nolan’s available ??
    You want to assume that whatever occurred to get Nolan to leave was orchestrated against the standing rules without any, I repeat any proof other than your sordid mind….give it a rest…Nolan is better off away from the train-wreck Broncs anyway…

  25. Is it possible the Broncos, knowing of Miami’s need and potentially Pees availability, initiated contact with the Dolphins first?? Seems a little more plausible. But it does not sell cell phones, I guess….

  26. McDanials is a baby and a punk. . .I’ve worked for punks before and it sucks. I’d bet there is a lot of people in denver that would rather be out of there.

  27. I see no evidence of tampering here. If Miami submitted the request beforehand, then it wasn’t tampering? This “shot in the dark” required no risk on Miami’s part – if they were turned down, they were right back in the position they were last week.

  28. McDaniels is the real goat here.
    Nolan turned his defense from 29th into 7th in a year. McDaniels apparently thinks that 7th isn’t good enough and he’d like to blitz less. (Why is the HC telling a *successful* DC how to do his job? Sounds like McDaniels is a micromanager).
    Denver wanted Nolan out. Nolan’s one of the best DC’s in the business.
    Miami was ready & had a vacancy, which happens to fit Nolan perfectly. Everyone wins here the way I see it. McDaniels gets rid of Nolan like he wants (guessing so he can bring in Pees), Miami gets a good DC. Everyone’s happy. No problems. :beer:

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