Report: Ralph Wilson nixed potential return of Martyball

Bills owner Ralph Wilson’s affinity of football men of a certain age has its limits.

Tim Graham of ESPN reports that Marty Schottenheimer “badly” wanted the Bills coaching job, but Wilson was never on board.

Schottenheimer worked previously with G.M. Buddy Nix, and publicly soft-pedaled his interest in the gig.  But his experience with Nix didn’t matter because Wilson “wasn’t comfortable” with Schottenheimer.

The news helps to explain why Marty’s son Brian turned down a chance to interview. But it’s unlikely to calm the anger of Bills fans or change the perception that Chan Gailey was a fallback choice.

Bills fans would probably prefer a coach with Schottenheimer’s track record if the team was looking for someone with head coaching experience.

59 responses to “Report: Ralph Wilson nixed potential return of Martyball

  1. Blah – there have been so many stories, whether legit or BS, surrounding this team’s coaching vacancy that it’s worn itself out.
    Bring on the draft.

  2. I remember when Marty tried to teach Darell Green how to catch punts in front of the entire media at mini-camp. What a dick!

  3. If true, Wilson is a bigger idiot than originally thought and that is saying something

  4. oh Please, the Bills hired a coach now we have to read innacurate fabricated reports about what “really”happened.
    Rosenthal you had no idea what WAS going on why the hell are we supposed to think you or anyone else knows what DID go on.

  5. Wow, This bozo owner turned down Marty? Thats a joke. man, am I glad im not a Bills fan. That organization sucks! Proof of another owner that been involved way to long. How old is this guy 98? Looks like the Bills will be a 3rd rate team again for the next 5 years..

  6. He should have chosen Schottenheimer over Gailey without a doubt. But I don’t see Gailey being your worse choice.

  7. The Bills really are dysfunctional. They need a complete makeover…Schottenheimer would’ve been a good way to start, but this organization has a longggg way to go before being good

  8. Despite Mike Florio’s well-reasoned Sporting News column, the Bills have made a big mistake in this hire. Ralph Wilson, like Al Davis, is out of touch. Nix and Gailey were like Dumb and Dumber at the presser. Buffalo needed a dynamic young Frazier-type to move forward to the future. Now they are condemned to mediocrity (if they are lucky).

  9. At first I wanted Marty to coach the Bills but when is the last playoff game Schotty has won? Teams always died out in the playoffs. I am not crazy about Chan Gailey but Marty ball isn’t any better.

  10. Ralph Wilson decided he preferred Chan’s Glans over Marty’s Balls.

  11. Marty is a heck of a coach……Most teams would upgrade if they would hire him over their current coach.

  12. With so many candidates rejecting the Bills, does that make USC the Buffalo Bills of college football?

  13. Yeah, I can see how his last season’s record as a head coach in SD (14-2) would be too poor for that powerhouse team the Bills already have. Wilson’s a tool!

  14. i so wanted shotty….even before all the other choices were pilling in thru various media outlets. maybe im being soooooooo sentimental, but bringing senior on board and then having his kid as offensive coordinator eventually take over would have been very cool. hey man, you gotta come from the cold northeast to wanna really be here. that being said i think chan gailey was not a horrible choice. my drunk inside guy said they wanted him from the get go. who knows, who cares, we all love the bills and will support them no matter what. sad to say but true.

  15. [i]With so many candidates rejecting the Bills, does that make USC the Buffalo Bills of college football? [/i]
    No, I don’t think that sanctions are coming the Bills’ way soon so it makes the Bills’ situation much different than USC’s. However, it now seems likely for the indefinite future that USC will continue to be a better football team than the Bills.

  16. I’m so piased right now words cannot explain my degree of anger. Ralphs will reading can’t come soon enough.

  17. Did you see the presser? HEE HAW DUMB & DUMBER
    With all the potential candidates Cowher or not and they hire Chan Gailey???
    Buddy Nix’s style seems like a GM from 1965 unlike most of the GM’s.
    Love that Oakland slap!!!

  18. One can make the case the Marty is genuinely good at improving teams. At all of his stops the teams have improved, and in many cases made the playoffs.
    Chan Gailey – on the other hand – cannot make such a boast.
    Sure, Marty’s not going to get you a Lombardi trophy, but his track records suggests he could restore respectability and get you into the playoffs.

  19. Too bad the Bills passed over Marty.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Buffalo Bills organization for making the Cleveland Browns look so good by comparison. But really, Mr. Wilson, there was no need.

  20. …Bills-N-Yankees says: January 19, 2010 6:11 PM
    At first I wanted Marty to coach the Bills but when is the last playoff game Schotty has won? Teams always died out in the playoffs. I am not crazy about Chan Gailey but Marty ball isn’t any better…
    Not to defend Marty cuz he has issues as well but you have to crawl before you can walk.
    When was the last time Buffalo was even in the playoffs? 10yrs? Music City Miracle maybe?
    Marty may not win a playoff game but he can get your program there in reasonable time. After he looses in the first round then you can complain and find a replacement. But Marty is a failing franchises’ best friend.

  21. I could care less about the Bills one way or another but I feel for their diehard fans. Marty is a hell of a coach. I can’t imagine wanting Chan over Marty. That’s insane. I hope Marty ends up back in this league at some point.

  22. AGAIN, this is embarrassing. Next you’ll say Wilson wasn’t comfortable with Cowher either.
    I’m about to throw in the towel after 20 years of being a Bills fan.

  23. Ralph didn’t want Marty to kick him off the Bills practice field like Marty kicked Dan Snyder off the ‘Skins practice field.

  24. Yeah. Don’t want Marty. He can’t win in the playoffs.
    Although, you Bills fans may have forgotten this, but it is kind of nice to actually BE in the playoffs every once in awhile.

  25. Rooster75, if you don’t want Ralph Wilson on the practice field, you just schedule practice after 4:00pm. Just make sure you protect his beltless trenchcoats.

  26. I couldn’t care less about the Bills… having said that:
    @ Bills-N-Yankess
    Are you stupid… or just stupid?
    I’m sorry, but when was the last time a Bills squad even made it to the playoffs?
    And for that, when’s the last time a Bills squad that made it to the playoffs didn’t fizzel out prior to actually winning a superbowl championship?

  27. the question is, do the bills need a massive rebuilding? or just a good qb and some good coordinators?
    cause you’d only want to hire marty to rebuild your team
    the guy is a playoff cancer

  28. this report just in…Bill Cowher wanted to coach the Bills too but was “nixed”, so did Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan…hmmm, who else?? I’m sure Florio will come up with something

  29. # Bills-N-Yankees says: January 19, 2010 6:11 PM
    At first I wanted Marty to coach the Bills but when is the last playoff game Schotty has won? Teams always died out in the playoffs. I am not crazy about Chan Gailey but Marty ball isn’t any better.
    To lose in the playoffs you first have to get to the playoffs. Learn to walk before you try to run.
    If Gaily can at least get the Bills to commit fewer penalties, that’s good for a couple additional wins right there. Get an O line to give the QB time to throw, and you could be looking at at least winning seasons. The defense and special teams were already pretty good.
    I live in Western NY, so I get to watch the Bills every week. A HS classmate of mine played for the Bills during their glory days (he’s on the Ring of Honor in the Bills stadium). He has to be totally embarrassed by what the Bills have become.

  30. Why would any team want Marty?! I mean look at the improvements the Chargers have made since the fired him.

  31. Wow, great job Bills.
    Terrible franchises make terrible decisions.
    Go to Canada, we don’t want you.

  32. This From Tim Graham ESPN. Bills fans choking on Gailey report. The buffalo Bills went to Ruth’s Steakhouse, examined the Menu and Went with GRILLED CHEESE!!

  33. I hope someone will actually read this and take into consideration some things about Marty.
    Since he left the Cleveland Browns after the 1988 season they have made the playoffs 3 times. When he was coach they made the playoffs 4 times.
    Since he left the Chiefs in 1998 they have made the playoffs 1 time. When he was coach they made the playoffs 7 times.
    Since he left the Chargers they have been to the playoffs 3 times. When he was coach they made the playoffs 2 times.
    None of the teams has won a Superbowl with, or without him.

  34. # Buck Stallion says: January 19, 2010 8:15 PM
    Why would any team want Marty?! I mean look at the improvements the Chargers have made since the fired him.
    You sir are either really sarcastic or really dumb. He was 14-2 when they FIRED him! They lost in the divisional round that year, same as this year. Norv Turner is not an “improvement”. He is just about the same as Marty. Can’t win a significant game, only the season ones. Losing in the same round as in 06 but with a worse record is not an improvement. Marty can rebuild a franchise, as he’s proven, and the Bills are stupid for passing on him for a scrub.

  35. The Bills will again have 45 to 50,000 season ticket holders next year. Watch the front office pulled another fine marketing move. Let see what free agent is available who is semi-washed up!

  36. Thank you Mr. Wilson. You now have assured us Jets fans an opportunity to play our second string players for at least two games a season for the length of Gailey’s contract. Bill’s fans, it is time for the city to buy out the owner – he is as with it as Al Davis.

  37. It really sucks that two of the best supported franchises in this sport are ran by people who are probally a little past their football prime to say the least. It’s crazy because you have teams like the Jags, or Chargers who the fan base could give a shit about the team, and yet they’re ran very well, but true football towns are stuck with decisions like this….

  38. Someone needs to order an autopsy on Ralph Wilson to see if the rest of his body is dead or is he simply BRAIN DEAD!!!
    The knock on Marty is that he can’t win the big playoff game.
    What about Bobby Cox living legend?
    Anyone with a suck ass team who doesn’t realize what a winner Marty is, is brain dead.
    But Dadgummit, that Chan Gailey’s a real winner too I reckin’! Yuk yuk yuk. He likes dem Buffaloes every since they let’em back in Yellowstone! Yi Hah!! The Chiefs just don’t like him….
    The Bills fans deserve better…. get out the brown paper bags.

  39. You guys trying to hammer Florio for reporting this don’t know what you’re talking about.
    Marty wanted back in and Buffalo was a great place to do it. Instead, old man Wilson pulled an Al Davis and downgraded.
    Marty Schottenheimer gets the rawest deal of any head coach in the history of the NFL because his teams have choked in the playoffs. Earnest Byner – choked at the goal line. Lin Elliott – choked by missing 3 FGs. Chargers – choked twice on him. It’s always been his players that have choked at crunch time, not him. They wouldn’t have even made the playoffs f he hadn’t been there.
    I hope Marty makes it back to the sidelines some day. He’s good for the league and he would have been GREAT for the Bills.

  40. GULLABLE PEOPLE NEED TO READ THIS… This artical and Tim Graham’s are complete fabrications. Marty has said nothing that would make you think that he wants to come back and coach and this is how Tim Grahams article read… “Bills owner Ralph Wilson, however, wasn’t interested, sources close to Schottenheimer informed me Tuesday after the club introduced Chan Gailey as their man.” Then a little further down he says… “But the Bills couldn’t consider Schottenheimer a candidate because Wilson wasn’t comfortable with him, the sources said.” So we’re supposed to believe that the sources close to Marty said he wanted to return and they also knew why the Bills didn’t want him. How would they know that? If they were close to Marty, Tim Graham suggests that they would have head it from him.Would the Bills go out of their way to call Marty and say that? NO!!! Tim Graham got an OPINION from someone who considers themself close to Marty and ran with it. It’s just another made up story. I’d bet the farm that there’s little to no truth to this report at all! There needs to be some kind of consequences for all of these writers peddling horse dookie and you’re no better Rosenthal. Just because you’ve said that someone else reported it shouldn’t leave you off the hook.

  41. I think this is a brilliant move by the Bills…..then again, I am a Patriots fan who is looking at another few years of continually spanking the Bills……

  42. I thought the Bears were the only team controlled by a senile doddering fool. All Marty Schotten heimer did was win games and make the playoffs. After three years without a playoff game here in Chicago I’d take Marty over Lovie Smith right now.
    At some point an older coach, a Marty Schottenheimer type or a Dan Reeves type, might raise the issue of age discrimination in the NFL. It’s hard to believe that anyone would consider Chan Gailey a better fit in Buffalo than Marty Schottenheimer.

  43. As a long suffering Browns fan, I could only wish for a coach as good as Marty. As others have pointed out, Marty may not take you to the Super Bowl, but he’ll get your team to the playoffs and respectability.
    The Bills have made a huge mistake if they passed on him to take Gailey. The best part of this would have been a built in succession plan for Marty if the Bills would have hired his son as a co-head coach. By the time Marty turns the team around, he could hand it off to his son who will become hot property after this season.

  44. Not that I’m a Jills fan, but I can sympathize with them. Chan Gailey has only proven that he can tear a team down, not build one up…as a survivor fan, I can say unequivocally, Chan Gailey = Dave Wannstache…
    Poor Jills fans….

  45. When did Schottenheimer ever win anything??
    Do Bills fans really want to go back to being good enough to get to the playoffs but never good enough to win the SB?? Because that is what “martyball” is.
    I would rather take a shot with someone else than admit to the world that good-but-not-great is the best I aspire to.

  46. Coaches coach. Players play. Aside from challenges and when to call a timeout; it is the players on the field who have to make the difference. If coaching was so important than Cowher, Shanahan, “Martyball”, would have more rings than they would know what to do with. 1 ring, two rings not consecutive, means they had one or two good seasons, lost players to free agency and coudn’t win witht he guy they picked up.
    Coaches take the heat, why do you think Bellichick video taped? Cause winning has very little to do with coaching unless you KNOW for a fact what the other team will do.
    This is a good hire for “The Buffalo Bills”. Personally i want to see what Nix and Chan can do together.
    Marv wasn’t so hot after Polian left.
    The Bills need new players! a new QB, maybe Brohm? Maybe Tebow? Maybe McNabb? Then they need to be healthy!! Not turn over the ball!
    Bills fans should be psyched. If you want Cowher, Shanahan, Brian Schotty, Frazier, then root for the Jets, Skins, Vikes, or Steelers or Carolina or the Giants, wherever Cowher was and is going.
    GO BUFFALO! Let’s get a nasty DC and make “Bad Things Man” happen.
    I am with Kawika Mitchell, lets get a DC with rage, with a thirst for violence.

  47. Ralph Wilson apparently is suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers.
    Marty is a much better option than Chan, no offense to Gailey.

  48. Ugh..if I was a Bills fan, I’d be even more upset at this move, because Marty could have coached for 2 years and then handed the reigns off to his son. Ralph Wilson needs to be put in the old folks’ home, because he’s certainly not thinking clearly.

  49. swede700, I thought about that too, even bring in Schotty as HC and his son as OC. Then Brian inherits the team.
    Would have been a nice story book. Also gives you ideas for the future. Maybe Marty wouldn’t have lasted two years and Brian would be gone? So many variables. Brian could have gotten offers during his duty in Buffalo and left. There is no allegiance to Buffalo just because your dad is the coach. Not to mention ralph Wilson scared Bill Polian away. A guy who was winning!!!! So yea it’s nice and pretty but highly unlikely. Marty fails then Brian fails to stick around, plan down the tubes. That’s putting your eggs in one basket.

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