Steelers expected to hire Everest

Al Everest is set to climb back into the NFL.

The Steelers are close to hiring the former 49ers special teams coordinator, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Pittsburgh fired Bob Ligashesky after an ugly special teams campaign for the Steelers in 2008.

Everest reportedly went rogue on Mike Singletary in San Francisco, calling for a reverse on a punt return without telling his boss. 

The ensuing fumbled exchange didn’t help Everest’s chances for having his contract renewed, although San Francisco’s return units struggled across the board. The 49ers had the worst punt return average of any team in the league last season.

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  1. This choice of Everest doesn’t sound all that great, but it has to be an improvement over Ligashesky.

  2. Seeing as how Everest was let go due to a “personal issue” that Singletary felt he needed to take care of…I’m wondering how good of a hire this is. Apparently he’s not taking care of the issue that Singletary thought warranted time away from football. Anyone have any insight into this? Does he have a drinking problem? Family issues? Just curious as to what the issue was.

  3. Maybe he was not cool with the “pulling down your pants and flashing your junk” that Singletary enjoys.

  4. The more I look into this guy the the less I understand the move. 49ers were 32nd and 23rd
    in punt and kickoff returns. Has that not been one of the Steelers problems? Someone help me see this as a good move.

  5. Have no info about this guy. Does anybody know how their COVERAGE units played? That was a major problem with the Steelers. That needs improved immediately.

  6. Punt and kickoff returns aren’t amongst the Steelers problems. If you think so, you’re living in 2008 when they had the fatboy brigade of Gary Russell and Carey Davis returning. Stefan Logan is a speed demon. There’s not much a coach can do if you have a bad return man.
    I can’t say anything about coverage though. The Steelers are puke, vomit and wretched there. Hopefully he knows how to coach people to stay in their lanes.

  7. “Al Everest is set to climb back into the NFL.”
    Oh that hurt.
    Gregg, when you have superfluous G’s in your name, you are not afforded the luxury of bad puns.
    In any case, leave those to Florio, because when it comes to BAD puns, he wrote the book.

  8. The 49ers coverage units were actually pretty good…the problem with the Niner ST was the lack of talent returning the kicks and punts. We had Arnaz Battle and Brandon Jones returning for much of the year…and that was an absolute disaster. The fault lies with Singletary for putting talented players at the position.

  9. So the key to success is to fire your sucky position coach, hen hire a guy who was fired by another team for being a sucky position coach and hope that he suddenly improved in the short time he’s been fired…….
    is that what Squealer’s fans have to look forward to?

  10. Another head scratcher. Between him and lex Luger coachin the o-line, i don’t see any real upgrades.

  11. You’ve got to go a little further in your research, fellas. Before his brief stints with the 49ers and USC, he was with the Saints for six years. Here’s the rundown on his time in New Orleans (courtesy of the USC Web site):
    Everest spent 2000-05 as the special teams coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.
    In 2004, 5 of his players won NFC Special Teams Player of the Week awards, punter Mitch Berger was in the Pro Bowl, John Carney tied the team single game field goal record, Michael Lewis set the team career mark for punt returns and the Saints returned 2 kickoffs for touchdowns.
    In 2003, Carney set the team record for consecutive field goals, Berger led the league in net punting and the Saints blocked a field goal in 3 consecutive games.
    He was named NFL Special Teams Coach of the Year in 2002 as his unit had 3 TD returns, 5 blocked kicks and an interception. That year, Carney set a club season scoring record, Lewis established an NFL season standard for kickoff/punt return yards and the Saints set the team season punt return coverage record.
    Prior to that, he was with the Cards. He has 28 years of football coaching experience.
    @robhug71 …
    Obviously you haven’t read ANYTHING about Kugler. Try researching the coaches before you condemn them. Just because the last team where they worked didn’t do well doesn’t mean they’re bad coaches.

  12. Oops … that was 28 years of football experience at the time he was with USC. Of course, it would be more than that now.

  13. Pittsburgh, six trophies and all, is quite powerful. To wit: they are able to hire Mt Everest. Having a 29,000+ tall mountain block for you is better than any All-Pro I’ve ever seen.
    Go Wisenhunt.

  14. Bring him on….I trust any move the Steelers organization makes. I’m not going to sit here and criticize them b/c all they have brought me in my lifetime is the pleasure of watching 2 Super Bowl championship teams. (And a plethora of playoff seasons, including some heartbreaking AFC Championship losses). More than most fans of other teams can say.
    Here We Go Steelers…..

  15. Not a step up for the steelers fans, but as a niner fan we didn’t do any better at upgrading our ST coach… At least u steelers have a above avg returner in Logan, the niners have s**t

  16. Do we need Vince Lombardi to go into camp stressing the need for the coverage teams to tackle the guy with the ball?? I hope not. That may be a problem.

  17. Richm2256 says:
    January 19, 2010 3:09 PM
    So the key to success is to fire your sucky position coach, hen hire a guy who was fired by another team for being a sucky position coach and hope that he suddenly improved in the short time he’s been fired…….
    is that what Squealer’s fans have to look forward to?
    **Go back to your gay ass team’s message board, if they have any news that is..**

  18. Wow, this looks like a bad idea! Lets get rid a bad coach and replace him with a worse on. C’mon Mike dont be stupid, more importantly Mr.Rooney!

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