Hue Jackson under consideration for Raiders offensive coordinator job

Updating his prior report that Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson will interview with the Raiders, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jackson is under consideration for the offensive coordinator position.

The Ravens could have refused the Raiders’ request in this regard.

The Raiders currently don’t have an offensive coordinator; head coach Tom Cable fills that role, with Ted Tollner coordinating the passing game.

So the interview of Jackson doesn’t necessarily mean that Cable is in trouble.  Jackson could be hired to serve as offensive coordinator, with Cable remaining as head coach.

Though the two men missed each other by a year in Atlanta, with Cable spending 2006 as a member of the Falcons coaching staff and Jackson arriving in 2007, they have twice collaborated at the college level.  In 1990, both worked at Cal State-Fullerton.  Six years later, they got together again at the University of California, in Berkeley.

Jackson is a California native who played quarterback at Pacific in 1985 and 1986.

13 responses to “Hue Jackson under consideration for Raiders offensive coordinator job

  1. Could it all be possible that Cable isn’t actually on the hot seat and the Raiders are looking for coaches that he is familiar with to complement his staff? I realize that the negative is always more exciting for writers but how about a possible positive spin for a change?

  2. Seems like a smart choice. He did wonders with Flacco and the limited Receiving corps they had. Should do well with Gradkowski, Louis Murphy, Chaz Schillinz, and Zach Miller.

  3. This can’t be, all these coaches interested in jobs in Oakland?
    Nobody want to go to the Raiders. Right, haters?

  4. Is it safe to say that the Cable man has secured his Job for next year… No. Unfortunately for us Raider faithful Al Davis is the only owner who does not wait for his Head Coaches to help in the staff selections.. If they are there great.. if not who cares. I really think Al is waiting to offer Brian Shottenheimer of the Jets the HC job. But the job wont look appealing to anybody with a staff already in place. Let alone a sought after OC in the Division title game. Damm you Al.. Damm you.. Wheres Fassell???

  5. Cable will be coach and the Raiders will hire a OC…..this actually makes if Tom Cable fails next season then he should be fired.

  6. And let the back-peddling begin. Looks like Cable is going to remain the Head Coach, and you Media-Goons are wrong yet again about the Raiders. Keep the speculations up though, it makes for a good giggle everyday.

  7. i don’t think cable is safe until Al confirms it…. He is still going to make changes because lat year cable sucked as an o-line coach, and as an o-coord.

  8. Wait I thought you post 2 articles about how this guy was going to be the next head coach. (and in those articles you mysteriously gave several good reasons why he would be the OC, but never mentioned that) Now you actually used your head and figured out he isn’t taking Cable’s job. I thought that was a given. You said it yourself that they have worked together a bunch of times. It only makes sense that he works with him again, but since its the Raiders he MUST be taking Cable’s job. I mean according to PFT Cable was fired like 2 and a half weeks ago right?
    “Tom is a great coach. GET OVER IT!” – Thats my Al powerpoint press conference joke

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