NFL's Haitian push generated $500,000 per hour

The NFL made a push during last weekend’s playoff games for donations via text message to the Haitian relief effort, via the American Red Cross.

And the effort resulted in money coming in at a rate of more than $500,000 per hour, according to the New York Times.

I need a better word than ‘unprecedented’ or ‘amazing’ to describe what’s happened with the text-message program,” Red Cross spokesman Roger Lowe told the Times.

So keep it up, folks.  If you haven’t already done it (or if you already have), text HAITI to 90999, and a $10 donation will show up on your cellular bill.

18 responses to “NFL's Haitian push generated $500,000 per hour

  1. That campaign was brilliant. I knew it’d generate a ton of money. Now lets hope the red cross can find a good way to use it.

  2. I love when you make articles about Haiti, and then Republicans show up to complain about it.
    Scott Brown for president!
    But in all seriousness, Haiti just got hit by a 6.1 magnitude aftershock today, and for as much devastation as they’ve experienced over the past week (let alone over the past 200 years or so), $5 or $10 isn’t too much to spare for people who are suffering as much as they are.
    $500,000 per hour is pretty astounding, though. Glad to see the NFL promote this as much as they have, and even more glad to see people step up the way they have.

  3. Yeah, I wonder how much of it will actually go to help the Haitians. It’s probably just stuffing the pockets of the fatcats at the Red Cross.

  4. exactly, where is all this money going? hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised. i know they need supplies, and food and water, medicine, and reconstruction; but i’d love to see a receipt.
    For all those who were worried about Halliburton, and FEMA, keep an eye on Haiti’s recovery. It’s VERY unfortunate to say, but they’ll probably not rise above 3rd world status even with all this aid.

  5. it’s been a great campaign, but as the Wall Street Journal and other media have pointed out, the money doesn’t really start moving until people pay their next phone bill with the charity charge on it. A direct payment to the Red Cross or other orgs will get the money there faster.

  6. Leave the political BS for another article…. This is about helping a country that just got hit with a after shock almost to the same capacity as the original earthquake.
    Rep. or Dem. they’re all crooks!

  7. even though this is a football site , for every dollar the Red Cross receives – you have something going towards logistics, medical fees, clothing, and food – then administrative cost.
    That’s the sad part of something like this, people get really suspicious of the money, rightfully so and things get fed through a bottle neck opening.

  8. @ pubobby2004
    now shut up. you cant complain when its the truth… lucky for them they don’t have oil in Haiti otherwise Republicans may have caused an earthquake.

  9. I worked for the Red Cross for a time. I no longer do. They will help but alot of that money will go into a fund they keep for future needs. The past director said as much during Katrina. She got canned for telling the truth.
    Give to other orgnaizations you trust.

  10. @murdercapital#1
    excellent points. what is the truth? what does that mean? thanks for telling me to shut up, well argued.
    i think the best part of your argument is where you tie an earthquake to Republican’s trying to get oil. i hope i never have to debate you with something on the line!

  11. thank you for adding some truth to this penguin.
    unbelievable that so many people don’t understand what you can do with this incredible amount of money raised. all I’m asking for is some accountability. isn’t that transparency what everyone wanted so badly a couple years ago?

  12. It should be about politics Scumbag Bush helped overthrow the democratically elected president of Haiti because he didn’t like his politics. You Republicans are a joke.
    And, I WILL make this about politics. Everyone knows conservatives hate black people….unless, they are shoeshiners like Clarence Thomas or Emmit Smith

  13. @ pubobby2004
    Don’t get me wrong I hold Democrats in the same light. I also would like some proof of payment on all the relief in Haiti. With all the $$$ there should be no problem getting Haiti back to how it was and beyond.
    The whole “shut up” just went better along side with your “show up”. I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings as far as sounding dumb… I couldn’t care less how I sound in other peoples ears.
    ….and the Cowboys still suck…

  14. ok, i did a little research on former pres Aristiside. (slow day at work). he seems like a decent guy. certainly not comparable to Hitler, but the point still remains.
    his major flaw was corruption: involvement with drug traffic, embezzlement, and attempting to take Authoritarian control in his second term. he was also only “democratically” elected with only 10% voter turnout. hmmm, maybe a corrupt process?
    he also disbanded the Haitian Army in his second term and created a police force under his direct control.
    i would have to assume this lead to the rebellion, along with widespread poverty, violence, and lack of healthcare (not health insurance, calm down). the US and France aided the rebellion by allowing current, already in place, troops to give aid to rebels. eventually the UN came on board and Aristiside was exiled where he faced a RICO trial in the US. he now has found sanctuary in South Africa
    your move Roboto…

  15. Yeah, but he was still elected. Now, you can research the scumbags we helped put into office in Haiti. The horror really begins with those bastards.
    Your move @$$hole…and, try not to depend on Fox News as a “sourde”.

  16. ok, i guess we’re not done with the name calling.
    what is a “sourde”? i’d assume you meant source, but you went to the trouble of using quotes.
    so when you say the horror begins with those guys (scumbags, bastards), put into office in 2004, was Haiti pre-2004 a tropical paradise utopia? low crime, abundance of food and medical attention, high levels of education?
    still waiting for you to make a point. mine was simply that this money is not going to affect a historically depressed nation in the long term. it would be better used to create a sustainable infrastructure there. they need reliable power and water to start with.

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