PFTV looks at the unexpectedly low number of early draft entrants

With the NFL poised to slam the door on the windfalls for rookies and with agents supposedly lying to players about the realities of the situation, there has yet to be a rush to the floodgates by college players with remaining eligibility.

And now it might be too late.

So why haven’t a huge number of underclassmen left school early? 

PFTV explores.

9 responses to “PFTV looks at the unexpectedly low number of early draft entrants

  1. I really hate PFTV, why do I need to wait so I can see your ugly mug, when I could get the same info from text.

  2. @SteelCurtnDee – so why do you watch it? And why do you bother to comment on it? Come to think of it, why do all the haters even bother?
    Maybe we’re the only ones in the world who’ll listen/read your pathetic thoughts?

  3. Imo, any changes to the rookie wage scale would only affect the top 10 picks’ income. How many college players does that really affect?

  4. If you’re not a top pick… or at least a 1st rounder… then it doesn’t matter.
    There’s a LOT of potential top-10 underclassmen declaring.

  5. SteelCurtnDee – You can always just scroll by the PFTV part. I suspect that PFTV was started to show that, in addition to providing useful text info on the PFT site, Florio is presentable and well-spoken. And, hey, he has parlayed it into a NBC gig that he will likely keep (until Jay Leno wants it). Not too shabby, in my opinion, and PFT will only continue and improve, as it has already, if Florio is making money on the site. So all is good, right?

  6. It surprises me that the number is low seeing as how there may be a rookie salaries guidelines AFTER the new CBA passes.

  7. I think that only the top half of the first round are going to be making big money, so the VAST majority aren’t going to be affected. So 15-20 players… with an extra 53 declaring, that puts your percentages of being in that 15-20 even worse. It doesn’t make sense to join the influx unless you’re Suh, Bradford, McCoy, Clausen, maybe Golden Tate etc. If you’re not a guaranteed first round pick, whats the point? You’re not going to get paid any less if you go this year or next, and if you wait till you’re a Sr, at least you can still get your degree in case it doesn’t work out.

  8. So I didn’t listen to the video, but the headline says PFTV looks at the unexpectedly low number of early draft entrants?
    I could swear I heard somewhere that this number is actually more than any other year, ever. So how does that translate to “unexpectedly low”?

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