Raiders have been interviewing head-coaching candidates

And the similarities between the Raiders and the Redskins continue.

The Redskins interviewed at least one head-coaching candidate before firing Jim Zorn.  The Raiders, according to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle, have interviewed at least two, even though they already have a head coach.

The candidates for the vacancy that doesn’t yet exist are former Giants coach and current Las Vegas Locos (UFL) coach Jim Fassel and former Raiders offensive coordinator Marc Trestman, a long-time NFL assistant coach who currently runs the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL.

Per White, the Raiders might interview Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and/or Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers Winston Moss.  It’s possible that one or both men already have been interviewed; both were considered for the job last season, before it went to Tom Cable.

An interview of Moss would satisfy the league’s Rooney Rule, which requires at least one minority candidate to be considered for each head-coaching vacancy.

Other potential candidates, as we’ve heard it, include Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

So it appears that owner Al Davis plans to size up his alternatives before deciding whether to pull the plug on Cable.  And Davis apparently has more options than most thought would be interested in the job.

As Buffalo G.M. Buddy Nix said Tuesday while introducing new Bills coach Chan Gailey (via ESPN), “Don’t ever think you can’t fill coaching jobs, even if they’re bad.  Oakland gets a lot of call.”

Nix then added, “Don’t say I said that.  I wish I hadn’t.”

It would have been better if he’d simply closed with, “Boom.  Roasted.”

33 responses to “Raiders have been interviewing head-coaching candidates

  1. If they keep Cable as O-Line coach and bring in Leach as HC then they can punch guys in a locked shed!

  2. Al’s been trying for days to get the phone number of that young fella, Knut Rockne but he thinks he may not be interested because no one can seem to contact him outside of Sylvester Stallone’s mother.

  3. “And Davis apparently has more options than most thought would be interested in the job.”
    Even one “name” coach being interested in working for Fonzie’s grandpa would be a shocker.

  4. To call the Raiders a disorganized organization is an insult to other disorganized organization.
    And the Ford Pinto was better designed than the design of the current Raider team…

  5. That idiot in Buffalo is clueless. Doesnt he realize that at this point Buffalo is viewed as just a crappy job as Oakland is. Actually, Buffalo is viewed as even worse a job than Oakland, considering all they could get was Chan Gailey. At least Al Davis TURNED DOWN Kevin Gilbride and Jim Fassell last year. Apparently, 9 candidates turned down Buffalo. Pretty sad.
    On top of that, this guy should watch what he says. Not cool for an NFL GM to try and dog other teams just because your own team is pathetic.

  6. Im still not buying any of this crap. Don’t believe the hype!!! The Media has been throwing around this BS about the Raiders all year! Who the hell is David White? And who is his source? There’s no accountability Today with reporting, so any jackass can say something and as soon as it’s printed it becomes true.
    Pretty much every report thats been about the Raiders on PFT and ESPN since their season ended has been BS, and hasn’t come true. I’ve been hearing for 2 weeks now that Cable will be fired, yet…….nothing. This crap is getting kinda old.

  7. Jim Fassel’s more classless than I thought if he’s really interviewing for a job that isn’t vacant yet.

  8. You know it’s not just the HC job, he will hire OC, DC and line coaches without any input from the HC. Why would the HC want to choose his staff, they are just the guys he has to work with and trust to win. Anyone else notice that on winning teams, the HC chooses his staff? Strange that the amazing football mind Alzheimer Davis doesn’t. Look for another 5-11 or 4-12 season next year.
    Better to Reign In Hell with the Nation, but not with the current organization.

  9. I like Cable well enough, though I’d be pretty indifferent to his departure all in all. You get used to these things as a Raider fan.
    Anyway, if Cable has to go: yes to Harbaugh, Trestman and possibly Leach (would prefer him as OC, though)
    NO to Fassel or Moss.
    My guess is Al is doing the same thing people do when they have a car that’s serviceable, but they’re not thrilled with. He’s looking to see if any good deals are out there and if there are none, he’ll stick with what he’s got. But if he finds one, he’ll swap.

  10. Oh and a big NO to Gilbride. He’s already been turned down for the job once and possibly twice….he may actually be the worst hire of all. Al would be admitting all he can get are previous rejects for the same damn job.
    Oh and “Thetruthwillsetufree”….David White is a beat reporter for the SF Chronicle and one of the two people (Jerry McDonald is the other) who you can trust when it comes to reports about the Raiders.

  11. Nobody’s interviewed anybody for head coach yet. There might have been a phone call to determine interest, but no interviews have taken place, this is all speculation. Smart move by Al, see who’s willing to leave their current job before deciding on Cable.
    And while Nix may not show very much class in his statement, he’s right. An NFL head coaching job, regardless for what team, is one of the best 32 jobs in the world.
    Al has also shown a tendency to not necessarily hire from the “Head Coach Interview” anyway. He has often brought somebody in for another position and like them so much, he gives them the top spot (Gruden OC, Kiffin OC).
    He will also not hire a defensive minded coach as Head Coach. That’s his domain and he needs somebody he can impose his will on.

  12. The Raiders & Buffalo are run by old tired meddling individuals who lack the foresight to build competitive teams in today’s NFL

  13. I’ve been watching “Full Color Football” on NFL network…. seeing Al back in the days when Madden roamed the sidelines and the Raiders were the black sheep of the league in a good way – damn, it’s just sad to see what he’s done to this once proud franchise.
    Seriously, the NFL needs to perform and intervention.

  14. Can’t imagine an intelligent guy like Winston Moss going from the sanity of Green Bay – TO THE RAIDERS!!?

  15. Tell me why this is a bad job to take? Please tell me the last coach, outside of Shell, who has not done well after Al ruined their careers? Nebraska/Jets Assistant Head, Tennessee/USC, Tampa Bay/TV Gig, Offensive Coordinator/Head Coach in the NFL all sound like good gigs.

  16. GB3Pack4 says:
    January 20, 2010 9:48 AM
    Can’t imagine an intelligent guy like Winston Moss going from the sanity of Green Bay – TO THE RAIDERS!!?
    Oh ya,” the sanity of Green Bay”, lol.
    The whole (tiny) town was on pins and needles, worrying that Brett Favre would beat the beloved Packers RIGHT IN GREEN BAY.
    Yes sir, they called it Farveageddon and it was very real.
    People too scared to talk, too scared to leave their homes, such a scary scary time in that wonderful tiny town.
    Ah yes, “the sanity of Green Bay”.
    What a joke.

  17. theTRUTHwillSETuFREE s is right! everyone said that tuesday was the day because of the league calendar. well tuesday has came and went and still nothing. all the media stories concerning the firing of cable are nothing but bs and hype.
    slow day at the office? try writing a story with some facts. this is like the star or enquirer.

  18. Funny how every year your guys pick up the news from the bay area with the same rumours….you should know better.

  19. The Raiders always have options, it was the Bills that after months of being turned down by coach after coach had to hire a OC that was replaced by Kansas City one game into the season, you talk about desperate or maybe a better word would be pathetic.

  20. You guys know what a “gaffe” is, right? That’s when a public figure screws up and accidentally tells the truth. That’s what Nix did. He was, of course, absolutely right, even if it was politically incorrect to say it.
    As a Canadian who follows both leagues closely, I can tell you that Alouettes fans would be crushed if they lost Marc Trestman. He has done a terrific job in Montreal, and he has total buy in from players and fans alike. He just signed a long term deal there, but I have no doubt it contains an NFL escape hatch.

  21. And the similarities between the Raiders and the Redskins continue.
    The Redskins interviewed at least one head-coaching candidate before firing Jim Zorn.
    the difference Florio, Jim Zorn’s coaching sucked and the team quit on him, Tom Cable’s team didn’t quit unless Russell went in the game.

  22. now, i could actually picture Mike Leach coaching the Raiders, Al Davis loves his passing and Mike Leach loves to pass.

  23. Fassel, Treastman and Gilbride ? Pathetic, simply pathetic that these are the only possible candidates dead Al can get interested ! Keep Cable, dump JaJunk and let the decisions fall to those on the field. Al, you had a good life. Now fade way if you truly care about the Raiders

  24. Hi David, I heard BSPN might have a job for you. It seems as if you fit their job requirement as creating lies and rumours.
    And btw you also forgot to mention Bellick as well.

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