Report: McDaniels told Nolan there would be less blitzing

As folks in Denver try to figure out why Mike Nolan is no longer the team’s defensive coordinator, Ron Borges of the Boston Herald reports that the divorce was caused not by Bill Parcells sniffing around for someone to run Miami’s defense, but by Broncos coach Josh McDaniels trying to tell Nolan how to do his job.

Per Borges, McDaniels told Nolan “in no uncertain terms” that the Broncos would be blitzing less frequently in 2010 than they did in 2009.

And so the two men decided to part ways.

A cynic might think that McDaniels simply wanted to hire former Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees, and that Pees possibly was motivated to add to the coaching staff a guy with NFL head-coaching experience, who could be a viable candidate to take over the Broncos on an interim basis if the 2-8 momentum to end McDaniels’ first season continues into his second.

37 responses to “Report: McDaniels told Nolan there would be less blitzing

  1. That’s brilliant! Teams are switching to a more agressive defense, while the Broncos want to put less pressure on the QB. Josh McDaniels must follow the Costanza rule of doing the opposite.

  2. This is actually a great point. Getting rid of Nolan eliminates an obvious power struggle that would occur if the Broncos really tanked next year. Now, as far as I can see, there are no obvious choices for an interim head coach.

  3. So is the rumor we’re trying to spread either:
    A.) Nolan had been contacted by Parcells while under contract with the Broncos
    B.) McDaniels wanted Peese as DC so decided to order Nolan how to do his job to get him to leave
    Just wondering which way the rumor-mongering wind is blowing today.

  4. It’s Macs team to run and Nolan had the right to resign. Frankly, as a Bronco’s fan, I thought the defense was pretty darn good this year, but the team lost games so tweaks needed to be made…not sure I agree with the decision to unload Nolan, but, again, it’s Macs team to run.
    I hope this isn’t the early sign of a long trail of tears for Denver. I was the PREMIER Mac hater…but, I came around, even during the losing streak. I think he’s the right man for the job. He has a great vision and what appears to be a very steadfast direction for the team…I just hope his master plan works.

  5. Is there anything that McDaniels doesn’t ruin? I’m not a Broncos fan by any means, but damn! He comes in with one of the most productive offenses, and a lousy Defense. He runs Cuntler off (who I hate, but was highly productive). Then Nolan turns that terrible D into one of the best in the League, and then McD runs him off. Good luck with this guy Denver fans.

  6. McDaniels did such a wonderful job with the Denver offense last year, single handedly taking them from #2 in the league in most offensive categories, to around #20 or so that is only natural (in his little mind) that he should take over the Defense and see if he can work the same kind of magic with the D.
    This guy has caused more destruction in less than one year than a herd of elephants can cause in a forest.
    Someone needs to wake Pat Bowlen up and explain the situation to him as he is obviously oblivious to what is transpiring.

  7. McDaniels playcalling sucks, and now he fired the only thing that got us our 8 wins, the defense.

  8. i love it. Agree completely, Josh is the right guy for the job in Denver. Hoping he sticks around for decades.

  9. McDaniels is a tool & is obviously too immature for the job at hand. Good luck broncos fans, another former Pats coach that is clueless…

  10. My initial question is didn’t McDaniels and Nolan discuss defensive philosophy before hiring him?
    Nolan has always been an aggressive D coordinator from his Raven days.
    Congrats as much as it pains me to say to the Dolphins on a great hire.
    I think McDaniels is a brilliant play caller but maybe he is trying to be BB as a HC and doing a real bad job.
    And where is the GM in all this mess?

  11. Were do these stupid rumors start. And the haters love to get their two-cents typed in.
    You guys, it a game. Get a life.

  12. @ Scrodge2010 says: January 20, 2010 11:56 AM
    I think he’s the right man for the job. He has a great vision and what appears to be a very steadfast direction for the team…I just hope his master plan works.
    That’s the funniest post I’ve read on the Broncos in a long time.
    You’re trying to be funny, right? right?
    Sarcastic? right?
    Even Josh McDaniel’s Mother knows at this point he’s in over his head and you still haven’t figured it out.
    He may have a master plan, but it’s not going to be pretty to that rapidly decreasing number of Broncos fans (like you) when they finally realize it is total destruction of the franchise in his quest to do it “his way”.

  13. Bad move, Nolan is one of the best. He was screwed by San Fran a few years back. Im surprised after Denver’s re-emergence that he didnt draw any HC consideration. Denver’s D is the only reason they had a shot at the playoffs in the first place.

  14. Why do people get on Florio for helping spread rumors? Hey idiots, it’s called “Latest News & Rumors” for a reason. If you don’t like it, read you local newspaper (if it still exists).

  15. Broncos fan here – Yeah blitzing a lot hasn’t worked out well for the Jets this year has it? How about the Steelers? Read and react defenses seem to be reading and then reacting to the other guys scoring touchdowns.

  16. No matter how it is sliced, Denver loses in this swap of d coordinators and it futher demonstrates McDaniels has no clue what he’s doing.
    Joe Ellis and Pat Bowlen made a gross error in hiring McDaniels. I recall last year, Rex Ryan practically begging for an interview in Denver and the Broncos not even taking a cursory look at him.
    Visit to join the thousands of Broncos fans that have pledged their support for the termination of McDaniels before he has a change to due further damage to the franchise.

  17. Josh McDaniels must be the most arrogant little punk I have ever seen. He had no head coaching experience when he came to Denver, has alienated key players, acts like a tyrant and in his twisted mind thinks he is the second coming of Vince Lombardi. I don’t understand how Pat Bowlen can deal with this guy. If he keeps losing as he did at the end of last season then he’ll be gone soon. He just confirms the stereo type that short men have an inferiority complex.

  18. i don’t see what peoples problem is with McDaniels. If Nolan didn’t want to listen to the head coach then he should have been let go. He got a great deal for Cutler and brought in a lot of players to help the defense and it worked. Nobody thought the Broncos would win 5 games this year and they made it to .500.

  19. I love how McDaniels keeps wanting to replace the good parts of his team with Patriots’ personnel.
    Got Cutler and a top 5 offense? Let’s get Cassel. Mike Nolan transforms the defense from “crap” to “pretty good?” I want Pees.

  20. Love being a non-Broncos fan in Denver… I get to watch it like a car crash. I’m not in the actual crash, yet I’m able to see first hand all the gore as I cruise by and shake my head saying “I hope nobody died”.

  21. JollyRoger – when did Cassel get traded to the Broncos? I must have missed that.
    I would have thought the Florio conspiracy theory was that getting rid of Nolan eliminates the in-house Interim Candidate with head coaching experience.
    Aside from being a head coach at Kent State, Pees has no NFL head coaching experience and wouldn’t be viewed as the same threat as Nolan.
    As far as Nolan as DC over Pees, with 324 points allowed, Nolan’s D wasn’t the worst in the NFL… but compare it to a Dean Pees Defense that allowed only 285 points with personnel that most would admit was without leaders, and besieged by injuries, and overall you have to think it’s an upgrade.
    In fact, in the NFL, only the Ravens allowed fewer points.
    So what has McDaniels done that was so bad in letting a mediocre DC go elsewhere?

  22. May McDumbass should concentrate on fixing the offesne he destroyed and leave the defense which was one of the better defenses in the NFL this year alone.
    Oh wait, I get it, the year before he took over, the Broncos had the #2 offense in the league. He dismantled that offense very quickly. Now, the defense is ranked high, and he feels he needs to dismantle that.
    Maybe McDumbass should worry about not running screen passes on 50% of the plays instead of worrying about how the defense is calling it’s plays.
    Micro-managers suck and they always micro-manage their ways out of jobs. Here’s to hoping McDouche does it sooner rather than leter.

  23. Blitzing wins games and forces the QB to make dumb mistakes. mcdaniels is a moron. Denver will lose a lot next year.

  24. That’s about enough comments from the peanut gallery.
    First off, nobody actually knows what the hell happened when these two coaches met, since Nolan said he couldn’t talk about it. Yet, it never fails that someone with a title reports something, then the rest of the world takes that as proof and runs with it.
    If Mike Nolan wanted to be on Miami’s coaching staff, so be it. I’d rather have someone on my team’s staff that actually wants to be there, as opposed to someone who thinks this is their second best option. Anyhow, I think Denver plays Miami this upcoming year so we’ll see how that works out.
    On the Cutler issue (yes, there are still SOME people that just won’t let go), McDaniels made the right choice. Cutler thinks he’s the Billy the Kid of football, able to slay teams all by himself and force balls into spots only he could. Now, granted, the guy has an amazing arm, but he also throws way too many picks. Anybody think if Cutler and his 20+ picks were in Denver in 2009 that we would’ve finished any better than .500? Didn’t think so.
    And finally, when talking about how Denver had the top offense before McDaniels got there, the stats are a little misleading. Remember that our defense resembled swiss cheese towards the end of Leatherfaces tenure, and the offense constantly had to play catch-up, with Cutler slinging it just the way he likes, picks and all.
    The fact is that coaches move on, players move on and teams move on. It seems to be a big part of the business side of it. It’s real easy for us all to sit back and take shots about who made the right move, who sucks, etc., but what really matters is winning. If the next D coordinator of Denver comes in and we’re an above average defense or better, none of this will matter. Just like Josh said before the 2009 season, if we win, none of this stuff (Jay Cutler) will matter. Well, we didnt exactly win, but at .500 we didn’t exactly lose either. And it only mattered because the head coach made the right decision then, and probably now too. Only time will tell.

  25. JoeSixPack – it’s no secret that McDaniels wanted Cassel. No, the trade didn’t happen, but why even think to replace a great (Cutler was great in Denver) QB at the center of a top offense?
    And you’re right that Nolan’s D wasn’t great. But considering where it was a year ago, he certainly seemed to know what he was doing. As a Bengals fan, I draw the analogy to Mike Zimmer. He inherited a useless defense, turned it into midrange defense after one year, and had it in the top 5 after two years. I don’t know if Mike Nolan could have done the same thing, but it seems like he was on the right track. Why McDaniels feels the need to interrupt that process is beyond me.

  26. JollyRoger – nice attempt to try to undo a brain fart as to how you confused the Broncos and the Chiefs.
    But seeing as a Cassel led 11-5 offense scored 410 points in 2008, why would you begrudge a coach for considering an upgrade over a Cutler-led 8-8 offense that scored considerably less?
    Frankly, with 2008 and 2009 final records not all that different, I’d say that if the offense and defense both could make a few more adjustments and both play a little bit better, an 8-8 Broncos team could quickly be looking at 11-5 at least.
    The buck stops with McDaniels – he’s the head coach, and even as an offensive expert with the Patriots he understands the impact a Defense has on the Offense.
    Too much blizting can leave one vulnerable elsewhere. If he and Nolan disagree on that premise then all the better that they are parting ways… but as Head Coach McDaniels view should win out, as they did.
    Nolan it appears can’t deal with that – or the fact that he’s a failed Head Coach himself.

  27. @ JoeSixPack
    The defense did very well for most of the year. Blitzing was NOT their problem. The offense was the defense’s BIGGEST problem. How about if little Hitler fixes his own problem first? He’s NOT qualified to be a DC… or a HC IMO.
    Many of you celebrate McDaniels as a genius?
    What is genius about dump passes into the flat with horrible blocking schemes? What is genius about woefully running it on 2 downs, and needing 3rd and long 80% of the year?
    What??? With Orton as QB??? What???

  28. @ JoeSixPack
    The defense did very well for most of the year. Blitzing was NOT their problem. The offense was the defense’s BIGGEST problem. How about if little Hitler fixes his own problem first? He’s NOT qualified to be a DC… or a HC IMO.
    Many of you celebrate McDaniels as a genius?
    What is genius about dump passes into the flat with horrible blocking schemes? What is genius about woefully running it on 2 downs, and needing 3rd and long 80% of the year?
    What??? With Orton as QB??? What???

  29. Get yer Kool Aid here! Get yer free Josh McDaniels Kool aid here, it’s free all you can drink, free, free compliments of the Denver Post.
    Whoops, wait a minute. I’ve been advised the following posters have already had waaay too much Josh McDaniels Kool Aid and can’t have any more until they sober up.
    JoeSchmoe, I’m with you. A non-Broncos fan observing first hand the swath of destruction taking place on a daily basis with alternating feelings of bemusement and sadness. But it is entertaining.

  30. thanks josh for taking our a top five offense from 08 and destroying it…. but no josh you wern’t done there, now your take the only bright spot from this year and kill the boss of that (nolan). Mc D sucks and he should be fired tomorrow. Go hire the coordinator from the Vikings. We should have kept shannahan…. oh wait… MC D you suck

  31. Guess what guys? I’m positive that each and every one of you would also fail as a head coach.

  32. This seems to imply that Dean Pees has NFl head coaching experience. Since when is Kent State in the NFL?

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