Report: Raiders interviewed Jim Harbaugh

We reported two weeks ago that Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh was a stealth candidate for the head-coaching vacancies in Buffalo and Oakland.

And, indeed, he was.

Charley Casserly of CBS recently reported that the Bills offered their job to Harbaugh, who passed on the opportunity.

Now, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Raiders met with Harbaugh, but that Harbaugh was not interested in the job.

The job that Tom Cable still has.

43 responses to “Report: Raiders interviewed Jim Harbaugh

  1. It’s all B.S.
    Davis and Cable are kicking back eating popcorn, watching your site on the big screen while Herrera pushes the F5 key every 10 seconds.

  2. THats got to say something about the state these once proud franchises are in now. I’d love to see the Raiders return to their former glory, but without Al handing over the riens to a competent GM, it will never happen.

  3. Damned there have been a lot of Raiders stories and rumors today.
    Do you think Al is just messing with everyone? Al and Herrera and Cable are just sitting around laughing at everyone. It may be the playoffs, but you can’t stop talking about the Raiders

  4. Leave it to the realiable “SOURCES” that ESPN uses. If you believe that for a second you must also believe Nate Kaeding is deserving to be the Pro Bowl Kicker….
    Rumor Mongoring!

  5. How many stories is it going to take for you to realize these are all made up and nobody really knows what’s going on in Oakland.

  6. The Bills job is not the most attractive in the NFL, but I think most coaches would rather swim through ten miles of feces to coach the Bills than fly to Oakland to coach the Raiders.
    No way anyone declines another NFL job to coach the Raiders.

  7. Could be that Harbaugh is trying to leverage, if he’s interested he might want to play hard to get, so he can get some of the coaches and some say in personel, I think John Gruden did the same thing ifI recal

  8. I think if Harbaugh came and we could have Marc Treshman as our OC, Hue Jackson as QB’s coach to babyt sit JR, and than bring Bill Romanaski to coach the LB’rs

  9. Al Davis says:
    Adam Schefter is a rumor mongerer who is closely aligned with Shanahan and the Denver… What’s that? Oh, he works along side the professional liar Mortensen at ESPN now. Herrera, go deny that anything ever took place and punch Kawakami while you’re at it.
    All joking aside, it’s all speculation until something happens and my guess is Florio will still be guessing when Cable is going to get fired during training camp. Because Al is never gonna make the “announcement” everyone is waiting for when Cable stays. Why would he?

  10. Florio – your next Raiders Coaching Post should read:
    Report: We Don’t Know What The Raiders Are Going To Do.
    That seems to make more sense than running a BS rumor everytime a coach’s agent or sportswriter for ESPN (who may have the same agent) decides to make something up.

  11. What is it with this deebag Harbaugh? He had a decent year at Stanford, but the way the morons in the media talk, he’s the second coming. Hopefully he would be better than his brother, an overrated crybaby of a head coach.

  12. Raiders met with Harbaugh, but that Harbaugh was not interested in the job.
    What’s the sense in meeting with Fonzi Sr. if you don’t want the job?
    Free lunch, of stewed prunes, after the interview?

  13. Good for him.
    Take the right job when it comes along. The Raiders and Bills jobs are NOT in that category.
    Too many coaches jump around from team to team, when more coaches (who are eventually going to jump) need to sit back and wait for the right job.
    I see Jim waiting for the either the Bears or Michigan jobs if (and when) they open up.

  14. You guys act like it is a big deal that Harbaugh is turning down NFL deals. The future health of the NFL is very uncertain at this time with the labor deal in flux and a lockout looming. Harbaugh is smart to stay put for now.

  15. These people who ask “Why interview for the the job if you’re not interested?” are so stupid they need to be protected from themselves.
    1. Never hurts to listen. You might learn something.
    2. Maybe he’s not interested in what the Raiders are offering now. But things change.
    3. If your boss thinks others are interested in you, this creates something called ‘leverage’.

  16. Tdk24 says: January 20, 2010 4:12 PM
    It’s all B.S.
    Davis and Cable are kicking back eating popcorn, watching your site on the big screen while Herrera pushes the F5 key every 10 seconds.
    As funny as this is, I wouldn’t doubt for a moment it’s true.
    I really believe Al Davis is having a great time playing with the media. God knows he’s done it before.
    Good for you, Mr. Davis.

  17. Tdk24, you wrote, “It’s all B.S.
    Davis and Cable are kicking back eating popcorn, watching your site on the big screen while Herrera pushes the F5 key every 10 seconds.”
    AWESOME TAKE!!!!!!

  18. My “source” over at the Raiders tell me that it is hard for them at the office to hold back the laughter each day as they read all the BS that is spread by the media.
    Best would be for you all to just admit that none of you have a clue what the Raiders are or are not doing and that is just the way Al Davis likes it.

  19. “Who’s been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins?”
    I still love that quote.

  20. And while Al is busy having a good laugh at the media’s expense, other teams are 2 to 3 weeks into their off-season programs.
    And Raider fans thinking wasting time ‘putting things over on the media’ is funny is why they are Raider fans.
    Al has wasted three weeks that could have been put to much better use.

  21. So let me get this right…Jim H is under contract at Stanford and risk losing his players and contract to interview with 2 NFL teams that he is not intrested in?
    What really happening is CBS sports is reporting on the reports out of the bay area that where made up by another media sources…NICE..

  22. bigrig what off-season programs are you referring to? nothing has started other than team and player evaluations. tom cable has been running that show since the season ended. or so the rumors on this site have reported.

  23. No flipping way is Harbaugh going to be interested !He coaches at a academic institution where the janitors have more intelligence and credibility then the whole front office of the Raiders ! Stanford would not let Herrera mow their lawn !

  24. jb10,
    The first thing NFL teams do in the non-playing season is evaluate their own personnel and begin the process of deciding which players they will try to keep for the upcoming year.
    They will begin the process of deciding how much money will go to each position, or player. These decisions will be based on health, age, talent, and a few other intangibles.
    These are the activities I am referring to. If you think a better way for a team to spend it’s time is to play jokes on the media, then take a look at the Raiders record the last 7 years.

  25. Our front office needs to put this puzzle together already. Do we have the coaches to match the players? Do we have the players to match the coaches? This car has been running like shit for years now. There are teams out there that run like a Ferrari. Smooth, fast and look great. We run like my damn Camaro. You fix one thing then something else goes wrong. Once we get these things fixed, It’s gonna be a good ride again.

  26. Two points. First is Jim’s non interst. He probably went in to see what the offer was. When he found out that he would be nothing more than a puppet and would get fired if Russell flops yet again he probably said not interested and walked out the door.
    Second point is, let’s say it is true that Al is planting all these stories to mess with the media. THAT is why I’ll never buy another item of Raiders merchandise until he goes away. Wouldn’t it be great if Al tried get one over on the Chargers rather than sports writers? Wouldn’t it be great if Al tried to beat down the Donkeys the way he does former Raiders?

  27. This site is a joke , yet you guys all seem to come here…….as do I….its like driving by a traffic accident…you dont want to slow down, cant bear to watch, but shit you just do anyways….Its pretty darn awuful…It is right about 60% of the time…40% is just them looking at yahoo, and few other sources, tweaking the info…Nobody is head to wall, or has any insiders….Its all a “schism”

  28. So why hasn’t Cable been fired yet Florio? Seriously I’ve checked this website like 20 times a day for the last almost 3 weeks, becuase everyday you tell me he’s going to be fired. I’m about to go all Tom Cable and punch the shit out of my computer.

  29. It’s amazing how some of you can find this site and post your inane comments, but can’t do a lick of research. Harbaugh has been an offensive assistant and QB coach in Oakland, and actually is fond of Crazy Al. He might not want to be saddled with the likes of JaMarcus Russell, and might not want to be the Underbitch in Oakland, but that doesn’t mean any of you know what’s going on in that nut hut.

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