Several Saints miss practice

As the Saints conducted their first practice in advance of Sunday’s NFC title game, they did so without several key players.

Receiver Robert Meachem (ankle), safety Darren Sharper (knee), and tight end Jeremy Shockey (knee) were absent.

Also missing from practice was cornerback Malcolm Jenkins (hamstring).

Defensive end Bobby McCray fully participated despite a back injury, which might have occurred when he blew up Kurt Warner like Sgt. Hulka.

8 responses to “Several Saints miss practice

  1. I believe you meant “destroyed Kurt Warner”
    Bottom line neither team has an injury thats going to require anyone to sit….it’s the NFC Championship game and I expect all Viqueens and Saints to be available….should be a good one on Sunday! Who Dat!

  2. Nice Sgt Hulka reference, LOL.
    It will be years before somebody suffers a big toe injury where you can use it again…

  3. Crazy how Ray Edwards was considered a solid player for the Vikes prior to last week. He is very good against the run and solid rushing the passer as well. Nothing spectacular though. No Jared Allen.
    Then last week he has one of the most monstrous games in defensive end playoff history. He really did. Our radio guys basically went through the record books and are saying it is a top Vikes playoff performance.
    Now everyone is worried about his health and whether he will play. It was a mild sprain so likely he will play but it might limit his effectiveness. Robison is not a bad backup though. Who is that?

  4. Brian Robison….He could start on alot of teams…He is I believe a 3rd year player…Plays with alot of intensity..He is assigned to Jared Allens side, so he doesnt get a ton of playing time…In a worst case scenerio, if Edwards couldnt play…I would say he would do a very servicable job!

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