Sour grapes from Brian Billick

Earlier this month, former Ravens coach Brian Billick was coy regarding his interested in the Bills’ head-coaching job.  He reportedly had begun to line up potential staff members, in the event the call came.

But the call never came.

And now Billick is confused.

Why [G.M. Buddy Nix]
had not called a coach with a Super Bowl ring, 10 wins a year for nine
years, having orchestrated the highest-scoring offense and defense in
the history of the league, is a question worth asking,” Billick said, per WGRZ (via Tim Graham of

Um, Brian?  I think you just answered it.

Look, we realize that a certain amount of self-promotion is needed in order to succeed in the NFL.  But reciting your own resume is usually bad form, and it creates the impression that Billick has a mouthful of sour grapes.

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  1. Believe me, the people of Buffalo, and BIlls fans wanted Billick, we ar eused to bizarro world around here.
    Watch for Chan Gailey’s firing in october 2012

  2. Are you sure he was talking about himself? He didn’t have 10 wins a year for nine years. He had about 4 10-win seasons, and his average was probably more like 8-8 or 9-7.

  3. Come on Florio. BB is right on the money.
    Chan Gailey ?. He’s really going to turn the program around. LOL Give me a break.

  4. Bad form or not he has a point. The answer is that Chan Gailey probably costs half what Billick would have cost, and although Buffalo claims to just be interested in ” the best fit ” for the team what that really means is ” the cheapest guy available “

  5. If you put a Mark Martz and a Brian Billick in a bowl and mixed them together I wonder what kind of ego pie you would get.

  6. Bad form?
    Buddy Nix just defended his pathetic franchise by putting down another NFL franchise. THAT is bad form.
    The team is on the verge of moving to Canada. The team was turned down by 9 coaches. The team has never won a Super Bowl. The team brought in Terrell Owens. Yet, Buddy Nix has the audacity to put down the Oakland Raiders?
    THAT is bad form.

  7. I am sure many of us have been passed for jobs that we all thought we were more qualified for than the idiot who got it. That is just life, get over it.

  8. because Buddy Nix is a idiot…Chane Galley,,,,come on man!!the Bills will never go anywhere..

  9. I heard him on KFAN Minneapolis a week or two ago. At the time he seemed pretty sure that the Bills were going to go the coordinator route so I don’t understand why he is pissed.

  10. This isn’t sour grapes, it is disappointment and frustration. In the fable, when the fox couldn’t reach the grapes, he didn’t say “why I can’t reach those grapes is beyond me.” He said “Ah, well, those grapes probably don’t taste very good anyway. I’ll bet they are sour.”
    Sour grapes would be Billick saying “I didn’t really want the Bills job anyway. It is not as good a job as advertised.” He is not bad-mouthing the Bills job, at least not in this article or the one it links to.
    But, hey, keep mixing those metaphors.

  11. If I were Billick, I’d be careful about talking up the offensive production of his teams too much.
    He sure didn’t live up to his “offensive genius” billing in Baltimore. His Super Bowl win came with a team who was so inept offensively that they had a 5 game stretch without an offensive TD.

  12. Perhaps they figured a guy who would pass on 3rd and 1 with johnny ogden, Jamal Lewis, and Kyle boller was just too smart for their organization?

  13. If, by “orchestrated high-scoring defense in the history of the league”, he means he sat there and watched his defensive coordinator coach them up to cover his pathetic offense that season, then, yes, he’s correct.

  14. The money owed to him by the Ravens ran out at the end of the season, didn’t it? No wonder he is keen to get back at it.
    Billick makes a good point, though. The fact that the Bills would hire Chan Gailey over Billick is a total mystery. Like him or not, you have to admit that Billick’s track record trumps that of Gailey many times over. It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that the Bills wanted a head coach who was, a) willing to work cheap, and b) was not a threat to a weak, no name GM.

  15. How was Billick’s offense at Baltimore? Harbaugh has done more in 2 years than Billick could have ever imagined in Baltimore.

  16. Billick = Pillock (Person with one bollock ,now a derogatory term used to describe a generalised twat).

  17. It’s a legitimate question. Why didn’t he at least get an interview with the new GM? It’s not that they hired Gailey, as much as it is the declined to even really interview a number of other qualified candidates.
    Does anyone really envision Chan Gailey, who was 44-32 in his most recent head coaching gig (including 2-4 in bowls and one first place finish in six seasons) turning the Bills around and getting them to a Super Bowl? Isn’t that the idea? If Gailey had gone back to the college game and dominated, than maybe it could be argue he deserved a chance… But he was a mediocre – at best… So the reward is one of only 32 jobs in the world.

  18. The Bills just hired Chan Gailey to help sell tickets. Come on, that hire has everything to do with style and nothing to do with substance.
    Oh, wait, what’s that? Gailey brings neither style/excitement nor substance? That’s the Bills for you. Maybe Buddy Nix should be more aware of his own sorry situation before dissing one of the premiere franchises in the history of the NFL like the Raiders.

  19. He has a point. He was a much better candidate. Buffalo screwed up b/c they prefer old cranky geezer than match their owners personality.

  20. Billick to the Raiders would be ironic, given how badly his former best buddy Jim Fassel wants that job.

  21. ZNorseman says:
    January 20, 2010 2:58 PM
    If Billick were black, you know he’d have a job. But he’s white, so he doesn’t.
    Right, because the NFL is overflowing with black head coaches, isn’t it?

  22. If you owned a NFL team, would you want Billick as your head coach? I wouldn’t, and apparently the people who do own NFL teams don’t either.

  23. Z-snoreman: Gailey got the job, he’s white. Leslie Frazier, expected to get an offer, apparently never got to talk to the owner. So your ignorant point was what again?
    Re: Billick vs Gailey – three more years of Bills mediocrity either way.

  24. So Billick is a bad coach because he didn’t have much offensive talent and adapted to let his defense win a Super Bowl?
    He’s shown when he has offensive talent, he can use it and when he the talent is on defense, he’s smart enough to let them drive the bus. The fact is they passed on a guy who won a Super Bowl as a head coach, was offensive coordinator on a record setting team (at the time)… to hire a coach who has never won anything.
    Is Billick arrogant and hard to deal with? Who in this business isn’t that way?
    (BTW… I used “than” instead of “then” in an earlier post and I hate when I do that)

  25. Billick has the credentials to make that statement. Shameless self promotion, probably but he has resume and cahones to say it with validity !

  26. You used the term “sour grapes” wrong. It means “Oh that thing I was going after wasn’t any good anyway.”
    Billick said he should have been hired. He didn’t say the Bills job sucked.
    “Sour grapes” arises from Aesop’s fable of the sour grapes. The fox sees grapes growing above him. He jumps to get them. He can’t reach them. He keeps jumping. He can’t jump high enough. He gives up and mutters to himself, “Those grapes were sour anyway.” The moral of the story is that the fox was justifying giving up by stating the goal was unworthy, but his real motivation for giving up was that he wasn’t able to achieve his goal. He was just too proud to admit defeat. That’s sour grapes.
    Whatever someone says for or against Brian Billick, he wasn’t calling it sour grapes. He admits defeat. He still feels he should have got the job.

  27. I thought it was clear that the Bills wanted an offensive-minded coach due to their struggles in that department.
    5 games w/o an offensive TD=not an offensive-minded coach.

  28. “I thought it was clear that the Bills wanted an offensive-minded coach due to their struggles in that department.
    5 games w/o an offensive TD=not an offensive-minded coach.”
    Was that the year they scored 34 points in the Super Bowl? Yes, I think it was. I guess it’s important to fixate on one five game period in a coach’s career. Especially in a year they won the Super Bowl.

  29. Billick set the NFL record for offense as the Offensive Coordinator for the VIKES some time back. He had the help of Moss and Daunte Culpepper. I believe Robert Smith and a good supporting cast helped as well. He is a pretty good coach with a lot of knowledge. They could do worse ( and may have ) . He has some credentials that you cannot deny.

  30. 1999 8 8 0 .500 3rd in AFC Central – – – –
    2000 12 4 0 .750 2nd in AFC Central
    Beat New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV
    2001 10 6 0 .625 2nd in AFC Central
    Lost to Pittsburgh Steelers in Divisional Round
    2002 7 9 0 .438 3rd in AFC North – – – –
    2003 10 6 0 .625 1st in AFC North
    Lost to Tennessee Titans in Wild-Card Round
    2004 9 7 0 .563 2nd in AFC North – – – –
    2005 6 10 0 .375 3rd in AFC North – – – –
    2006 13 3 0 .813 1st in AFC North
    Lost to Indianapolis Colts in Divisional Round
    2007 5 11 0 4th in AFC North
    Total 80 64 0 .556%

  31. I dont think its bad taste at all to tell people what you’ve done. That guy running the bills might have lost his memory so billick refreshed it for him. People have short memories and sometimes have to be reminded that a great coach is calling games….Good for billick. I’d have done the same thing. Did they really hire chan over billick? Really? Wow.

  32. So let me get this straight, Chan Gailey took the Buffalo job from him and Mike Ditka took the last Coors Light? He’s having a really bad year

  33. Money matters to Ralph so he saved a lot and got what he got, a proven mediocrity. He should have been thinking about value, not just dollars spent. People in Buffalo would have liked the potential for some return on the investment in a head coach. I’m sure any fan in or out of Buffalo could make a long list of better choices. CG will yield a very low return on investment.

  34. Chan would have done better in GT if GT didn’t suck so bad. It’s harder to evaulate HS talent than college talent, because some people look really good in HS, but really play people who suck so bad. Making it to a bowl game every year he was there says something for Chan. His only drawback might be his ability to draft defensively. If the Bills hire a guy who can do a great DC job and Chan can give up picks for defense, than the bills should be ok. I have confidance in NIX to draft well.

  35. “The team is on the verge of moving to Canada.”
    Gotta love it when people keep posting something they have no idea about. Toronto cant support a team, look at ticket sales. Argument over.

  36. As a few others have pointed out, what Billick said has nothing to do with what “sour grapes” means.
    This site gets dumber and dumber by the day.
    Completely inaccurate stories, misquotes, bad guesses, stories that are repeated because there’s nothing new to write about, writers who are clueless about the metaphors they’re using, stories that are ridiculous stretches of the imagination (Rex Ryan “guaranteeing” an AFCC/Super Bowl win), so on and so forth.
    Seriously- at what point do you guys admit that this site is a cross between the National Enquirer and National Lampoon?

  37. Ok, Billick should stop at Superbowl Ring and about 3 playoff appearences. 10 win seasons, not on his tour with the Ravens.
    To hire chan gailey over billick is a ridiculous and to hire chan gailey OVER anyone is really crazy. Bills suck!

  38. His “highest scoring offense” was the product of Randall Cunningham throwing bombs to Cris Carter and Randy Moss and handing off to Robert Smith. *I* could have coordinated the highest scoring offense in the NFL with that talent.
    His “highest scoring defense” was the product of excellent defensive coordinators and outstanding talent.
    In other words, his “genius” has never really been proven as an “X’s and O’s” guy.
    But I will say this: He was a winner. He rarely had bad years. I’d consider hiring him if I owned a team.

  39. Florio doesn’t know what “sour grapes” means. That’s when you act like you didn’t want something after you can’t get it anymore. Billick isn’t doing that.

  40. # ZN0rseman says: January 20, 2010 2:58 PM
    If Billick were black, you know he’d have a job. But he’s white, so he doesn’t.
    Yes, since every black candidate had his door banged down to coach the Redskins, Bills, Seahawks and Browns.
    fcking idiot. Dont let “Yes We Can” get you too overworked, mkayyy?

  41. Brian Billick owes his entire resume to two guys:
    Randy Moss and Ray Lewis.
    Moss earned him his “offensive guru” moniker, and he rode the coat-tails of the Ray Lewis led defense to a title in 2000.

  42. The Vikings will take him in a heartbeat.
    I respectfully disagree there, Mike.
    Job interviews are all about promoting yourself.
    Employers admire confident personalities and successful resumes.
    The Bills are going NOWHERE with Chan Gailey. Jauron is a better coach than he is.

  43. Ravens coach Brian Billick was coy regarding “his interested” in the Bills’ head-coaching job.
    His Interested in the coaching job???? what does that mean??
    Come on, Florio, the first rule of professionalism for a writer is proper grammar.

  44. moreflagsmorefun says:
    January 20, 2010 3:35 PM
    Do you know people who own NFL Teams, did they tell you they didn’t want Billick?
    If they want him, they’ll hire him

  45. How many coaches are geniuses without players? It’s being smart enough to adapt and use the guys (there are guys who don’t or won’t – See Lovie Smith and the Tampa 2 scheme)…
    One of the things against Chan Gailey is how much did he win when he had a guy like Calvin Johnson on his team? Even in his best year they went 9-5, lost their last three games including a 9-6 loss in the ACC Championship. Wow!

  46. Funny how people blast Billick for his success in Minn (Carter Moss and Smith) and then for his title in Baltimore (Lewis, Lewis and Lewis)- but the common denominator is that he was in both places when success was had…..LOL

  47. HUH????? isnt that what you do when looking for employment? Remind people of accompolishements…he is way UNderratted…he will be a stud again…I just hope it is not in the NFC North…He is a helluva coach…
    Try learning something with this site….You are a fool florio!

  48. “So let me get this straight, Chan Gailey took the Buffalo job from him and Mike Ditka took the last Coors Light? He’s having a really bad year”
    Ahhhh Michael!!! LOL

  49. I agree the Florhole is a terrible reporter, analyst and writer, but he does spark a lot of good converstation – this is the most popular NFL forum I’ve found.
    I’d go elsewhere if anyone can suggest a better place to read/post NFL fan opinions?
    I’ll be very surprised if this post isn’t screened out. LOL.

  50. Gopher, if somebody mixed Mike Martz and Brian Billick in a pie, I’d pay good money to watch.

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