Spanos has no secondary plan to downtown stadium

Chargers owner Dean Spanos is like many of his fans, not above pointing to one factor above all others for a playoff loss.

“Unfortunately, we missed a couple of field goals that would have made the difference,” Spanos said in comments to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Other than that remark, Spanos is taking the long view about his team.  He quickly signed Norv Turner to a contract extension and loves the relationship between ownership, general manager A.J. Smith and Turner. 

The team’s leadership has stability, but the Chargers stadium situation remains up in the air.  A downtown site near Petco Park may be the last possible solution “before something drastic happens” according to the paper. 

Spanos seems to be putting all his hopes into the downtown plan.

“If we can come up with an agreeable proposal with the mayor and the
City Council, I can see it coming to a 2012 vote,” Spanos said. “I don’t
want to go forward without an agreement from the mayor and the council.

“I have no secondary plan. We haven’t looked anywhere else. I’m not
working on an alternative. I’m not trying to leverage the city of San

The recent success of the Chargers should help the team’s chances of winning a possible vote.  After many failed stadium plans over the years, it sounds like it’s downtown or bust for the Chargers’ future in San Diego.

16 responses to “Spanos has no secondary plan to downtown stadium

  1. The Super Bowl should be in San Diego every 4 or 5 years, max. Hell, it is back in Miami after only 3 years, and that stadium is a rat hole. Unfortunately, Jack Murphy/Qualcomm whatever is even worse. You can’t even see the end zone from a lot of the seats.
    The NFL should commit to 5 Super Bowls in San Diego if they get a new stadium. Sad that it hasn’t been in San Diego since 2002.

  2. The Spanos have been more than forthright about their desire to make San Diego the Chargers permanent home. City Council has had its head where the sun don’t shine for too many years and so we’ll see if the mayor can pull it off.

  3. LOL missing fieldgoals wasnt the reason. How about not putting the ball in the endzone??????????
    7 points over 3 points wins games!
    We Raider fans know that when you kick field goals and your opponent scores touchdowns is a no win situation.
    Way to go Chargers…you choked AGAIN!

  4. JaggedMark says: “Los Angeles Chargers. Has kind of a cool sound to it.”
    No, no, no.
    The Chargers can stay right where they are, thank you. We’re waiting for the Los Angeles Roskis, formerly of Jacksonville, FL.
    No, there’s got to be something better than that . . .
    Los Angeles Leopards?
    Los Angeles Football Lakers?
    Los Angeles Carrolls?

  5. He is an idea pay for your own new home why do the tax payers have to pay for your home
    The Giants Jets and Cowboys all found away to do it why cant the shitty chargers?
    You do not sell out you can not win when you have to why would the tax payers care

  6. L.A. Raiders. Again. Good job “Raider Nation” 38,000 strong for last game, what a joke…

  7. seriously, if everyone in the Chargers organization believes that the missed FGs is the reason they lost, they’ll never get to the top.
    they dominated the ball for nearly 2 quarters and walked away with only a 7 point lead. they started 1 for 8 on 3rd down conversions. their offense did nothing from the first TD until the game was basically over midway through the 4th quarter and the Jets went back into prevent mode on defense and the offense ran 3 straight times into the line to milk the clock.
    time to face some reality

  8. I’ve been to “Jack Murphy Stadium” several times. It’s a pretty cool stadium, in my opinion, and I had a great time.
    I don’t see why a new one is needed, but I can’t really understand why there’s a giant TV hanging in the middle of Cowboys Stadium either.
    Maybe I just don’t get it.

  9. If necessary, the NFL can rig it so the Chargers win a Super Bowl. Just look at the Indy win in ’05. Indy was fighting the new stadium until the NFL helped and they won. Go back and look at the phantom calls that got the team through the play offs. The NFL is just like the WWF.

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