Tarkenton still doesn't like Favre in purple

In the weeks before Brett Favre emerged from retirement for a second time and signed with the Vikings, former Minnesota quarterback Fran Tarkenton made it clear that he opposes the move.

I think it’s despicable,” Tarkenton told 790 The Zone in Atlanta (via the Minneapolis Star Tribune) in May 2009.  “What he put the Packers through last year
was not good.  Here’s an organization that was loyal to him for 17, 18
years, provided stability of organization, provided players.  It just
wasn’t about Brett Favre.  In this day and time, we have glorified the
Brett Favre’s of the world so much, they think it’s about them.  He
goes to New York and bombs.  He’s 39 years old.  How would you like Ray
Nitschke in his last year [playing for] the Vikings, or I retire, and
go play for the Packers?  I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.”

With Favre only two wins away from a level of success that Fran never enjoyed, Tarkenton is sticking to his guns.

“I didn’t like it then — he’s a Green Bay Packer — and I
don’t like it now
,” Tarkenton told Boomberg.com on Tuesday.  “I could never imagine me retiring
from the Vikings and playing for the Packers.  So, it didn’t sit
well with me and it still doesn’t.”

It definitely won’t sit well with Tarkenton if Favre can do in one season what Fran couldn’t in 13.

That said, Tarkenton realizes that Brett is playing at a very high level.

“I’m just amazed,” Tarkenton said.  “This is the best he has
ever played.  He’s throwing like he’s 25 years old.  He’s moving
around like he’s 25 years old.  It’s unheard of.  No quarterback
in the history of time — we all break down over the age of 35 — [Johnny] Unitas, [John] Elway, [Dan] Marino, [Joe] Montana,
Tarkenton, [Roger] Staubach, we’ve never seen this happen ever,
ever before, so it’s remarkable.”

Yes, it is remarkable.  But while most Vikings fans gradually have embraced Favre as the best quarterback the franchise has had since Tarkenton (or possibly ever), we don’t think Fran will ever come around.

Especially if Brett soon is hoisting from the floor of Sun Life Stadium the silver trophy that Fran never touched.

27 responses to “Tarkenton still doesn't like Favre in purple

  1. I don’t understand why Fran Tarkenton thinks anyone cares about his opinion. I didn’t like him when he played and the fact that he is trying to insert himself in a situation that has nothing to do with him just shows how arrogant he is.

  2. I’m just waiting for people to start asking if Favre is good friends with Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire.

  3. “I’m just amazed,” Tarkenton said. “This is the best he has ever played. He’s throwing like he’s 25 years old. He’s moving around like he’s 25 years old. It’s unheard of. No quarterback in the history of time — we all break down over the age of 35 — [Johnny] Unitas, [John] Elway, [Dan] Marino, [Joe] Montana, Tarkenton, [Roger] Staubach, we’ve never seen this happen ever, ever before, so it’s remarkable.”
    Never before were there steriods. Brett sold his soul to the devil and one day the devil will come calling.

  4. Who could like it ? Ohhh yeah the fans who have and never win a Super Bowl …. Viking Fans ….
    Saints 34 Vikings 10

  5. You gotta wonder.
    If Favre wins the Super Bowl in purple. will Tarkenton like him then?

  6. Tarkenton = bitter old man. It will only get worse if Favre does what Fran couldn’t do in 3 tries.
    Take the high road Tarkenton.

  7. He needs to realize that he didn’t play in the free agency era. The only way Tark could play with GB back then, would be if he were traded there….kinda like he was to the Giants and then back to Minnesota.
    In free agency, you have to hate the teams not the players, because next year a player from your hated rival could be on your team.
    That is, unless you are TT and the Packers.
    I don’t think Teddy Teabag realizes there is such a thing as free agency.

  8. Fran Tarkenton is revealing himself to be another one of those hopeless nitwits who would place border rival grudges higher than the goal to win, and win it all. He wasn’t alone when Favre announced he was going to play but most of them have figured out that it is way smarter at this point to change sides in the argument or at least to shut up.
    For Francis T. the real problem here is that his ego can’t stand the thought of another QB in purple that can challenge him for the top spot in Vikings history at the position.
    Give it a rest Fran, you are coming across as bitter and stupid.

  9. Fran Tarkenton is just a bitter old man. I have heard him on Fox radio a few times and all he ever does is bitch about something.

  10. So THAT is what Alzheimer’s sounds like?
    I love how Tarkenton includes his name with all the real legends. It is the first tima and probably the last time you will ever see him on a list with those guys.

  11. Too bad with all his “success”, Lord Favre will never have a fraction of the adoration and respect that Tarkenton has.

  12. What despicable is his continued classlessness. We all know Favre can’t make up his mind, GET OVER IT. He’s fun to watch and thats what its all about. Any complaints of Fran’s are coming from his own ego.

  13. pt8106, someone cared because someone asked him, because it’s interesting to hear to some people. Let’s be honest, that’d be like saying Jim Kelly’s opinion doesn’t matter to Bills fans.
    That being said most disagree with him.

  14. Tarkenton still doesn’t like Favre in purple
    Does it not bring out his eyes? Queer

  15. jeffragnarchicken (wtf??!) makes a great point about free agency. Sports have changed a great deal since Fran’s day, and the whole idea of a fan base being able to embrace a player is history, because that player very likely could be gone the next year, even to your bitter rival. You gotta root for a team now, which is why Packer fans need to move on from Breanna.

  16. Like mooremi9 said, I think there’s more to it than his bi*ching about Brett’s switching sides. He’s clearly implying that Brett’s remarkable form is not entirely due to his boyish enthusiasm . . . He’s not using the words ‘roids/HGH, but they’re there for everyone to see . . . between the lines

  17. dboom92 are you serious. Fran has respect and adoration from who. What some small farm town in Minnesota maybe but on a national stage, come on. Man has not played in 20 yrs, most people outside of the Twin Cities have never heard of him. He was not liked by alot of his peers. They used to say he had that short people attitude. Farve might be a prima donna, but he is way more poplular & liked than Fran will ever be.

  18. Why so bitter Sir Francis? Afraid people will forget how great (even a loss at the SB means you were at least there) you were? I’m afraid it’s too late. A great number of current Vikings fans weren’t even born yet when you were scrambling behind Yary, Tinglehoff etc. A few weeks ago I was engaged in Vikings chat with fans aged from the teens to the 80s. The most telling line came from a “lifelong” fan (age 23) who said “Tarkenton? Oh yeah, he played for the Vikings once. Wasn’t he one of the best running backs the had?” Time goes on and some people age with grace. Then, there’s you.

  19. Tarkenton comes from a time when football wasn’t a business for the players, it was about team pride. If you’re a Vikings fan you should have no problem with what Tarkenton says. It shows that even though he was traded to the Giants, his blood still runs purple. It’s a great thing to hear out of one of the franchise’s all time greats.

  20. Comparing any athlete today in any sport to any athlete from the 70s or 80s is useless. the training and the science are totally different and beyond compare.
    I think we’ll see a lot more QBs (esp with the “Dont put your paw on me!” rules) play well in their early 40s.

  21. He couldn’t imagine himself retiring and playing for the Packers, but he had no trouble forcing the Vikings to trade him, then demanding to be traded back to the Vikings. Apparently “loyalty” to a team only applies when Fran is criticizing other people. Sounds like Fran is just jealous of Favre’s accomplishments as a Viking.

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