Bills nix John Guy

Right before hitting the sack every night, I turn off the ringer on my Sprint Blackberry Tour.

Right after staggering to my feet in the morning, I check out any messages that came through while I was sawing logs.

This morning, I was surprised to see that, at 11:40 p.m. ET, I received a blast text from the Bills announcing that the team has “relieved John Guy of his duties as Vice President of Pro Personnel.”

Less than a month ago, Guy was a finalist for the job of General Manager.  Indeed, he and Buddy Nix were the only two candidates for the job.

So, basically, the winner got the job (and a Water Pik), and the loser got fired.

At a time when we’re already starting to wonder whether the Bills’ desire for an offensive guru as head coach means that the Rooney Rule interviews of Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and former Bills defensive coordinator Perry Fewell were Redskins-style shams, the late-night purge of John Guy seems to suggest that he wasn’t a genuine candidate for G.M.

Meanwhile, the folks responsible for the Bills’ P.R. might want to consider some different approaches.  As I explained it to Brad Riter of WECK on Wednesday, the organization should have done a much better job of getting the truth out (via league-source-style leaks) regarding the coaching search, if the truth (as Nix seemed to explain it on Tuesday) is that some of guys who supposedly didn’t want the job actually did.

More importantly, a late-night announcement of news that might make folks question the legitimacy of the team’s G.M. search will only make folks already inclined to question the legitimacy of the team’s G.M. search more inclined to do so — and it will equip them with ammunition for persuading others that the Bills are up to something.

Regardless of whether they actually are.

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  1. Firing Guy at such an odd hour is throwing a bone to the fans after Gailey’s hiring. The PR people know they’ve got an uphill climb to sell tickets this off-season,.

  2. The Buffalo Bills have made some horrible decisions with personnel.
    Their line is in shambles, their QB decision to go with Edwards was terrible, their coaching choices have been poor, defense is constantly changing or hurt, and the coaching staff doesn’t seem to be able to help anyone get better.
    The Rooney rule is racist, it should be removed.

  3. The other possibility is that it was a legitimate competition for the job making the guy who won, Nix, nervous to have the same guy in the building who almost got the job instead of him. If Nix does a poor enough job, it might be easier for the owner to change his mind, fire Nix, and promote Guy, if Guy is still there. The GM search could have been legitimate and Nix is just the paranoid type.

  4. People wanted guy fired before jauron was as he has been a problem since donahoe was gm.the surprise isnt that he was relieved but that he was interviewed for the gm job.he should have been relieved long time ago

  5. The only thing the Bills are ” up to” is saving money and screwing over their fans. The Buffalo faithful consistently sell out (70,000) an old stadium in a busted city to watch a team that can be best described as mediocre, and often described as disappointing, and yet the Bills seem content to reward the fans loyalty with more of the same medicoraty year after year.
    I have very little belief in Gailey’s ability to turn the team around especially with the front office being what it is, but I continue to hope that they will finally get it right and put a winning team together.

  6. Thank you, Vito, for putting Florio in his place…since when did PFT become an editorial on how an NFL team and their PR department should run? I appreciate the information that is provided, but if it’s going to be opinion rather than fact, then I’ll find my NFL information elsewhere.

  7. @MJP
    “Firing Guy at such an odd hour is throwing a bone to the fans after Gailey’s hiring. The PR people know they’ve got an uphill climb to sell tickets this off-season,.”
    There is no doubt about it. You are dead on with that analysis. That’s the first thing I told my dad this morning when he said Guy was fired. It’s all about pacifying the fans after a ridiculous, uninspiring coaching hire. It is a joke that this bum wasn’t gone years ago.

  8. finally!!!!! This guy has been the source of so many problems in the Bills organization, he is a Donahue hire that somehow stuck around for 9 years too long.
    Mondrak has to be the next to go, hopefully this morning.
    This is real hope and change

  9. Wow! Florio you are incredibly perceptive. You were able to see right through Buffalo’s attempt to conceal the fact that they made a mockery of the Rooney Rule. The Bills tried to fool everyone by interviewing two minority candidates, when compliance only required them to interview one, but they could not fool you. From the beginning, Buddy Nix made it clear that the perfect candidate would have experience as a head coach, a background in offense and would possess various other attributes, but it was very unlikely that any candidate would have it all. Since Frazier and Fewell have never been head coaches (except Fewell’s recent stint as interim head coach) and their backgrounds are with the defense, their interviews must have been a sham. It could not be that despite lacking in these areas, they were serious challengers for the job, but that Chan Gailey just happened to be more qualified. You have really opened my eyes on this issue and I am beginning to agree with you. In fact, this problem of sham compliance with the Rooney Rule seems to prevail in the NFL. Clearly, when a minority is interviewed, but does not get the job, it must mean that there has been no real compliance with the Rooney Rule.

  10. To the arm chair qbs saying that the Bills are a joke and a wreck, we’ve WANTED Guy and Modrak fired for sometime so this news hardly warrants your comments. I’m not happy about Gailey but I won’t write him off till I can see what he can do. We’re rebuilding, cut us Bills fans some slack.

  11. So, does this mean Modrak isn’t getting fired?
    Modrak was responsible for bringing Nix back to Buffalo, so there’s no way Nix will fire him. (If he did, I’d be shocked anyway). This was brought to light in an article in the Buffalo News. I think it was either Mark Gaughan or Jerry Sullivan.

  12. Attention Buffalo Haters!
    There were apparently 2 candidates for a job. The incumbent was picking lousy players. The New GM gets hired and sees the guy, in place, as competition, so he gets rid of him. This happens a 1000 times a day across North America. Quit hating over something that is so routine.
    Next, will be Modrak! He’s been lousy for years. Good for Buddy to make this team his own. NOW, I only hope he has a great plan moving forward.
    Who the hell cares when the anouncement was sent out? Most fans haven’t even heard of John Guy!

  13. Hey all you posters who aren’t Bills fans – shut the hell up. Guy was a complete joke and should have been fired YEARS ago. Nice job, Buddy. We were up in arms when we heard Guy interviewed for the GM job. Maybe he was the token Rooney Rule interview. I really don’t care. The fact is, he’s gone now, and Buddy will have to bring someone in from the outside, FINALY getting some competent new blood into our FO. Now if Modrak is fired we’ll really be making some progress. So non-Bills fans, don’t pretend you have a clue who John Guy is, he is possibly the Matt Millen of pro personnel directors.

  14. he used to be somebody…
    he was a contenter….
    i think about 40 homes in the greater buffalo area actually get WECK on their radio….
    shoulda got up in the morning brad, you could be running buffalo sports talk radio…..

  15. WAHOOOO!!!
    The Buffalo Bills are headed in the right direction. This guy needed to go a long time ago. There are MORE people that need to go.
    Nix has some balls, FINALLY! Someone in Buffalo has some to shake the place up.
    There are always going to be haters. Jets fans didn’t like Rex Ryan, now look. Bellichick wasn’t well recieved and look. Sparano was embraced because the phins had Parcells.
    If this doesn’t give Schobel some youth I don’t know what will.
    Nix is the Man!

  16. You are trying to make it look like the bills did something under the table. They followed the rules, and hired the guy they liked the best.
    And what crawled up into your butt to get you all ticked off about recieving info at certain times of the day/night? As if the time you recieved the info is somehow news worthy…

  17. Florio – No team is obligated to throw bones to the media so that you can have a story. How they conduct their business is up to them. If you are all so good at what you do, then you’d do some investigative reporting and get stories, instead of providing us with the useless “PFT Takes a look at…” junk.
    To everyone else – As a Bills fan, I LOVE this move. Guy and Modrak have been missing on way too much. Modrak and Russ Brandon should see the door too. Buddy Nix is a football guy, they need that. He’s been successful, and he knows talent, something Guy and Modrak have swung and missed at way too much.

  18. attention all readers: ESPN,NBC,CBS, ETC… dont have a clue of how to run a football team….they are the MEDIA and thats it….all they do is speculate and say things that are proved to be wrong in the future…Let GM’s and Owners do their jobs…Florio you dont know jack….watch the Bills turn things around…
    (hey everyone, look i just got a text…let me post this on….) i have such a great job…my name is mike florio

  19. the fact that Buddy Nix is enamored with the 3-4 defense that was used in San Diego and has made it known he wants to see that in Buffalo, lends more credibility to the fact that the interviews of the 4-3 coordinators, were shams

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