Dan Reeves is interested in joining Gailey in Buffalo

As one of his greatest victories — the 1998 NFC title game — comes back into focus, former Broncos and Falcons head coach Dan Reeves is thinking about a possible comeback.

In Buffalo.

In an interview with WIVB-TV, Reeves has not ruled out the possibility of joining Gailey’s staff.

He hasn’t reached out to me,” Reeves said, via Chris Brown of BuffaloBills.com, “but I coached him
in Little League and he might give me a chance.  He might come back and
try to see if I could help him out. . . .  I tell you, if I could help Chan Gailey out, I would certainly be interested in that.”

Last year, Reeves nearly joined the Cowboys, but talks broke down when owner Jerry Jones supposedly tried to place a minimum hours requirement in Reeves’ contract.  He also interviewed for the offensive coordinator position in San Francisco last January.

Reeves last coached in 2003, with the Falcons. 

His potential arrival in Buffalo would make even more interesting the nascent flirtation between the Buffalo media and quarterback Mike Vick, whom Reeves drafted nearly nine years ago.

But there might be some lingering friction between Reeves and Vick.  Last July, Reeves said that he had tried to reach out to Vick, but that Vick’s camp ignored the overtures.  In response, a source close to Vick told us that Reeves had not attempted to contact Vick’s representatives.

So stay tuned.  As Gailey builds out his staff, there’s a chance that Reeves will make his return to the NFL after a six-year absence.

34 responses to “Dan Reeves is interested in joining Gailey in Buffalo

  1. There are no issues between Vick and Reeves. When Vick came back to Atlanta w/the Eagles he did an interview w/a local station that Reeves works w/one day a week. He sat in on the Vick interview and it was clear there aren’t any issues. They talked favorite plays, games, etc… Very nostalgic to say the least.

  2. Reeves and Vick did and still do have a good relationship. Vick always respected Reeves and there is clearly no animosity there, just Florio trying to stir up controversy as usual.

  3. Not a Bills fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I would love to see Reeves back in the NFL. Always thought he was a class act.

  4. We don’t want a sociopath like Vick in Buffalo…average QB on his best days (which were years ago) and a non-remorseful scumbag every day. He thinks he was a victim “It’s unfortunate this happened to me” comes up everytime he talks.

  5. Reeves will want the Bills to trade a 2nd round pick to the Bengals for TE Reggie Kelly.

  6. Thank you for speaking for the 296,000 residents of buffalo Philster…
    As a Bills season ticket holder, i would love Dan Reeves to come to Buffalo. And would welcome Vick if Nix and Gailey see fit to bring him to town.

  7. ” Vick always respected Reeves and there is clearly no animosity there”
    Yeah right, he respected him by secretly torturing dogs and running a gambling ring behind his back while he being paid millions to play football and frequently sucking at it. Or perhaps shaving points so his buddies could make some money gambling on Falcs games.
    Very respectful.
    Vick was and is a piece of human filth who should have been banned from the league.

  8. Dan Reeves? An interesting addition. Micheal Vick could be a helpfull addition if he has changed his ways as far as practice, meetings and study are concerned. I’m not sure that Dan Reeves would be a positive influence for Vick considering their history?

  9. Reeves yes, Vick no. I would actually prefer taking Clausen in the draft, or giving Gailey and Reeves a chance to work with Edwards than see Vick come in.

  10. Chan Gailey, Dan Reeves … okay, now it’s getting interesting in Buffalo. These guys know their football. The Bills are my favorite of the AFC East teams, and I’d like to see them turn it around. Don’t know that Vick would be a good addition because of his style of play, but you never know. Yep, definitely getting interesting.

  11. i reaaaaally hope pft looks into the situation withe jets fan taken out of the playoff game last week. go bills anyway

  12. this would be a great hire for bills fans. i dont see him standing on the sidelines though. more behind the scene. vick is definately better than what we got.

  13. You obviously have a low opinion of the people of Western NY venis2k1, if you think we’d accept a dirtbag (who isn’t even a very good QB) with the Bills. This is one of those things that having a marketing guy as one of the heads of the team will help. There are a lot of season ticket holders and long time fans who will drop their allegiance to the team if they bring in Vick….and a large number of them are premium seat holders, which the team can’t afford to lose. If Russ Brandon allowed Vick to come to Buffalo, St John Fisher would demand he return his marketing degree.
    We had a QB with his skill set for a few years already and he”s now wearing #7 for the Raiders.

  14. If Dan Reeves go to Buffalo, you might as well print out “Vick 7” jerseys in blue and red.
    Reeves’ offensive mentality is perfect for Vick. It’s a “run-first” mentality with a bruiser-back in the backfield, with a speed back in relief.
    The bruiser back will have to know how to catch, and you need an athlete at TE. Your wideouts have to be burners that can stretch the defense.
    And here’s what you will see: Power back running up the middle. Speed back for change of pace. Vick having running plays to stretch the linebackers. And the backs spreading those LBs with outlet passes. Then once you think everything is handled, Vick will make a few long passes to the WRs for big gains.
    It actually very conservative. It’s 4 yards and a cloud of dust. It’s possession football. But with a runner with a big arm at quarterback, you can still come from behind to win.
    Oh, and Vick will absolutely LOVE to play in Reeves’ offense again. And out of any coach, I think that Reeves is one of the very few that actually knows how to utilize Vick and coach him up.

  15. Dan Reeves would be wonderful, but please don’t get Vick. God I hope they don’t get Michael Vick!!! I don’t care how good/not good he may be. We don’t want that baggage.
    As a lifelong Bills fan, and Sooners fan, I would LOVE to see Sam Bradford playing for the Bills!!! I would sell my boat to fly back east for a game or two.
    GO BILLS!!!

  16. I think I became too overly excited and hopeful when I first read this on buffalobills.com . You have to remember that if it doesn’t feel right to Nix or Reeves then there is no way this ‘acquisition’ would take place. With the way Nix has been running things, i am behind him all the way. Reeves or no Reeves i love Buffalo.
    In the back of my mind I am hopeful that Reeves could be an OC in the booth for Gaily as he calls plays. Two pronged coaching attack with a working coach on the field and eyes in the booth.
    I can’t wait to see who they put on this staff though.

  17. That would be icing on the cake ….. hire a guy who hasnt been in coaching for the last 7 years to run an offense that desperatly needs new life not old timers advice

  18. I am a Buffalo Bills fan for 20 years.
    Season ticket holder.
    Cried after The Music City Miracle (and I was about 20 years old).
    I buy way too much merchandise every year.
    If that lowlife Michael Vick ever puts on a Bills uniform, I’m done.
    Seriously. Done.
    And I sat through J.P. Losman, Trent Edwards and Rob Johnson.
    If they sign that dirtbag, pack up, go to Toronto or Los Angeles, and good riddance.

  19. Bottom line: If you want to win and win right now and for a good while, you sign Vick. If you want to lose, continue to lose and be the kind of Buffalo Bills team that will be lockstep for the worst NFL team, go and sign some kid in the draft, get him beat up, and let’s watch the carousel of coaches and QBs get hired and fired.
    And it doesn’t matter to Vick. He will just start somewhere else. Like Oakland. You think Al Davis won’t pick him up in a heartbeart? Vick’s legs are worth at least 4 games right there.
    So let’s see: “low-life” QB in Buffalo that is trying to turn his life around that will get you to win, or Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy or some other kid that will come in and get hurt the first time they see the Ravens?
    You choose.

  20. Hah – just win everybody thought bringing in Gailey was the biggest disgrace in Buffalo. Reeves may know how to put together a winning team, but he is no champion. If Buffalo brings him in, they just bought their one-way ticket to Toronto.

  21. RE: Tian
    I choose not to sell my soul to the devil for f—ing football team.
    Grow up.
    The bad man who mutilates dogs to get an erection isn’t somebody you should pay money to see, okay sweetie?

  22. @ tian – what about Mike Vick’s awesome career leads you to believe that with him as the starter the Bills will win and win for a while?
    Is it his 53.7 career completion percentage
    maybe his 138.4 yards per game passing
    must be his 75.9 career QB rating.
    or perhaps you are fooled into thinking the one year the falcons went to the playoffs is enough to call him a winner.

  23. @Robert P. …
    I’m not arguing with your convictions–I genuinely admire them. Nor do I think Michael Vick is the salvation of the Bills. But reading your comments made me curious: How do you feel about redemption?
    I’m not naive–I have two criminal defense attorneys in the family. It’s easy to say you’re sorry when you want the world to give you a break. But I know something of the culture in which Vick grew up and the attitude toward dog-fighting. Earning a lot of money doesn’t erase that kind of ingrained attitude. He’s been getting re-educated, for want of a better term, and working with ASPCA on public service campaigns. I don’t know the guy, so I can’t judge his sincerity. But do you think it’s possible that he might have changed, and in changing, that he deserves a second chance? If you could be convinced that he’d changed, would you accept him as the Bills QB? What would it take to convince you?

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