Jets selling AFC champs gear

Apparently, some folks in the Jets organization are taking Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl calendar a bit too literally.

They’re already selling gear indicating that the Jets have won the AFC title.  (Via Deadspin.)

Two years ago, word got out that the Patriots had applied for a federal trademark on the phrase “19-0.”  Also, the Boston Globe was selling a book commemorating the Super Bowl-winning season that never happened.

And so, if anyone ever pulls that off, the Pats will have them right where they want them.

For the Jets, the AFC championship gear won’t have any ongoing value, given that the stuff includes “2009” and/or “Super Bowl XLIV.”

On a brighter note, kids in Nicaragua could have some green and white to wear as an alternative to red, white, and blue.

47 responses to “Jets selling AFC champs gear

  1. The only thing worse would be the Jets selling (and wearing) AFC Champs Ed Hardy gear.

  2. BCC you are a moron. “It’s ok for MY team, but not for yours” They are both idiots and so are you. Haiti get ready for a sh**pile of jets gear.

  3. Oh well, it will go to good use in Haiti.
    Then again, they’ve suffered enough already without getting one of Rex Ryan’s AFC Champion slobberbibs.

  4. Conference Championship gear is available for pre-order for all 4 remaining teams on

  5. The AFC Championship game will be dull, and it’s a shame……I was really looking forward to a Colts/Bolts re-match and now the Jets crashed the party…..

  6. Rex Ryan didn’t create the championship merchandise, and he isn’t personally selling it. But, wow, people are believing in him, and his team. Mission accomplished, Rex and Gang Green!
    Dump on it all you want if it makes you feel better, but to a majority of NFL fans, that’s exciting!

  7. This spells bad news for the Jets. As if Peyton Manning wasn’t tough enough to face, now they also gotta fight their own bad luck. Never prematurely start selling stuff like this! Never

  8. If you check the Colts are doing the same thing.
    Don’t rag on the Jets for a clever marketing ploy by the NFL Shop’s marketing department.

  9. I recall Pat Riley trademarked ‘3-peat’ when the Bulls were chasing it….the rich get richer.

  10. The gall of their organization to print the AFC shirts already…..I’ve said it before and I will say it again…my hatred for his fat loser father Buddy is so deep I curse his children, and his children’s children. I don’t care who wins from here on out as long as their competitive to watch and the Jets lose.

  11. “On a brighter note, kids in Nicaragua could have some green and white to wear as an alternative to red, white, and blue.”
    Those kids have it bad enough without putting Jets gear on them. I wouldnt do that to the Taliban…well maybe the Taliban cause it would be even more fun to shoot at them in Jets gear.

  12. LMAO…
    It’s all PRE-SELL…if your team does NOT win, your order will be cancelled.
    It’s the NFL that are PRE-SELLING the gear. As EY stated, they’re doing it for the other 3 teams too.
    NOT JUST THE J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.

  13. Uh Oh…… looks like the ol self anointed Journalism Police Chief didn’t do his homework before posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. As a lifelong Packers fan, now I want to the Jets to win the Super Bowl, well, THIS YEAR anyway.
    How could you, or would you, NOT love playing for a guy like that ?
    Loved the schedule he put out before the playoffs began, in which he had every day planned out, including the Super Bowl parade.
    After listening to so many media “experts” say before the playoffs began say that “the only team that cannot get to the Super Bowl is the Jets”, even though I have nothing (other than being a HUGE football fan) invested in the Jets, I’d love to see Ryan and the Jets just shove it up everyone in the media’s ass.
    And he’s one step away from the Super Bowl right now.

  15. wow, you really botched this one florio. this is a complete non-story. in order for the team to wear championship gear immediately after the game, they have to make it BEFORE the game takes place. how do u think every year teams put on those shirts immediately after they’ve won? did you think they had some magic t-shirt maker that could make those in a matter of seconds?
    as everyone has already pointed out, EVERY team does this dummy.

  16. Only think more lame than a guy wearing Ed Hardy gear is someone jumping on the bandwagon ragging on guys who still wear Ed Hardy gear… Lame Jim Rome wannabe’s

  17. I’d like to see a Jets/Rex Ryan commemorative scarf.
    Size XXXL only would be the sticking point, though.

  18. Why doubt the Jets? Best running team, offensive line, and Defense. You pansies really value a pretty pass that much? Morons, Jets will dominate Colts AGAIN….

  19. That is official gear sold at, but the difference is that of the four remaining teams, only the Jets have it on their official website. The Saints, Colts, and Vikings do not list that gear on their website shops.

  20. It’s too bad they cancel your order if your team loses. This would be the only way that Vikings fans could get a Championship t-shirt.

  21. The kids in Nicaragua must think that the Buffalo Bills had a hell of a dynasty in the early 90’s.

  22. Hey geniuses, the Jets are actually selling these. The Colts are not. That’s the NFL SHOP.

  23. Once again Florio… you fail to deliver the goods!
    You forgot to mention that the other (3) remaining teams are also selling Championship Gear.
    Florio = media Whore!
    Oh, and @ Superius
    Just like the Chargers did?

  24. This team can be as cocky as it wants, they have nothing to lose. They aren’t supposed to beat Palmer, Rivers AND Manning. But if they do, they’re a great story. (Throw Brees or Favre into the mix and that’s a REALLY good story).

  25. Something tells me we’ll be seeing two “eerily similar” articles… HAHA Awesome Job Sherlock!

  26. ignoringthehaters says:
    January 21, 2010 4:21 PM
    BCC you are a moron. “It’s ok for MY team, but not for yours” They are both idiots and so are you. Haiti get ready for a shpile of jets gear.
    Please tell me you arent THAT stupid that you think my comment means it was ok for the Pats, and not ok for everyone else…..
    First, the Pats werent peddling the gear on their website.
    Second, if the Pats hadnt trademarked the “possible” historical achievement, someone else would have. Do you really think it is a smart business move, to let someone else trademark 19-0, so that you have to pay said person for every t shirt you sell, every plaque you sell, every poster you sell, every sweat shirt you sell, every mug you sell…..
    Do I need to go on? I dont think it is a smart move for any club to start selling Championship gear. It was dumb for the Steelers in 2001 to sell Championship gear, to have their bags packed for the SB, etc prior to the AFCC game. I am not saying my team can, and your team cant. AGAIN, IF YOU ARE THAT STUPID, YOU NEED TO STOP POSTING. Stop trying to analyze what fans say about teams you hate, and start looking at what was written. From a business stand point, it was smart, outside of business reasons, it was stupid, are you clear now?

  27. Whoa! The Patriots are selling 2010 Champs Gear.
    Oh wait! That’s a video of the Jets signaling they are selling this year’s champs gear.
    My bad.

  28. At first I thought this was cocky, the Jets have it big and bold on their website. But after weeding through the Colts site, they have the pre-order available too. I think ALL the teams have pre-ordering available as the gear is already designed and a small quantity of each style has been screen printed (for the post game locker room). That being said, the Jets had is BIG AND BOLD, where as the Colts site you actually had to go snooping for it.

  29. @ CitizenStrange…
    I gotta give props where they’re due….
    The comment about the Jets wearing AFC Championship Ed Hardy gear was absolutely golden. Well done.

  30. OK, first off Florio is a POS for thinking the Jets are going to win. Second of all, the NFL Shops is selling Colts gear early, not the Colts. Go to the Colts Pro Shop and you won’t see any pre sales for AFC Championship gear. Now go to the Jets website and Pro Shop and they are selling it directly. The only jinx here is on the J-E-T-S (Just Ended Their Season!)

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